Best AI Tools for Photo Editing in 2024

Simple photo editing programs like PicMonkey offer a simple interface to transfer image files and make standard photo edits, such as cropping, rotating, and filter overlays. But what if artificial intelligence could help you make more impressive photo edits?

AI tools for photo editing are the newest way for amateur and professional photographers to edit their digital photos and images. Whether you are using a smartphone camera or an expensive digital camera, AI tools for photo editing can make quality enhancements to them.

smartphone cause a photography boom
smartphone cause a photography boom


Table of Contents

  1. ImagenAI
  2. Luminar
  3. Aurora HDR
  4. Corel Paintshop Pro
  5. Adobe Photoshop CC
  7. Lensa

How does artificial intelligence play a role in editing photos? Well, the best AI tools for photo editing will analyze images to detect which enhancements and adjustments would be best for them. It saves you the trouble of experimenting with edit controls to see what looks good.

AI automates photo edits and enhancements. That way, you do not need to have any professional photo editing skills to improve the quality of your photos.

All you have to do now is choose the best AI photo editing apps and platforms to get started. Do you want to know what they are?

Top 7 AI tools for photo editing

1) ImagenAI

ImagenAI is a unique AI photo editing tool different from others. Rather than suggest the best enhancements to make to a photograph, it analyses and remembers the enhancements you make to photos regularly.

The AI photo editing tool learns your photo editing style so that it can make similar enhancements to future photos for you. You can also use preset photo edit styles if you need to make quick enhancements different from your previous ones.

Professional photographers may benefit more from ImagenAI because it can eliminate the repetitive task of continuously making similar photo edits.

Here is a summary of ImagenAI’s features and benefits:

  • A personalized AI photo assistant desktop app
  • Teach the AI your photo editing style and watch it duplicate that style on future photos
  • Use preset photo enhancements if needed
  • Save time for photographers or anyone making regular photo enhancements
  • Compatible with Adobe Lightroom

ImagenAI has a free trial version available. The cost is $7 per month once the free trial period expires.

2) Luminar

Luminar is an AI-powered photo editing program with many editing tools to improve the look and quality of your photos. It works quickly to analyse your images and then make AI-based adjustments within seconds.

Luminar includes a library of templates to help improve the aesthetics of some areas of an image. For instance, if you wanted to replace a dull-looking sky in the background with a sky containing blueness and white clouds, you could do it with Luminar easily.


Machine learning is a significant aspect of Luminar. The AI continues to learn how to detect problematic image areas and makes realistic adjustments to fix them.

Here is a summary of Luminar’s features and benefits:

  • Analyse your photos to detect areas where to make improvements
  • Generate realistic renderings and enhancements of your photos and images
  • Easy for beginners to use

Luminar only requires a one-time purchase of $79. Then you can have unlimited access to all the AI photo editing features.

3) Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR utilises the power of AI to enhance images to make them look ultra-realistic and dynamic. The HDR refers to “High Dynamic Range,” which evenly showcases an image’s highlights, mid-tones, sharpness, and shadows.

Many advanced photographers, architectural designers, and artists love using Aurora HDR to improve the appearance of scenic photos and images. The wide selection of colour adjustment options makes it easy to be creative with your image enhancements.

Here is a summary of Aurora HDR’s features and benefits:

  • Significantly improve the HDR of your photos and images
  • Quick HDR processing and rendering
  • Pictures come out looking significantly better
  • Perfect for professional photographers

Aurora HDR has a fixed purchase price of $99.

4) Corel Paintshop Pro

AI tools for photo editing can sometimes turn photography into artistic images, such as paintings. Corel Paintshop Pro is the best example because it has an AI tool to accurately transform a photograph into a painting or other artistic imagery.

Another use of the AI technology in Corel Paintshop Pro is to expand image pixels, allowing you to enlarge low-resolution photographs and turn them into high-resolution pictures. Then you can finally print your old low-resolution photographs onto posters, procedures, etc.

Here is a summary of Coral Paintshop Pro’s features and benefits:

  • AI technology is capable of upscaling low-resolution images by expanding their pixels to make them high-resolution pictures
  • AI technology can convert photographs into artwork
  • Denoise tool to reduce image noise
  • Available for computers with Microsoft Windows

A free trial version is available. After the trial period, the paid version requires a one-time payment of $79.99.

5) Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most recognised photo editing programs worldwide. In fact, the word “Photoshop” has been turned into a verb when referring to altering and changing an image to make it look different from the original.

AI technology has now been integrated into Adobe Photoshop to give it even more photo editing power than it had before. For instance, the newest Photoshop AI lets you alter a person’s hair thickness and facial expression in a photo. All with just a single click of the mouse.

How does it do this? The Adobe Photoshop AI technology analyses photos to detect human faces and hair. Once the AI detects these parts of the image, it can implement the proper alterations to the face and hair to change the appearance.

That is just one example. How would you like to utilise the sky replacement feature to remove a sky background from an image and replace it with a new one? The possibilities of what you can do with the AI technology in Adobe Photoshop CC are endless.

Here is a summary of Adobe Photoshop CC’s features and benefits:

  • The finest and widest selection of photo editing tools you will ever encounter
  • Adobe is a trusted industry brand of photo editing software
  • Opening and loading Adobe Photoshop is fast for most modern computers
  • Innovative AI technology can adjust faces in a photo quickly
  • No photo editing skills needed to use the AI technology

Adobe Photoshop previously cost several hundreds of dollars to purchase back in the day. Now, Adobe offers a low-cost subscription service to make its state-of-the-art photo editing software available to everyone.

The subscription price is $20.99 per month.

6) is an AI-powered editing tool reserved for absolute beginners and amateurs with no photo editing skills whatsoever.

The AI technology in the tool allows anyone to perform fast and easy photo enhancements and edits, such as background removal, increased brightness, increased shadows, and more. The AI detects what is lacking in the photo and then makes automated improvements. is ideal for non-photographers who want to create professional-looking photographs without much skill or effort.

Here is a summary of’s features and benefits:

  • One of the easiest AI-driven photo editing problems you will ever find
  • Mark the enhancement options you want to be done, and then sit back as the AI takes care of everything for you
  • No photo editing skills required costs $5.99 per month.

7) Lensa

Lensa is an AI photo editing program for mobile devices running Android and iOS. Since many people take photos with their smartphones and tablets, it helps to have an AI-powered photo editor available at your fingertips at any location.

Lensa gives you the power to make quality photo enhancements with the tap of your finger. These could be enhancements to change the background, make facial adjustments, apply filters, etc.

Most importantly, AI technology can analyse your photo and apply the best enhancements and corrections it needs. There is even a one tap Magic Correction button to enhance your photos instantly.

Here is a summary of Lensa’s features and benefits:

  • Compatible with mobile devices running the two most popular mobile operating systems: Android and iOS
  • The AI can analyse photos and make quality enhancements and recommendations
  • Manual photo enhancement options are available as well.

Lensa offers a free trial period. After the trial, the subscription service is $7.99 per month.


The AI tools for photo editing are reasonably priced and suitable for amateur and professional photographers. Simply choose the AI photo editing tool which offers the kinds of AI-driven photo enhancements and features you need.

Published: May 26, 2023Updated: June 06, 2024

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