How to Delete or Deactivate Instagram Account: Break Free From Social Media

Social media can be a blessing. People can keep updated about news, media, and other things of their interest. But it can also suck up one’s life and make them lose a lot of time. If that’s the case, then there are many ways to delete an Instagram page.

For good or just for a while. Some methods are easier than others, and they are going to be covered in this article. Let’s jump in to know how to delete Instagram account with success in 2023.

Table of Contents

  1. To Delete or Disable?
  2. If I Want to Take a Break
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Conclusion

Take a Break from Instagram or Delete It Forever

Delete It Forever

As stated before, people have two main options. They can either disable their page or delete it. What’s the difference? In the first case, it only entails a time. The photos, videos, likes, and comments will be kept hidden. Instead, those who delete the space will find it a more permanent thing. So, all the elements, the list of followers, and even the username will be gone. For good. There is no way to turn it back. So, those who are a bit hesitant about this should opt to disable the space instead of deleting it.

Download All Your Elements

Before making such a decision, it might be wise to have all the data in one place. So, Instagram offers this type of service to its users. They just have to ask for all their info and download it to a device. It could be a pc or a phone. Let’s take a look at two ways of how to temporarily deactivate Instagram account.

Use the Mobile Version: How to Deactivate Instagram

Follow these steps to download all the info on the phone.

  1. The first thing to do is to open the app using the phone.
  2. Then, go to one’s profile is the second step.
  3. There are three lines on the right corner where people can access different options.
  4. The other section is called Settings. Inside, there is also the part called Security.
  5. Finally, there is a tab called request download of all the data.

Access the Browser Instead

The process, in this case, is almost the same. And it is even simpler, with fewer steps to consider. So, access the account and then do the following:

  1. After being in the tab, look for the option called Edit.
  2. Inside of it, the button Privacy & security has the download it needs.
  3. Finally, click on Download data and get all the pictures and videos.

Store All the Info Forever

So, after taking all these steps, there is nothing left to do. Just wait. Then, the platform will send an email within 48 hours. This message will contain a link that lasts for 4 days. Access that URL to download all the files. Though some users get the link within the hour, some others take longer. Inside the folder, the owner will find both videos and images. But comments will also be there, too. In a different file that contains only text.

Just Delete the Profile Forever

Now, in case the person chose to get rid of their account, the easier way is to use the browser. There won’t be a lot of steps to take to end this process. It’s harder to do it when using the app. So, let’s see how to close the Instagram account.

Access the Profile

  1. First, enter one’s profile.
  2. Then, access the same option as the one mentioned above. The three dotted line that contains a lot of other sections inside.
  3. Inside settings, there is also a section called Help where the person can find what he or she is looking for.

Edit the Account and Delete

  1. There is a section called Managing your profile.
  2. Inside, finally, the person can find the option to delete the account permanently.
  3. Lastly, there will be a final thing to answer the question of how to close Instagram account?
  4. Click on the button below, and that’s it.

Get Over With It

After asking for deletion, the platform will ask the person to select a reason why they are erasing the space. This is mandatory. Without a good cause, the owner will not be able to close it down. Some options are privacy reasons, or too much exposure. After entering the reason, the network will ask for one more thing. For the password. After doing this correctly, the account will disappear forever.

If I Want to Take a Break From My Instagram, Where Do I Start?

Take a Break

Now, it might be the case that the person wants to take a break from Instagram. And that’s OK. There is an easy way to do so. And the owner can go back to the platform whenever they feel like it. So, let’s see how to deactivate Instagram in just some minutes.

  1. The best way to do it is to access the social media network via desktop.
  2. Then, go to Edit Profile, and there is a part called Disable your account.
  3. Now comes the crucial part. The person has to give a reason why they don’t want to use the profile anymore.

Go Back to the Platform

So, deactivation allows users to go back to Instagram (and even Facebook) once they feel ready. Is that the case of the reader? Then, they should be aware that there are some things to do before the account is live and ready to use again.
And it is quite easy. So, the person just has to log in once more. They need to enter their app or website and put their username and password. With this action, Instagram understands that the user wants to go back and scroll again. If too long has passed, it might be the case that the owner forgot some details. Then, they can ask for help at the support center. So, the employees will take care of the issue and allow them to enter once more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I Delete My Instagram Account?

The only reason is that this is not possible to do on the phone. The person has to access the web version of the app to carry out this action. To do away with the profile at all, people have to give a reason for doing so. After providing a cause for closing the page, then Instagram will allow the owner to do it. And forget about it forever.

How Long Does It Take to Delete an Instagram Account?

It takes 30 days. In the meantime, the account is deactivated. This gives users the time to really think it through. And, if they want to, go back to their profile without losing all the info. After a day, comments, followers, and the content disappears.

Where Is the Drop-Down Menu on Instagram?

This menu is a new feature launched last year. It was not very clear who got it. Or how to use it. The idea behind the drop-down was to get new ideas from other people to follow, for example. In the past, some thought that only some spaces with a certain number of followers got it. But today, anyone can do it. In the section “Edit your profile”, just tick the box called “suggested accounts”, and that’s it.

Do Instagram Accounts Expire?

Not really. But the platform will do away with those that do not show any actions in a period of time. The main issue is when people do not even log in. If they do at least once in 6 months, it’s hard for somebody to delete it. Another thing they ask for is to share comments or likes from time to time. Even if they do not want to upload any photos or videos.

Is Instagram Deleting Inactive Accounts in 2019?

Yes, it started deleting accounts that do not have any activity in 2019. They also consider the share rate on Facebook, for example. And continue today in 2023. They consider activities to share photos or videos, liking, and commenting. Another crucial point is whether accounts have followers or not. Without them, Instagram will consider it as fake. And will disappear from the net. That is why so many followers dropped last year. And influencers were worried about this

Forget About Exposure Ever Again

Nobody is obliged to use social media if they do not want to in 2023. And, if after some time owners select to erase Facebook or Instagram, this is an easy process to carry out. These people just have to be sure this is what they want to do. And know how to delete Instagram account permanently. Once they delete their account, there is no turning back. But if they are not, they can always deactivate it for some time with the password and take a break from this social network. And come back whenever they want to.

Published: August 03, 2020Updated: October 21, 2020

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