How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace: The Ultimate Guide

Learning how to sell on Facebook marketplace is the equivalent of taking things to the flea market. Not only is it just as easy, but it can be done from the comfort of one’s home.

Though it was developed recently, this feature has become one of the most used in the platform in 2023. It has many benefits for those who publish there, such as charging no fees and connecting people locally. But to be able to make the most out of them, it is key to know how to use it right.

In this guide, get an in-depth tour through the tool and enjoy some pro tips to maximize profits and close more sales.

Table of Contents

  1. How Does FB Marketplace Work
  2. How to Post on FB Marketplace
  3. Selling on FB Marketplace: All You Have to Know
  4. FB Marketplace Rules
  5. The Perks of Using Facebook Marketplace
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Facebook Marketplace Work

Facebook Marketplace

This section within the platform is ideal for those who want to buy or offer their products locally. It may seem like an e-commerce platform. But in contrast to sites such as Amazon, this one does not have a payment processor or a delivery system. Instead, it allows listing one’s products. Then, the buyer can get in touch with them to arrange all the rest.

It has many tools to help find what one is looking for. One of them is the ability to filter by price, location, or type of product. It also allows them to add all the basic info, such as images, descriptions, and more.

How to Post on Facebook Marketplace

Post on Facebook Marketplace

Knowing how to post on Facebook marketplace is the first thing one should do before anything else. Once this is clear, then users can learn the specifics. Here is a step-by-step guide to help with that.

New Facebook

The platform has made the process of selling something there very simple. Just follow these simple steps to list products in only a few minutes.

  1. Open the app or website and go to the “Marketplace” tab. Or go directly to
  2. Click on “Create new listing” or “Sell something” and then “Item for sale”.
  3. Complete the fields with the right data.
    • On “What are you selling?”, write a descriptive title of the product.
    • On “Add price”, type the desired pricing. In case of doubt, check to see how much others are charging for a similar product.
    • On “Change location”, limit the areas where the product will be sold. By default, it will be the current location.
    • Select the category of the type of product on sale.
    • Finally, write a good description. This is optional, but not completing this is a mistake. Buyers want to know full well what they are spending their hard-earned cash on.
  4. Add some good pics of the product. This is one of the most important fields. They can be dragged or selected from the harddrive.
  5. Then hit on “Next” to publish the listing. If the option is gray, then one of the fields was not filled right. Go back to check what is missing.
  6. The list is now visible. Buyers in the desired location will see it and have the possibility of commenting on it.

Classic Facebook

Doing this on the classic version is just as easy as on the new one. There are some small variations, though. Check them out below.

  1. Go to the “Newsfeed”, and then select “Marketplace”.
  2. Click on “Sell something”, and then on “Item for sale”.
  3. Choose the category in the options that better describes the nature of the product. For this, fill all the fields. Write a title, a price, and choose a location. If it is free, just type 0 on the price.
  4. Upload photos of the product. Check that they have good lighting and resolution. If they are blurry or dark, users will not be as likely to buy them. Users can select them from the gallery or take them on the spot.
  5. Hit “Next”. If the button is not blue, it will not be possible to advance. Just go back and see that all the fields were filled with the right info.
  6. Then, choose the place where the product should be published. To do so only on the Marketplace, tap “Clear”.
  7. Then, just click on “Publish” so that the post goes live on the web. Once this is done, everyone who is searching for the product nearby will have access to it.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace: All You Have to Know

Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Those who want to earn some money with this tool should learn not only how the process of selling on Facebook marketplace works, but also some of its secrets. This list includes a complete set of tips to use the platform like a pro.

1. Research the Market

Right after wondering how to sell stuff on Facebook, but before actually publishing anything, sellers have to study the market. Check what others nearby share and how much they charge. See if the product to be sold is in demand. But also see if the market is overcrowded. Come with ways to differentiate the business from the competition and then get started.

2. Get Some Money with Old Things

Search the house for items that are not used anymore. Almost every business does this. One can earn some very good money out of things they do not use anymore. Check old boxes, go through drawers, and ask other members of the family. If something has not been used during the last year, then it is probably best to put it in the market and earn some cash.

