How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on Facebook: All 12 Possible Methods

The truth is, no one likes to be ‘blocked.’ For the most part, it is a terrible experience, especially if the person doing the blocking is someone close. It’s 2023, and almost everything is possible now. Therefore, how to tell if someone blocked you on Facebook is quite simple.

Even though Facebook still doesn’t give any form of notification through email or the icon on the homepage to someone who has been blocked, there are some simple ways to check it. We will discuss those below.

Table of Contents

  1. Verify the “Block” Status
  2. How to Know if You Have Been Blocked
  3. Alternative Methods
  4. What to Do if You Were Blocked
  5. When Someone Blocks You, Can They Still See Your Profile?
  6. How Long Does a Facebook Block Last?

Verify Your “Block” Status

Verify Your “Block”

The question here is, how do you know if someone blocked you on Facebook?

First, it is important to note that there’s a difference between being unfriended and being blocked.

Being unfriended means that a person who used to be a “friend” is no longer on the friends’ list. However, their real-time Facebook activities such as posts, likes, and comments can still be tracked.

With the knowledge of how a “block” works, the battle is half won because being blocked means that the people doing the blocking do not want others to see their accounts.

The only thing that a blocked individual may be able to see is their previous articles and engagements. Thus, a friend’s disappearance from the list may not equate to a block.

How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Facebook

Someone Blocked You on Facebook

The answer is very simple. But, it can also be a little tricky.

There are few things people who think they’ve been blocked are able to check to confirm the speculation. Even though being unfriended is similar to being blocked, there are a few distinguishing differences, and below are a few of those indicators.

You Can’t Find Them on Your Friends List

The realization that the activities or posts of a particular contact on the friends’ list can no longer be seen could indicate that the friend has used their “block” option.

To verify this, go to the profile page by clicking on the name at the top left of the screen and checking the friend’s list. If they aren’t there, then it is likely that they have used the “block” option. But, try not to jump to a conclusion until the next indicator has been checked.

You Aren’t Able to Find Them in Search

To check if an account has been blocked, the next thing to do would be to type the person’s name on Facebook’s search bar. It is usually located at the top of the screen, including the home page, both on a laptop and a mobile phone.

So, how can one tell about blocking status on FB? Their names can’t be found in search. The gimmick behind this is that anyone can be discovered through the search bar on Facebook. If they’ve not used the “block option,” their accounts should pop up.

Therefore, if a person can’t be found, then it’s clear that they’ve decided to go on a blocking spree for some reason.

However, other factors may contribute to why a Facebook user can’t be found through the search query. It may have something to do with their privacy settings. So, check out the next indication.

You Can’t Tag Them to Posts

In 2023, connecting with someone on Facebook has never been easier than on any other media platform. There are options for Facebook users to tag the people who will be the first to see and engage with their posts.

Hence, tagging is a way to connect with friends on Facebook. To know if you’ve been blocked, create a post, and then click on the ‘Tag’ button.

This will pull out a drop-down list of friends that are constantly engaged with. Type the concerned friend’s name in the tag box. If the name does not pop out, this is a strong indication that a “blocking” has occurred. However, it can be due to a person’s privacy settings.

You Can’t Send Invitations to Facebook Events or Groups

A user’s inability to invite someone to a group or event may indicate that they’ve been unfriended or blocked.

To verify this, do the following:

  1. Click on the three-dotted line on the left side of the Facebook home page. On mobile, it’s on the right.
  2. Select “Invite Friends.”
  3. Type the friend’s name in the box that pops out.
  4. If their name does not come up, it’s another clear indication that they’ve blocked the account.

Their Posts Disappeared from Your Feed

Feed is where people’s Facebook activities appear. It is visible on the home page, and depending on the privacy settings’ nature, a particular group of people may not see their posts there. Often, if a friend’s feed is available, a notification on it will be sent to the person’s email address.

However, one way for Facebook users to confirm that their accounts have been blocked on Facebook is a feed devoid of the friend’s activities in that particular group.

You Can’t Send Messages Through Facebook Messenger

Another foolproof method of confirming a blocked status on Facebook would be to send the suspected blocker a message via Messenger. Although texts can be exchanged between people who aren’t Facebook friends, they will get the notification as a message request. Trying to start a chat after being blocked will result in the ‘user unavailable’ error code. To get started, click on the Messenger icon on the home page.

You Can’t See Their Profile Pages

The question here is, “Can you see who blocks you on FB”? The answer is no. And this lack of visibility points towards a blocked account.

Ideally, everyone’s profile page is visible on Facebook, whether it’s a friend or not. However, when a profile page is no longer available or visible to a Facebook user, his account has likely been blocked.

You Can’t Find Them in Your Facebook Memories

Another trick would be to check the shared Facebook memories with that user. If they disappeared, then it’s time to start feeling concerned.

