How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram: Find Out to Act Quickly

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  3. The Ways to Stop Losing Followers on Instagram
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Instagram, along with other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, hides information for privacy. They want to protect their users and maintain a solid community through their social media outlets.

That can be inconvenient, though, if the necessary knowledge is who is engaging or disengaging from an account.

Instagram might not make the process particularly helpful through its policy, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to find information. If you wonder, “how to see who unfollowed you on Instagram?” here are options to figure it out.

Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram

How to See Who Unfollowed You

Manually figuring out “who unfollowed me on Instagram” can take time. It may also seem like the obvious answer, but it is still necessary to cover.

To use Instagram in 2023, don’t Google it, but instead find the profile that might have unfollowed and see if they are still following it. This method can only be done one at a time and is used to find out if friends on Instagram unfollow another person.

Check the Account’s Followers List

To manually check out unfollowers, it is possible to see the follower’s list. How easy this will mostly lie in the size of it. If it is small enough, losing someone is noticeable.

Find it this way by:

  1. Go to the Instagram homepage by selecting the profile picture at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on the ‘followers’ count to pull up the list of following accounts.
  3. Scan through the list by scrolling to see if someone’s username has disappeared from it.

Visit the Potential Follower’s Account

Instead of looking through their following list, go ahead and check out theirs. This method works exceptionally well if there is one specific person that holds the interest.

Instagram, and others like Twitter, helps out with this method, supplying some stats right under their username that can point in the right direction. Look for these things if you wonder, “who unfollowed me on Instagram?”

A Check Mark

There is a horizontal line of stats on the Instagram app at the top of the screen, showcasing the number of posts, followers, and followings. Under this, there is a button for “Message” and an icon with a head and shoulders on it.

There should be a checkmark next to this icon that means the accounts mutually follow each other.

Check Out the “Follow Back” Button

If they have been interacting previously, go to the profile to see if they still follow. Under the stats, if the button says “Follow Back,” they are already following.

Find the “Follow” Button

On the other hand, if the “Follow” button shows up as the typical blue button without any further words behind it, it’s not a follower anymore.

Use Third-Party Apps to See Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

Use Third-Party Apps
Third-party apps are the easiest way to find out who unfollowed the person on IG and Twitter. Download them through apps like Google Play. They work to gather information on the current follower ratios and lists.

The biggest issue with them is that Instagram’s API places considerable restraints on the amount that these unofficial developers can do.

It is only from the time that the app is installed that it can be used to see who followed and unfollowed. Nothing can be seen from before that point.

Follow Meter

The purpose of Follow Meter is to give their users insight into their popularity on Instagram. They provide metrics such as unfollowers, ghost followers, and even secret admirers. Download the app and then, through it, log into Instagram to gain a better understanding of who follows.

When the app is pulled up, the dashboard showcases:

  • The number of unfollowers and new followers.
  • The accounts that aren’t following back and those that you aren’t either.
  • In-app purchases can make the app even more useful with more features.


Downloading InsTrack is a good way to learn how to know who unfollows you on Instagram.

Once pulled up, the free dashboard allows the user to see:

  • The followers that have been gained and lost since the last refresh.
  • Who the non-followers are and those accounts that follow but haven’t been followed back.
  • If the need is to see who has blocked the profile, pay a fee to InsTrack and make that information available.

Followers Assistant

Creating or diminishing a gap between the followers and unfollowers are those that are being followed can be important when getting the follower-following ratio right. Make it look like it isn’t by widening the gap with a free app.

  • Followers Assistant helps this by showing everyone who doesn’t follow back.
  • It allows for a mass unfollow with a click of a button.
  • It indicates metrics on each of the posts’ popularity, saving time trying new methods to gain a broader audience.

The Ways to Stop Losing Followers on Instagram

Stop Losing Followers on Instagram

Sometimes it seems to go through a phase, where, instead of gaining popularity, others continuously unfollow. Although it is easy enough to figure out how to see who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram, sometimes the more important thing is stopping it from happening over again.

The Posting Schedule is Off

There is a particular frequency that posts should be checked for their content to hit Instagram’s algorithm just right. If the followers expect that general policy to be maintained, they might become bored or apathetic when a holder rarely posts new materials.

Poor Photo and Video Quality

When Instagram began, it was an app to showcase people’s talents as creatives, whether a photographer or painter. A certain level of that continues to this day.

People don’t get onto Instagram to see blurry photos or a snapshot of another picture. If that is all the content, expect some unimpressed followers to quickly hit that unfollow button.

The Account Has a Shadow Ban

While it doesn’t occur very often, a shadowban is when Instagram bans a user’s content, perhaps for privacy infringements, without them being aware of it. Users cannot see their content, though, so they think that the profile is stagnant or has been deactivated. If this happens, they might find it a waste to follow and unfollow the account.

Low Levels of Engagement

Social media platforms have become online hubs of community activity. They engage with other people’s content and expect engagement in return on some level.

This expectation is especially true when they repeatedly interact with the same profile and never receive anything back from them.

Buying Followers

Buying Followers
Instagram does not appreciate those who try to manipulate the system. The rules and regulations are in place to keep the platform more of a level playing field for all the users. The ones that buy followers abuse this idea, and Instagram works against it since it should be free.

The primary way that the platform fights back is by regularly purging fake accounts or bots. For those who have superficial followings, the follower number drops like a rock. This is why these services are a waste of money and put the account’s credibility on the line.

Begging for Positive Feedback or Engagement

The need for validation should not be fleshed out through the Insta audiences. It makes people feel uncomfortable and irritated when confronted with comments, for example, “Tell me if I look fat in this.”

Instead of causing people to cringe, fill the caption with descriptions, emojis, or something more meaningful. Give the public something to look forward to engaging with instead of swiping past with a grimace.

The Content is Offensive or Irritating

Many topics in 2023 divide people. More than ever, society has taken the time to feel strongly about essential matters. It is a time when, if they feel as though someone is offensive, they react by removing it from their interactions.

Try to stay away from extremely political topics or a change in worldviews that makes most of the audience feel uncomfortable. That is the style of the account, don’t phrase it in a way that majorly offends a group of people.


Will Instagram Ban You for Unfollowing?

Instagram has placed a limit on the number of follows and unfollows a single one can take in an hour. If it surpasses 60, then they stop those actions.

They want to protect the community and keep it as real as possible. Following or unfollowing so many other people at once makes it seem fake, and they flag those.

Are Instagram Unfollow Apps Safe?

Sometimes it can be hard to use Instagram if you wonder, “who are the people who unfollowed me on Instagram?” As with any app downloaded onto a device and given access to personal information, there are dangers with installing unfollow apps.

Look through the reviews and ratings to find out how people felt about this app after using it for a while to find out if it sounds safe. Some of the more popular choices have thousands of positive reviews.

When You Remove a Follower on Instagram Can They Still See Your Posts?

First, the account needs to be private. If it is, anyone who does not follow it cannot see any of the posted content. They can still view the bio, Insta stats, and profile photo.

Always In the Insta Know

Finding out who has unfollowed an Instagram profile can help maintain the follower to following ratio. It also keeps the feed more in tune with the people that you are more interested in. What’s more, it is also a plus to track the account’s metrics to maintain growth.

If you have any other questions or comments about how certain aspects or apps have worked for you, leave a comment.

Published: July 05, 2021Updated: July 05, 2021

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