How to DM on Instagram: Ways to Reach Out on PC and Mobile

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in 2023. Most folks use the smartphone app, but there is also a Web version. Facebook owns IG, but the usability isn’t quite the same. It’s much easier for a person to communicate on Facebook’s desktop version. Logging into an IG profile on a computer is a different story.

It’s not clear why direct messages are different on the two platforms. For those who are confused about how to DM on Instagram, here’s some help. This guide walks through a few methods for reaching out to new profiles on IG. It also covers how to deliver videos, GIFs, and more.

Table of Contents

  1. Method 1: Using Instagram Direct
  2. Using Your Recipient’s Profile
  3. How to Send DMs on Instagram From a Computer
  4. Sending DMs from Google Chrome for PC
  5. Sending a Newsfeed Post as a Direct Message
  6. Using Instagram Direct to Send a Profile as a Message
  7. Sending an IG Story as a Direct Message
  8. How to DM GIFs on Instagram
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

How to DM on Instagram Direct

DM on Instagram

Most people know how to DM on Instagram through the app. This is the easiest way to message others. Plus, most users are on the smartphone app anyway. Check out the steps below for using Instagram Direct.

Again, this is the most common way to start conversations and messages. For those who want to DM on a computer, check out the other sections below.

DMing Through Someone’s IG Profile

IG Profile

Another way to chat with someone is through their IG profile. This method takes a few more clicks, but it’s not a problem. Some individuals like this way because they can see the person’s most recent posts.

To make sure the DM sent, look for a check next to the new message. Keep in mind that users can share all kinds of content this way. Some examples include videos, images, GIFs, and voice notes.

How to Send a DM on Instagram on PC Using a Laptop

Most of the time, individuals access IG from the smartphone app. Yet, there are times when they may want a larger display like Facebook. In those cases, someone may log into the platform on a computer.

The functions may be trickier to access, but it’s not impossible. Here’s how to send a DM on Instagram on PC. This first section is for Mac, while the following part is for Windows computers.

This will make the Safari Web browser look like it’s on an iPhone. Notice how the information presents itself as if it’s on the phone. It will be easier to DM someone now.

DMing From a Computer Using Google Chrome

DMing From a Computer

Here’s how to DM people on Instagram PC with the Google Chrome Web browser. The main idea is the same, but the process is a bit different on a Windows computer.

Now the webpage should resemble that of a mobile phone. It will be easier to navigate the site and share direct messages. Follow the same steps to send Instagram DMs, treating the computer as a phone.

Accessing the Instagram DM Menu

  1. First, be sure that the browser reconfiguration was successful. To check, look for the paper airplane icon in the top corner of the screen.
  2. Select that icon to go to the Instagram DM menu. There, it’s possible to view old conversations or create new ones. The steps are the same as in the sections above.

Using IG Messages to Share a Newsfeed Post

Newsfeed Post

Often, someone sees a video or image in their feed that they want to show others. There’s a way to share these posts through Instagram messages. Here’s how to do it.

There are some things to keep in mind. First, someone may want to share a post from a private profile. In that case, the person they’re sharing it must also follow that account. Second, the user who uploaded the post won’t know if someone shares it.

How to Send a DM on Instagram of Someone’s Profile

Individuals can use Instagram messaging to share another person’s profile. This is a fun way for people to show friends their favorite Instagrammers. It will show the person’s name, username, and a preview of their content. Here’s how to send a DM on Instagram of someone’s IG profile.

The platform allows users to share with up to 32 people. This method only works for public profiles. If it’s private, the recipient must be following that account to view it.

How to Share an IG Story With Instagram DMs

It’s also possible to share an IG Story through Instagram messages. Facebook and Instagram are always changing the rules about stories. The directions below are current as of June 2023. Keep in mind that this is different from sharing a video through Instagram messaging.

IG Stories disappear after 24 hours. If a recipient doesn’t view it within that time frame, they won’t see it. The post will still appear in their Instagram DMs, but it will say, “No longer available.”

How to Direct Message on Instagram With a GIF

GIFs are becoming more popular among personal accounts. Even if someone knows how to message people on Instagram, they might get confused with GIFs. These moving graphics are showing up in all kinds of posts.

It’s important to deliver it correctly to maintain its original format. This is how to direct message on Instagram with GIFs.

Sometimes, a GIF can say much more than words. They’re great for conveying “Happy Birthday,” “Congrats,” and related statements. A GIF is also a fun way to express a reaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Instagram Messages Private?

Yes. When someone starts a private chat with another person, it’s a one-on-one conversation. No one else will know that those two people are chatting. Also, any media that they share is private. This includes things like videos, photos, and GIFs.

Can I Use IG Direct to Send Messages to People I’m Not Following?

Yes. A user can send a DM to someone even if they aren’t one of their followers. When this happens, the other person will receive a message request in their inbox. They can decide to accept the request or deny it. If they allow it, any future requests will go straight to their DM inbox.

Can Deleted Instagram Messages Be Recovered by Police?

The platform does not store DMs. There are millions of users, so keeping all those notes would be almost impossible. Users shouldn’t rely on the app to save their chats. Comments also aren’t stored in the servers.

Are Instagram Messages Monitored?

The short answer is no. It’s easy to get paranoid about sharing things online. Even in a private chat, people may wonder if the app is monitoring conversations. IG does have operational guidelines and cookies for law enforcement officials seeking account records. Also, the platform tracks user locations and activities such as liking and commenting. Remember, cookies can access private data like phone numbers and email addresses.

Enjoy Different Ways to Share & Communicate

This guide covers everything to know about how to message someone on Instagram. There are several methods to try, both for computers and smartphones.

These strategies reflect current policies, but IG might change the rules in the future. If you have a favorite way to communicate on the platform, tell us about it in the comments below.

Published: October 01, 2020Updated: October 01, 2020

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