How to Change Your Instagram Name, Profile Picture, and More: The Ultimate Guide

Even though it is among the most popular media in 2023, there is much about this platform that many people do not know. And we are not talking about unknown hidden facts. We mean basic things that should be at everyone’s reach, not be a secret. Those wondering what to do to update their account’s details and which is the best way to do so, read on. This is the ultimate guide on how to change Instagram name, image, and more.

Table of Contents

  1. Change Your Instagram Name in the App
  2. Change Your Instagram Name in a Web Browser
  3. Will My Old Instagram URL Redirect to My New URL?
  4. What About Previous Mentions of My Username on Instagram?
  5. Tips to Bear in Mind Before Changing Your Instagram Username
  6. How to Change Email On Instagram
  7. How to Change Your Profile Picture on Instagram
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
  9. The Final Word

How to Change Your Instagram Name in the App

Change Your Instagram Name

In contrast to what many social networks do, this platform lets its users change their username and the name that is displayed in their profile. And fortunately, doing this from the application is super easy. Follow these steps to know how to change the Instagram name in just a few seconds.

  1. To start with this process, the first step is to open the application.
  2. Go to the bottom of the screen and click on the account icon on the right side. This will take the user to the user page.
  3. Make sure to be using the right account. This step is very important for those who have many users in one device.
  4. To change the name, tap “Edit Profile” right under the user picture and bio.
  5. When the editing page pops up, go to the Name and Username fields. After introducing the changes, click on “Done” to finish.

How to Change Your Instagram Name in a Web Browser

Name in a Web Browser

This social network really makes it easy for its users to get a new identity on the platform. This is why it is possible to go through with this process straight from the website too. Here is a detailed step by step guide of how to change Instagram name from the site in 2023.

  1. Open the browser and go
  2. Go to the user section, at the top of the site.
  3. Click on the “Edit Profile” button.
  4. Click on the Name or Username fields and write the new options. Save this info by clicking on “Submit”.

Will My Old Instagram URL Redirect to My New URL?

Instagram URL Redirect

This will depend. All the links that lead to the account inside the platform will be updated. An example of this is the places where the username was mentioned. Every time the account was tagged on a picture, video, or story using the “@” symbol, the platform will redirect that to the new domain name.

But it does not work like that for external links. For example, if the account is well-ranked in Google, this may be affected. The account will probably disappear from the result during the first few weeks. Eventually, the search engine may index it again. But there is nothing the user can do to speed this up as the URL does not belong to them.

Google will probably take some time due to the massive number of domains within the platform. The only thing one can do is keep an active account. Those wondering how to change Instagram name in 2023 will probably want to consider this.

What About Previous Mentions of My Username on Instagram?

Previous Mentions

Every time a name changes, the algorithm should update it in every mention. But this is not always this way. And things may change over time. Just bear in mind that this process takes some time. And taking a rush decision may stop it from taking place at all.

For example, some users have reported that the name was not changed instantly. So, they created a new account with the old name. This is the worst they could do! As now there is a username with the exact same denomination, the algorithm will not see why it should redirect the old mentions.

So, instead of solving the problem, this makes it worse. Now, the old mentions will always redirect to a new account that was created. And there is no solution for this.

If some time has gone by and the posts are not updated, there might be a reason why. It may happen because an old version of the post is saved in the cache of the phone. Try cleaning it and loading the pic again. Or ask someone else to check it.

Still, remember that some previously used usernames are never made available again.

Tips to Bear in Mind Before Changing Your Instagram Username

Changing Your Instagram Username

How to change Instagram name is not as simple as just editing the info. Those who use their account for business purposes will probably have to update lots of places where they have promoted their account. Also, it is key to keep the users updated so that they are not confused. If in doubt, make sure to do all these things!

  • It may be a good idea to get a new logo to go with the name.
  • Once the change has taken place, post a new image too.
  • Update the brand’s site and other social media. If there is an email marketing campaign, update it too. Check all the footers.
  • Change every article or blog post in which this was posted. It may be necessary to reach out to other site owners.
  • Let users know beforehand by posting the change on the platform. It is better to give an explanation of why this is happening.
  • Reprint pamphlets, magazines, and any other printed material where the name was placed.

