How to Insert a Text Box in Google Docs to Give Your Work a Professional Look

Text boxes are a great way to highlight sections of a document to generate an organized and polished look. Pull quotes placed in boxes, for example, can help a reader note vital passages.

Although a useful tool, Google doesn’t make managing boxes super simple. Here is a guide to show the ways to use this feature and learn how to insert a text box in Google Docs.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is a Text Box and Why Use It?
  2. Android and IOS
  3. For Desktop in 2023
  4. Customizing Text Boxes to Enhance Documents
  5. Is There a Text Box on Google Docs?
  6. How Do You Put a Text Box on a Picture in Google Docs?

What Is a Text Box in Google Docs and Why Use It?

Why Use It

A text box in Google Docs is a UI element that allows users to input an alterable typescript that stands out from other items in the document. These input fields can be found on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, and basic messenger apps of all kinds.

The editable field we are discussing today is a tool that creates custom-sized input areas anywhere on the page.

So, why use a text box? There are many reasons to want editable fields in a document.

Here are a few:

  • Form an emphasized pull quote to highlight significant information or sections.
  • Denote locations on maps or information on graphs and tables.
  • Make quick word-art or advertising business materials.
  • Stylize certain words or letters using the word-art function.

Users can insert a text box through a couple of different techniques, covered below.

How to Insert Text Box in Google Docs for Android and IOS in 2023

Android and IOS

Follow these six easy tips for how to add text box in Google Docs:

  1. Tap on the add option, which looks like a plus (+) sign.
  2. From the add menu, select ‘table’.
  3. Select the down arrow to the right of ‘Columns’ and reduce the number to 1.
  4. To the right of the ‘Rows’ option, find the down arrow, and reduce the number to 1.
  5. Select ‘insert’ to add the table to the document. The table can also be moved around as needed.
  6. This single-cell table functions identically to a text box. Users can enter and stylize the text size, color, and more by clicking inside the cell.

How to Add a TextBox in Google Docs for Desktop in 2023

Add a TextBox

Using the desktop version makes adding a text box simple, especially for new users. The desktop edition has the option to insert text boxes with two methods.

  • Table Creator
  • Drawing Editor

Here is a quick guide on how to add a textbox in Google Docs.

1. Using the ‘Table’ Method to Create a Text Box

The table method is a great way to create a text box. It is available for use on the desktop, as well as the android and IOS applications. Here is how to use it:

  1. Move the cursor to the location in the document where the text box needs to be placed.
  2. Select ‘Insert’ from the top menu, then click ‘Table’.
  3. Select a 1×1 Table.
  4. Enter data into the single-celled table.

2. Using The ‘Draw’ Method to Create a Text Box

The ‘Draw’ method may be more familiar for those used to creating text boxes in Microsoft Word.

Here are seven simple tips:

  1. Choose the ‘Insert’ tab located on the top action bar.
  2. Select ‘Drawing’ from the drop-down menu to create a new item.
  3. With the drawing options open, select the text symbol. It is a square with a ‘T’ in the center.
  4. Click and drag the mouse to create a rectangle or square of the appropriate size.
  5. Insert text and adjust the size, style, color, and design of the box and writing, however, desired.
  6. When the shape looks right, select ‘save and close.’
  7. Move the text box to the desired location, adjust it more if necessary, or double click it to reopen the ‘Draw’ menu.

Customizing Text Boxes to Enhance Documents


The best thing about using text boxes is customizing, and adding creativity to a doc. Once a user knows how to add a textbox in Google Docs, they have a lot of options for the personalization of this business.

Here are just a few ways people may want to customize their text in the drawing menu.

  • Change font, text size, color, alignment, and other basic elements.
  • Adjust the color of the background
  • Alter the color of the outline.
  • Modify the line weight and style that surrounds the input area.
  • Transform the size by clicking and dragging the outside corner.
  • Add an image to the background of the text box.
  • Change the shape to something more visually interesting.
  • Layer text boxes on top of one another or other document elements.

FAQ Section

Is There a Text Box on Google Docs?

Yes! Whether using the desktop or mobile app, there are simple ways to build and modify a text box in Google Docs.

Users can employ the ‘table’ approach on all three versions of the application, and desktop users can apply the ‘Draw’ option as well. Both methods can be completed with the help of this step-by-step guide.

What is an Example of a Text Box?

Example of a Text Box

One can find text boxes on things like the search bar on Google or the input field of messenger apps or social media networks like Twitter or Facebook.

How Do You Put a Text Box on a Picture in Google Docs?

Adding a text box over an image is simple thanks to the drawing editor.

  1. Select ‘Insert’ from the top action bar.
  2. Select ‘Drawing’ and ‘New.’
  3. Once in the drawing editor, click the insert image button. This looks like a black square with a mountain in the center.
  4. Locate an image and upload it to the editor.
  5. With the picture now in the editor, adjust its size and details until satisfied.
  6. Click the text box option, which is a square with a capital ‘T’ in the center.
  7. Draw a shape by clicking and dragging with the mouse.
  8. Add text and adjust its line and color style.
  9. Adjust the size and location in relation to the image.
  10. Once happy with how it looks, click ‘Save and Close.’

How Do You Move Text Boxes in Google Docs?

If a text box is in the wrong spot after it has been added to the document, there is no need to alter or insert a new text box in Google Docs.

  1. Ensure the wrapping is correct, whether that be ‘in line,’ or ‘in front of’ text.
  2. Click and drag the text box with the mouse.

So, That’s All There is To a Google Docs Text Box

Sure, the system for inserting a text box on Google Docs might be a little convoluted. Many want the text box and image editing system to someday become fully incorporated. Still, the text and image editing options provide a great way to be creative.

How do you utilize these features to make your documents stand out? Let us know in the comments.

Published: October 28, 2020Updated: May 31, 2021

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