How to Clear Instagram Search: Remove Browsing History & Evidence With a Few Taps

It’s 2023, and computers are practically glued to our hands. Being in the thick of the digital age means that a person’s every move is recorded and saved for future reference. This is particularly noticeable when an individual looks online for something and gets similar recommendations on a different site. It can be a little weird and bring up questions about privacy. Or even worse, people get caught looking at things they’d rather keep to themselves. Knowing how to clear an Instagram search becomes crucial.

On social media sites, this can be especially annoying. Individuals may end up getting Facebook friend suggestions or IG recommendations based on their usage. They don’t want to delete their accounts, but they’re also tired of these pesky suggestions.

So, how to clear an Instagram search and avoid frustration and potential embarrassment? Try using one of these tactics to get an IG account in order and get some much-needed privacy.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Clear Suggested Searches on Instagram
  2. What to Do If the Search History Won’t Go Away
  3. How to Clear Recent IG Searches on iOS & Android
  4. How to Clear Recent IG Searches on Desktop & Mobile Browsers
  5. Why Should People Delete Their Instagram Search History?
  6. How to Find Someone on Instagram Without Knowing Their Username?

How to Clear Suggested Searches on Instagram

Suggested Searches

Fortunately, it’s 2023, and social media services like Instagram and Twitter have had time to streamline their apps. While lots of people appreciate the search suggestions, others find them to be an invasion of privacy. For those people, clearing their account history is as simple as pushing a few icons.

Check out these methods on how to clear suggested searches on Instagram.

What to Do If the Search History Won’t Go Away

Search History

Most of the time, this simple delete history strategy is enough to solve the issue. However, some people might run into trouble. It’s not uncommon for Instagram to still share search and follow suggestions even after getting rid of all their recommendations. This can be super frustrating, but there are ways to work around it.

Below are some things that people can try, using both the app or the desktop version.

1. Restart the Device

It could be as easy as restarting the phone or computer. Individuals should be sure to delete their history before shutting off the device. After 30 seconds or so, they can turn it on again and check to see if the suggestions persist.

2. Log Out of the Account

If the problem continues, the next thing to try is logging out of Instagram (or Facebook, YouTube, or whatever social media it is), turning off the device, then signing back in. Most people perpetually stay in the app, so here’s how to log out of it:

3. Remove Browsing History & Clear Cache

For people who are using an Android phone, they can try this method. It can be a bit confusing since different Android devices have slightly different settings.

4. Delete IG & Reinstall

How to Clear Recent IG Searches on iOS & Android

IG Searches on Mobile

That covers suggested searches, but now it’s time to look at how to clear Instagram search history. Since most people access social media sites like Facebook and Instagram on their phones, this first section pertains to mobile users.

How to Clear Recent IG Searches on Desktop & Mobile Browsers

IG Searches on Desktop

Now it’s time to look at how to clear Instagram search history from a desktop or mobile browser. Not many people use IG from a laptop, but it’s still a good idea to know how to do this.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Should People Delete Their Instagram Search History?

From time to time, people want to look at things that are out of the ordinary. They might spend a moment browsing through pages that they would otherwise ignore. Similar to Facebook stalking, they may want to check in on an ex or look at what a frenemy is up to. To avoid the embarrassment of being caught, they want to remove any evidence of that browsing.

2. Can Other People See Someone’s Instagram Search?

No. Even if two individuals are friends on Facebook or IG, they won’t be able to tell if the other person is looking at their profile. The technology just isn’t there, and if it was, it’d become addicting. Perhaps in 2023, there will be a new tool to see when someone views your page. Currently, it’s just not possible.

3. How to Find Someone on Instagram Without Knowing Their Username?

Without a username, it’s hard to find friends and family members, as well as acquaintances. One way to get around this is by logging into IG and going to the profile page.

4. Can You Find Someone’s Instagram With Their Phone Number?

One tactic is going to the “Settings” menu and tapping “Follow and Invite Friends.” This works if they aren’t already on IG. Users can also try going to their profile and tapping on the “Find People” option. This reveals a list of individuals that may be in their circle of friends and acquaintances. Maybe it’s not someone they’re friends with, but it could be a friend of a co-worker or family member.

No More Awkward Discoveries

These tips are super simple and will come in handy when a person needs to get rid of their questionable browsing archive and telltale recommendations. It doesn’t matter if they’re on a mobile device or a computer either. A few taps and all of those friend suggestions and page recommendations will be banished. Folks should keep these tricks in mind the next time they’re looking at something that they wouldn’t like anybody else to see!

Published: November 11, 2020Updated: November 12, 2020

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