How to Become an Instagram Influencer: A Map to Insta Fame

Shopping has taken on an all-new meaning in 2023. Instead of loading up the car with a purse and friends, many people do it online. Anymore, a business’s online reputation can make or break them. However, if something cannot be touched or tried on, how can someone know if the product is right for them? The answer is Instagram influencers. If this type of fame and success in the online world is appealing, the guide below gives a fast track to Insta Fame and how to become an Instagram influencer.

Table of Contents

  1. IG Influencer Definition
  2. Become an IG Influencer
  3. How to Make Money by Being an Influencer
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Conclusion

Instagram Influencer Definition

What exactly does it mean to be an Instagram influencer? Influencers are users of Instagram that create engaging content on a specific niche or topic area. Many of them focus on areas of high-level engagement to cultivate their business, for example, travel, beauty, food, fashion, fitness, photography, or lifestyle. A celebrity sharing pieces of their social life can also be an influencer.

An Instagram user doesn’t have to have millions of followers to be able to find success or at least a starting point. To become an influencer, a user typically has followings ranging from 1,000 into the millions and everything in between. If an influencer has less than 100,000 followers, they may be known as a micro-influencer.

Instagram was originally for posting photos, lauding photographers, and their work. Being an influencer stays in keeping with this original purpose. They use pictures and videos to gain more followers. This social media attracts attention from other influencers or businesses, and due to the higher following and collaborations may ensue.

Become an Instagram Influencer: Follow the Path

Become an Instagram Influencer New

There are many different methods to put into practice when it comes to finding the path towards Instagram fame. To become an Instagram influencer is not tricky, but it does take persistence and consistency. Read the tips below to start getting a plan together.

#1 Find a Niche

People like to follow pages for specific reasons. It may be that they know or admire the person, but for other strangers, a page needs to stand out and represent something specific. Think of something you like to do and then imagine how that can be made into a feed.

Is there any interest in cooking Mediterranean food, ultimate crocheting, traveling around the world, or floriculture? Choose the niche you want and then stick to it to successfully become an Instagram influencer. Folks like consistency. If they follow a page for fitness inspiration, that is what they want from it all the time.

#2 Define the Optimal Audience

Within this niche area, there are more than likely thousands of different groups to reach out to. Start thinking about the type of audience that the profile is going to resound with the most. Consider aspects such as:

  1. Age group
  2. Ethnicity
  3. Interests
  4. Demographics

Understanding a specific age group may inspire an influencer’s content. For example, @cremescometrue markets herself as an over 40 blogger and reaches out to men and women in her age bracket.

#3 Make It an Instagram Business Account

Instagram has multiple different options for types of profiles that someone can use. A general profile gives access to all of the photos, posting, and other features they may want. However, they also offer an Instagram business account.

The business option gives access to all of the same material while supplying the user with data tools called Instagram Insights. These insights provide the owner with clues on their analytics, such as demographics.

This analytics help the holder to take a more serious look at things like the type of people they are reaching, and where they are located.

#4 Take a Real Photo for the Profile Pic

Relatability is a key in the world of how to become an influencer. A logo can be great, creative, and exciting, but all of those things pale in comparison to the importance of putting a face to a feed.

Followers engage with a page on a personal level, often speaking directly to the owner. Give them someone to talk to in their posts. They want to know the real person.

#5 Create an Engaging Instagram Bio

Many know the short phrase “first impression” and may have asked before what someone’s first impression of them was. This is to get an idea of how they are perceived. Individual accounts on social media often have a three-pronged first impression, important to consider when learning how to become an influencer.

  • First is the profile photo
  • Second, the short bio to the right

Through the bio, users start to get the feel of the page, the type of things posted, and what kind of person the owner is. If they are interested, they engage or follow. Bring them in by writing a bio that is authentic as well as directly related to the niche or topic area.

#6 Pick a Single Design for the Feed

The design chosen for the blend of photos is the third part of the first impression that someone receives: profile photo, bio, right down to the feed. Often they won’t look at the specific posts right away but instead see the overall design that each post contributes to the whole picture.

An influencer that is an excellent example of this is the fashionista @juliahengel. She uses her set of filters, highlights specific colors, and posts images that smoothly unite into a well-designed page.

To get started, check out examples from other popular pages to see what works for the masses, but don’t lose personality in the process. See if it is viable to use some previously made filters from other influencers to get a head start.

#7 Come Up with High-Quality Posts

Next, to become an Instagram influencer, focus on the individual posts. Suppose that another user is interested in the person behind the profile or loving the vibe that the feed gives. The picture for the post is the beginning of all of this. A blurry photo is not what people care to see. In 2023, it isn’t a must to have a costly camera since smartphones can produce high-quality images.

