How to Post a Video on Instagram: All you need to know

Between Facebook and Instagram, Instagram is the social network for pictures. And while most people and companies only post pictures these days, they should think about adding video, which is also very important on the network. They get up to 21% more likes and comments, according to some numbers. You can learn the best ways to post a movie on Instagram in the year 2024 here.

Table of Contents

  1. Why video posting on Instagram is so important
  2. How to post a video on your Feed
  3. How to post videos on your Stories
  4. How to post a video with IGTV
  5. How to repost others videos
  6. 7 steps for successful videos on Instagram
  7. What is next after posting a video?

Why video posting on Instagram is so important

Post a Video

Instagram video posts are becoming standard practice for social media advertising campaigns. Instagram provides a huge audience for individuals and businesses to connect with, with over one billion active users. Videos, in particular, are more engaging and successful at getting their points across than still photos or written articles.

There are a number of ways in which Instagram videos may increase engagement. First, people are more likely to watch and share videos because they are visually appealing and stick out in their feeds. Businesses and individuals may engage with their audience on a deeper level with videos since they allow for greater creativity and narrative potential. Buying Instagram likes can complement this strategy. Visually attractive images, music, and subtitles may make videos a better experience for viewers, which in turn increases engagement and reach.

How to post a video on your Feed

Footage in the Stories

Video always attracts more interest as it is dynamic and engaging. When people see it in their feed, they don’t scroll and want to know more about your content. See these simple steps on how to post a video in your Feed.

1. Make the video.

Make the video first. This is the first step in how to post a video on Instagram. Remember that the platform’s visuals must last no more than one minute. There are two main ways to make a good video. The first one posts it without any changes. After that, use a filter to make it look better. But you could also edit it while you’re not online.

In the first case, you record pictures and upload them without any changes. To move on, tap the arrow below the screen. After that, the person will see all the photos and videos they have ever taken on their phone. Now the video is almost ready to be shown to the public.

2. Edit video

It’s now time to make it shine. And to show how different it is from other materials. A lot of pictures are added to the platform every day. Putting those filters on the video will make it stand out.

Others do different things, like turning off the sound, so it doesn’t bother the viewer. Or, the owner can cut and edit the production if there are parts they don’t want to show.

3. Choose a cover picture.

People who follow you will see that first. That means the cover picture needs to be unique and interesting. People will be more likely to watch your content this way. There is a button called cover that lets people change it.

4. Add nice captions and hashtags.

It’s finally ready to go live. Adding a caption is the last thing that needs to be done. Adding some hashtags will also make the post better. It will also be easier for people who are interested in that subject to find you.

Requirements for Feed Video

  • You can use up to 4 GB, but I don’t recommend posting so many big files; it will take time to upload, and people can just scroll down. Make it less than 15 MB.
  • Almost every kind of video can be played on the platform. But it’s easiest to use and change MP4 or MOV files.
  • At least 500 pixels are needed.
  • It can last for up to one minute.

How to post videos on your Stories

Repost Others’ Materials

People today are captivated by stories. Images and other media products that users post can have different levels of interactivity. By adding emojis, viewers can express their reactions to the content. You can buy Instagram comments to encourage them to react more. Alternatively, respond to surveys or inquiries. Story promotion is also the most effective method for promoting things, services, and products. See how to do it.

  1. Make sure you sign in to your account and search for the option “Story.”
  2. Take into consideration that the length of the video can only be fifteen seconds. In that case, the network will terminate it.
  3. Start recording using any of the cameras available.
  4. Decide whether or not the video will have audio. Disable the microphone if that is the case.
  5. Simply provide a caption, and you’re done!

Requirements for the video:

  • The longest time is 15 seconds. If not, the video will stop and move on to the next
  • Only read mp4 and move.
  • 1800×1920 is the best resolution for great views.

How to post a video with IGTV?

Upload a Video to IGTV

If people want to share videos longer than one minute, they have a choice. They can use IGTV. Check out how to do it right.