3. The Best and Worst Performing Niche

Though there are thousands of products on sale on this platform, there are some that are more desired than others.

  • Popular gadgets. Video game consoles, TVs, and other loved gadgets are some of the best-sold items on the platform.
  • Children products. Toys, dolls, small bikes, and other objects of that sort are very popular.
  • Fragile items. When something breaks, one needs to replace it. Facebook offers an inexpensive way to get a new one.
  • Leisure objects. Books, magazines, board games, and other things to pass the time are always a best-seller.
  • Clothing for kids. They always outgrow their clothes in just a few months. Parents tend to go to FB to find new models for them.

These may seem very wide categories that include everything. But there are a few exceptions that do not perform as well.

  • Collection items. Those who buy on this platform are rarely willing to pay top dollar. This type of item may perform better on eBay.
  • Clothes for adults. Tastes vary greatly when one grows up. It may be difficult to find someone who likes the same pieces.
  • Expensive products. One may feel uncomfortable meeting with strangers to give them high-ticket items.

4. Is FB the New King?

eBay is one of the top sites everyone uses to put in the market their second-hand products. Yet, since FB started with its Marketplace feature, it has gained much of the market. These are some of its best perks.

  • No fees. This platform does not change anything for letting users post listings.
  • Works fast. It has one of the highest rates of selling in terms of speed.
  • Ideal for locals. Those who do not want to ship their items will find that FB is perfect for making deals with customers nearby.

5. Make the Most out of Groups

One of the main features of this social media platform is the ability to create groups. Users do this to get in touch with others with similar interests. But many also join them to buy and share their products locally.

Do some research about which ones are available in the area. Join them and post there. They are great to do some market research too. Some will be specific to an area, while others may also only allow certain niches. Research to see if there is one specific for the type of product and city where the object is sold.

6. Sell Locally

The FB marketplace is this network’s tool to help users make deals locally. Though many people wonder, “how does Facebook marketplace work?”, the truth is that it is very intuitive.

It also has its own app for Android and iOS. There, one can publish their items straight from their phones. This means that they can take photos of the products on the spot, for example.

7. Good Pics Sell More

The best way to entice potential customers is by having the right picture. The first one is the one that everyone will see. Check if it is catchy, in-focus, and well-lit. It does not need to be taken by a pro. But the better the pic is, the more it will sell.

Some tips for this include the following.

  • Choose an empty background. The product should be easily identifiable.
  • Take the pic outside to get good lighting.
  • See if the object is clean and presentable.
  • The first image should be of the complete product. The other ones can be close-ups.
  • Show different angles.
  • Upload photos of the actual product, not ones taken from the web.

8. Haggling is Part of the Process

Check what others are charging for a similar product in 2023 and choose competitive pricing. Still, if needed, round up the price instead of down. Many buyers will try to negotiate it. So, having slightly higher pricing will give some room for this.

Seeing how much these products are on other sites, such as eBay, can give a good estimate. But bear in mind that they are usually a bit more expensive there because the platform takes its cut.

9. Review Your Message Requests

Many people who are learning how to use Facebook marketplace do not do this and lose a lot of money because of this. If the person who asks for an item is not a friend on the social media platform, then that message will go to the secret folder. It is hidden since mostly spam goes there. But those who are selling on this website should check it regularly to be sure that they are not missing out on anything.

10. Don’t Let For-Sale Groups Affect the Experience

One of the best techniques to sell items on Facebook is joining groups aimed at this. Yet, while this may increase sales, it affects one’s experience on the platform. The news feed will be cluttered with this type of post.

The best way to avoid this is by changing the notification settings. Go to the group and click on “Notifications” at the top. Change to “Friends’ posts” to see only what they publish. What unknown persons say they will stop appearing. But do not worry. Notifications for the products on sale will still come up.

11. Find Buyers Before They Find You

One of the first things to do right after joining a for-sale group is seeing what others are looking for. Businesses who offer video games should check using the search box if anyone has recently asked about them. Many users join these groups only to request for the items they need.

In the case of this kind of business, it is advisable to type the names of the most popular games. Then, just contact the buyer through DMs.

