How to Link Instagram to Facebook: Definitive Cross-Posting Guide for 2023

Many social media enthusiasts and business owners are pondering how many users seamlessly make their IG publications appear on FB?

Ever wonder how to link Instagram to Facebook? The trick is to cross-link their accounts so that they can write a post or make modifications to them. Users can also instruct IG to simultaneously transfer content to FB.

Syncing profiles may trigger notification alerts to friends to inform them that the user is now on IG.

Read on to find out how to sync IG to FB in 2023.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Link Instagram to FB from Phone
  2. How to Connect IG to Facebook from Computer
  3. Pros and Cons of Syncing Facebook to Instagram
  4. Share Facebook Post to Instagram On a Desktop Computer
  5. Share Facebook Posts to Instagram on Mobile
  6. Limitations to Consider
  7. Other Ways to Republish from Facebook to Instagram
  8. Pros and Cons of Cross-Posting
  9. Frequently Asked Questions
  10. The Final Word

How to Link Instagram to Facebook from Phone

Link Instagram to Facebook from Phone
Finding out how to link Facebook to Instagram, specifically, how to connect Facebook to Instagram from a phone in a straightforward procedure. So long as the user remembers their login information, they are good to go.

  1. Open the IG application, go to the profile page and click the three lines or gear thumbnail on the top-right edge.
  2. Click “settings,” “Account,” from the menu. The user will find a dropdown menu of social media sites they can link to like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
  3. Choose FB and a fresh option titled “Facebook Options.” This will take the user through a round of leads to instruct IG to publish their content to their FB account. To complete this stage, ensure that FB has been logged onto. After the account link procedure is complete, go back to the “Share Settings” page on IG and FB, with its recognizable blue display will appear marked to indicate that it has been linked.
  4. Tap “Facebook” again to preset sharing specifics. Under the “Share to” pane, the user can opt to publish content to a private timeline or a fan page they handle.
  5. Voila! The attempt to connect Facebook to Instagram is complete.  Enjoy, cross-post, and savor the best of both worlds.

Follow the above-written steps to ensure a hitch-free connection using a mobile device.

How to Connect Instagram to Facebook from Computer

Connect Instagram
Although there might be a few snags, most users asking how to connect Instagram to Facebook on the computer do so successfully.

Below are the steps required to successfully bind FB to IG on a desktop browser:

  1. Log-on to FB, from the home page, and head to the Business Menu. Tap “Settings” at the top of the page.
  2. Find the IG logo on the left sidebar, click on it. Tap “Login,” follow the leads, and link IG to a FB fan page.

These simple steps have turbocharged many marketing campaigns over the last few years.

Pros and Cons of Syncing Facebook to Instagram

Syncing Facebook to Instagram
Ever since Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion in 2012, they integrated their operations, and today, these two platforms have been inseparable. Today, they are one of the most powerful marketing tools in 2023. Here are the pros and cons encountered when attempting to link Facebook to Instagram.


Here are the pros of syncing FB to IG:

1. It Requires Minimal Effort

Users who want to connect Facebook to Instagram will be pleased to know that this procedure is fast, and reaching numerous customers and people with similar interests can be done with one click. It allows the user to create a dual-hit advertising stream that they have convened on both apps.

2. It Prevents Frustration

All machines are prone to malfunctioning and can’t spring up surprises at any time. Personal news disseminating apps are similar as a user may be denied access to their account, and the recovery process can be painful. FB can store all IG posts and place them in “IG Photos.”

3. Secure a Profile

User profiles are secure on both profiles. This is particularly helpful if the user utilizes one app more than the other for professional networking. Interested partners can see this and indicate their interest in collaboration.

4. Real-time Synchronization

Coordinated posting is a great advantage of creating a Facebook to IG link, as the user can ask the former to post on the latter.

