How to Tag a Page on Facebook: Increase Exposure & Engagement

Tagging others on Facebook is a very good strategy to get a better audience and engagement. It has always been possible to tag a person on different posts. But now, users can also do it with pages. This is great in case they want to bring out more followers for a business. And the action is possible on emails, pictures, videos, posts, and events. This creates a link between the two sites. Follow the steps below and learn how to tag a page on Facebook in 2023.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Tag a Business Page in a FB Post
  2. Why You Should Tag Other Business Pages on Facebook
  3. When to Tag Other Pages on Facebook
  4. Why Something Isn’t Working
  5. Tips About Tagging
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

How to Tag a Business on Facebook

Tag a Business

As stated above, companies need to have a strong social media presence to be successful. One of the main elements is engagement and interaction with fans. Thus, using tags and mentioning a page can bring about discussions and conversations. Still wondering how to tag a business on Facebook? Let’s go and find out.

Learn to Mention a Company in an FB Post

The steps are very few, and the process is quite simple. Anyone can do it using their desktop or their smartphone. So, here are some of the things people have to do when tagging a page on Facebook.

  1. Generate new content on the page. Enter the main site and click on “Write a post”.
  2. Type something (add emojis for more fun!).
  3. Just add an @ and write the first letters of the company that the owner wants to mention.
  4. A menu will appear below with a lot of names that start with those characters.
  5. Scroll down the social media page and click on the correct business.
  6. Post the message, and the tag will appear.

Mention Someone on a Picture

It’s also possible to mention other pages on one’s own images and videos. But this will only happen if the business has already given permission for that.

  1. First, scroll down the Facebook page and choose the selected image.
  2. Open it and search for an icon that resembles a tag.
  3. Click connect and then look for the site to share and mention.
  4. If that brand is available, it will be possible to add it to the photo.
  5. Click on tagging.
  6. Refresh the page and see the marketing results.

Tag FB Pages in a Video

How to tag a page on Facebook also includes steps to do so in very popular content: videos. The process is fairly similar, but it involves some extra marketing actions to take, such as:

  1. The first thing to do is to enter the page.
  2. Search for a tab called Publishing tools.
  3. On the left, there is a video library that can enable mentions.
  4. Scroll down the list and look for the video to tag.
  5. Now, there will be a menu where the owner may want to type a description.
  6. Write @, choose the brand, and that’s it.

Why Is Tagging a Page on Facebook a Good Idea?

Good Idea

Companies benefit from mentioning each other on FB. On the one hand, because it increases engagement for both of them. But there are also other reasons why tagging a page on Facebook is a good idea. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • It promotes cross-promotional branding. The coupons and offers will be more famous in both cases.
  • This creates links with influencers who can make the company grow.
  • The brand will have more reach because the contacts of both companies will see the text, image, or video.

When Is it a Good Time to Do This?

Good Time

Yes, the practice is nice, but beware. Doing it too often or in a wrong way may end up with the owner being flagged as spam. Follow these tips on how to tag a Facebook page. In this way, the content will always be relevant to their fields.

  • When collaborating, promoting products or services is more effective.
  • In case the brands have participated in the same events or meetings, this is also nice.
  • The owner of a provider has searched for one’s webpage.
  • There are shared photos on the two feeds that link them together.

Some Reasons Why This Is Not Going Well

Not Going Well

It may happen that the process doesn’t run smoothly. Don’t worry, these things happen. In particular, when dealing with tech issues. Let’s answer how to tag someone on Facebook and why it may not be working.

  • The name or email the owner wants is wrong. Sometimes, famous brands do not use their name on social media. They may, for example, use acronyms or put other words at the beginning. Users should make sure the name of the business is correct.
  • The site may have a lot of versions. For instance, big firms are targeted to different countries.
  • At times, Facebook just doesn’t work, and people couldn’t be tagged. The only thing left to do is wait for a digital solution. Their tech team usually solves the issue in a short time using emails.
  • If everything fails, owners may have tagged the comments section. This is a nice option to make the brand more visible on digital media.

Some Tips From Experts

Mentioning companies is a powerful media help that should not be taken lightly. Here are some tips by experts that help in the effort of increasing engagement and interactions.

  • Be careful with branded content. Facebook might consider these posts as creating value or promoting materials in exchange for money. When a firm wants to tag another one, the platform usually believes they are doing some kind of ads and may take it away. Find more info on the Branded Content Lab of the official page.
  • Only some categories are allowed to be tagged. These fields are “Music, artists, public figures, and products”. Other groups do not fall into these conditions. So, if one’s Facebook page does not belong to these exceptions, others won’t be able to mention it.
  • It’s not possible to tag or share contacts from a business page.

FAQ Section

How Do I Tag a Page on Facebook Android?

Well, the process doesn’t differ from what’s explained above for a desktop device.

Follow the steps to get it done.

  1. Look for the brand first and check their name. At times, it can be different from the one they have shared in real-life.
  2. Access the photo, video, post, or event to mention a company.
  3. Check where the @  is on the smartphone. Then, start writing down the name of the firm.
  4. Post the comment, and that’s it. The tag should appear at once.

Why Can’t I Recommend My Business Page on Facebook?

FB might be having some technical issues at the moment. Or maybe this section is still turned off on the brand’s site. The best way to check is by accessing the section on permissions.

  1. Owners can find this option in the right corner of the page.
  2. After finding the correct tab, look for a part that reads “Users Can Add Tags to Photos by (Page Name)” that is next to “Posting”.
  3. After enabling this, it should be ready to be recommended and shared.

How Do I Tag Myself on My Business Page?

  1. Look for the comments section and start writing the name after the @.
  2. If the owner tries to mention the brand on the same company’s site, that is not possible.
  3. Only real people will be able to carry out this action, following the process explained above.

Use the Strategy in a Smart Way

Tagging is an essential part of social media efforts in 2023. It creates links with others and encourages people to comment and participate. When it comes to companies and firms, it adds another level. They can cross-brand and promote products and services. Learn how to tag pages on Facebook and take advantage of this tactic. Yet, be smart because spam can be dangerous and even undermine one’s effort. Do you do tag pages often? How many businesses have you mentioned recently?

Published: November 16, 2020Updated: November 18, 2020

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