12. Create Different Listings

A key aspect of how to sell on Facebook well minds the pictures. They are the first thing that catches people’s attention. So, if there is more than one item per listing, all the images will be cluttered. This will most likely reduce the number of sold products.

13. Set a 24-Hour Limit

One of the problems of selling on Facebook marketplace is that people are not always committed. It is common to see users who contact a seller and seem interested. Some of them arrange to meet and buy the product. But then do not show up. It is even more frustrating that then the seller does not know if he should wait or try to give the item to someone else. This is why having this kind of policy in place will help to prevent these situations.

14. Use Comments and DMs to Communicate

Many users will express their interest and maybe even start negotiating on the comment box. Usually, the one that speaks first is the one to get the sale. But still, things may not work out with them. So, it is advisable to talk to those who post after to let them know that they will be considered.

Right after the comment, the seller should check out the profile of the one who is interested. See if they seem trustworthy. Also, if this is done in a group, do some research on them. Check their past deals to see if they seem nice and reliable.

Once it is clear they are a good match; it is best to contact them directly. Send them a DM and bear in mind that it may go to their message requests. So, it is best to also let them know through a comment on the post that they should go and check there.

If they do not seem, good clients, just tell them that the item has already been sold. Safety should always come first.

15. Pay All the Taxes

This will depend on the type of seller. Those who are just getting rid of the old stuff they have at home should not worry much about taxes. But those who are learning how to sell on Marketplace to make a trade out of it should do some research on taxes.

The best one could do in this case is to read the official sites at state and national levels thoroughly. All the rules and regulations are there. And if the business grows or there is any doubt, then it is always best to find an accountant. Some products should not pay taxes, but it is always best to ask a pro about these matters.

16. Consistency Matters

This tip works mainly for those who learn how to sell on Facebook to do business. It is best to create a brand to have some consistency. One example of this would always be selling the same type of product. This will help to know one market in depth. And with this info, one can know better which type of description, pricing, and delivery method works best for that niche.

17. Use All the Channels Available

Do not limit the business to Facebook. There are many other places to promote items. Some of them are specific to different niches. Check if there is any place where buyers may be searching where the products are not listed yet.

A key part of this is maintaining brand aesthetics. If people see a product of the same person in different places, they will recognize that. In this way, if they had a good previous experience, they will be likely to want to repeat that or recommend the brand to others.

18. Get a Separate SIM Card

Those who sell items on Facebook regularly will probably want to keep their lives and business separate. For this, one of the first things to do is getting a different number for each. It may happen that clients will call at weird hours. Or they may get annoying. In any of these cases, it is a good idea to have a different SIM card and avoid these issues.

19. Set Posts to Private

Many strangers will try to contact the account to buy things. But they may also have access to one’s personal posts. To keep business and private life separate, people should tweak their privacy settings.

Check who can see the posts. Assure yourself that it is set to “Only Friends”. In this way, if one does not add clients, then they will not be able to see anything they should not.

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Then click on, “Who can see my stuff?”
  3. Choose “Friends”.

20. Always Ask for Cash

If possible, when selling on Facebook marketplace, always try to close deals with cash. Checks may not clear. And it is not advisable to give one’s bank account data to strangers.

Many scammers also say that they want to pay through PayPal. Then, they send the link to a phishing site through email. It will look exactly like the original site. But once one enters his profile info, the scammers will get it. And then, they will have access to one’s money.

21. Be Always Safe

This is one of the most important things to bear in mind when learning how to sell on Facebook marketplace. Do not forget that these persons are strangers. Avoid getting too excited about closing a sale and not taking the necessary safety measures. It is a good idea to check out thoroughly the client’s profile before arranging to meet.

If there is anything there or in his behavior that seems fishy, it is best to wait for someone else. Also, try to arrange a meeting in a public place. If it is done in the seller’s house, do not let them come inside or display anything expensive. It is advisable to have someone else at home too.

22. Give Away to Build Relationships

Many users only worry about how to sell on Facebook for free, but not what they can give back to the community. There are many companies across the country that give their products away at no cost. In return, people may get gifts as a way of saying thank you. This helps to build relationships with locals, which helps the community at the same time as it builds potential business relationships for the future.

