How to Get More Views on Youtube: The Best Hacks

YouTube like every online site, changes, and evolves all the time. The ways of uploading videos, posting messages, and liking them are not the same as 10 years ago. Also, the numbers that measure each channel are different today. SEO tactics, for example, are more important than ever. It’s not enough for the visuals to be superb if nobody is able to search and end up finding those videos. Views, then, are a great indicator of success on YouTube. In this guide, readers can find the answer to how to get more views on YouTube in 2023.

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How to Get Views on YouTube: 21 Simple Steps

Marketing on this platform is very demanding. There are a lot of elements to take into account. Views are one of the crucial ones. It’s not easy to get quality followers to watch what the owner uploads. So, read on to find tips by experts on how to get views on YouTube.

1. Quality Videos Have Quality Scripts

Nobody with a bit of success in this platform got there by chance. Yes, maybe at the beginning they did just record something random and uploaded it. But as they progressed and became more popular, it is clear they plan and create scripts for their content. Maybe YouTubers don’t do it on their own. They might hire a pro writer, but anyway, to get to know how to get more views on YouTube videos.

Without a great script, it is way too hard to come up with a top-notch video plan. Especially when it comes to thinking about a whole calendar. As a result, the quality of the finished product does depend on a video script that is well-written and nice.

2. Edit and Upload Your Video


It’s only natural that, while recording, some scenes with small mistakes or nuances pop up. That’s why there are great editing tools that can polish up the video and make it look professional. Take the time and do it; the viewers will be thankful. This is one of the best ways when answering how to get a lot of views on YouTube. Uploading the content then is fairly easy. Just remember to accompany visuals with a catchy title, a complete description, appropriate tags, and so on. This is another answer to the question of how to get views on YoutTube: hack.

3. Look for the Best Keywords

Titles are the main element that users will search when looking for new content. That’s why it is crucial to optimize it. Keyword research is a vital step in making the video more popular. And to achieve targeted traffic on YouTube, not only random profiles watching the content.

4. Make the Most Out of Your Description

This is another vital element when attracting more users to watch the content. It’s the only text that will tell your viewers what the video is about. Make the most out of those words, as they are not so many. Conduct keyword research and optimize it as much as possible.

5. Optimize Your Images

Again, owners just have one chance to show their best image. The thumbnail is the visual that depicts what the videos are about. And who is behind the profile, for example. What is the best photo to upload? It depends on the field in which the person is working. Logos or faces can do the trick.

6. Tag Accordingly


People cannot see these video tags. Only algorithms can. Yet, this does not make them less important. Quite the contrary, because this software is the one who will make one’s videos visible to others. So, tags help distinguish search areas from one another. That way, they can then share the topics of each video to the audience if they like it.

7. Create Catchy Playlists

Most of the persons who use this platform do so looking for something. Once they found it, it is likely that they end up watching similar recordings every time. That’s the reason why owners should create a strong playlist because it can bring more views to the video channel. Because, if the audience enjoys what they are seeing, they will not wish to go. The auto-play feature is key to take advantage of. Just create a playlist, and that’s it!

8. Encourage Search Engines to Show Your Videos

SEO also reaches this site. How so? Well, it’s true that there is no way to optimize visual content. But the rest of the text can. One example is the tags. If these are appropriate and relevant to the recording, then these terms will rank very well. Also, if the title is catchy, then more and more people will click on it. Finally, those elements help with SEO ranking.

9. Watch Your ‘Watch Time’ Closely

This is a term that refers to the amount of time viewers spend in the window. So, for a recording to rank well in a search engine, it needs to have a suitable Watch Time. It’s of no use to anyone to open the link if then these individuals don’t see the visuals. It’s true that some specialists claim that if affects playlists as a whole. But there are others who believe that every piece ranks by this element. So, it is a smart move to take it always into account.

10. Transcriptions Can Help


Especially for those who aim at an international audience. English is a widespread language, it’s true. But not everyone has the ability to use and listen to any piece of discourse and understand each word. That’s why a transcript can be great when appealing to non-native speakers. They will like it in the end.

11. Try for Everyone to Follow You

People who are trying to make it on YouTube should take into account two aspects. First, that they can never rest in trying to get new and more clients to use the platform. It’s a process that never ends. But second, that old (and loyal ones) also want to feel appreciated and cherished. Encourage the viewers to be subscribers. How? There are many tactics to use in that field. Below, readers can find them in detail.

12. Every Element to Promote Is Valid

Youtubers seldom have just one video in their channels. Indeed, the key to success is to build a fanbase that follows what a person uploads on a regular basis. This could be daily, weekly, or in another time frame. As a result, every tactic is valid to direct viewers also to watch other content from the owner. Cards that appear as pop-ups related to what the character is saying is a great strategy. The watermark is another manner to brand the visuals. No audience will be confused about who the author of the video is

13. Make Sure People Recognize Your Channel

As stated above, owners should take every chance they get to promote their recordings in every playlist. There are some strategies to achieve this. Among them, there is the option to watermark each piece. It can be with a very small, transparent picture that represents the brand. Or it can be the name of the person who produces the recordings. It’s up to people to decide on the most suitable manner to brand their products online. Also, it is smart to add a “Subscribe” button.

