How to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram: All the Options One Can Ask

Millions of engaging snapshots are core reasons why Instagram has become one of the top social media sites on the planet. The potential to gain more followers has never been more likely these days. And as with every good thing on the internet, the more images, the better. That’s why when the platform rolled out the ability to add multiple photos on profiles, both business and personal users embraced the high-demand feature with open arms. Multi-picture and video posts were formerly reserved for advertisers. Now everyone can learn how to post multiple photos on Instagram. The upload steps are a cinch.

Table of Contents

  1. Publish Multiple Photos to IG Stories
  2. Multiple Photos’ Placement for a Single IG Story
  3. How to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram
  4. Use a Browser to Upload A Collection of Photo
  5. How Many Pictures Can I Post on Instagram?
  6. How to Display Numerous Photos Without Cropping?

How to Add Multiple Photos to Instagram Stories: Only 4 Steps

Add Multiple Photos

Practice good Instagram management by learning how to add multiple photos to Instagram stories. Slideshows showcase loads of pictures while avoiding cluttering users’ main feeds. Well-themed groups of photos are more likely to pique the interests of prospective followers. Create a collage with multiple photos that are added to a single story, or upload pictures all at once in a predetermined order. The layout combines at most six images, which eliminates the need to copy a photo from a gallery and to paste into a text box for effect. Account-holders will want to nail how to post multiple photos on Instagram with these steps:

1. Open Stories App

Tap the camera icon at the top left of the Instagram app to open stories. This step only works if there are stories at the top of the screen. Otherwise, hit the + sign on the profile, which will launch the camera, the front-facing phone camera view.

2. Start With a New or Existing Snapshot

Capture a new photo or access camera roll by tapping the leftmost icon on the bottom. The most recent images will come up first. Notice the “Select Multiple” option positioned at the top right of the screen. With every click on desired story pics, number surfaces in its top-right corner to designate the order that chosen pictures will upload. Scrutinize selections further after hitting “Next.” Revise picture order or swap out chosen photos by going back in.

3. Embellish With Graphics

Swipe right on each picture to choose a filter. Consider embellishing with overlay stickers, yet practice discretion. Stickers are graphics that can be added to a photo to enhance engagement. Common graphics are brush strokes, lightning bolts, flowers, and basic illustrations.

Other assets include:

  • Account tags
  • Location tags
  • Product tags
  • Plain text
  • GIFs
  • Polls
  • Questions
  • Quizzes
  • Countdowns
  • Music
  • Emoji slider

4. Publish All Work

Click “Next” to publish the story.

How to Upload Multiple Photos’ Placement for a Single IG Story

Upload Multiple Photos

In 2023, there are ways to use the app to add more engaging snapshots to a single story. The first way involves producing separate slides containing distinct images. Users eager to promote the most content should learn how to display more with less on Instagram by generating a collage. The collage provides privacy when showcasing exclusive content, all while enhancing engagement. With a collage, all pictures appear in a single space.

1. Open Stories

Launch stories to customize a still background. The video will not work for this production, but a black background offers a cinematic effect. Block the camera’s lens completely while taking a photo to create a black background.

2. Curate an Image Collection

Choose a series of stills, like screenshots or images (no videos), to offset the chosen background. Desired photographs must exist on the camera’s roll. Each preferred picture enlarges as a preview. Press the “Share” icon, then tap “Copy” to transfer a copy of the snapshot to the clipboard.

3. Set Up the Background

Cycle back to stories to choose the preferred background again. Quickly, tap “Add Sticker” from the sliding pop-up in the bottom left corner to transfer the copied image from the clipboard. Select “Done.”

4. Adjust Images As Needed

Manipulate (rotate, move, resize) the photo as desired within the background space – repeat steps 2 and 3 to add multiple photos.

5. Include Graphics

Why Is It Impossible to Upload Multiple Photos to an Instagram Story?

Adding numerous images to an existing story is not doable; however, revising assets, such as tags and plain text is possible on an existing post. Most people are aware that Facebook allows the addition of pictures to an existing post. Displaying many photos in a story is not like using Facebook for most users, as this Instagram feature is new and is not accessible for all accounts. To be on the safe side, check the apps store for any updates and for using the latest 2023 version. Contact the help center for news about specific features.

How to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram: The Gallery in One Post

Post Multiple Photos

Aside from image collages and adding multiple photos to separate slides in a story post, the platform also advises how to upload many pictures to regular feed posts for users to read throughout the day in the timeline. Posting multiple photos to a feed is ideal for sharing single-themed snapshots. The maximum number of photos (and videos) is 10. To add more images, just follow these simple steps:

1. Access the Gallery

Launch the Instagram app on your phone, then open the photo gallery by pressing the + icon at the bottom of the screen. Hit “Gallery” (Android) or “Library” (iPhone).

