How to Become a Social Media Manager

Would you like to start a bright career as a social media manager? That’s great. If you don’t know the way to start, keep on reading. This activity mostly entails helping companies to grow their communities. These are located on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter. Also, there could be other platforms not so well-known. Like LinkedIn, Google Plus or Vimeo. Some tasks are related to posts.

An SMM has to write and schedule them, take care of ads. Also, give answers to followers and create photos. Keep on reading to understand more about how to become a social media manager.

Table of Contents

  1. What Does Social Media Manager Do?
  2. What Skills Do You Need to Become a Social Media Manager?
  3. How to Become a Social Media Manager
  4. FAQ Section
  5. The Final Word

What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

Professional options today are changing. Some new positions emerge very often. Social media management is one good example. Those who would want to become one need to get exactly what to offer. This is a nice marketing strategy.

Some of the Things That an SMM Can Offer to a New Boss Are:

  • to decide when to post things on social media networks;
  • to understand what content can become viral and the manner to do it;
  • to make a community bigger;
  • to post great photos and visuals;
  • to create new accounts;
  • to choose the best keywords to follow SEO;
  • to take care of paid ads.


What Skills Do You Need to Become a Social Media Manager?

Even though each one of us has a Facebook account, not all of us get exactly the way to use it. Yet, to make a living out of it is not that easy. There are many things a person should master to become the best in their business. Below readers can find a detailed account of them.

Great Writing Ability

All marketers need to get the crafts of the language. This is vital because in this position workers need to write a lot of posts on a daily basis. This content needs to be well-written. This way, people will react to them and will buy software or social media services. Apart from posts, a social media manager has to write copy for ads, video descriptions. Also, texts for Instagram photos or tweets. In this case, grammar and lexis should be top-notch.

Generating Nice Visuals

Research proves that materials that include a photo receive more traffic than those who don’t. For example, tweets that have a picture have more than 18% more clicks. On Facebook, this number is even bigger. It reaches almost 120% more. This means that understanding which picture to choose is of great importance.

Knowing How to Market Content with SEO

This is among the skills that should not be lacking. SEO has evolved a lot in the last years. There are many types in this industry. People working in this business should understand how to optimize what they produce. Search engine rankings are vital when selling a product or service. If they do not rank high, the company will not become famous. Then, crafting SEO is the manager’s duty. Reach, and engagement is two crucial terms in this business, too. And the two of them are related to content marketing.


Being Able to Research the Internet

Trends change every day. Today, one thing is fashionable, and tomorrow it might be nothing. So, having nice research skills is great in this profession. Not only to grasp what to write about. Also, to see how the client behaves and what the customer is keen to buy.

Dedicate to Please Clients

In the past, people used social media networks to go and see what they could buy. Today, they do a variety of things there. For example, some customers complain about the issues they have with a product. They also ask questions about what they want to buy. Because of this, those working there should see how to respond to these queries.

Analyze Everything

Persons in this niche have to report back to the owners of the business. About everything they do. They have to share how much these entrepreneurs are earning thanks to hiring them. So, understanding metrics, seeing graphics, counting comments is crucial. Analyzing how many new users signed up or clicked on the page is also part of these tasks.


Learn Some Tech

Sometimes, technology has issues. As remote jobs are done through a computer, it is vital to learn the nuances of it. Stop doing an important task because the laptop broke down is not professional. Then, learning the best way to fix some problems when using tech is a great idea for those who work in the industry.

Make Friends with Ads

Publicity today is not the same as before. In the past, we used to watch tv and see products we could buy. Then, YouTube videos started to be distressed by these ads. Now, we are haunted by them on the apps we use. As an SMM, you have to get a lot about this. Research studies show that owners make their budgets bigger for this space every day. Acquiring the know-how to target these ads, to segment them. Also, to increase their reach are valuable assets to have today.

Be Creative

There are many doing the same job as you will be. What persons in this position should try to do is to innovate. Follow tips to do new things with creativity. Read blogs all the time. Search for new ideas. If they appear, try them out! See how they go. There’s plenty of room for testing new marketing tactics. Then, the best ones can stick and remain there.

Be Open

Understanding to communicate an idea is key. What’s the use of having a lot of things on one’s mind if we cannot put them into words later? It’s also crucial to translate data into a piece which is easy to read. The copy should always fit the brand’s voice. Talking directly to the customer is key.

How to Become a Social Media Manager

So, we have described the talents a person should have when choosing this management activity. Now, how do we do it? How do we turn from a common person to a social media manager? You can find some answers below.


1. Start Your Net

When persons are looking for remote jobs, it is of paramount importance to create a net. Using a blog is a nice idea. These potential clients will be the ones to hire them in the future. Nobody will help them because they are not employees. Start networking and asking friends and colleagues to share reviews. Another interesting option is to set up their own social media accounts. There, they can post interesting content. Also, these people could create their own communities or groups to make themselves known.

2. Acquire Know-How on Marketing

Customers often know what they are looking for. They are also able to see the difference between good and bad posts.

To Avoid Shame, It Is Great to Learn Some Things About Marketing:

  • There are many people doing this type of work. So, those who want to succeed need to have unique talents.
  • Some of these tactics are knowing how to optimize blog tags and meta descriptions.
  • Also, to personalize every aspect of the apps they work with.
  • Finally, using Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and hashtags is also useful.

