How to See Who Is Following You on Facebook: Why You Should Care

It doesn’t matter if people are using social media like Instagram or FB for business or for personal reasons. It’s important all the same know who is visiting their pages. This allows owners to target content and offer the best experience possible. For example, are you curious about how to see who is following you on Facebook in 2023? Well, the question has an easy answer. Read these simple steps and find out.

Table of Contents

  1. Are Followers and Friends the Same?
  2. How to Know Who Follows Your Facebook Page
  3. How To Allow Followers on Facebook
  4. Why You Shouldn’t Be Asking This Question
  5. Can You Secretly Follow Someone?
  6. Can You Tell If Someone Has Snoozed You?

Are Followers and Friends the Same?

Followers and Friends

No, they are not. On the one hand, friends need to send a request to a profile. People cannot become friends with a business page, for example. But they can follow another person, even if they don’t accept their request. The actions that can be taken are different. For instance, fans of a page cannot post on their walls. They only can comment, like, or share. Next, we’re going to answer how to see who is following you on Facebook.

How Do I See Who Is Following Me on Facebook?

Knowing one’s audience is crucial. This way, an influencer knows what type of content they should post. This info is also important for security reasons. Luckily, getting this data is easy and simple. Here are the steps on how do I see who is following me on Facebook.

On Your Computer

Carrying out this process is easier on a desktop computer. It is simple to find the tabs and settings because the display and interface are different. Also, the screens are bigger so the words can be read in a more suitable way. Here is the guide on how to see who’s following you on Facebook.

  1. Go to the profile section and look for the Friends option.
  2. Once in this place, people can find a button that says “more”. Click there.
  3. Then, enter the Fans tab.
  4. The full list is just there. Take a close look at all the fans with the steps on how to see your followers on Facebook.
  5. After this, the owner can either send a friends’ request or see their mutual connections to see if they know from before.

On Your Phone

Some people may not have access to a desktop device. Don’t worry that is not an issue. Those who only own a mobile phone or a tablet can also carry out this action. Just take a look at these steps, and you’ll get how to see who is following you on Facebook.

  1. Access the app and look for the section about one’s own profile.
  2. The next tab that is useful is called “see more about yourself”. It’s placed below another button called About.
  3. Scroll down this page, ignoring other options like history or interests.
  4. Right at the bottom appears the menu of followers.
  5. Click on see all, and that’s it.

How to See Who Is Following Your Facebook Page

See Who

All the processes explained on how to see who is following your Facebook page refer to common, personal profiles. Now, those who want to do the same but with their business FB site will have to do something else. Once persons decide to Like the site, they also start seeing all the content posted on their feeds. This way, they become fans.

  1. First, the owner has to enter his or her page.
  2. Look for a tab called settings. Inside, there are a lot of options to see who follows you on Facebook.
  3. The one to look for is called “people and other pages”.
  4. Inside of it, there is a full list with the names and faces of the users who liked the page.
  5. This shows the current fans and not older ones who have decided to unfollow.

How To Allow More Fans on Facebook

Allow More Fans

The question “how do I see who is following me on Facebook?” has already been answered. But readers may be wondering if they can allow for more fans to get inside without sending a request. Yes, they can do this. But they will need to check their privacy settings and see who they are allowing.

  1. In the top right of the page, there is an arrow that goes down.
  2. Click on it and enter the menu called Settings and Privacy.
  3. Inside, there is another button with the name Settings. Click on it.
  4. The next step is to tap on Public posts.
  5. Select “who can follow me”, and that’s over.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Asking Who Follows Me on Facebook

Who Follows Me on Facebook

Now, you may want to know who follows me on Facebook. Yet, experts claim that owners of accounts should not be concerned about following.

There are two main reasons for this:

  • In the first place, a person might be worried about creepy people seeing what they do. But this is not truly a problem. It is true that users have no control over their fan list. They do have control over what they share and with whom. The only thing they need to do is to limit the public of the post.
  • Instead of worrying about creeps who follow others, people should take their safety seriously and make use of the tools they have. So, doing a security checkup every once in a while is a good idea while you learn how to see who is following me on Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Find out Who Is Following Me on Facebook?

The process is simple. To see who follows you on Facebook in 2023, the first thing to do is to access one’s profile. Then, among a lot of options, people can use a section that talks about followers. A full list of these persons will appear there. The steps are different if it’s a profile or a business page.

Why Are Strangers on my FB?

This may happen because they find the content interesting. Another reason could be that they have friends in common who recommend pictures or videos. This can be a bit dangerous. Even if they’re not one’s friends on Facebook, they might still see the things, texts, or photos that the user is posting.

Can You Secretly Follow Someone?

Well, it will not be a secret. Even though this person will not get an alert or a friend’s request, they will still be able to see their fan list if they look for it carefully. That’s when the name will pop up.

Can You Tell If Someone Has Snoozed You?

No, it’s not possible to tell. Snoozing is a great function to use within FB. It will do away with annoying notifications and alerts the person doesn’t want to receive. And the best part is that the person, group, or page will never know about the snoozing.

Will You Be Notified If Someone Follows You on FB?

Yes, the person will receive an alert. This text will say that a new fan has chosen to stay tuned to one’s content. On the other hand, if a user decides to unfollow an account, there won’t be any alerts.

What Do Followers on Facebook See?

They will be able to see posts, photos, videos, and everything the person decides to share on their profiles. The only way to avoid this is to go to settings and limit the privacy of posts to friends only instead of the general public.

Get Insightful Data About Your FB Today

So, how do I see who is following me on Facebook? It’s clear that the process is similar but not the same in the case of personal or business accounts. Anyway, it’s equally crucial to identify the fan base on social media, be it FB or Instagram in 2023. Such things will help owners make the content targeted and suitable for the account’s audience. Plus, it will keep them safe because they’ll know nobody dangerous is watching over their profiles. What about you? Are you concerned about who follows you on FB and other social media sites?

Published: October 12, 2020Updated: May 31, 2021

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