How to Get More Followers on Instagram: Is It Possible to Grow in No Time?

Social media networks, like Instagram, changed a lot over the past few years. Before, it was relatively easy to garner new fans with great content. That method was called organic. Today, the situation differs. Owners have to resort to different tactics to attract traffic, like to share social posts. The experts shared some advice on how to get more followers on Instagram. Readers can find those good social marketing practices for posts in the guide below. In that way, they’ll be able to grow their followers soon.

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How to Get More Followers on Instagram: 19 Simple Steps

Instagrammers today might ask themselves how to get 10k followers on Instagram. That’s an impressive number, true. But it’s not impossible, as long as one takes into account tips from experts who know more about the field. Below, readers can find that info about how to get followers on Instagram in an instant.

1. Make the Most Out of Your Profile

Get More Followers

The Instagram profile and the bio are the only pieces of info that readers see. That is why it is crucial to write to them with care and include hashtags. Try to attract readers to view the feed and the blog, and to follow the account. Why? Because most of the persons who enter the feed are non-followers.

Some tips to make the most out of the brand profile are:

  • Name. Look for the primary keyword in the marketing field. This way, it will be easier for the audience to know the Instagram business page.
  • Try to include the name of the brand. It’s one of the few networks that will allow its users to do so. In that manner, people will get to the page without much effort.
  • Bio. This is a section in which people can feature in their most crucial info. That strategy is very good when figuring out how to get free followers on Instagram. The only bad point is that it has a limit of 150 characters. Apply them wisely.

2. Know Who Your Readers Are

get followers on Instagram

When knowing how to get followers on Instagram, owners should always consider the audience. Knowing what they want and need will allow people to post the greatest content on their feeds.

  1. Consider their age. It’s not the same to post or enter hashtags for teens than for adults.
  2. Their location. A client from Asia will have different likings than one from the USA.
  3. The reasons why they decided to use Instagram in the first place.

3. Don’t Forget to Post Regularly

The key to success for brands lies in the use of good content. When it comes to this social network, this means quality images with nice hashtags, for example. Now, it’s of no use to anyone to have a feed free of any content. The most important thing is to post pictures, then, on a regular basis.

Apart from uploading photos, it’s crucial for owners to interact with the people who comment or like the content. Finally, posting times should not be ignored. There are many time zones in the world, and the audience will never see the visuals or the blog if the post arrives at 3 am.

4. Hashtags Are Crucial

instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are useful when it comes to this social network. At times, it is hard to find something when looking for content. That is why these symbols help to organize the visuals within just one term – making a custom why is a nice idea to market the brand in a memorable manner.

5. Great Design and Storytelling Makes the Difference

social networks
social networks

Any person loves to hear a good story – especially when using their social networks. Robotic content does not work anymore. Is it possible to craft one’s posts to be different and nice? Yes, it is. Using a certain style and design is one of those options. The best companies have a certain palette and a great logo. This is it easier for clients to know who they are just by looking at the feed. Craft a lovely story for the agency and take a look at the results later.

6. Stories Are King Today

content is king

This is not a new function anymore. But it is still something that viewers enjoy a lot. Stories give brands the option of showing what they want their clients to see in real-time. The only thing is that they disappear after 24 hours. This means that some customers may never get to see them. To remedy that, Instagram crafted the Stories Highlights. Using these perks, it is possible for anyone to save the stories for more than just one day.

7. Use Tags in Your Favor

Use Tags in Your Favor

Not a lot of people know about this. Name tags are pieces of code that render the account easier to follow. It’s a very good idea to promote the feed in a quick and new way. Just place that nametag in leaflets, brochures, or packaging. Clients, then, can just scan the code and follow the account.

8. Target the Local Audience

Target the Local Audience

Locals are the allies of any business. They are the ones who will feel the need to buy one’s product, for example. A good way to ease the agency to be visible, then, is to tag its location. Another thing persons should ask from their clients is real pictures or stories in that place.

9. Convince the Audience With Your Captions

Convince the Audience

Captions on Instagram describe the visual content that someone decides to upload. Some tips for killer content are:

  1. The captions are not long. Introduce the keywords at the beginning. In this way, readers will know upfront what the photo is about.
  2. Use questions as triggers. If another person is asking him or herself the same, they will feel compelled to look for the answer.
  3. Look for emojis that reflect one’s emotion. They are nice visuals to go with great text.
  4. Lengths can vary. Try as much as possible to help the audience. At times, a shorter text might be the most suitable option to post. In some other cases, it’s better to write longer descriptions to make the most out of the free space.

10. Make Your Posts Popular

Make Your Posts Popular

There are a number of tactics people can apply to render their pictures more famous. Some of them are related to hashtags. For that to work, owners need to be updated about what is happening on Instagram. Look for the most popular hashtags and include them in the comments, for example. In that manner, those who care about the content will not miss it.

11. Know Who to Follow

Know Who to Follow

The follow-back policy of most users is real. What does this mean? Well, it means that if a person starts following another, the latter will follow them as well. In that sense, they build a sort of marketing community. All of them know that being well-known is the endgame there. Yet, nobody should aim at bots. Or even profiles that seem fake, or that have nothing to do with the target business. Influencers are the best targets everybody wants to use, of course.

12. Feature Your Posts

Feature Your Posts

The idea behind the feature is that other reputable users get to see what others are doing at the time. That’s one of the most suitable ways on how to get free followers on Instagram. By curating content, these people end up “sharing” what others posted. Then, the followers of that particular page will start following as well. For instance, there are a lot of pages that only upload photos of tigers. If that’s one’s niche, it’s a superb opportunity to share and make fans like the business page.

