How to Delete Instagram Post: Or Is Archiving Them Better?

As time passes and people grow, some persons may want to forget the things they did when they were younger, and they have to deal with the fact that social media keeps track of everything. And the same happens to companies that grow and may not want to show their content when they are newbies.

Fortunately, there are many good ways to learn how to delete an Instagram post from an iPhone, Android, or any other device, and forget about the whole issue. Just follow the steps outlined here, and it will be done in less than a few minutes!

Table of Contents

  1. Archiving vs. Deleting a Post: Which Is Best?
  2. 6 Steps to Delete an Instagram Post
  3. The Options to Delete Many Pics in One Go
  4. How To Delete An Instagram Story And IGTV
  5. 5 Reasons Why Companies Shouldn't Delete Their Old Instagram Posts
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. The Final Word

Archiving vs. Deleting a Post: Which Is Best?

Archiving vs. Deleting

Though they achieve similar results, these two methods of getting rid of an image work differently.

On the one hand, archiving images does not delete them permanently. It just puts them away and keeps them in a locked place. In that way, only the owner of the account can access it. All the likes and comments will stay, but no one will see it on their feeds or when checking out the profile.

The first action is great for those who want to keep the memory without sharing it with others at the moment. The other one is only for those pics which one knows he does not want to see ever again.

6 Steps to Delete an Instagram Post

6 Steps to Delete

It is not uncommon to change one’s mind. Actually, it happens very often when it comes to social media. Maybe one post does not receive the expected reactions. Or the user may decide that he does not like the image as much as he thought. Whichever the case, the platform makes deleting Instagram posts very easy.

These are the steps to it.

  1. Enter the iPhone or Android app and log into the account. This can also be done from their site.
  2. Go to the profile section. For this, tap on the profile image at the bottom.
  3. Look for the post that will be deleted.
  4. Click on the three vertical dots above it.
  5. A list of options will pop up.
  6. Choose “Delete”. Then, confirm the action by accepting.

This process is very simple and can be carried out in just a few minutes.

Then, when he takes the final decision, he can get it back or directly use these steps on how to delete a post on Instagram.

The Simple Way to Archive Instagram Posts

This option will take the posts away from the feed and personal page, but the user will still have access to them. This is ideal for those who want to keep a copy of an image they cherish but do not want to share with anyone else. The best part is that it keeps even the likes and comments.

Just follow these eight simple steps to get started.

  1. Log in to the platform and go to the profile.
  2. Look for the post that is going to be archived.
  3. Click on the button with three dots on top of it.
  4. A list of options will appear. Tap “Archive”.
  5. With this, the post will go away.
  6. Now hit the clock on the upper part of the profile page.
  7. Go to “Archive”, and then “Posts”. All the archived media will be there.
  8. To get them back on the profile, just click on the post and choose “Show on Profile”.

With this very easy procedure, users can archive Instagram posts in just seconds and get them back on their profile whenever they want. In this way, the account will be a clean canvas without losing one’s memories. This will be a great trial for those who are unsure whether they want to get rid of a post or not.

The Options to Delete Many Pics in One Go

Delete Many Pictures

There is not a way to do this natively from the app. The platform does not allow its users to select many pics at once and delete them altogether. Still, this does not mean that doing this is impossible. People can learn how to delete Instagram posts in bulk with third-party apps.

iPhone users can check out Cleaner for Ins. This tool allows them to pick many images in one go and get rid of them with just a few clicks.

Android owners also have some options. A very popular one is Cleaner for Instagram. It gives them the possibility of deleting up to five images together.

How to Delete an Instagram Story and IGTV

Those who use the platform regularly will need to learn much more than how to delete an Instagram post if they want to start from scratch again. Luckily, the processes are very similar.

For example, to get rid of a story, this is the procedure.

  1. Enter the platform and look for the story that should be taken out.
  2. Click the three little dots on the top part and select “Delete”. Then, confirm the action. The same applies to IGTV videos.
  3. Remember that with these steps, the media will not appear in the archives ever again.

IGTV videos and stories can be deleted in almost the same way as regular posts. Just bear in mind that, like with pics and videos, everything deleted in this way cannot be accessed again. Those who want to have that option can wait for time to go by, and the media will archive itself.

5 Reasons Why Companies Shouldn’t Delete Their Old Instagram Posts

Old Instagram Post

Many brands consider checking out how to delete an Instagram post when they want to rebrand themselves. Though it may be tempting to start again from zero if there is an aspect of the account that one does not like, there are many reasons not to do this. Just consider the following carefully before making a decision that cannot be taken back on platforms like IG or Facebook.

1. Keep the Business Story

All the previous posts are part of what the business has done and where it comes from. It shows how the user has evolved and grown, and it helps bond with potential followers.

2. Build Confidence

Accounts gain fans thanks to the content they post. If one of them has a large following base, but no publications, it will look suspicious to those who check the profile. It will seem like the user paid to have more interactions, and he will lose credibility. It may also seem that the other person is trying to hide something, which is not a good first impression.

3. Avoid Bans

The platform encourages participating in hashtags to boost one’s reach. If the user gets rid of previous posts with them, he will be affecting how the algorithm sees him.

4. Don’t Waste Time

Deleting Instagram posts one by one will take a long while. Reviewing, selecting, and erasing the pics will probably take more time than coming out with a good post idea. So, why not use that time to think about the future instead of dwelling in the past?

5. It’s Not That Important

Many studies have shown that, when considering a brand, users only check out their first twelve images. So, why worry so much about the ones that are many years old? More importantly, if they do see the old images, they will most likely think about its trajectory and how much it has evolved.

These are very valid reasons that companies have to bear in mind before taking any drastic measures. Though there are some good aspects to deleting an old photo depending on the circumstances, users should also bear in mind that this takes a lot of time and may harm the company’s reputation.

FAQ Section

How Do You Undo Deleting a Post on Instagram?

There is not a way to do this natively from the app, just like what happens on Facebook. The idea of deleting a post is to never be able to get it back again. The only way that one can do this is by going to the device from which it was uploaded.

Does Instagram Keep Deleted Photos?

No, it does not. They only keep photos that are archived. This can be checked by going to one’s profile and looking for the clock icon. There, all these pictures are kept. If it is not there, then the image is gone forever from the platform. The only way to get it back is by checking if there is a backup on the phone.

Can You View Deleted Instagram Posts?

No, this is not possible in 2023. This social network does not keep any records of the pics that were deleted. This means that there is no way to access them. The only solution to this problem may be keeping a screenshot of the important images that one wants to hold on to, even if they are erased by the uploader.

Why Do My Instagram Photos Keep Deleting?

There are many reasons why the platform may decide to delete a user’s posts. The most common one is that it goes against their terms of service. They may ban a picture or video that they consider to be racist or violent, for example.

Other common causes include not verifying one’s info. They will ask their users to click a link on their emails or to enter a code received through SMS. In this way, they make sure that one is not a scammer. When a person does not follow these steps, his video and pic publications may be removed, even if it is right.

The Truth about Deleting Posts

Getting rid of old posts in 2023 is really easy. The best part is that people have the chance to do it without having to say goodbye forever to the pic. Still, before archiving or deleting, it is advisable to ask oneself if they should do it. There are many motives for why keeping old photos is good.

In your experience, has deleting posts helped your brand? Let us know in the comments below!

Published: January 11, 2021Updated: January 11, 2021

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