How to Reactivate Instagram: Five Useful Quick Steps

There are a plethora of reasons that people may decide to take a break from social media like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. They might need to work on their priorities, use their time more effectively, or it might harm their mentality. They remove the temptation thoroughly, like hiding the cookies, by even deactivating their account, taking it away from easy access.

On other platforms, like Twitter or Facebook, when a profile is deactivated, it is gone forever. On Instagram, just because someone deactivates their profile doesn’t mean that it has disappeared. As easy as it was to head into settings and temporarily disable the Instagram account, it is just as quick to reactivate it if the time comes. Follow our guide for how to reactivate Instagram to make it a speedy job.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Reactivate IG Account
  2. Why Can Your Account be Blocked or Disabled?
  3. Recover IG Account After Suspension
  4. What happens if you can’t recover your account?
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

How to Reactivate Instagram Account

Reactivate Instagram Account

First, start by knowing that once a deletion happens, a user cannot immediately reactivate the account. If they simply want a break from their profile, they should only deactivate it. This action will temporarily take the account out of the eyes of the public and their followers and may affect Instagram’s cookies. It also makes it harder for the owner to access, keeping them from getting right back into it. This is when it is useful to know how to reactivate Instagram accounts.

Another factor that aids in enforcing the break is that a deactivated account cannot get reactivated immediately. It usually takes a couple of hours for Instagram to complete the process before the profile can be viewed again.

Open the Instagram App

It is a social media app with a warm-colored background and a white camera outline. Use a mobile device since most of Instagram’s functions are not compatible with a desktop, including those needed to reactivate Instagram.

Log Into the Account

Enter the username, email address, or phone number. Be sure it is the same associated information that was assigned to the deactivated account.

Fill in the Password

Follow this up by entering the account’s password in the form available for it. If the user has forgotten it, it will need to be reset to gain access to the account again.

Select “Log In”

Use the blue button on the page that says “Log In,” so the program can verify the credentials associated with the Instagram account and move to the following page.

Follow On-Screen Directions

The following screens will prompt a particular set of instructions to finish the steps needed to reactivate the Instagram account. These will vary depending on the length of time the account has been deactivated. For example, the user may have to accept an updated form of Terms of Use or verify their phone number.

Why Can Your Account be Blocked or Disabled?

Account be Blocked

What if the Instagram account was never deactivated purposefully? If the owner of the profile has not taken action to deactivate it, that typically means their account is blocked or disabled.

It is good to check Instagram’s Terms of Use. The reason is that when Instagram takes an account down, it usually means that the user has broken these terms, and the platform has come in and temporarily removed it. A message shows up when the user tries to log in that alerts them to this and gives them a “Learn More” option. Here are some of the top reasons an account may be blocked or disabled:

  1. Inappropriate publishing of timeline content the user does not own
  2. Posting content inappropriate for underaged people
  3. Sending out spam
  4. Evident usage of the account to conduct illegal activities
  5. An indication that the account has been sold or transferred to another person
  6. Accounts created or ran by bots or other automated devices
  7. Accessing Instagram’s private API
  8. Sharing account passwords
  9. Underage activity: a user must be at least 13 years old
  10. Posts include violent or open discrimination against other users or people groups

Any information used without permission, or at least a reference to the original owner, is not permitted to be put up. Instagram takes this ownership very seriously. The original purpose of the platform, different from Twitter and Facebook, is to share creativity, especially photography among real people. This is why spam senders are flagged as bots or marked for bothering other users.

Recover Instagram Account After Suspension

Hope is not lost if Instagram has made the call to suspend a specific account. This does not mean that they have deleted it. It usually is their way to alert the particular user to a problem they have with the profile and how seriously they take it. To recover the Instagram account, follow these steps:

1. Head to the Appeal Form

After going into the “Learn More” section, the account holder should find an appeal form. To reactivate the Instagram account, fill this form out and send it to Instagram. It is their way of verifying the user knows what the problem was. Open this form.

2. Start Filling the Form Out

The user should enter their full name in the appropriate text box as it had appeared on the Instagram account. Follow this with the username of the profile and then the email address and phone number associated with the same account.

