Best AI Tools for Business in 2024

Modern businesses have new opportunities to increase their productivity and efficiency by utilizing the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

AI tools for business can make it easier for startup companies and entrepreneurs to complete repetitive tasks more quickly, such as writing, video editing, marketing, emailing, voiceovers, and much more.

the five commandments of enterprise ai adoption
the five commandments of enterprise ai adoption


Table of Contents

  1. Features and Benefits
  2. Pricing
  3. The Top 8 AI Tools for Business
  4. Jasper
  5. Pictory
  6. Grammarly
  7. Fireflies
  8. Murf
  9. ChatGPT
  10. Flick
  11. LOVO
  12. Conclusion

Features and Benefits

AI tools for business purposes offer numerous features and benefits to companies in all industries. They include the following:

  • Faster business operations
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce labor costs
  • New capabilities for businesses to expand
  • Improved customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Better organizational monitoring for internal issues and problems
  • Better quality control with less human error
  • Better marketing efforts to target the right audience

These are only a handful of the features and benefits of AI tools for business purposes. If you were to use even a couple of AI tools for your business, you would see a lot of positive change in your organisation quickly.


The pricing for commercial AI tools is different for each company. Some AI tools are free, while others cost $20 to over $500 monthly. It depends on how many software licenses you purchase so that multiple people can use the tools in your organization.

The Top 8 AI Tools for Business

You will find plenty of new AI tools for businesses when you search the internet for them. So how do you know which ones are the best for your company? Let us dive into the best AI tools for business and see which ones are best.

Below are the top 8 best AI tools for business purposes.

1. Jasper


 Jasper is an AI writing assistant tool that can turn a few words into phrases, written documents, and paragraphs. The tool will analyze the few keywords you enter and generate content relevant to the subject and voice tone of the words.

You can create an article 1,500 words long in under 15 minutes. You only have to write a few initial keywords; the tool will do the rest.

Jasper features over 50 templates to make AI-generated content more relevant for a particular purpose, such as email writing, blog writing, and ad writing. It has templates for blog posts, emails, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, press releases, meta titles & descriptions, etc.

Here is a summary of Jasper’s features and benefits:

  • Automatically write longer content for blogs, articles, emails, marketing, etc.
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Produce AI content in more than 25 different languages
  • Produce content in over 2,500 writing styles and over 11,000 fonts

Jasper has three different price plans: the Creator plan at $39/yearly, the Teams plan at $99/yearly, and the Business plan at a custom price for organizations with more than ten people.

2. Pictory


Businesses must create high-quality videos to promote themselves and their products and services. However, if you need to improve at creating and editing videos, an AI video generator like Pictory may be your solution.

Pictory is a powerful AI video creation tool that lets you create and edit videos based on the text you enter. It can even scan the content of your written blog posts and turn them into engaging videos using stock footage, Zoom recordings, webinar videos, etc.

Think about how much time you’ll save by having an AI tool do all your video creating and editing for your business. Then you won’t have to search through hours of video footage to find the best video clips for your video edits.

Here is a summary of Pictory’s features and benefits:

  • Use text to edit videos
  • Use existing blog posts, scripts, and articles to create new videos
  • Add video summaries and captions automatically
  • Create a unique video highlights reel to share on social media

Pictory has three different pricing plans: $19 monthly for the Standard Plan, $39 monthly for the Premium Plan, and a custom price for the Enterprise Plan if you have a large organisation.

3. Grammarly


Grammarly is one of the most popular AI writing assistants on the market. It won’t create content for you, but it uses AI machine-learning techniques to check the grammar, phrasing, and spelling of your writing.

The benefit is that you can still write your content manually but then have an AI writing assistant suggest quality edits based on your writing performance. Grammarly even has a tone detection tool to rate the tone of particular words you write.

Here is a summary of Grammarly’s features and benefits:

  • Improve your writing with an AI writing assist
  • Simple one-click changes to writing mistakes based on suggestions
  • Improve your vocabulary
  • Take mini grammar lessons
  • Microsoft Word plug-in available
  • Free & paid versions are available

The free version checks basic spelling and grammar. The paid premium version checks your writing clarity, engagement, delivery, and tone. The cost of the paid version is $15 per month.

4. Fireflies


Does your company conduct a lot of important meetings? If so, use Fireflies to record and transcribe the conversations in them.

Fireflies is an advanced AI meeting assistant and transcriber tool that can automatically take notes and transcribe any voice conversation into text format. Then you can easily share those conversations with others who may have missed the meeting and need to be informed.

The AI meeting assistant saves audio files of the voice conversations as well. So if one of your coworkers wants to catch up on the meeting by listening to what was said, you can easily share the conversation by sending them the audio and/or text files.

Here is a summary of Fireflies’ features and benefits:

  • Instantly record meeting calls
  • Use the dashboard to transcribe the audio files of those calls instantly
  • Chrome extension available to record calls and meetings streaming through the Google Chrome browser
  • Easy search tool to review all your recorded calls
  • Integrates with popular video meeting platforms like Zoom, MS Teams, GMeet

The free version lets you record up to 800 minutes of audio conversation, but you cannot download it as a file. Alternatively, the three paid plans allow you to download and transcribe the discussions with more minutes to record.

