How to Post on Facebook: Make the Best Post to Achieve Maximum Result

It’s no longer news that a simple Facebook post can help create awareness for a brand, drive website traffic, and generate business leads. This also applies to other social media platforms (like Instagram), but Facebook’s large audience gives it an edge. In 2024 To get the best out of Facebook, one must ensure to post engaging content.

If unsure about what to post and how to post on Facebook, look no further. This article teaches how to optimize the Facebook post.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Post on FB to Achieve Maximum Reach
  2. How to Switch from Posting as a Profile to Posting as a Page
  3. How to Avoid Being Labelled as Spam
  4. Interactive Posts Yield Better Engagement
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. The Final Word

How to Post on Facebook to Achieve Maximum Reach

Maximum Reach

Posting on Facebook is relatively easy, regardless of the device used. A post can be a photo, text, video, location data, or a combination of them all. The content may be uploaded on a page, group, or a friend’s profile. So, let’s look at how to post on FB.

With a Computer

How do you post on Facebook with a computer? When trying to make a post through it, there are necessary steps to follow. When using a desktop, most operating systems require users to go through a browser.

  1. Log in on Facebook with either an email or phone number.
  2. This will open a home page. Click on the post box with the phrase “What’s on your mind.”
  3. Type the content into the post box. One can add photos and videos by clicking the relevant icons on the tab below the box. Multiple pictures and videos can be selected and uploaded at once.
  4. To post on a friend’s page, go to their profile. Click on the post tab with the phrase “Write something to [name]…”
  5. The procedure is the same for groups. In this case, type the group name or click on the group tab on the left to display all groups.

To edit a Facebook post, click on it, and choose ‘Edit.’ This allows users to delete a picture or edit text.

Other things that can be added to a post are:

  • Check-ins, which can include location.
  • Feeling/activity helps to add an emoji.
  • Tag which can help notify friends when a new post is up.

After adding everything, tap the blue button on the right corner of the window to post.

With a Mobile Device

Posting on Facebook with a mobile phone or an iPad requires a download of the app for simplicity and flexibility. Once the app is downloaded, follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the Facebook app. If not already logged in, do it. This will take one to a news feed.
  2. Tap on the post tab at the top of a news feed. One can also post on a friend’s and group page. The post box always contains the phrase “What’s on your mind.”
  3. Include a photo or video in a post by clicking the photo icon at the text box’s bottom. This can also be done by sharing directly from a phone gallery to Facebook. This allows one to post multiple videos and pictures.
  4. The text’s background can be customized by clicking the colored background below the text box.

How to Switch from Posting as a Profile to Posting as a Page

How to Switch

By default, a post is a business one if posted on a Facebook page. However, one can comment as a person.

Facebook is structured in such a way that one can post as a person and as a page. First, let’s outline the difference between a profile and a page before considering how to post on FB as a page.

A profile is for personal content only, and a page is for a business. Some other social media platforms like Instagram only provide an upgrade to a business profile. Hence, there is just one profile.

The switch between posing as a personal or business profile can be achieved by following the instructions below.

  1. Log into a Facebook account and make a post.
  2. To post as a person on a business profile, click the change to your name icon on the top of the page. And any post you make on the page is seen as a post from a person.

How to Post on a Page Through Another Page

By default, users cannot do this on pages they don’t administrate using their profile. To post as a page on other pages, one must log out of their account and log in as a page.

This gives marketers the liberty to reach many audiences as they can comment, like, and share content from other pages.

To do this, follow these instructions.

  1. First, go to the page and click on the three dots at the top right on the cover photo and then press like.
  2. A drop-down menu displaying all the pages one manages will be shown, then select the preferred page and click save.
  3. By clicking the drop-down icon at the top right of the status box, one can select a page they want to post on.
  4. As a business manager, one needs to scroll down to the bottom of the list and select a required account, then click on the page.
  5. Tap to confirm that you intend to post as a page, and it will immediately appear on the newsfeed.

 How to Avoid Being Labelled as Spam

Labelled as Spam

A common mistake among Facebook marketers is that they only think of advertising their product on other pages, rather than contributing to them. But often, they can be mistaken as spam. There are two common reasons why such a post is perceived as spam.

The Page Admins Don’t Know Your Brand

As a web marketer, a user might feel their post is helpful to another page, probably because members of that group might require that kind of service or product. Well, that isn’t always the case because such a post might seem self-promoting to them.

Gaining the Trust of the Community

If the fans on that page don’t know the brand, it’s difficult for them to trust it. To resolve issues like this, become a trusted member before promoting the agenda.

To achieve this, contribute to most of their topics and openly support their core goals. Post useful comments that will be catchy and easily noticed by members of the group. This is also a good way to gain attention on Instagram.

Another way to accomplish this is to use the page to promote the agenda. Post trends and tag a few of their members. Always mention them and refer people to them for answers.

Facebook Posts That Yield Better Engagement

Yield Better Engagement

The number of likes and attention a post gets on Facebook depends on whether the content is passive or engaging, as with Instagram. To make excellent Facebook engagement posts, go through the ideas listed below.

Post Containing Only Text

Attention to a text dramatically depends on the content and the audience reading it. Facebook content must be appropriate for the target audience. A post that contains only text can attract many likes. It can include quotes, ideas, and tips.

Whichever the case, people are always searching for words that will uplift their spirit and won’t hesitate to hit the like button when they see one.