Not all these steps are applicable to all people. Depending on the nature of the business and of the account, one may need to do all, some, or none of them.

How to Change Email On Instagram

Change Email

Names and user pictures are an important part of this platform. But there is an aspect that matters even more, and most people do not even consider it. It is the email address. Why is this so important? There are many reasons. But the most significant one is that it is the main way to recover one’s account is there is a problem.

For example, more often than not, many users do not remember their passwords. Maybe this happens because they have not used the platform for a long time. Or because they have the auto sign-in option activated. Or the worst one, someone may have hacked the account, and the user needs to get it back. In all these scenarios and more, the only way in which one can get the account back is by using the recovery method. And an essential step is using the email introduced when the account was created.

Yet, many people use fake addresses when they sign up. But do not worry. This can be solved easily. Wondering how to change the email on Instagram? Follow these steps on the application or on the site!

On the Instagram App

The application has been designed with simplicity in mind. The interface is very user-friendly. And so, the whole process is very easy to do. No matter the reason why this is happening. Those who need to know how to change the email on Instagram using the application will find the steps here.

  1. First, open the application and enter the user section. Look for the “Edit Profile” button under the bio and picture.
  2. A new section will appear with basic account info. Tap on “Personal Information Settings”. The info will be there. If it is not the right one, click on it and introduce a real email.
  3. If the process was successful, an email wouldl arrive at the inbox. Open it and follow the instructions to verify that that is the correct address.

On the Web

Though not as simple, the site is more complete than the application. Check out these steps to change the email address in the account.

  1. Enter the site and log into the account.
  2. Go to the user picture that is at the top of the page. This will take the user to his account. Under the bio, click on the Edit Profile button.
  3. A new page will open. All the user details will be there. One of them is the email. Make sure that it is the right one. Change it if it is not. And click on submit to save the changes.
  4. As with the application, an email will go to the inbox to verify the new address. Follow those steps, and the process will be finished.

How to Change Your Profile Picture on Instagram Using the Mobile App or Website

Profile Picture

Users can include some information and a picture in their profiles. Pictures are important since they represent people. Users need to know they can change their user image as many times as they want to. This action is easy and simple. They can do it from their cell phone application or their laptops. Those who want to know how to change profile picture on Instagram should follow these steps.

How to Change Your Profile Picture on Instagram Using Your Computer

User pics identify Instagram users. Each account has an image that represents its owner. If the profile is personal, the picture can be a selfie. Business profiles have images of products or logos. Account pictures are easy to adjust from the laptop. Those who want to know how to change profile picture on Instagram should follow these steps.

  1. Open the Instagram profile on the laptop. Get into the account, complete it with its info, like the password.
  2. Click on the name. It is on the right lateral of the screen or on the icon with a tiny man on the menu bar.
  3. Once in the user page, click on the edit account button.
  4. Select the option to change the profile image under the username.
  5. Click to upload a new picture.
  6. Choose an image from the laptop as the new user picture.
  7. Click on “Open”, and the picture is ready in the account.

How to Change Your Profile Picture on Instagram Through the App

Some Instagram users change their profile pictures on a regular basis. Images show who they are and how they feel. Some people use Instagram as a personal profile, others as a business tool. No matter the reason, changing a personal image using the cell phone is easy and simple. In order to know how to change profile picture on Instagram, users need to follow these steps.

  1. Open Instagram on your cell phone
  2. Select your profile icon on the top side of the screen.
  3. Once there, select the option to edit the personal info.
  4. In the edition section, adjust the user image.
  5. A menu appears in which users can pick a picture from Facebook or from the cell phone library. If they cannot find a good one, they can take a photo at that moment.
  6. Choose a picture you like to upload and place it inside the circle that appears.
  7. Tap “Done” to carry out the adjustment.

How to Make a Brilliant Instagram Profile Picture

Instagram Profile Picture

After figuring out how to change profile pictures on Instagram, getting a good pic is essential to draw more followers to the user. Follow these tips to make sure that the account has one that bonds with other users and boosts their number fast!