14. Education + Entertainment= Bombshell!

There are two main reasons why people look for something online. They either want to have fun and be entertained. Or they would like to learn how to do something. Any person who can combine these two elements in just one piece is going to succeed for sure. This is a great how-to get-views on YouTube hack.

15. Let the Audience Share Your Pieces


Don’t forget to allow the option of embedding the video. Such a thing means that the people who want to will be able to share it not only on social media but also on their web page. They can also do so in their blog if they prefer, another answer to the question of how to get views on YouTube.

16. Social Networks Are Your Allie

How to get more views on YouTube videos? Well, owners should make the most of all the alternatives they have today. YouTube is not the only network that counts when promoting content. Quite the contrary. Using one’s social media accounts is crucial so that more and more persons get to know the channel. And then, they can become subscribers.

17. Build up a Group

There’s a reason why YouTube is called a Social Network. It means that this is not a site only for uploading content. Instead, the idea is for every user to interact with each other. To attract more interactions, it is smart to answer followers’ comments. To address their likings and dislikings is another wise move. Don’t stay alone on this page. Most followers report they feel great when the one person they love the most answers them on social media.

18. Guest Posters Are a Nice Touch

Sometimes, it is nice to vary in the type of content and style. Nobody likes always to watch the same. For that to happen, the ideal situation is to invite guest vloggers. Who are these? Well, they are also YouTubers. Some of them might be famous; some others might not. And they may be famous, or not. The main thing is that they have something to share with one’s audience. And that this info is relevant for the followers.

19. Partner With the Best

Being an influencer may not be people’s main goal. But this does not mean that they cannot take advantage of doing a partnership with people who already are famous. There are great YouTubers out there for any field. The only thing owners have to do is to find one suits their niche. Then, they can cross-promote each other. This way, everybody wins. Tools like Buzzsumo are the best when looking for influencers.

20. Record Live and Let Your Fans Participate


One of the most crucial steps in becoming popular in this network is engaging fans. Without comments and likes, nothing counts. But how to get a lot of views on YouTube is another vital question. So, after some tries, any YouTuber could try and see how they do if they go live. Such an instance is a great chance to connect with true followers. And to give them space to say what they want.

21. Don’t Disregard Ads

Many YouTubers were able to succeed without spending one cent on ads. But that does not mean anybody can achieve this. Or that they should! Why would any person just ignore something that can help the YouTube profile skyrocket? This activity surely helps in getting more eyes on one’s page. There are a lot of tools out there that give advice on how to make each dollar count when it comes to spending on ads.

FAQ Section

How Do You Increase Your YouTube Views?

There are different ways to get more views on Youtube. The first one is an organic way. It is quite slow, yet, and hard to get. There is a lot of competition out there. And every channel owner wants to reach the top. The other manner has to do with paid ads. But again, it is very pricey, and one needs to have a big budget to succeed. The last way is hiring a marketing agency to help. The most reputable ones have many plans that adapt to any pocket. And most of them combine interactions to grow videos truly.

Where Can I Share my YouTube Videos to Get More Views?

People can find many channels to promote one’s video online. Social media is the most popular way of making a video seen. Facebook groups, for example, are big communities with the same likings. The only thing one has to do is to look for them in a wise way. Sharing the content in a blog is another great way of having more views in a channel. Finally, let’s not forget about email marketing. Emails with catchy newsletters can attract more and more traffic. All these tactics are no-brainers when learning how to get views on YouTube fast.

How Many Views Do You Need on YouTube to Make Money?

Money is not always tied to views. Of course, they are related. But the most important thing is for people to watch ads that are present there. If fans don’t, the owner of the channel earns no money. Of course, the more views, the better the chances of getting more revenue. Yet, it is not an exact science. So, one of the aspects that any YouTuber should have in control is their audience. If they don’t segment it well, there is no way to target the ads in the best way possible.

Does YouTube Count Your Own Views?

Yes, it does. But only to a certain point. In the past, YouTubers used to apply this trick to make their videos popular. Today, the company has started to protect the other ones who truly have organic traffic. That’s why YouTube will count one’s views up until reaching 300 of these. After that, only new users numbers will display on the channel. Not only that, but the whole interactions will freeze if YouTube detects something fishy. That is why it is crucial to step up one’s social media game to attract traffic from many and varied sources. Such a tactic will guarantee success.

Start Climbing the Step to Success!

All in all, there are a lot of strategies to share when it comes to how to get views on YouTube fast. Everybody desires to build up their communities quickly, but that’s not so easy to achieve. Of course, persons can resort to paid services. Some of them are very high-quality and can help when others search for one’s content. Still, they have some cons that organic traffic can improve for sure. Follow the above tips in this guide for 2023 if you want to increase your views on YouTube. You won’t regret it!

Is YouTube part of your business’s marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments why or why not. If you do use social media, what are your biggest takeaways and tips?

Published: June 12, 2024Updated: June 13, 2024

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