You Can’t Find Them on Facebook Groups

Sharing the same group with someone who has blocked your account makes it very easy to confirm. The method of checking here is to examine the names of group members.

Type in the User’s name in the search bar. If their name does not come out, it merely means that no blocking has occurred. If their name appears, one needs to be concerned about a friendship status with the person.

You Can’t Find Them on a Mutual Friend’s Public List

The presence of mutual friends makes checking very easy. All that is needed is to visit that person’s profile page and search for the friend who is suspected of blocking. If the name doesn’t show up, everything is fine. If it does, it’s time to start getting worried.

You Can’t Find Them in Wall Posts

Being blocked on Facebook is very difficult to figure about because Facebook does not send block notifications to anyone. The only unusual activity that will be noticed is that the friend’s post will cease to exist in wall posts.

You Can’t Block Them on Facebook

It’s not a matter of getting vengeance. By testing to see if a person can be blocked, one can also test to see if they have, for some reason, deleted their account and are unavailable because only those who haven’t used the “block option” can be blocked.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Sign in
  2. Click down the arrow to the top right of the “feed” on the homepage.
  3. Go to Settings. Select Blocking and enter a name under Users Block
  4. Press enter or delete
  5. Profiles will appear, with the option to block them.
  6. If it doesn’t happen, then they have deactivated their account or blocked you.

Alternative Methods to Know if You Are Blocked on Facebook

Alternative Methods

This is 2023, and there’s a solution to almost everything. There are other ways to verify if you are blocked on Facebook. Sometimes, a user’s account can be deactivated due to a violation of Facebook terms or privacy policy. They might be in the account recovery process, so it’s wise not to make assumptions when all other facts have not been verified.

Use Other Social Media Accounts

Check places like Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. The same principles use both Instagram and WhatsApp since they are both owned by Facebook.

We live in 2023, a time where social connectivity has become a necessity. Hence, it will be improbable that the person may have deactivated all of their social media accounts (in some rare cases, this could be true). Likewise, there’s a high probability that someone who doesn’t wish to communicate will block the person on all social media platforms.

So, if after searching on all social networks, finding someone is still difficult, then it’s safe to believe that something is off, and a call or email can be put across to know why if the person is close.

Verify From a Close Source

Another thing to do would be to ask a close source. In most cases, it would be a mutual friend. Also, use this opportunity to check if the block was intentional. This person might not be aware of what went wrong. This step will work if the mutual friend is close to both parties. Otherwise, communicating may seem awkward.

Get a Face to Face Response From the Person

After every option on the list has been exhausted, the logical thing to do would be to ask them in person. Check to see if they are available on facetime, Instagram, or email if you have their address. If a response comes through, so will the reason for being blocked.

What to Do if You Were Blocked

What To Do If You Were Blocked

It’s only human to feel angry and frustrated when people find out that they’ve been blocked, especially when they are sure that they haven’t done anything to cause such action.

Nonetheless, it’s not something to worry about. It might be a little misunderstanding or a clash of personality. The point here is, nothing can be done about it.

Asking the question, “is it possible to resolve the issue with the person who blocked me on Facebook” is irrelevant. If it’s feasible to talk with the person, then do so. If it’s not, move on and make other friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Someone Blocks You, Can They Still See Your Profile?

No. When a person has blocked someone’s access from their page, it is impossible to see or stay updated with any of the activities, such as posts, comments, tags, live videos, and all. Also, the person would be unable to use Messenger to chat with you.

How Long Does a Facebook Friend Block Last?

Once a Facebook user has been blocked, they automatically are not able to find whoever blocked them anymore. Thus, the duration may be indefinite and without a time frame. So unless the person unblocks the individual, it can last forever.

What Happens If a Friend Unblocks You?

A friend request has to be sent again to re-establish a connection with a person who once blocked your account.

Can You Unblock Yourself from Someone’s Facebook?

If someone is thinking to homself, “I can just unblock myself from the account of the person who blocked me on Facebook,” that’s wishful thinking. It’s 2023, and that option isn’t available yet.

Besides, all the options on this list are about blocking hallmarks on FB and not about getting unblocked.

Moving on From Here…

Getting blocked isn’t the end of the world. This is 2023, so it’s nothing to worry about. The world doesn’t revolve around any social media platform in an attempt to find out how to see who blocked you on FB. However, for those who are digitally engrossed, people use Facebook to be a part of a community where the whole world is interconnected.

There are many reasons why people get blocked. Some of them are not even their fault. It just happens that way, and the best thing to do is to move on and create better relationships.

Share your block experience with us in the comments section below. We’d love to engage with you and, if needed, leave you some tips!

Published: June 07, 2024Updated: June 07, 2024

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