Try to Get Photos That Are:

  • not pixelated
  • fit well with the design of the rest of the feed
  • each out to the desired audience

Experiment with editing techniques, perhaps some of the filters mentioned in the point above.

#8 Caption the Personality of the Brand

Once the perfect picture has been taken, the caption comes next. Not all influencers focus heavily on captioning, some only writing a word or two, while others write out a blog. This may work if it fits the overall vibe and the personality type of the owner. However, this doesn’t always do the trick.

Maybe words come easily, and this isn’t a problem. If not, figure out words that define the profile and think of captions that stay in line with the descriptions. If the idea is to give inspiration and positivity, find great examples like @tommy_rivs, inspiring athletes in everyday people.

#9 Plan a Consistent Schedule to Post

This is always a top tip for how to be an Instagram influencer. Gaining followers isn’t all about the appeal; it’s also about working Instagram’s algorithm. This is what decides who gets placed more in the public eye, making it easier for the public to find a specific username.

This computer program rewards those that post consistently. The reason for this is clever. Instagram wants its users to be on the app often. Feeds that engage them frequently encourage that and keep them on for longer times, or multiple times a day.

There are many apps now that work as schedulers for posts. A creator can plug a post in, set it for a date and time, and not have to worry about it. This action helps to keep a consistent schedule, posting certain amounts at certain times of the day.

#10 Share Stories

Instagram stories are a bit of a gem when it comes to increasing reach.

Grow Your Following to Become an Influencer By:

  • Putting up quality posts
  • Engaging followers through stories

Stories are also useful for appearing genuine, showing daily activities, or creating relatable questionnaires or quizzes. It can also be helpful for marketing, sharing tips, and deals that might not fit well into the content generally posted in the feed. Megan Gilmore, @detoxinista, uses her stories to share different recipes, keeping them compiled in Highlights.

#11 Create a Community

The idea of a following isn’t just about those who look at the photos every once and awhile. They follow the profile for a reason, an interest, or someone that evidences a goal or gives motivation.

The best influencers don’t just send out a post and leave it at that. They give it a bit and go through the comments. They reach out to followers of related boards, and creating a community with similar interests, a sort of online home.

#12 Reciprocate Engagement

Not everyone may have tons of time laying around to reach out to a community. Looking for activity may not always be the answer in those cases. However, it’s still necessary to reciprocate to be successful.

Reciprocating means that if someone comments on a post, comment back. If someone sends a DM, make sure to message them. Don’t keep it one-sided. Instead, double-check it is real for them.

#13 Create the Aura of Openness

Nobody likes someone who is fake. Instagram is a very personable platform, and people are attracted to others they can relate with. There are many in 2023 that make themselves look popular quickly by buying thousands of fake followers. This doesn’t suit Instagram’s algorithm.

Real users are going to engage with the profile much more, which gets rewarded by the algorithm with more visibility and thus more authentic followers. Connect with the audience, and more people are bound to feel a connection with the profile.

#14 Collaborate with More Influencers

Collaborate with More Influencers

A new account can take a lot of time to grow, especially with no prior knowledge of the brand or person in the community. Making connections within the chosen area is an invaluable method of developing faster. To Do This:

  1. Take time to go through profiles. Use similar hashtags through Instagram’s search function.
  2. Engage with the brands. Start a conversation and see where it goes.

A real-life collab could come out of it, or maybe a mention in one of their related posts. Piggyback off a bit of their visibility to grow a little faster.

#15 Contact Brands in the Niche Area

It isn’t just other people able to help the owner of a stellar profile become an Instagram influencer. Related brands in the niche or topic area can help once the first steps have happened.

Once it has over 1,000 followers, brands may start to become interested in collaborating. Now is the time to pitch to them, whether big or small, and see what growth comes from it.

#16 Don’t Go Overboard with Sponsored Content

Once the account begins to reap the rewards of getting to show sponsored content, it can create a bit of a high. However, it is important not to overstep the line.

Showing this type of content over and over again, or beating the offers to death through Stories makes it look fake. It gives the air that it is only really there for the money and not to create an active community.

If there is a sponsor, it will be over a long time, so spread it out. Keep the audience engaged, and it ends up giving more value to those posts. Emma Hill, @emmahill, is a fashion feed. Although multiple brands support her, someone new to the profile would hardly guess by the way she portions out the posts.

