How to Delete Instagram Photos: Keep Your Visuals Private

Some people might not want to see their old pictures with ex-boyfriends. Or images when they were young or going through issues. They don’t need to worry because Instagram has options to either hide or erase this content. Keep on reading this article to know more about how to delete Instagram photos in 2023.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Delete IG Photos?
  2. How To Delete ALL of Your Instagram Photos
  3. Delete in a Bunch
  4. Delete an Instagram Carousel Post
  5. Deleting Photos on Instagram Account via App
  6. Automate Photo Deletion With Auto Clicker
  7. Hide Instagram Images Instead of Deleting Them
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

How to Delete Instagram Photos?

Delete Instagram Photos

It might be the case that people upload a picture. But then, they decided the picture was too much. Or that it does not have any benefit. So, these persons might decide to do away with these materials. Luckily, it is very easy to do. Let’s see the steps to take, in 2023.

  1. Enter the app or the web version of the social network.
  2. Then, enter the profile. There, the owner will see every visual they have ever posted. It could be images or videos.
  3. Click on the specific image to be erased. The version will be bigger.
  4. Tap on the three dots that appear on the right corner. Click on Delete, and that’s it. The picture is gone forever.

How To Delete All of Your Instagram Photos

So, sharing images is possible for any user on Instagram. But if they want, at some point, to do away with the visuals, it can become hard. The network does not have any functions or apps that help owners erase the materials all at once. Instead, the owner has to select each one of them by hand. This can take a lot of time. So, below are some ideas to delete Instagram photos without pain or a waste of time.

Delete in a Bunch

Those who have a lot of photos may be in trouble when trying to erase them all at once. Instagram has no tool to make the process easier. So, here readers can find some tips to delete Instagram photos in a bunch.

  1. Use the desktop version. The person has to look for the multiple materials he or she wants to do away with either on Instagram or Facebook.
  2. Group each photo using a hashtag. It has to be a combination of letters or numbers. This way, the owner can make sure nobody else is ever going to use it for something else.
  3. Use the tag to enter each of the pictures and make them disappear. Still, people will have to erase them all at once using Android. And this takes a very long time, and it’s tedious.

Carousel Post

Carousels are posts that contain a lot of visuals in just one package. Now, it might be the case that owners want to get rid of just one of them. Is that even possible? Not really. In case users want to forget about a certain piece, they will have to get rid of all of them.

Here is the process to delete Instagram photos:

  1. Look for the carousel to erase and enter the post through the app.
  2. At the right of the screen, there are three dots. Tap them and see the menu.
  3. The last tab is “delete”. Confirm, and that’s it; the owner has just gotten rid of this content.

Deleting Photos on Instagram Via an App

Instagram Via an App

The other method is to just use a third-party app like Instaclean for iPhone or Cleaner for Android. The two of them are free of charge. As long as users access them no more than 50 times.


This is an app only available for the iPhone. On top of erasing visuals, they also have other functions. Like managing followers or mass lists. So, deleting using a website is a breeze. It’s only entering the account, browsing through the feed, and selecting the ones that will disappear. And that’s it; the photos are gone forever.

  1. Download the app and use Instagram details to enter it.
  2. Enter a section called Media.
  3. Inside, there is a grid with all the images or videos the owner ever posted. So, this person has to select the ones that should go away.
  4. Tap the trash bin and choose the option “delete”.

Cleaner for IG

This is an app that serves both iPhone and Android. So, any person with a phone can install and use it. The app is free of charge, so it’s great for those who want to try it out before spending any money. Like the example above, it is very useful for those who want to erase pictures in an instant. Let’s see the steps to delete Instagram photos.

  1. Again, the user has to access the app using the social network login details and icon.
  2. Go for the “Quick Select” icon and then “Select All”.
  3. Then, choose “Start now”, and then it would be over. Multiple images will be gone from the feed.

Use Auto Clicker to Do Away With Visuals

To mass delete Instagram photos do not have to be a hassle anymore. In fact, there are many apps and software that can help when doing it. But one of their negative points is that people have to pay to use their services. And it’s not cheap. Yet, there is some good news for those users. One of them is Auto Clicker. Below, readers can find some details on how to use it without delay.

  1. First, open the social media network for images and videos.
  2. Launch Auto Clicker and look for Multi Targets in an easy way. This means that it will allow the screen to capture a lot of tappings at the same time.
  3. Then, go back to the network, and there will appear a green plus symbol. With that function, the person will be able to select many visuals at once.
  4. Choose the milliseconds available between tapping elements. For example, fast phones can support up to 100 and even change it from the website. But if it’s a bit slow, it is better to use 200 or even 300.
  5. Once the phone stops slowing down, the process can continue. Use the circles to eliminate all the content. Try not to overwhelm the app with the tappings and selections.
  6. After finishing the script, click on the button called “run” to finish it. The process will be over soon, and all the content will disappear.

Hide Instagram Pictures Instead of Deleting Them

Hide Instagram Pictures

Those who don’t want their old images displayed also have options. The archive one, for example, is not very famous, but it is there for anyone who wants to use it. So, the materials will not be gone forever. Instead, they will be hidden.

So, here are some of the steps to take in case the reader wants to keep these copies in someplace. Even if it is in the cloud.

  1. Look into the grid and choose the post to archive among dozens of pictures.
  2. In the top right, there are three dots with other options. Tap on it.
  3. One of the texts reads “Archive”. This is the one users looking for.
  4. That’s it; now there will be a folder in the menu. Inside of it, all the materials will be kept. These include normal posts but also stories and even comments.
  5. Now, if anyone wants to restore these images, they can also do it. They just need to enter the same menu. Then, select “show on profile”, and that’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Archive All My Instagram Posts at Once?

No, users will have to do it one by one. This is quite tedious, but still, it’s not hard to carry out. The process is the following. Enter the post with the picture to erase. Then, tap on the button that contains three dots. It’s in the upper right corner. Within the options that will appear is Archive. Shortly after doing it, the image will disappear from the view.

How Do I Hide My Instagram Account?

It’s not possible to hide it. But users can decide to make their accounts private. That is, if people look for it on the network, they will find it. Though they will only be able to see the name, profile picture, and a number of followers. No content will be displayed. To do this, access the privacy section in the profile. And click on the option “set my account to private”. Then, nobody else will be able to see the content without following the profile.

How Do You Hide a Chat on Instagram?

Chats on Instagram are called direct messages or DMs. A lot of people use them today for communication. And send a lot of text, gifs, and images. If the time comes to hide them for whatever reason, the process is simple. The user only has to choose the message and then swipe left. The platform will ask for confirmation to hide. And, as if it were magic, the text is gone.

Can You Only Delete a Certain Amount of Photos on Instagram?

No, there is no limit. A person can erase as much content as they desire even if they want to leave their account with nothing. The only limit is the owners’ patience. As stated above, a person can only do away with content by clicking on the options one by one. So, if they would like to erase 100 pictures, they have to do more than 200 clicks. That’s a lot, but it is still doable.

Do Away With Content Without Delay

So, as readers can see, there are many ways on how to delete Instagram photos. From using apps or video software to doing it one by one, these methods are very different. Those who need to forget about content for some time, for example, can just hide their materials. Instead, some others might want to make the content vanish. So, they can decide to spend some time deleting photos one by one. Or just make the process faster with an app. No matter the method they choose, the process will be just a breeze, and the photos will be gone very soon in 2023.

Published: November 18, 2020Updated: November 18, 2020

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