5. Helps The User Make The Most Of Social Media

Attempting to link Facebook to Instagram leads to double-edged results for businesses as a user enjoy the best of both worlds in terms of brand exposure


Here are the cons of syncing FB to IG:

1. Conflicts of Interest

Instagram users are more visually responsive than FB users. And while trying to connect Facebook to Instagram, a user might find themselves creating links to written stories or articles to redirect Instagram-heads. This may backfire as many IG users are interested in seeing and not reading.

2. Longer Linking Procedure On Mobile

Attempts to link Facebook to Instagram on mobile may not be as straightforward as it seems, especially for older users who are not well-versed in mobile tech.

3. The Generational Divide

Statistics suggest that people over the age of 35 do not use FB link-ups with IG. They are just too busy to experiment with the cacophony of social media functions. Those below that age use cross-linking willfully.

Share Facebook Post to Instagram On a Desktop Computer

Share Facebook Post to Instagram On a Desktop
After successfully linking an Instagram handle to a Facebook handle, this is how to share Facebook posts to Instagram from a desktop computer.

  1. Publish content by going to the “Write a Post”, segment of the FB Fan Page and upload a photo, video, or write-up. At the moment, a user can only publish one photo when cross-posting to Instagram from Facebook. Ensure that the image aspect ratio is an IG compatible 1:1 or 4:3. Anything higher than this and IG will crop it automatically.
  2. After prepping the caption, tap the “cross-post to Instagram” feature and click “Share Now.”

Share Facebook Posts to Instagram on Mobile

Share Facebook Posts to Instagram on Mobile
Now that Facebook – the largest country in the world, has provided an avenue to trans-post to Instagram, make the most of it. Cross-posting has ensured that users can publish anything when posting from Facebook to Instagram.

Unfortunately, the multi publishing feature is limited to FB and not the mobile app of an Android or iPhone. Also, stories are currently not adapted, and multiple pictures cannot be cross-posted.

Since FB mobile applications do not support the usual approach, users can try alternative methods or hacks when they want to share from Facebook to Instagram.

Share Facebook Posts to Instagram Explained

  1. Simply open any published photo on FB by clicking on it. Open the image in the full-screen mode, then tap on the top-right menu bar and click “Share External.”
  2. From the dropdown menu, select “Feed.” This will open the pic on IG. The user may even select “Stories” and post it on Instagram stories. Click post, and it’s done.

Now, even though the aforementioned method is not the traditional way to cross-post, it has some advantages because it works for both personal and business profiles.

Limitations to Consider

Limitations to Consider

There are some scenarios in the FB-IG connection process:

  1. Presently, FB is test-running the cross-posting mechanism because there are lots of shortcomings to it. Users need to keep these limitations at their fingertips before attempting to sync and double-post from Facebook to Instagram.
  2. This service is available for only FB pages and not personal handles.
  3. Only standalone image posts are allowed as the cross-posting feature is inapplicable to Stories and multiple-image posts.
  4. The cross-posting amenity is not adapted for the FB mobile app, only desktop.
  5. Users can only cross-post to IG if they only select the “Publish Now” button as it doesn’t have the “Publish Later” button.
  6. The cross-posting feature is not fully functional, as it may not be operable by all FB pages.
  7. The users will have to disable the two-step verification from their Instagram handle to be able to cross-publish from Facebook to Instagram.

Other Ways to Republish from Facebook To Instagram

Other Ways to Republish from Facebook To Instagram
There are various other routes to forward personal news from FB to IG beyond the recently issued cross-publishing service. Social media scheduling apps such as Hootsuite and IFTTT, enable users to send messages across Facebook and Instagram concurrently, much like Facebook’s cross-publication feature.

Hootsuite: this is a social media management service that can publish user-generated content across multiple social media apps at scheduled times.

IFTTT: this is another functional service a user can use to cross-post images and videos between FB and IG. This service enables users to generate applets that initiate an action when an initial action takes place.

Pros and Cons of Cross-Publishing

Pros and Cons of Cross-Publishing
After creating a cross-link, it’s time to cross-upload from Facebook to Instagram. Here are its pros and cons.