#17 Find the Best Hashtags

Hashtags are the gold of the road to Insta fame. Harnessing the power of hashtags helps to get the account into the eyes of the desired audience. There might be many that would be interested in following, but only if they are aware it exists. The owner needs to research to find the most relevant hashtags of 2023, including those that fit the niche.

After posting, not all of the work is done. Check out the Instagram Insights to figure out how hashtags performed with the post.

#18 Search for Inspiration

To become an Instagram influencer means taking on another part-time job. An audience is 24/7, continually scrolling, and requiring more engagement for the visibility to increase. One of the most challenging parts of this is creating enough content to keep it up.

If It Is a Struggle to Keep Posting:

  • Find other similar accounts to take some inspiration from
  • Use Pinterest as a springboard of creativity
  • Use Pinterest as a springboard of creativity

#19 Think Ahead

Creating a schedule is one thing, but filling it up is entirely another thing. Planning helps to keep it less overwhelming. It also allows for a greater feeling of flexibility.

If the schedule is full for the next couple of weeks, there is some peace of mind. Then, if new ideas or unexpected moments arise, they can be plugged into the schedule, and now there is even more content to last for longer.

#20 Ignore Any Haters

Some seem to only be on social media to stir up trouble. There isn’t much that they seem to like, and a lot more of that they are going to kick off against. This attitude isn’t the account owner’s problem, and engagement doesn’t need to happen in return.

#21 Expand the Reach Through Other Platforms

Instagram isn’t the end-all for social media growth of a business or a personal brand. Different groups engage more on other platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter. Whether these were the first choice or not, once the growth happens on Instagram, move it over to another platform, and continue to grow.

How to Make Money by Being an Influencer

Growing followers and reaching out to an audience isn’t the only part of becoming an Instagram influencer. Once a brand grows, it should start to make money. Whether it is personal or a business, it is possible to make a pretty penny as an influencer. How does this happen?

Gaining Sponsors

Mentioned earlier in the article were sponsors. These are other people or brands that give money to an influencer that creates posts relating specifically to their content or products. They are ordinarily interested in working with an account with over 1,000 followers.

The Old-Fashioned Method: Bartering

To become an Instagram influencer means some bartering. Even in 2023, bartering is still an effective method people need to use to build a business on certain social media platforms. Instagram is one of them. Many successful influencers use bartering techniques, or some form of them, to secure cross-promotions and even other sponsorships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Instagram Users Get Paid?

The average user on Instagram does not get paid. Instagram does not pay anyone, but instead, influencers that work through the platform may. Even influencers need to do their work to find sponsors in other businesses to get paid for any of the recommendations or other services they provide.

How Many Followers Do You Need to be an Instagram Influencer?

An owner of an account with 1,000 to 5,000 followers can become an Instagram influencer. Generally, the more successful influencers have closer to 100,000 plus. The more followers an account has, the more sponsors and reach the influencers have, but the base amount is linked to the motivation to gain sponsors.

Who is the Highest Paid Instagrammer?

Some get paid more due to already having a high profile and thus more of an audience. They are generally the highest-paid Instagrammers.

  1. Kylie Jenner. $1.26 million per post
  2. Ariana Grande. $990,000 per post
  3. Christiano Ronaldo. $970,000 per post
  4. Kim Kardashian West. $910,000 per post
  5. Selena Gomez. $880,000 per post

How Much Money Does 1 Million Instagram Followers Make?

The amount of money that an influencer makes depends on the social media account and the type of sponsorships they may receive. Depending on the profile, 1 million followers can mean around $670 per post or more, up to $100,000 per post. This is on Instagram. If it is joined with other social media platforms, there may be even more success.

How Much Money Does 10K Instagram Followers Make?

The number varies by account, but on average, influencers make $88.00 per post. The variance is due to the type of sponsorship that someone can receive. For example, there will be different backers in the food niche than in the fashion niche, with different amounts of money they have to put behind their chosen influencers.

How Much Money Does 100K Instagram Followers Make?

Those with 100,000 followers generally make around $670 per post. Having fewer followers may make it more difficult to find good patrons for the account. It is mostly down to motivation, though. To become an Instagram influencer and find success, a lot of work needs to be put in to contact businesses and brands in the niche of the account and see if they are interested in sponsoring.

Following the Road to Insta Fame

With a lot of motivation and determination, nothing is impossible for those who want to become an Instagram influencer. It may take some time to develop, and networking is key, but in the end, the internet gives the opportunity to connect with a larger community of people around the world. The globe has never been so accessible for small businesses. Now the path has been mapped on how to become an Instagram influencer. Let us know how the tips worked by leaving a comment.

Published: July 31, 2020Updated: October 21, 2020

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