13. Try to Achieve the Explore Section

Try to Achieve the Explore Section

Getting others to discover new accounts is a challenge. Fortunately, Instagram knows this. To help tackle this problem, they created the explore tab. Accessing it is very simple. One only has to click on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the app. There, users can see the most interesting highlights that are related to what they enjoy. Of course, all those posts come from people who are not followed by the account. This platform’s algorithm identifies which photos a person might love and shows them to him.

To have some pictures or videos featured there, one could apply the hashtags that the most popular Instagrammers in the field make use of. In this way, their fans are likely to see related media or visit a blog. Depending on the niche, it could also be a great time to tag specific locations and captions. Interacting with potential clients is also nice. In this way, the platform knows that the accounts would like the same type of content.

14. Target Instagram Communities

Target Instagram Communities

Communities appear when they share a topic or theme in common. That’s the reason why any Instagrammer would want to be involved with them.

  1. Those who get the comments, and the follows will want to return the favor. Every user in this platform knows how this works.
  2. Appears on the tab of new viewers. In this way, these people will be able to discover the feed. Then, they will see if they are engaged with the posts or not.
  3. Those who get a lot of clicks have more chances to get to the Explore section. That truly boosts the numbers of any account.

15. Collaborate With Others

Live videos and stories today render it much easier to collaborate with others. Influencers are at the top of the list, of course. But talking with other normal users is very good for any person on this social media network. Collaborations are great brand tactics. And they are also nice to know others in the same situation. Also, to gather new ideas that one might not have thought about.

16. Surveys and Contests Are Your Friends

Surveys and Contests Are Your Friends

It’s very hard to engage users out of nothing. People want to feel involved. That is why contests and surveys are really helpful here. One idea might be to ask others to tag friends in comments. That helps very much in spreading the reach of the account. Of course, there should be a reason to tag others in the photos. For example, they can win a prize after some days. Cross-promotion with other brands is also very good for increasing one’s fanbase.

17. Tag Whenever You Can

Tag Whenever You Can

Tagging somebody in pictures encourages them to interact with the post. This can be done very simply by just pressing the “@” button. If this happens with stories, tagged users can easily share them with their friends. This will showcase the name of the original account. And so, it is an excellent way to have a greater reach. Another useful practice is encouraging users to tag their followers. They usually do so by themselves when the photos are relatable, or when there is a call to action. In this way, more users are likely to learn about the content, and if they like it, follow the account.

18. Instagram Insights Can Truly Help You

Instagram Insights Can Truly Help You

A nice way to know how to get a lot of followers on Instagram is by knowing what they like. In this way, one can start using the type of posts that convert the most. One tool for this is Insights, the native analytics tool. It gives info on how many people saw the photos, interacted with them, and the demographics of those who did so, like their gender, age, and more. All this data should be reviewed periodically to adjust the strategy. For example, if one sees that most of the interactions come during the evening, then it would be wise to upload media then.

19. Paid Ads Are Key

Paid Ads Are Key

In the past, it was quite easy to attract new fans just by posting content. That’s what most social marketers call the organic way. Today, it is still possible, of course. But without ads, the situation is a bit harder. When posting in a normal way, it’s not possible to target by location, for example. Or by age. Those are some of the perks that are paying for ads offer. Also, it allows one’s photos to appear even on feeds of users owners do not know. Finally, they are not so big of an investment. Even small businesses with a low budget can use these ads.

FAQ Section

How Can I Get 1,000 Followers on Instagram?

How Can I Get 1,000 Followers on Instagram?

1,000 followers is a big number. But any person who tries hard enough can achieve it. When learning how to get real followers on Instagram, there are some things to consider. The first one of them is to build up a quality profile. It has to be complete, with a detailed bio. Including a link to a website is very wise. Attractive captions also help. Finally, Instagrammers should not forget a crucial step. To interact with others. Without investing time and effort on liking and following new content, the 1,000 fans will not happen.

How Do You Get Your First 100 Followers on Instagram?

That’s a hard step, but not impossible. First, it is achievable with the help of friends and others who are already doing great on Instagram. These persons can send referrals or try to promote the content with their own profiles. Also, owners have the option to pay agencies to get a helping hand. For example, there are a lot of reputable companies who sell plans with a certain number of organic followers. That can be a boost on how to get a lot of followers on Instagram.

How Long Should It Take to Get 1,000 Followers on Instagram?

Get 1,000 Followers on Instagram

It all comes down to the tactics that the person implements. Most of the times, it takes a person between 1-5 months to achieve this number of fans. Yet, those who want to make it faster can apply some strategies to achieve their goals within just one week. The first step is to look for just top-notch content to post. They should be excellent, unseen pictures to truly catch a person’s attention. The next crucial step is to get promoted by influencers. If it’s hard for an owner to do this, Instagram pods can be very useful there.

How Do You Gain Instagram Followers Fast?

One of the questions many readers ask is how to get followers on Instagram without following. And they want it to be fast. Well, there are not so many ways to achieve this goal. One of the top manners is by acquiring a suitable plan. A lot of vendors out there have bundles of fans and other social media services. These interactions will arrive at the target account as soon as the buyer pays for them. This is as quick as it gets while being very reliable. Another way is by joining Pods. There, a lot of account managers are there with the same needs.

Start Growing Numbers Today

One of the things that go around most social media marketers today is how to get more followers on Instagram. Most businesses might feel that they do not have enough time to grow their numbers. Yet, this is essential if they want their brand to become more famous. Some strategies, like crafting an effective video or top-notch design, are very easy to apply. Most of the tactics mentioned above will not take a lot of time but will pay off in a short period. With the collection of tips here, it is certain that the number of fans will increase very soon.

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