Here are the pros of publishing from FB to IG:

1. It Prevents Unnecessary Physical Toggling

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is looking to beat the clock. Cross-publication saves valuable work minutes, which will be wasted when publishing separately.

2. It Generates Awareness

Users can run ads on FB on IG and increase visibility, and even if the user doesn’t care about being an internet sensation like everyone is trying to be these days, they can still keep up with friends, family, and customers.

3. Share Rare Photographs

In order to avoid uploading old photos from IG to FB, simply click the image and tap the menu at the sidebar at the top-right edge. Choose an app to send to and share.

4. Automatic Publishing

One can set up sync settings on IG in a few clicks. In Settings > Accounts > Linked Accounts, tap FB. On this page, the user can switch controls, e.g., “Forward Story to Facebook” and “Forward Publications to FB.”

5. An Opportunity To Explore

Humans are statistical beings. The opportunity to gather data from commenters such as volume, frequency, and opinions will help a brand know its next steps toward achieving its goals.

6. Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds

Building a large portfolio of social media networks is one of the most thrilling aspects of 21st-century living, especially if the user is continually in a search to break new grounds and achieve crossover appeal.


Here are the cons of syncing FB to IG:

1. Comments May Not Be Replied Timely

Comments May Not Be Replied Timely
Most users favor one website over the other and may not be on the less favorite app when commenters start making undesirable comments. These offensive replies, if left unaddressed, can deal a huge blow to a user’s followership.

2. Instagram Is Not A Great Place For Long-Wall Content

While photos and short videos are great for brand advertising, written content works too. Keep in mind that unlike FB, IG is not adapted for prose-loving audiences.

3. Adding Links Is Fine But…

While a link to a user’s FB reader digest can be shared to the Gram, chances of it being read are low. It also becomes trickier when there are multiple links.

Users have absolutely nothing to lose when they link Facebook to Instagram. In fact, it has yielded great results for individuals and enterprises.

4. No Mobile Uploading

Users can only cross-uploading on their desktop browser. There is no adaptation for mobile. Users can search and utilize other sharing hacks for mobile devices like third-party sites and the “Repost External Feature.”

FAQ Section

How Do You Repost Videos From Facebook to Instagram?

Unsure about how to share from Facebook to Instagram exciting and compelling videos? It’s easy, first, start the Facebook app and scroll through content or those of others for a video to share.

  • Find an interesting video, long-press the video, and a side menu will pop up.
  • Look for “Repost External” and click on it.
  • Next, a tray will appear with an array of destinations to republish the video. Look for the IG logo and click on it.
  • As soon as IG is chosen, the app will launch, and the video will be ready for reposting.

Should I Post The Same Content on Facebook and Instagram?

Yes, but not necessarily. While most people who connect Instagram to Facebook may reach wider audiences with a single post, there is a need to understand the difference between both audiences in terms of user appeal and engagement.

  • While IG is generally suited for sharing the swankiest part of a person’s life or media-grade content from brands and influencers, FB is primarily a place where users look for friends and family to play catch up and secondarily, to interface with wider communities. Therefore, create a separate plan for Facebook and Instagram because these platforms have slightly different outlooks.
  • Set publishing intervals according to what works best.

How Do I Enable Share Option On Facebook?

At times, the share option, which enables the user to publish personal news, might not be available, and this has to do with a setting on the account. Whether a user is on mobile or desktop, go to the “Create Publication” page, click on “Friends” to reveal the dropdown menu under the “Select Privacy” page, which includes “public,” “Friends,” “Friends Except,” and “Only Me.” When adjustments are made, click “Done.”

There It Is, Folks

The foregoing is a demystified way to connect Instagram to Facebook. This procedure allows a user to generate strong content across multiple apps simultaneously in a few clicks. These platforms are one of the most effective marketing tools in 2023 because they enable one to demonstrate the humanistic aspect of their enterprise and has proven to be a game-changer to target buyers in the long-term.

Who wouldn’t take advantage of this magical feature and discover the golden goose of their business? Got comments? Describe them in the comments section.

Published: June 30, 2021Updated: July 02, 2021

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