How to Make Money on Facebook: Tips for Individuals & Businesses in 2023

It’s no secret that Facebook continues to rival all competitors. As of March 2023, 2.6 billion people use this platform, many of them logging in regularly. The service has over 48,000 employees and is available in 140 languages. It even owns Instagram.

Not only is the website great for keeping in touch with friends and family, but it’s a huge asset to businesses, too. Once brands understand how to make money on Facebook, they can see more engagement and growth.

Table of Contents

  1. Who Can Make Money With Facebook?
  2. Making Money Using Your Personal Page
  3. How to Make Money on a FB Page for Businesses
  4. Making Money on Group Pages
  5. Other Ways
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

Can Anyone Make Money on Facebook?

Can Anyone Make Money on Facebook

Generally speaking, people of all backgrounds can earn an income through Facebook. Every year, more entrepreneurs and companies join the ranks of business pages. They use digital marketing to gain more loyal customers and sell more products. To make money on Facebook, individuals and brands should include the following details:

  • An engaging and genuine profile
  • Relevant contact information
  • A direct link to their business’ website

There are lots of fakes and scammers online, so adding these three things to a business page or profile will ensure real growth. As more people turn to online shopping and social awareness, a FB page can prove to be quite meaningful. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and start-ups are using this media platform to improve their reach. Plus, there’s a wide spectrum of selling opportunities.

Making Money on Facebook: Personal Pages

Personal Pages

First, here’s a look at how to approach making money on Facebook with a personal account. Individuals can use all kinds of different tactics to generate income. This includes engaging with like-minded folks and bringing awareness to brands and services.

Monetization Methods on Facebook

Individuals or teams that create original content may consider a few monetization efforts. Check out these marketing tools to get a feel for which strategies would best suit the business.

#1 In-Stream Ads

Those who create videos or short films may want to think about adding ads in their streaming content. This isn’t much different from the YouTube advertisements one might see. The eligibility guidelines change often, but here are the rules as of May 2023:

  • The profile must have a minimum of 1,000 fans
  • It must have 30,000 1-minute views within the last 60 days
  • The account must abide by the Content Monetization Policies. This means no slideshows, static image polls, engagement bait, objectionable activity, etc.

#2 Brand Collaborations

Another option is becoming part of FB’s Official Brand Partnership Program. Ads and marketing efforts help companies and entrepreneurs reach more users. Participants can learn more about advertising on Facebook through this program. They’ll also discover how to measure results and connect with customers. Of course, there are eligibility requirements:

  • Partners must have at least 1,000 fans
  • They need at least 15,000 post engagements or 180,000 total watch time minutes within the last 60 days

#3 Fan Subscriptions

Yet another option for content creators is to start a subscription service for fans. This is something like YouTube Premium or Patreon. This contribution-based system helps entrepreneurs earn more money while growing their audience.

To be fair, these individuals should be sure to offer special perks for subscribers. This might include sneak peeks at new content, live Q&As, or discounts on merchandise.



Sometimes, people don’t need to be creators or start-up founders to make some extra money. Many individuals like referral bonuses. This strategy rewards users for sharing their favorite products and services with friends.

Marketing experts understand that personal recommendations can often do more than ads. That’s why many online brands offer promotions to clients that spread the word. The great thing about this is that it only takes a minute to share a link with someone, so referrals are super easy.

Sell Through Facebook Marketplace

Remember the Marketplace when talking about how to make money off Facebook. Anyone can use this system to earn some extra spending money. Folks also go here to trade with others. To clarify, they can’t sell animals, alcohol, services, or healthcare products.

This allows them to advertise their offerings across the entire platform.

Source Deals From the Marketplace

There’s another way to generate an income using Facebook Marketplace. People who are good at spotting deals can buy products from others and then sell them somewhere else. The most common places are eBay and Amazon. Some potential ideas:

  • clothing
  • collectibles
  • electronics
  • furniture
  • sporting goods
  • textbooks
  • video games

Competitions & Giveaways

Brand superfans and influencers know that these accounts often hold giveaways and contests. This is a great opportunity to make some extra cash or enjoy a special promotion. Some companies will hold competitions for store gift cards or real cash value. Other prizes might include complementary products or even a free vacation.