The Pro Plan is $10/month; The Business Plan is $19/month; The Enterprise Plan has a custom yearly price with unlimited audio storage for teams of 51 people or more.

5. Murf


Murf is an AI voice generator and text-to-speech converter with more than 100 different AI voice options in 15 languages available. It lets you choose the speaker’s voice style, accent, and tone to make it sound as realistic as possible. No one will think it’s a computer voice.

AI voice generation technology is popular amongst business leaders, podcasters, educators, and anyone who wants to create fast and clear voiceovers from your written text.

Think about the potential this could have on your business. For example, you can use Murf to create voiceovers for your video commercials or slideshow presentations. Since the voices are customisable, several different-sounding speakers can also give the presentations.

Here is a summary of Murf’s features and benefits:

  • Convert text-to-speech in realistic human-like voices
  • Choose from over 100 different AI voices
  • Supports up to 15 global languages
  • Custom options to fine-tune the accents and tone of the AI voice

There is a free version and three paid plans available. The free version is an open studio offering 10 minutes of voice generation from your text. But if you want more options, such as longer voice generation and multiple languages, you must purchase one of the paid plans.

The Basic Plan is $19/month; The Pro Plan is $26/month; The Enterprise is $59/month.

6. ChatGPT


You may have heard about ChatGPT in the news recently. It is a revolutionary new Open AI chatbot technology that can engage in an intelligent conversation with you. Ask the chatbot whatever questions you want, and it’ll produce an accurate and comprehensive answer.

More than 1 billion monthly users use this tool as per recent survey.

From a business perspective, ChatGPT can do wonders to help your business grow. If you need to do competitive market research, write marketing emails, blog posts, or any other writing or research task, ChatGPT can do the job.

Furthermore, your business can use ChatGPT to improve its customer service. ChatGPT plugins are in the works right now to automate customer service entirely. As a result, your company won’t need human customer service representatives to answer questions anymore.

Here is a summary of ChatGPT’s features and benefits:

  • Engage in a human-like conversation with the chatbot
  • Ask questions to the chatbot and receive quality answers and suggestions
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Automated repetitive tasks

There is a free and paid version of ChatGPT. The paid version ChatGPT Plus offers faster response times to search queries and remains available to you even when the demand for the service is high. The free version only provides a standard response time when demand is low.

The paid version costs about $20 per month.

7. Flick


 Flick is an AI social media assistant and content creator for marketing purposes. You will never again stress over developing content ideas for your company’s social media posts. Just enter a few topics into the tool, and the AI will give you original and creative content suggestions.

If you always wanted to be a great copywriter, the Flick tool will help you create captivating and personalized captions for your social media posts. The captions will stay on point with your brand’s voice and tone while remaining original and engaging.

Here is a summary of Flick’s features and benefits:

  • Schedule your content for publication on social media at an ideal time and date
  • Improve your hashtag creation to attract the right people to your social media posts
  • Track the progress of your social media posts with accurate analytical data
  • Create personalized captions in sync with the tone of your brand

The price of Flick is $14/month for the Solo Plan, $30/month for the Pro Plan, and $68/month for the Agency Plan.

You don’t necessarily need to manage Flick or your social media accounts yourself. Instead, consider hiring a social media manager to operate the AI assistant tool to create content and schedule posts for you.



LOVO is a renowned AI text-to-speech converter and voice generator that produces realistic human-like voices from your written text. Numerous industries currently utilize the power of LOVO to create voiceovers, including gaming, news, banking, and entertainment.

LOVO offers more than 500 different AI voices, 150 global languages, and 20 emotional tones for your voiceovers and text-to-speech conversions. And yes, these are professional human-sounding voices that don’t resemble a computer voice.

There is even a pronunciation editor and controls to alter the pitch and speed of the voices. Use these tools to customize the sound of the voices until they sound exactly like what you want.

The recent update to LOVO includes video editing capabilities too. It makes generating and integrating human-sounding AI voices into your video edits simple and easy.

Here is a summary of LOVO’s features and benefits:

  • Create realistic voiceovers and text-to-speech conversions
  • More than 500 different AI voice options in the library
  • Access a resource database filled with sound effects, stock photos, stock videos, and royalty-free music
  • Control the pitch, pronunciation, and sound of your voiceovers
  • Generate voiceovers and edit videos simultaneously

The free version gives you a 14-day trial of the Pro version and up to 20 minutes of voiceover generation without any commercial rights attached.

The three paid versions include the Basic Plan at $19/month, Pro Plan at $36/month, and the Pro+ plan at $99/month. The paid plans give you more hours of audio generation, video exports, online file storage, and unlimited downloads.


Now you know about the top eight AI tools for business purposes. Each tool has unique benefits and features to assist your business in creating content, transcribing meetings, generating voiceovers, and several other things to eliminate repetitive tasks and improve productivity.

You may find some or all of these AI tools suitable for your company. However, if you’re feeling hesitant, try out the free trial versions of some of these AI tools to see if they offer what you want.

Published: May 18, 2023Updated: June 06, 2024

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