How to Change Instagram Password & Reset Details in Case of Oblivion

Today, thousands of IG accounts are used to make money. Influencers, for example, have great numbers of interactions and content, earning a lot with their promotions. This makes them easy victims of hackers who want to get some benefit. For this, it’s important to have strong passwords that criminals cannot guess in 2023 either on IG or Twitter.

Knowing how to change Instagram password, then, is essential. In particular, if the user forgets their login details and needs to start from scratch. Or if they realize that their old credentials are too easy, making them weak to attacks.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Change IG Password Using Phones
  2. Modify Credentials With Your Laptop
  3. Reset the Forgotten Password Using Your Laptop
  4. Reset Your IG Password Using a Mobile Device
  5. Lost Access to Your Phone Number or Email Address?
  6. Why Won’t Instagram Let Me Change My Password?
  7. What Happens When You Change Your Instagram Password?

How to Change Instagram Password Using Phones

Change Instagram Password

Wondering how to change your Instagram password in 2023? Don’t let hackers come near the profile, or they will take all the effort. Or worse, as the news show, they may ask for a ransom to get the account back.

The best thing to do is to try and modify it before it’s too late. For example, by adding symbols or numbers that make the credentials hard to guess.

Here are the steps on how to change the Instagram password.

  1. Of course, the first step is to enter the app on a smartphone. If the user is not logged in yet, they will have to enter their username and pass.
  2. On the low-right corner, there is an icon that includes a profile picture. Tap on it to enter the feed.
  3. In the hamburger menu, look for the tab called Settings.
  4. Inside of it, one of the alternatives is called Security.
  5. Then, on Passwords, the owner can think about a new, safer option.

Then, the person will have to remember the change. Plus, they are going to log in again in all the devices they use because the old details don’t stand anymore after they changed their Instagram password.

How to Change Password on Instagram With Laptop

Instagram With Laptop

Some owners have been using the same login details for years. They may realize that their passwords are not as strong as they thought. So, how to change the password on Instagram is a popular question, also by those who have shared those details with an ex-boyfriend, and they don’t want them to have access to it anymore. Wondering how to change your Instagram password using desktop devices, Android phone, or an iPhone? Keep on reading and find out.

  1. Enter a browser and write the address to IG.
  2. There is an icon with the shadow of a person. Click on it.
  3. Such action will trigger a menu called Settings.
  4. Inside Settings, look for an option called Security.
  5. Then, access the Password section.
  6. Here, the person sees a box where they can enter the new details they want to use.
  7. Save the changes, and it’s done.

Reset the Forgotten Password Using The Laptop

Forgotten Password

Those who don’t use managers may have a hard time remembering everything. In particular, if the login details they use are always different depending on the platform.

If that’s the case, don’t worry. Instagram does not make it hard for those who want to get their profiles back. Those who forgot their password for Instagram can follow these steps:

  1. Type the website URL on the box and enter the site.
  2. Look for the section to log in. Below the blue button, there is a legend with help to those who forgot their details.
  3. After typing the username or address, the person will have to complete a captcha before going on.
  4. The owner of the account, then, will get a text. The message will contain a button to click on to proceed with the actions.
  5. Choose a strong key, with a combination of letters and numbers to avoid hacks.
  6. The page will redirect the owner to the feed.

Reset Your IG Password Using a Mobile Device

Reset IG Password Via Mobile

Those who want to reset their key using a mobile app can also do it. The process is just as simple. It works with different operating systems, such as iOS and Android.

The options might differ a little bit, but they are quite similar. In some minutes, the user will be able to reset their credentials and access their profile.

This guide will help to change the Instagram password.

  1. Look for the IG icon on the phone and tap on it. Do it on an Android device or iPhone.
  2. The first screen that appears asks for a username and a password. In part below, the person can either ask for help or click on “I forgot my details”.
  3. In this step, the user has to type the name, phone number, or address they have created the account. Then, click next.
  4. Now, IG will either send an SMS or a message to reset the password. Otherwise, the person can use their FB credentials to access the profile.
  5. Enter the SMS or inbox that was provided. There, the person will find a link where they can write the new combination they want to use.
  6. That’s it! The new Instagram feed will appear now. People need to use that combination every time they log in again.