Check Out the Job Board

There are more ways than ever in 2023 to find a career. This includes looking through classified ads and forums on social media. Users can log into their FB accounts and click on the “Jobs” tab. There, they’ll see different listings in their area. The opportunities range in length, industry, and pay grade. This means there is something for everyone.

Also, it’s worth checking out a job-hunting group, preferably a local one. Here, members can get resume advice and news of new job postings.

Join the Facebook Team

This next option isn’t for everyone, but one way to make money on Facebook is by working for them. Check out the “Careers” section on the platform to see available opportunities. There, folks can learn more about the company culture and staff positions. They can also see what current employees like about working for the media giant.

Become a Brand Ambassador

In recent years, this opportunity has become more and more common. This is ideal for someone who has a brand that they love and believes in. They might want to see if that company offers ambassadorships. This involves sharing personal opinions and experiences related to the business.

These “influencers” must have an existing following to get started. Once the brand approves their application, they can discuss terms and compensation. These vary, but it could lead to lots of extra cash every month.

Live-Stream Videos on the Platform

The platform has expanded its offerings to include more than simple posts. These days, users can take advantage of FB Live. This can work for anyone:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Content creators
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Full-fledged companies

The method depends on the target audience and niche. Individuals may host live video watch parties, share behind-the-scenes, or host Q&As. All these events will stir up more audience engagement and help drive more sales traffic.

Host a Workshop, Meeting, or Training

Piggybacking off of that idea, another option is to host an event, be it in-person or virtual. The platform even has an Events Toolkit to help users make the most of this feature. This includes information related to collecting payments, organizing RSVPs, and following-up with attendees. Some examples of a FB event could be:

  • Virtual training
  • Webinar
  • Community forum
  • Workshop
  • Comedy sketch

How to Make Money on Facebook Page: For Businesses

For Businesses

Now that folks have seen a few ways to generate an income as an individual, it’s time to move on to brands. This section will focus on companies and how to make money on a Facebook page.

Offer Subscriptions

It’s not only solo influencers and entrepreneurs who offer subscription services. Companies can do this, too. This tactic might work better for an enterprise by providing more loyalty benefits.  Plus, the platform grants commercial accounts the opportunity to add a “Subscribe” button. This helps with organizing recurring payments, giving badges to online supporters, and more.

Earn Commissions Through Partnerships

Another way to monetize a Facebook page is through partnerships or affiliate marketing. This works similarly to the way individuals act as brand ambassadors.

Many companies offer partner programs that involve affiliate sharing with audiences. They can do this via an image or video post. Here’s how it works:

  • The affiliate shares a link to the company’s site
  • In that post, they offer their personal experience with the product or service. They express their enthusiasm to stir up interest.
  • The link takes users to a special section of the brand’s online store
  • Any purchases made there will count towards the affiliate’s commission

Direct Customers to a Physical Store

Even though lots of companies are on Facebook, most still have their physical stores. A larger online presence can bring more consumers to those brick-and-mortar locations. This strategy is particularly useful for restaurants, gyms, and some retail stores.

To maximize their profile, corporations must include all contact information. This includes the physical address of the store locations. Then, they must share relevant content, such as:

  • New product announcements
  • Discounts
  • Promotions
  • Special events

Use Ads Wisely

Lots of people have mixed feelings about advertisements. Yet, they are an essential part of doing business. For anyone wondering how to earn money with Facebook, never overlook the power of publicity.

Often, entrepreneurs need to spend some cash to generate larger profits. They can do this through FB advertising.

Before hopping into a deal, keep in mind that this method can be much more expensive than other tactics. Also, this strategy doesn’t mean guaranteed success. Any individual or brand that wants to try this should remember a few key details.

  • They should have a clear understanding of the advertisement’s content
  • Marketers must identify the target audience and when to reach them
  • Corporations need a definitive budget for ad spending. Consider the time frame, total investment, and expected return.

How to Make Money on Facebook: Group Pages

Group Pages

Along with personal and commercial accounts, there are also Facebook groups. This isn’t the first place to start earning an income, but it helps. Belonging to an exclusive club can end up working well for a company or influencer.

