How Do I Add A Custom Location In Instagram?

Instagram is purely a mobile social media platform. People can only post from their phones, and the website is rather limited. So, it is used mainly on the go. This is one of the reasons why knowing how to add a location on Instagram is so important in 2023.

Unfortunately, there is not a way to do it natively from the app. Still, social media experts have come up with a workaround that allows adding funny Instagram locations in just a few minutes to help businesses boost their brands. Though there have been some doubts about whether it actually works or not, many users have reported that they could do it in 2023. This is what they did to add new places to IG.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Create Your Own Location on IG
  2. How to Add Location on IG Post
  3. How to Edit Location
  4. How To Add a Location on IG Stories
  5. Why Instagram Uses Facebook’s Location System?
  6. Troubleshooting
  7. Add Multiple Locations to Instagram Through Your Facebook Business Page
  8. How Adding a Place Tag Benefits Your Business
  9. FAQ
  10. Conclusion

How to Create Your Own Location On Instagram: The Secret Workaround

How to Create Your Own Location

Though the IG team claims it is not possible to do this, there is a workaround. It is not the most reliable, but so far, it has been known to work in most cases. Having a FB business page is essential to learn how to create your own location on Instagram.

Since they are sister companies, they share a lot of software. So, when something is added on Facebook since they have the same database, it is also available on Instagram. This process is best carried out from a phone. Follow these steps to do it in a few minutes.

Check-in on Facebook

Start by creating a post on Facebook and tagging the desired locations. Type the name in the search bar and select one of the given options. It is not there, scroll down and click on the option “Add a Custom Place”.

Activate GPS Services

To create a new location, it is vital to have one’s GPS on. This can be easily done from the Settings section. Just go there, hit on privacy, and enter GPS services. Check if they are activated. This can be turned off immediately after if desired.

Use the Search Box to Create a New Geotag

Learning how to create a geotag is easy. Type the name of the new locations on the search bar and hit accept. It should start with a capital letter and contain no symbols.

Create Your Custom Location

Click on the button “Add Custom Place” and choose the description that fits it best. It can be for events, fun, business, etc. Then, the platform will ask to select where it is. Tap on “I’m currently here”. If the GPS is on, it will be added automatically.

Pick the Category

After adding it, the platform may ask to choose a category that describes the venue. Make sure to select the most suitable one, since that will make it easier to find it.

Select the Physical Place

Then, indicate exactly where the venue is. For better results, be there when doing this. Click on the “I’m here right now” button to select that locale.

Claim Your Place

Once the new location has been created, one has to claim it as his own. Just type it on the search bar and open it. Then, click on the button that says “claim this place”.

Go to Instagram App & Use It

Finally, go to IG and create a new post. Choose “Add Place” and write the name of the place. Select it and publish it! The new post will have the desired place now.

Share the New Place on an IG Post

Share the New Place

Now that the place exists on FB, it is time to learn how to add your own location on Instagram in 2023. The process is quite simple. And all that is needed is having access to the app to publish something. Follow these steps, and it will be done in just a few seconds.

How to Change the Location on a Post

Change the Location

Some users may tap the wrong option when they have to pick from the list. But do not worry, this is very easy to fix. Follow these steps to change the location on Instagram posts with just a few taps.

How to Add a Location on Instagram Stories

Not only posts can have an Instagram custom location. It is also possible to take advantage of this feature with stories. The best thing about this is that people can just click on the tag to be taken to the blog or site of that place. In this manner, encouraging them to utilize this function is a great way to get new clients in 2023.

They will also be able to see what everyone else posted about that place. If there are many good pics, viewers will be enticed to want to visit it or buy something there. Learn how to add a location on Instagram stories to make the most out of this tool with these simple steps.

Why Does Instagram Use Facebook’s Location System?

Facebook’s Location System

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012. Though they have a different team of developers, since that moment, both platforms have been intertwined in many ways.

Many times, when they notice that something works especially well on one of the sites, they take it over to the other one too. Such was the case of the last seen message and the possibility of sending GIFs.