Facebook Marketplace Rules

Facebook Marketplace Rules

Some individuals may try to take advantage of others. But thanks to the team of admins that make sure that all the Facebook marketplace rules are followed, the site is quite safe. Here are the main ones to take into account when uploading a listing.

1. Forbidden Items to Avoid

The company has a strict policy regarding how to use Facebook marketplace and what to offer in it. There are some forbidden items that, if published, will result in getting banned.

They include the following.

  • Adult products
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Pets or animals
  • Tickets to events
  • Gift cards
  • Tobacco
  • Weapons and explosives
  • Illegal or prescription drugs
  • Digital media
  • Health-related supplements

2. Only Physical Products Allowed

If it is not physical, it cannot be sold. This includes but is not limited to the following.

  • Jokes and memes
  • News
  • Digital products
  • Posts requesting products

To offer services such as housekeeping, the user must get in touch with one of the partners of the platform and coordinate with them.

3. Post Real Images

Photos should create the right expectations for customers. If the item on sale is old, it is not acceptable to show a pic of when it was new or take one from the web. In these cases, the admins will take down the listing. The user will be able to create a new one with the right images.

4. No Before-and-after Pictures Allowed

The admins do their best to keep the platform safe from scams and sensationalism. As before and after images are generally used for this, they are prohibited. An example would be that of weight loss products.

Many manufacturers play with their clients’ frustrations and promise impossible things. So, the platform has a strict policy in place to prevent these things from happening.

The Perks of Using Facebook Marketplace


In the past, practically all second-hand products sold on the web were on eBay. But now, the market has become much more competitive. Learning how to post on Facebook marketplace offers many benefits to those who want to clean the house by getting rid of used items.

The main ones are the following.

  • Reach people locally. The app will display objects by location. So, buyers are likely to be from the same area, which reduces the cost of shipping and makes the logistics easier.
  • Smart algorithm. The platform identifies what each person is interested in. Then, it shows them related products. This means that clients are happy, and sellers are more likely to close a deal.
  • Easy to use. Selling on Facebook marketplace is something that anyone with an account on the network can do. Learning to utilize this tool is very simple and can be done in minutes.

FAQ Section

Is It Safe to Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Mostly yes. Still, one should take the necessary precautions. In most cases, sellers are going to meet with strangers to exchange something. It is advisable to do this in public places so that if the other party has ulterior motives, he will be discouraged by the presence of others. If this is done at home, then make sure someone else is there too.

Is Facebook Marketplace Cash Only?

This will depend on what the users agree. If they want to pay through a third-party site, like PayPal, that is okay. Just bear in mind that this is not recommended since it may be a scam.

The platform does not have any payment method of its own, so users will have to arrange something convenient for both of them. This could be cash, a bank transfer, virtual wallets, or any other way.

How Many Items Can You Post on Facebook Marketplace?

The limit is 150 new listings per day. This is quite lenient, and most will probably not need more than that when selling on Facebook marketplace. Also, bear in mind that only ten pictures per item are allowed.

Will My Friends See Items I Sell on Facebook Marketplace

They will see the products if they enter the marketplace and search for it. They are visible for all users in that case. But they will not get an alert. And neither will they see it on their news feed. Still, sellers may choose to notify those they know, in case, they are interested or want to promote what they sell.

Does Facebook Marketplace Charge a Fee?

No, it does not. Selling on Facebook marketplace is completely free for all users. This usually means that the products there are cheaper than in other platforms that take a cut out of every sale, like eBay.

How Long Do Items Stay on the Marketplace?

They stay on the market indefinitely. Users are the ones in charge of taking them down once the deal has been closed. After seven days, they may choose to renew the listing to give it a boost so that more people see it.

It Is Here to Stay

Though Marketplace is one of Facebook’s latest features, it has already become one of the most popular ones. More than 800 million people were using it on a monthly basis to buy, sell, or just browse products. In 2023, the number is even greater. This is definitely a mighty competitor that has come to stay.

How did you find the experience of selling on Facebook marketplace? Let us know in the comments!

Published: December 07, 2020Updated: December 07, 2020

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