Become a Group Page Administrator

The first step is becoming the group manager or administrator. This will grant a person greater control over the content and other activities. Remember, they will be responsible for moderating member comments and shared content.

This is a popular choice among bloggers, content creators, and small biz owners. They can use a group to create a more intimate online gathering. Members will feel special, having greater access to the brand or influencer.

Depending on the person or company, groups can provide various opportunities:

  • Offer advice and tips to members
  • Present solutions in the form of their products or services
  • Share access to paid coaching or workshop videos

Offer Expert Advice

Keep in mind that folks can also make money on Facebook by belonging to other groups. The first step is finding one that pertains to their specific niche or industry. For example, a health influencer may want to join a group that’s interested in weight loss.

There, they can offer their expert advice and offer their services as a solution. Members may not react immediately, and that’s okay. As the influencer continues to contribute, the reception will increase.

Consider Membership Fees

Consider Membership

Subscription services are available for personal accounts and commercial pages. If a person is an administrator for an active community, then this could be a viable way to make money on Facebook.

Group membership must involve enough benefits that it’s worth someone’s while to subscribe.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Access to coaching or mentoring
  • Exclusive tips or articles
  • Sneak peeks

Hold a Timed Contest

To keep things fun and exciting, consider a group challenge. Contests are a great way to monetize a Facebook page. This can work for all kinds of industries and influencers, too. The key is to create a competition that’s relevant to what they want to sell. For instance, someone may hold a contest to see who can read the most books. To kick things off, they may recommend their book, leading members to their website.

Other Ways to Earn Income on Facebook

Other Ways to Earn

Finally, here are a handful of things that anyone can try. After all, there’s no single answer to the question of how to earn money with Facebook. Check out these strategies below, which appeal to various talents, abilities, and industries.

Design a Facebook App

Coding and app development experts may want to monetize their skills. Facebook is always looking for new applications. A quick visit to the App Store or Google Play will reveal all kinds of possibilities. There are apps for health trackers, language learning, and much more.

A programmer or development team could be one step from selling their new application.

Offer Likes/Views

Some folks might not realize this, but many influencers buy likes, views, and followers. They buy this engagement from online services. The question is, where do the providers get these views and subscribers?

Most of these companies rely on a network of real online profiles. They’ll pay for these individuals to remain in the system. In exchange, the person engages with the influencer that buys a package from the provider.

Sell an Old Account

Another interesting strategy is to part ways with an old FB account. For those who have many profiles, they might have one that has fallen into disuse. These users can hand those off to marketers, who will buy them for promotional services. Providers want these older accounts because the platform favors them over newer profiles.

Enter Giveaways

Like influencers, everyday people can generate income from hosting contests. Sometimes this involves leaving a comment on a post or filling out a participation form. The prize could be cash, a gift card, or a product of a specified retail value.

Become an Investor

Remember, Facebook is a publicly-traded entity, so one way to monetize off of it is by investing. Experts expect the company to hold steady throughout 2023, so now is a good time to buy stock.

Here’s a bit more information:

  • Individuals can find FB on the Nasdaq Index
  • They can invest via their IRA or a taxable brokerage account
  • One trade costs only 99 cents
  • There is the option to choose a partial or full share

Find & Report Coding Flaws

The corporation recognizes independent security researchers and rewards them. People can earn money by pointing out flaws in FB’s coding system. To be clear, the person must be the first one to identify the issue. This also requires a lot of honor and safe practice policies. Not anyone can go into the site’s programming and spot problems.

Create a Fundraiser

Create a Fundraiser

Recently, FB has been offering profile fundraisers to users. Lots of folks take advantage of this during their birthday months. Yet, any time is a great moment to raise funds for a cause.

There are a few caveats to keep in mind. This strategy is not for personal gain. Still, one could use it to help finance schooling, a crisis, or medical emergencies.

Work as a Social Media Manager

If someone has a knack for navigating FB and other platforms, they could monetize that skill. As more corporations scramble to build up an online presence, they need an expert who can help out. A person may consider freelancing as a social media manager or assistant. They can even work remotely, which is a nice bonus.