  1. Click the plus sign (+) at the bottom of your blog feed.
  2. Pick a movie that is at least 60 seconds long, then press “Next.”
  3. Pick “Share as a Long Video.” This lets you share the whole movie on IGTV while also posting a shorter clip to your Instagram feed. Press “Continue.”
  4. Pick a picture from one of the frames for the title of your video. You could also choose a picture from your gallery. Press “Next.”
  5. Give your IGTV movie a title and an explanation. You can also now post a preview of your video to your newsfeed.

How to do repost others’ videos


Sometimes it’s not simple to work with video by yourself. It’s easier to find content to repost, and it can bring you a lot of value and visibility.

1. Ask for permission.
Copyright issues are bad. The page’s rules state this. So get permission from the original owner before reposting. If not, this could be disastrous. Someone may ask this in a private message. Or they can comment on the file to share again.

2. Get the link.
Next, copy the video link from the post. This is simple again. If you read the post on a phone, tap the three dots in the upper right corner.

3. Add the link to your Instagram.

Copy the link and paste it into the box. Then, just click the Preview button. That’s it. For example, owners don’t have to put it on their phones, but if you copy, you do.

7 steps for successful videos on Instagram

Tips for Success

So, there are some things every Instagrammer should consider to achieve results. Some of them are mentioned above. Below, they will be described in detail, considering how to post a video on Instagram.

Here are key tips every Instagram user should know to get good results from their account. We’ve mentioned some before. Below, we’ll explain these tips in more detail and show you how to upload a video to Instagram.

1. Think about length.

People don’t appreciate time-wasting content, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform. Lengthy videos, like 15-minute ones, are often scrolled past. While such long-form content might work elsewhere, it’s essential to consider your goals on each platform. Tailor the length of your videos to suit your objectives and keep your audience engaged.

2. Images are important.

Having captivating content from your archives is key to retaining viewer interest. Choose images that are visually appealing, like stunning landscapes or scenes, which draw viewers in. Select a thumbnail that best represents the overall theme of your video. Whether it’s about famous people, scenic locations, or must-visit spots, the right image can make a significant difference in attracting viewers.

3. Easy format is easy life.

An MP4 file is the best type for Instagram videos. The other number is 3500 kbps, which means it’s not too fast or too slow. And it shouldn’t be bigger than 15 MB. It would be too heavy if not. Last but not least, they can’t last more than one minute.

4. Don’t make it complicated.

Don’t work with 4K video. These can only be 1080p. The platform can’t handle 4K because it’s too complicated. That would make the feed take a very long time to load. Users should think about this before they make their materials. It doesn’t make sense to spend too much time on 4K videos on this network.

5. What you say matters.

Pictures are what this network is all about. That’s something everyone knows. But words are important too. It might not work if it doesn’t have a good title and a good description, for example. For instance, good users should look into hashtags. To get the most out of this kind of advertising element.

6. Filters can help.

Visuals and images are largely about style, a crucial element in branding. Travel vloggers, for instance, often use filters when sharing pictures of cities and countries they explore. This unique styling helps assure their audience that the content is authentically theirs, distinguishing it from others.

7. Use your phone.

This social network is really made for phones. One can look through their feed and see what other people are doing. So, it’s not possible, and Instagram users should know how to post from their screens. People who want to do that will have to use a third-party app instead. Along with this, you can discover Instagram Likes Apps on your phone to improve engagement.

What is next after posting a video?

Using these simple steps, you can grow your profile and make it rich. Both in what they write and who reads it. For branding, things like length, filters, and style are very important. In general, anyone who wants to use Instagram should know how to post a video. And pick the best channel for that.

Here is what you can do to get more Instagram Followers after your video is out there.

  • Encouraging viewers to like, comment, and share the video, Engaging with your audience through comments and DMs
  • Sharing the video link on other social media channels and embedding the video on your website or blog
  • Monitoring video metrics such as views, likes, and comments. Using insights and analytics to refine your video strategy on Instagram

Explore the world of video on Instagram and be creative. The next big thing in social media interaction is happening right now, and you can be a part of it. Use the different tools and ways we talked about to post videos on Instagram. Find the method that works best for your style and your viewers. Jump in, try different things, and find your own way to share videos and attract followers.

Published: January 26, 2024Updated: February 05, 2024

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