1. Focus on the Face

This is the best way to connect with one’s followers. They will want to know the person behind the account to bond with him. Though it is not recommended, sometimes it may be necessary to post a logo. This usually happens to famous brands. In these cases, make sure that it fits in a circular frame of an Instagram profile picture.

2. Pick a Good Background

The focus should be on the face, not on what is around it. This is why one should make sure that there is nothing behind that outshines the protagonist of the pic. The best one could do is to pick a muted background, plain if possible. Also, try to choose a color that brings out the best features in the face.

3. Check the Lighting

This is rather tricky. It is always best if the light comes from the front and not from the back. Otherwise, the face will be in the shadows, and it will not be possible to see it. If the lighting is natural, much, the better. Take the Instagram profile picture near a window or outside to boost the chances of taking a nice photo.

4. Consider Hiring a Pro

Using a selfie as a user picture will not look professional when you change your profile picture. It is always best to get a pro to do it, as they are experts in lighting, backgrounds, and editing. But if this is not possible, at least get a friend who knows what he is doing and has a decent camera. As a last resource, one could use the camera timer. Just make sure not to use the front cam, as it usually distorts the image.

5. Check out the Clothes

As stated before, the focus will be on the face. But most probably, the clothes will show a little. So, make sure to pick some that go with the account’s style when you change your profile picture. For example, those who want to show their travels should probably take a picture using a suit, but something outdoorsy.

6. Be Likable

Looking professional is key. But one should also make sure to look likable! To convince people to do business with the account, the owner should seem approachable. And the best way to achieve this is by showing a nice, warm smile. A friendly pose and eye contact will also be helpful when you change your profile picture.

7. Choose the Best Angle

Try different angles to see which one makes a face look better. Most people will want to avoid a low one. It usually brings out the worst features in one’s face, like a double chin or the inside of one’s nose. Take a few pics and see which looks better.

8. Crop and Stand out

Remember that the best pictures are the ones that put the emphasis on the face. This means that if there is too much of the body on the pic, it could be best to crop it out. Otherwise, the face will look tiny. It is best to show up to the shoulders when you change your profile picture. Faces are what make people trust the user. Make the most out of them!

9. Add Some Personality

In the Instagram profile picture, one could also include a small element that gives the account some personality. For example, those who want to post makeup tutorials could show a brush, or those who upload drawings may want to show their face together with some pencils. Try out a few and see how it looks!

10. Edit the Image

Every image has some room for improvement. Luckily, now this is very easy to solve. There are countless online tools that allow any user with some basic knowledge to retouch their pic before uploading it. For even better results, one could hire a pro, but this is usually not necessary. And finally, it is time to follow the steps of how to change profile picture on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If You Change Your Instagram Name?

The consequences are many. All the mentions within the platform will eventually change by themselves. This includes photos, videos, and stories. But those links that come from outside the platform will have to be changed by the user. In case the account ranks well in Google, it may disappear from search results for a while. But over time, this could be fixed. Though this is not certain.

Will I Lose My Followers If I Change My Instagram Name?

Absolutely not. Those that are already following the account will keep on doing so. Though it may be nice to let them know what is happening beforehand. In this way, they will not be surprised when they see a new user on their feed. To make sure that potential followers can hit the subscribe button, update every social network, and email and web page footer.

How Do I Log Into Instagram If I Forgot My Password and Email?

This situation is really tricky. The only way out is by recovering the password through the Facebook account. For this, click on “Recover with Facebook”. But if the account was not linked previously and one does not have access to the email address any longer, it will not be possible to recover access to the account.

What Are Some Cool Instagram Names?

This is something totally personal. Each name should be chosen carefully, as it will reflect the spirit of the account. To come up with the best name for the user, think about the content that is going to be featured. If it is going to be about personal things to share with friends and family, the best option could be to go with one’s own name, nickname, or a variation.

Revamp Your Account Now

Even though the platform is quite simple for some things, every day, more and more people wonder how to change profile picture on Instagram, or even their username, in 2023. Hopefully, this guide will solve their doubts and help them use this type of media more efficiently. But also, in a more informed manner, as it is important to know the possible consequences of engaging in these actions. Or how to do them right.

Published: September 02, 2020Updated: October 21, 2020

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