Users only need to consider that they will have to set up a phone number to be able to do this. Otherwise, they can carry out the procedure using an email they can access with ease.

Lost Access to Your Phone Number or Email Address? Here Is the Solution

Lost Access

For Instagram to change one’s password, the platform will need some private details. If not, then anyone would be able to claim the profile or even hack it. That is why the IG client has different options. The first one is the easiest: to associate the account with an FB one. The details will be the same to review.

Now, if that’s not possible, this social media network will ask for a phone number or an email. If the person does not remember it or doesn’t have access to it anymore, this can be an issue. Most questions are related to “how do I change my password on Instagram if I forgot it?” But other important problems also need solutions. Some steps to solve this one can be:

#1. Try to Regain Access to the Email Account

Main providers like Gmail or Outlook always have alternatives for those who cannot access their inboxes or reviews anymore. For example, they have security questions like one’s mother’s maiden name. If they answer well, then the email address will be restored.

#2. Contact Support

Even if owners don’t remember their security questions, there might be some light at the end of the tunnel. Contacting support is a great idea. For instance, they will ask people about their contacts, emails received, or important events. This info will help the team get to know if the person is the true owner or not.

#3. Modify the Faulty Details

As soon as the owner sees that their number or address is wrong, they need to replace that data. Of course, they will still need to be able to log in to Instagram. If that’s not possible, the only step available is to either do this via Facebook (Twitter does not work) or contact support and see what they can do. Just enter the IG landing page, try to log in, and then click on the “help” button available to everyone.

One’s phone number and email address are crucial. It’s important to take care of these privacy settings to avoid losing social media accounts.

If none of these alternatives work, it might be hard (or even impossible) to regain access to IG. In particular, if the user does not remember his or her password or other details that can identify him or her.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Won’t Instagram Let Me Change My Password?

  1. There’s an issue with the email address to use. So, the person is not receiving the key to keep on going with the process.
  2. The site is faulty. IG might not work all the time properly, so the user should try again later.
  3. Owners are using the same pass they had before. This is not possible, and they will have to choose another one.

What Happens When You Change Your Instagram Password?

Once the owner resets the password, the profile will log out everywhere. For example, they may decide to carry out this process using their desktop computer or laptop. This means that, after they change the Instagram password, they won’t be able to access the app with the old credentials. They will have to log in again and apply the new key.

How Long Until Instagram Deletes Your Account?

An IG never goes away. It will only be deleted if the owner deactivates it and never returns. The platform will keep the account on their database for at least 30 months. After this period, the info is deleted from the server.

How Do I Change My Instagram Number Without Logging In?

This is not possible. Instagram takes care of the privacy of its clients. Also, they will need people to enter their credentials for security reasons. That is why the only way to change the number is by accessing Settings from one’s profile. The only exception is when an account has been hacked. In those cases, the person will have to contact customer support and ask for help.

How to Use Facebook to Reset an Instagram Password?

As the news show, Facebook and IG belong to the same owner. So, both of them are linked internally. On the good side, a person can use the data to log in on either of these platforms. To reset a password on Instagram using Facebook, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter IG on a smartphone and click on I forgot my password.
  2. The next step will ask for people to log in on FB using a button with the icon. Even if people don’t remember their details for Facebook either, they might already be inside the app. Thus, it will be redirected at once.

Easy Process for Quick Results

All in all, modifying one’s login details when needed is easy. It might be a bit more complicated if persons need to write them from scratch. In particular, if they don’t have access to their inboxes or cell numbers. In any case, they have several steps to take and options before despairing. For example, contacting customer support can be a great idea. Have you ever had problems with your credentials on social media? How did you solve them?

Published: June 07, 2024Updated: June 07, 2024

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