Some of the primary responsibilities involved in this job include:

  • Scheduling a variety of content
  • Engaging with comments and replies
  • Designing graphics
  • Creating polls
  • Analyzing audience growth
  • Developing new digital advertising strategies

…Or as a Facebook Virtual Assistant

Another potential career opportunity is working as an administrative assistant or group moderator. This can be a wonderful side hustle for those who want to beef up their monthly income. At the same time, they’ll put their skills to good use.

Bloggers, influencers, and full-fledged corporations all tend to hire virtual assistants. This applies to all industries, too. Due to the range of companies out there, one VA’s job duties may differ from another’s. That said, these are the typical responsibilities:

  • Write and edit online content
  • Design infographics and shareable links
  • Schedule uploads
  • Handle bookkeeping
  • Interact with audiences

Self-Promotion in Local Groups

Those who aren’t shy should consider sharing their services online. This works well for freelancers and side hustlers. It’s also good for anyone who wants to market themselves in more spaces.

Once that’s all set, jump into some local FB groups and start spreading the word.

Create a Survey Bot or Chatbot

Create a Survey Bot

This is another specialty skill but one that can come in handy. Love them or hate them, chatbots are an essential part of many service providers. This includes FB Messenger. Many corporations use these bots to send automated messages to consumers.

Sometimes, these automatic assistants can engage clients in feedback surveys and product recommendations. Those with the design and web dev expertise can build these bots for a range of companies.

Two-Step Marketing

Finally, never underestimate the power of a two-way conversation. In this context, it refers to advertising in which brands partner with each other. The goal is to get consumers off of the FB platform and onto an online shop (hence the name “two-way.”)

This works because most sites use cookies that track client information. This includes which online stores they visit and which products they research. This allows FB adverts to show these folks exactly what they want to see. They click an ad that redirects them to a company landing page. The intent is that they’ll buy something or at least sign up to a mailing list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Views Do You Need to Get Paid on Facebook?

To start monetizing with FB advertising, pages need to meet certain criteria. This includes:

  • 30,000 1-minute views on all videos that are at least three minutes long
  • At least 15,000 post engagements within the last 60 days
  • At least 1,000 fans to qualify for income generation from in-stream ads

Does Facebook Pay You For Views?

Yes, it is possible to receive a payout from the platform. Brands must already have an active following to qualify for FB in-stream adverts. Also, the amount can vary depending on where in the world the video views are coming from. Some countries generate more than others. Again, anyone who wants to do this must pass the eligibility guidelines.

Can a FB Page Earn Money?

Yes. Influencers can market their products or services on a FB page. They can also add a subscription option to bring in monthly payments from followers. Another tactic is making an income through adverts.

There are also indirect strategies, such as:

  • Buying off of Marketplace and reselling elsewhere
  • Partnering with other brands through affiliate content

How Do I Know If My Facebook Page is Eligible for Monetization?

The network’s Partner Monetization Policies describe the eligibility requirements. To make it easier, the enterprise outlines the necessary steps.

  1. Users can go to the FB Creator Studio and select the “Monetization” tab
  2. From there, they can click on the page they want to check for applicability
  3. Hit “Check”, and FB will reveal whether that profile is ready to monetize

How Much Money Does 1 Million Facebook Views Make?

There isn’t a definitive answer. The payment amount depends on the country rate. Some places will generate more than others, and there’s a range of $1 to $5 per 1,000 views. Then, that figure gets divided by 1,000. Once someone becomes eligible for monetization, they can determine their specific rate. This will reveal their potential income.

Can Facebook Pay You For Likes?

As of right now, no, the platform will not pay a user for amassing tons of likes. This may come as a surprise to some. They might have seen content online that claims the opposite. Yet, the network will not give cash payouts based on the number of likes.

There Are Lots of Monetization Methods, Just Beware of Scams

Facebook can be a great place to boost monthly income. That said, influencers and brands need to be careful and steer clear of false hopes. These guidelines are an excellent starting point. Don’t forget, there are strategies for different kinds of pages, too.

Of course, no one starts off making tons of cash, so take it little by little. A simple side hustle could always turn into big gains later on. Do you have other ideas on how to make money from a Facebook page? Be sure to leave a comment with your suggestion.

Published: October 08, 2020Updated: November 15, 2020

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