Unlocking Competitive Advantage: 6 Reasons to Monitor Your Rival’s Facebook & Instagram Ads

Social media marketing is one of the most commonly used marketing strategies, especially for building positive brand awareness and boosting online businesses.

Why do Facebook and Instagram so popular for brands?

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Among all the social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram have been two of the most favorable platforms to conduct marketing campaigns

What leads to this result? To a large extent, it’s decided by the daily active users. With about 2.91 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the global biggest social network, while Instagram has around one billion monthly active users.

Well, that makes sense.

Facebook and Instagram contribute a lot of social traffic to a brand’s website. However, there are times when organic traffic is not enough, especially for small businesses. We will turn to paid advertising for help.

Why Should We Spy on Competitor’s Facebook & Instagram Ads?

Facebook and Instagram are not only the main platforms for brand exposure, but also for running advertising. Meta offers multiple choice when it comes to advertising, including advertising objectives, ad formats and pixels. What’s more, it enables users to track advertising performance.

Before running your own ads on Facebook and Instagram, it’s necessary to spy on your competitor’s Facebook and Instagram ads.

6 Benefits of Spy on Competitor’s Facebook & Instagram Ads

1. Learn the content style of your competitors.

It’s not easy work for a new brand to find the right style and build the brand account.

You either lack content, or just simply post everything you have on your brand account, which will make your page disorderly and unsystematic. It’s a common mistake for a new brand.

By spying on your competitor’s Facebook and Instagram, you will have more thoughts on the content strategy and style and that is suitable for you.

2. Acquire better inspiration for your post.

This one has some similarities with the content style, but with more details. 

A simple example, your competitors will run ads for the holiday sale for sure. You must be attracted to all kinds of Christmas and New Year Sales these days. It’s not hard to understand.

When you saw your competitors promoting their holiday sales while you don’t even make a post to celebrate the holiday on your account. You know it’s too late and you should prepare for it earlier next time.

Same reason when it comes to other hot trends and global big events.

3. Boost advertising conversations and conversions.

There are many metrics you need to keep an eye on when you spy on your competitors’ ads, including but not limited to likes, comments, and shares.

The key is how they get considerable comments and shares. Did they ask questions and encourage the audience to answer them in the conversation? Did they offer extra gifts or a discount code if the audience share the post?

Once you find the key point, it will greatly help to increase your conversation and conversion rate.

4. Get more ideas on your ad captions.

In most cases, we run more than one ad for one product or theme. We even do A/B tests in order to get the best ad campaign.

This often comes up with some problems, how shall we apply different captions to similar ads and make them unique? How to choose suitable keywords? Is there a best method to insert the keywords in the captions to appeal to the audience?

If you are still baffled by these questions, believe me, your competitors’ best-behaved ads will answer your question.

With a social media ad spy tool like BigSpy, all your questions will be resolved. Try it for free and find your answers yourself.

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5. Acquire superior ad creatives and bypass the mistakes.

What is the most significant element in an advertisement? Ad creative, no doubt. Creativity is important no matter for work, study and marketing campaigns.

Unfortunately, we rarely see those true creative ads as of now, most of which are about copy and paste.

Superior creatives are so “expensive” and this is why you should spy on your competitor’s ads. 

When you find a unique ad creative that performs well, don’t just simply duplicate the creative. Instead, think about how your competitor comes up with the creative. Duplicating their way of thinking will contribute to the birth of another wonderful ad creative.

Don’t just swipe up if their ads behave badly. You can have an in-depth analysis of the reason. Does the problem lie in the quality of pictures or videos, the captions, the discount or something else?

If you find the reason, you will make fewer mistakes on your attempt.

6. Optimize your ad campaigns and save your budget.

On earth, your ad campaigns are to boost business and make money with as lower ad costs as possible. Spying on your competitors’ Facebook and Instagram ads will help you out.

Many third-party ad intelligence tools enable you to view multiple indicators of your competitors’ ad campaigns, including likes, comments, shares, popularities, audience distribution (age, regions) and advertising durations, etc.

These metrics are essential for you to optimize your ad campaigns. For instance, if you are competing in the same market and promoting the same item, you will better understand your audience and have more practical expectations of your ad effectiveness.

With the help of the tools, you’ll be able to narrow down your audience and spend your budget wisely.

Final Thoughts

Facebook and Instagram marketing is not just about running ads. Instead, it’s made up of many necessary steps.

While conducting marketing campaigns, do not merely focus on yourself. It will bring you some unexpected benefits if you also spend time spying on your competitors’ ad campaigns.

Taking advantage of marketing tools wisely will save you so much time and cost.

Published: January 10, 2023Updated: July 07, 2024

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