2. Set up for Multiple Snapshots

Tap the multiple photo icon, which looks like a stack of images, located above the gallery on the right side of the screen.

3. Confirm Picture Order

While picking photos or videos, a number appears on the snapshot so that users know the order in which it will show up in a post. Make any orientation adjustments (portrait, landscape, or square) by tapping the pictures or videos, then touch it to manipulate its position within the frame.

4. Edit to Style

Edit each photo one by one, or add embellishment filters.

5. Add One or More Tags

Pressing “Next” gives the options to include location geotags, account tags, and captions. These options appear for each photo selected within the post.

6. Upload to Profile Feed

Hit “Share” to add more pictures to the feed post. Users will know that the post has numerous pictures by the number in the upper right corner of the post and the blue dots below. Only the first shot will appear, but users can swipe through as many pictures that are uploaded.

How to Present a Collection of Images on Instagram Using a Browser?

Collection of Images

Since Instagram was created as an answer to Snapchat and YouTube, it is intended for use on a mobile phone. So most account holders are not aware of how to upload multiple photos to Instagram from PC or Mac. At this point in 2023, most users understand how to increase picture count on the platform using the app, but browser uploads are possible too. Here’s how:

1. Transfer Content to a Storyboard

Posters who want to upload from a PC should use third-party tools for the task, as there is no option to add multiple photos directly to a post using a browser. Pick photos from the tool’s available media gallery and transfer to a designated storyboard.

2. Style Each Snapshot

Text and music accents are usual options for stylizing images and are accessible directly from the storyboard screen on these programs.

3. Transfer Photos With a Browser

Preview and save all work before transferring the finished product. Set third-party development tools to schedule picture gallery uploads via a browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Pictures Can I Post on Instagram?

Knowing the photo quantity is essential for understanding how to add pictures to Instagram. Post a maximum of 10 images that will appear as a single slideshow in the profile’s timeline feed. Distinguish these posts from regular posts with single snapshots or videos by noticing a row of blue dots.

How to Display Numerous Photos Without Cropping?

More and more 2023 Instagramers prefer a sophisticated appearance when showcasing content, so knowing when to crop an image elevates a profile’s unique style. To this end, the social media platform affords users the ability to forgo its conventional square format.

In order to do this, the following tip is crucial for knowing how to post a picture, as the platform demands the same aspect ratio in all photos to prevent distortion.

How to Post Multiple Pictures in One Frame on Instagram?

All users should know how to upload multiple photos to Instagram in one frame since it is the best way to share the most images at one time. This type of post is called a collage. The platform created a Layout for this purpose.

How to Post Multiple Pictures on Instagram From iPhone?

Instagram apps for iPhone and Android offer similar functionality. Look for naming differences in the iPhone version. For example, the “Library” in the iPhone is called “Gallery” in Android. There are also third-party tools that heighten the usability of the iPhone Instagram platform. Use these tools to clean up iPhone photos by clearing duplicates that the program creates for posts. Aside from a few distinctions such as these, any Android user that knows how to post a picture on Instagram can do the same on iPhone with ease. Select multiple images and add elements as normal.

How to Include Many Images on Instagram Without the App?

Although it’s possible to post a lot of pictures on Instagram without the app, Instagramers will need to purchase a third-party tool that allows posting multiple photos by way of a computer browser. Instagram was created as a mobile phone service, so its functionality is specific to this device.

How to Insert a Lot of Photos on Instagram From My Mac?

Media experts, such as photographers and filmmakers, who use the platform regularly to promote optimized imagery, should know that it’s possible to post a number of pictures on Instagram from a Mac. Professionals choose Mac for how well the device integrates picture manipulation software and tethered devices, such as still and motion cameras. Use a third-party app to transfer optimized content from Mac to Instagram through Google Drive on the Chrome browser.

Show, Don’t Tell With Instagram’s Multiple Images Feature

Here’s the ultimate reason to learn how to accentuate Instagram profiles. Users consume text at a rate of approximately 100,500 words a day. The human brain processes images at a rate of 62x compared to words. So logically, Instagram, the world’s most popular picture platform, has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years and keeps growing. It behooves every user to ride this platform’s popularity wave. Instagram has finally opened the multiple-image floodgates, so post mightily!

Published: January 18, 2021Updated: January 18, 2021

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