The same has happened with the new location feature. Since they noticed it worked so well on Facebook, the team decided to just integrate it with its sister platform, Instagram.

How to Fix Them the Most Common Issues

How to Fix Them

Learning how to create a location on Instagram may be troublesome. Yet, some common problems are easy to fix. Check out these possible solutions if any issue comes up.

Update Facebook and IG apps

Check if the latest version of both apps is installed on the phone. For this, go to the app store and search for them. If there is an “Update” button available, click on it. Then try again.

Enable GPS in Settings

Having GPS turned on is essential for this to work. Just follow these steps.

Be in the Exact Location

Make sure to be in the exact place that is going to be tagged. This is the most accurate and reliable way to do it. For this to work well, having done the previous step is key.

Test out Another Category

When learning how to add a custom location on Instagram, the user will be prompted to choose the category that best describes the nature of the business. If the chosen one is not working, type another one that resembles it.

Try Checking in Again

Starting the process again is a good idea if it is not working. Sometimes these apps suffer from glitches. Restarting it will probably fix the problem if it is technical.

Create a Facebook Post Using The Place You’re at

If the function to make a new location to tag on IG is not working, then trying with Facebook first could help. If using the new place on this site works, then the problem is IG. If it does not, then checking the other possible issues will help.

Give it Time

Sometimes, these platforms have problems with servers, glitches, or they may even be updating the site. Luckily, their team tends to solve this quite fast. So, waiting for a few hours will probably fix the issue.

Add Multiple Locations to Instagram Through Your Facebook Business Page

Add Multiple Locations

If one adds a new location to his Facebook business page, then it will be added to IG too. Companies with many stores included on FB will see the same happen on the other network too. The process is quite simple. Here is a step by step account.

Remember that when many places are added, Facebook will create a main page that manages all the other subpages. Then, all of them are sent to one’s IG profile too.

How Adding a Place Tag Benefits Your Business

How Adding a Place Tag

Lately, many are starting to look for local recommendations on Instagram. They do this mainly for food, but it works for all types of services. Maybe they are looking for a place to go Saturday night or pool services. This and more can be marketed through the platform to reach more local customers.

Reach More People Locally

Adding an Instagram custom location helps give exposure to the businesses that implement it. Now more than ever, people look for shops near them on their phones. So, if this info is added to a site, then users will find them more easily.

This is exactly like with hashtags. When someone writes a phrase, all the results containing it will appear. In the same way, when they write the name of a city, street, or even “near me” and have their GPS on, users will be able to find the business.

Know What Other Instagram Users Say

Using the custom location on Instagram is a great tool to know what people have to say about a business. They can tag it the place where they did something and leave a review. Then, one can share that to show other potential customers what the experience is at that store.

Get More Recommendations

The platform tends to recommend people that they may be interested in. If they have searched for services or products related to one’s business, and they are closeby, then it is very likely that they will see it on their feeds. So, adding one’s location on Instagram is a great manner to reach new customers that were not even aware of the company.

FAQ Section

How Do You Create a Location on Instagram Without Facebook?

It is not possible to learn how to create a location on Instagram without Facebook. The team has come out to say that this feature is not included officially in the platform. There are only some workarounds, but they all need Facebook.

Why Can’t I Find My Location on Instagram?

There may be many reasons for that. Most likely, if the custom place is too new, then the database may not have been updated. Just wait a few minutes. There may also be some glitches or server problems. Try again later to see if the tech team has solved them.

Should I Make a Location on Instagram?

It depends on the objectives. But yes, this is a great tool for businesses for the following reasons.

What Happens When You Create a Place on Instagram?

A tag will appear next to the post. People will be able to click on it to see what others have posted in that place. The same thing can be done with stories.

 Finally! There’s a Workaround

Learning how to create new custom locations on Instagram is easy. Though it is not possible to do it straight from the platform in 2023, some workarounds promise to allow this through Facebook. Some users have tried it and claim that it works well.

Have you tried it too? Did it work for you? Let us know in the comments below your experience using this method and if it has helped boost your business!

Published: June 05, 2024Updated: June 05, 2024

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