3. Never Stop Looking for More

Those who landed nice jobs should not only stay there. Search all the time. Chances to get a better one are always out there. Also, take advantage of the apps we use every day. Many pros do that. New writers, for example, use Twitter to spread what they are crafting. This proves to be great when the times come to become a professional in the industry. Courses try to give students hands-on experience. They believe the best way to learn is by doing it. So, it’s a nice option to start doing this with a blog of their own.


4. There’s Somebody Following You

It might be the case that users only run an account for themselves and their loved ones. But, they should never forget that they have followers. They read everything they post. Those who are able to succeed are the ones with a strong voice and tactics. On the other hand, users who do not know a manner to handle it will sink. Bad practices out there are never forgotten. The idea of emotional intelligence is vital here because they have to know how to get to others’ emotions. The concept behind these social media networks is to touch on feelings.

5. Choose a Field with Wisdom

This is important in any profession. Especially for the ones who want to become a social media manager. Those who do not love what they do are doomed.

It Is Far Easier to Work on Something We Are Passionate About. Some Options Within SMM Are:

  • Platform related tasks. Posting content on different apps.
  • Ads. Carrying out activities related to paid ads, design and crafting the copy.
  • Visual Design. As stated above, graphic design is a big part of posting content. It attracts more viewers. This engages the audience and makes them prone to buy things.
  • Take care of communities. Most brands have Facebook groups, for example. Answering their questions is a well-paid activity here.

6. Look for Brands You Want to Work For

There is a growing number of companies in tech. It is wise to make a list of these. Especially of the ones that sound more interesting. This is the next step for people who have built a nice portfolio. Employees should start following the brands that would be great to call them. It doesn’t have to be an enormous business as Amazon or Google. It’s enough that you are keen on these brands and what the customer does. This is the key to success in any job.

7. Have a Top-Notch Portfolio to Showcase

The best freelancers do crazy things for the positions they would like to land. For example, a very successful woman created a whole Twitter for the business she was hoping to hire her. She didn’t know if that was going to happen, but she did it anyway. Her sample was so good that of course, they made her a contract. We are not saying you should do this exactly. Yet, it is important that future SMMs have something to share with their customers. Most of the times, it will be done for free. So, at least make sure it’s something enjoyable.


8. Being a Volunteer Is a Good Idea

To make this portfolio, sometimes people have to accept not getting money. Yet, they at least can feel they are doing a good thing for the world or for their locals.

What Does It Mean to Be a Volunteer?

  • Asking a non-profit or a school if they need help with their media networks is a nice idea. This way, future managers are able to experiment.
  • Trying out new things is crucial in this industry. Theoretical training almost doesn’t exist. So, having some practice is always great.
  • Non-profits rarely have somebody to help them. Even less in social media marketing, they might know nothing about.

9. Look for New Customers

This might look like a daunting task. Yet, it’s not so if you know when and where to look.

Some Nice Practices to Help You Here Are:

  • Cold calling. Choose some companies related to the field. If they are not hiring, it doesn’t matter. Just send them your CV and wait for them to need you. Having great writing skills is a must.
  • Promote yourself. Use the networks to showcase your skills.
  • Use your friends and family. Referrals are an excellent way of getting a new job. They have met you and are aware of your skills. Then, they can recommend you greatly.

10. Have References from Employers

It is chief when SMMs have already started. Portfolios are great, though having comments from a person who hired them is even better.


  • These pros should document everything they do. If they run ad campaigns, they should take pictures of everything.
  • If they are in charge of an Instagram page or blog, the same applies. They should take screenshots.
  • Then, save them, and show them sometime later. Having nice reviews can convince somebody else to hire a person or not.

FAQ Section

How to Be a Social Media Manager


  1. First, start with a project of your own. Create some accounts, try new things out. Grow them as fast as possible.
  2. Look for customers. Show them what you have done. With these, it is probable they will take a look at your portfolio.
  3. To achieve it, do research. Get to know where they are and what they are looking for at the moment.
  4. Acquire knowledge on how to optimize your time. It’s not easy to be a digital nomad. Striking a good work-life balance is key.

What Tasks Does a Social Media Manager Carry Out?

To manage different networks, there are some activities to carry out. They vary according to the app the person is taking care of. For example, a man or woman who manages YouTube will have certain duties. They will be related to videos. This content has to be shared, replied, liked and so on. Those taking care of Pinterest have more visual tasks. All in all, there are common activities to all of these apps. Reading metrics, setting goals, defining a voice are some of them. Also, deciding on the tactics that the community executor will carry out.


What Does a Social Media Manager Do Versus a Community Manager?

These are two very different positions. Yes, they are on the same related industry. But the tasks they have to carry out are not the same.

On the One Hand, an SMM Dedicates To:

  • Thinking about a strategy.
  • These people are the thinkers behind the campaign.
  • They are also in charge of budget and money issues in general.

On the Other Hand, a Community Manager:

  • Has more contact with users.
  • They have communities to manage, of course.
  • This means that they answer questions and comments that the customer has about the brand.
  • They are the face, though hidden, of the company.
  • These persons carry out the tasks that SMMs thought about.

The Final Word

Digital marketing careers are taking off these years. Without a doubt, people are looking for opportunities to work from home. Social media management, then, appears like a great option. True, it is very comfortable, and workers can make a good profit. The only thing they have to do is to help owners with their online tasks. To improve, reading posts with tips can always help. For sure, this is a career that has more and more opportunities as the months go by. SMMs can grow until they become head of the marketing department, for example. Don’t miss this opportunity and see into this engaging and growing professional option.

Published: May 02, 2019Updated: February 15, 2023

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