3. Write Out the Appeal

The last part is not as straightforward. The user needs to enter their appeal request by typing in a brief message that serves to explain why Instagram should allow the user to recover Instagram accounts, or why it shouldn’t be deactivated.

Keep These Tips in Mind for a Better Appeal:

  • Explain that the profile was deactivated. This is an important part that allows the user to state why the deactivation was a mistake
  • Keep the tone gentle and friendly. Using harsh language or holding a gruff tone won’t make them want to do the users any favors.
  • Don’t apologize since this means admittance to some form of fault, only proving their point
  • Do not admit to a violation of the Terms of Use agreement
  • End it all with a “Thank You!”

Can’t Reactivate Instagram Account: What Happens Next?

At times, making the appeal request may not reap any rewards. When this happens, the owner of the account should contact Instagram directly. They will help them figure out what is going on with the profile and hopefully remedy the situation. To follow this option to reactivate Instagram accounts, use these steps:

1. Use Instagram’s Help Center

Using the internet this time, find Instagram’s Help Center. This website is where they allow users to report broken features as well as report other accounts that another person may believe violates Instagram’s rules.

2. Apply the Function “Somethings Not Working”

Also, try using the account by tapping on the button “Something’s Not Working.” Since the profile may not be active in this situation, click on the “I can’t log in” on the login page to find further instructions regarding Instagram reactivation.

3. Access Instagram’s Privacy and Safety Center

Use the internet to access Instagram’s Privacy and Safety Center. Once here, select the option “Report Something.” This feature allows the owner of an account to report believed activity from outside users on their account.

4. Send a Message on Instagram’s Facebook Page

Instagram also has a Facebook page to use to send them a direct message since they have no tech team with a support email. Go to to follow up with this option.

Tips to Secure a Response

Instagram has a large user base, and people send them messages about problems or concerns all the time. To get your voice heard and then responded to, here are some tips for writing the message:

  1. Keep the tone friendly, or at least not upset. Sending a nasty or judgemental message may not inspire them to respond.
  2. Help them quickly solve the problem by being as specific about it as possible. Describe any notices that have come up or the exact process involved.
  3. In the effort of being as clear as possible, take a screenshot and add it to the message. This may help the support team identify the problem much more quickly to be able to reactivate Instagram accounts.
  4. Be sure to include the profile name of the affected account to help them identify the specific user faster. Don’t add the password for safety reasons.
  5. Don’t wait around for the answer, but continue to follow up with solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long do I Have to Wait to Reactivate My Instagram?

Once finished with the deactivation process, it is possible to reactivate Instagram accounts right away. However, the deactivation may take up to 24 hours, so it is recommended to wait one day before trying to reactivate.

Does Instagram Delete Your Account After 30 Days?

Yes. After 30 days of deactivation, an account is permanently deleted. This means that it can never be recovered, and all of the included content will no longer be available to followers. In case there is a need to get the account back, learn how to reactivate Instagram before the 30-day mark.

Does It Take 180 Weeks for Instagram to Delete an Inactive Account?

Instagram cannot delete an inactive account for security reasons. If the user wants their profile deleted, they will need to log in and do it themselves. Unless a report is made, and it is news they are aware of, Instagram will not act on it.

Can You Get an Instagram Name from an Inactive Account?

The exact username cannot be taken from an inactive account until it is permanently taken down. There are ways to get the name, such as messaging the owner or trying to buy it from them. It cannot be done by simply typing it in, though.

How Do I Recover a Deleted Instagram Username?

If an account is deleted by the user or by anyone with access to their profile or email and password, it can never be recovered. The old owner can create a new account with the same email; however, the same username may have already been picked up by someone else.

How Can You See Someone’s Old Instagram Username?

To see the old usernames someone has used, go to their profile on the mobile app. Click on the icon with three dots in the upper right-hand corner. Select “About This Account” from the list and scroll down to see the Former Usernames and select it.

Recovery Complete

Everyone can use a break from social media, sometimes multiple times throughout their lives. It can happen for many different reasons, but they shouldn’t be afraid that all of their hard work building up their online platforms has gone to waste. We hope that you have learned something useful and would love to hear your feedback. Comment below to let us know how the steps worked out for you.

Published: August 01, 2020Updated: October 21, 2020

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