Hyperlinks in Posts

Posting a picture or text with links attached gives the audience a possibility to click and be redirected to a web site that further explains the topic. This adds relevance to the post, and as such most Facebook users take them seriously.

Photos as Interactive Facebook Posts

Photos are a great way of expressing oneself in interactive Facebook posts. High quality and clear pictures can give those likes desired. Ensure to post explicit images of either a product or anything that tells a story about the services. Be creative with every image and avoid repetition, as this can make the page boring.

Video Post

A video can help reach a wider audience and become even more noticeable. The website appreciates those who post a video by prioritizing their view feed and dedicating a section.

Post That Requires a Feedback

Posting a question is an excellent way to start a conversation with the audience. Ensure to post a relevant message or trend requiring their opinion. These often yield amazing responses.

Behind-the-Scenes Post

When people see a perfect picture, product, or video, they often wonder how they were created. One can post a behind the scene video, which is an intelligent way to catch the audience’s attention.

Another example is sharing a step by step process of how a product was made. This can cause traffic to the page because many persons want to either learn from the process or confirm how genuine the product is.

Trends and Popular Hashtags

Trends and Popular Hashtags
This is an era of hashtags; post videos or pictures with text that contains trending topics as the hashtag. So many web marketers would post a picture of their product and use a trending hashtag. That picture will be seen worldwide by anyone who cares to check hashtags under the trending topic.

Graphical and Visual Posts

Colorful graphics is a great post idea that is perfect for every online platform. This involves creating branded graphics either with a company logo or a picture that speaks volumes about an important topic.

Share motivational quotes, memes, and tips in the form of these graphics. Also, ensure to be creative and introduce various shades and styles frequently.

Tell Your Success Stories

Relate with the audience on a personal level by sharing stories, for example, about how the brand grew from nothing to something. Many audiences are interested in stories like this to boost their confidence in business and life in general.


Infographics are among the best visuals that educate the audience on social media. This doesn’t necessarily have to be about the business. It can be about another industry that many people are interested in. That way, they would like and comment on the post.

Industry and Business Tips

Sharing tips on business and trade is a great way to increase engagement on a page. Most Facebook users are in constant search for information to earn extra income. This can be just text, graphics, or a video but ensure it’s adding value to the audience. Posts like this have proven over time to have a high conversion rate.

Contests and Giveaways

Everyone loves extra cash in their purse. Hosting a giveaway and contest online is a surefire way to grab user attention. Organize a competition and promise a mouthwatering prize to the winner and watch activity and engagement peak.

Sales and Discounts

In the same vein, create flash sales and share them. Give discounts, posting the original and adjusted prices. This type of content converts well, it brings in new customers to the page, and it also serves as an avenue to reward old ones.

Post at the Appropriate and Optimal Time

Timing is key. Study the audience and know their most active period online. Share content at the time when most of the fans are online. This will help get the maximum engagement.

Posting with the Appropriate Frequencies

Posting with The Appropriate Frequencies
In addition to knowing what to post on Facebook, one must know when to post. Study the industry and decide the required number of posts every week. Don’t supply content above what’s demanded on the page. So, it’s best to try out different frequencies at the beginning to find what works.

A Perfect Post is Concise

Remember the saying, “less is more.” A perfect Facebook post is short, concise, and straight to the point. Most marketers know that time is of the essence, and as such, they avoid boring their audience with a long epistle. People always skip along with ambiguous posts. So, to get more likes, a text should be self-explanatory and brief.

Incorporating a Call to Action in Your Post

A call to action is a way of telling users what you expect them to do. Don’t just assume they should know it. If one wants them to like a particular post, sometimes state it.

Boost Your Best Posts

Some of the posts are exceptional because of the number of likes or comments gotten. Such posts deserve boosting as this can increase their visibility on consumers’ newsfeed. Promoting a post can also attract more followers and help reach the targeted audience.

Give Shoutouts to People

People like to be complimented. So, once in a while, shout out to famous personalities and tag them. This will inspire them to share such posts and attract the fans to the page. The result will be increased engagement.

Solicit Fan Content

Ask fans comments or repost. Also, request them to upload good content on the page. This will make the content visible to those who liked the page already — thereby reaching a larger number of people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is the Post Button on Facebook?

On the desktop, it’s located at the top right, just above the newsfeed. On a mobile phone, the post button is located at the top right corner of the text box.

How Do I Find Things to Post on Facebook?

It is not easy to come up with writeups all the time. There are sources to find other kinds of content to share easily. Here are five examples of these sources that will save time.

  • Feedly
  • Post planner
  • Smart brief
  • Buzzsumo
  • Other Facebook pages

What Are the Best Facebook Posts?

People post on FB on a daily, but a few categories have continued to stand out. There’s no fixed method on how to create a post on FB. These posts always attract likes, shares, and comments, leading to increased page engagement and post-conversion.

The examples are:

  • Videos
  • Poll
  • Giveaway
  • Fashion post
  • Health tips
  • DIY home tips
  • Business tips and advice
  • Relationship advice
  • Product discount and flash sales
  • Graphical stories

Facebook Posts Can Fetch One Money

Apart from learning how to navigate through Facebook, one must know the right content to post. Many people have encountered more problems and business loss through a simple post on FB. That’s why it’s crucial not just to know how to post but how to create relevant content; only then can one maximize the benefit of using the platform.

For contributions or questions, leave a comment below.

Published: May 26, 2021Updated: December 27, 2023

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