How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Instagram: The Ultimate Guide

Getting blocked is not nice. Still, it happens very often in 2023 and because of many reasons. This is why many users wonder if that person they have not talked to in a long time has blocked them. Or they may want to know what happened with that interesting profile they found months ago and never again heard from them. Is it possible to learn how to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram? Certainly! Check it out here.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Know If Some­one Blocked You on Instagram
  2. How Do I Know If Someone Blocked Me on Instagram Stories
  3. How to Find Every Account That Blocks You
  4. Reasons for Being Blocked
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

How to Know if Some­one Blocked You on Instagram

How to Know

The platform does everything in its power to hide this info to avoid creating problems. Still, learning how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram is pretty easy. These are the main ways available.

1. Look for Their Username

The fastest method to see if someone was blocked on Instagram by another user is searching their profile. Just type their name on the bar. After this, there are two possible results:

  • If the personal page is private and they have indeed banned the other person, theirs will not come up.
  • If the profile is public, but it says that there are no posts and no profile pic, then they have blocked the other person.

2. Try Following Them

The above-mentioned method may not always work. Some profiles may appear even if they banned another person from seeing them on the app. In that case, try following them. Just click on the button and see what happens. If they have indeed blocked the other user, then the button will not change, and the user will not receive any alerts.

3. Find Them through Tagged Photos

This is a great method to learn how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram. When a profile does not come up on the search results, and one wants to make sure there is a way to do it.

  1. Look for contacts in common.
  2. If they have tagged a photo with the person in question, click on the tag. It should take to his profile.
  3. If the site is empty, then that person has hit the block button.

4. Look for Them on the Comments

Old comments remain even if the other person has banned the user on the app. Look for one of them and click on it. This should open their profile. If their account shows no followers, videos, posts, pics, stories, or profile photo, then that person has blocked the viewer.

5. Use Your Browser

One of the simplest methods to learn how to tell if you’ve been blocked on Instagram is by remembering the username. Simply type on the browser and hit enter. Of course, replace “name” with the actual IG handle of the user.

If a message pops up saying, “Sorry, this page isn’t available.” and there are no posts, then most likely, the other person has banned the user. But this could also be that he has deactivated the site. So, to make sure, do the following.

  1. Open an incognito window.
  2. Type the address on the search bar. Do not log into any account.
  3. If the same message still appears, then that user has taken down his account.

6. Messages Will Go Away

As soon as someone is blocked on Instagram, the messages sent between them will disappear. So, a great way to see if this has happened is by going to the DM section and see if the thread is still there. If so, then no one was banned from seeing the other account.

Still, a chat may disappear just because the other user deactivated his account. The best way to make sure is by checking shared groups. If the account still is there, then that one blocked the user. If not, he just turned off his profile.

7. Use a Different Phone or Profile

One of the fastest ways to learn how to tell if you’re blocked on Instagram is by checking their account from another phone. Ask a friend or relative to lend their phones. Alternatively, one may also use the second site of his own. Go to the profile in question and see how it looks. If there is nothing there, then everything is fine. But if the profile looks normal, then the user was blocked.

How Do You Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram Stories

Someone may choose to hide his stories from another user without blocking him. The only way to answer the common question “how do you know if someone blocked you on Instagram?” is by checking out their profiles. If there are no stories there, but they do appear to other friends or family, then that profile has hidden them from the user.

Can You Find Every Account that Blocks You?

Can You Find Every Account

The platform does not have any tool to know this natively. The only manner to see who blocked me on Instagram is through third-party apps. Yet, IG is not endorsing any tool to do this. They do have partnerships with other providers for scheduling, but not to check blocks.

So, though some claim to be able to know who has banned who, they cannot know it for certain since they do not have access to the databases of the platform.

Why Can One Be Blocked

Reasons for Being Blocked

Being blocked is not nice. No one likes to realize that another person has banned them from seeing their profile. There are many reasons why this may happen, but these are the most common ones.

1. No Engagements

Many big companies block those users who do not interact with them. They already have many followers, and they are not interested in unresponsive profiles. So, to boost the percentage of people who interact with them, they will ban those that do not leave remarks or hearts on their posts.

2. Negative Interactions

Some accounts may post a photo or video on their profiles. If another person appears and leaves a rude or aggressive comment, the owner may decide not to interact with them anymore. The best method to do this is by blocking the account that misbehaved and ends the problem right away. Others may prefer to engage in a long discussion. It is a matter of personality.

3. Fake Profiles

There are plenty of fake accounts on the platform. These do not engage with the profiles they follow, and so they have no value. One of the best ways to improve one’s statistics is by getting rid of them. Spotting them is very easy. Just look for accounts with weird names, no profile pictures, and who write with many grammar mistakes. Once they have been spotted, just block them.

4. Spammers

Some people will follow others without putting much thought into it. One clear example is when a stranger just requests an add. Then, they may start sending a message after the other. Over time, this spam becomes very annoying. So, blocking them may be a great manner to get rid of those who end up becoming a nuisance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens When Someone Blocks You on Instagram?

There are two possible answers to the question “what does it look like when someone blocks you on Instagram?” in 2023. At first sight, everything is the same. There are no alerts or anything of the sort. After looking more closely, one can see that the person is not on search results. Or they do, but their profile is completely empty. The same happens when one enters the account directly from the browser. Also, DMs disappear, just like on Twitter.

Can I Message Someone Who Blocked Me on Instagram?

No, this is not possible. Once someone is blocked on Instagram, the chat thread will stay there. But sending a message there will not be an option. Something similar happens in groups. If the two users shared a group chat, the one who blocked the other will be asked if he wants to leave the conversation.

Can Someone Still See Your Instagram If They Block You?

If the profile is public, then they will be able to find it on search results. But they will not see any of the content posted on the account. If it is private, then it will not appear even there. The only form to access it will be in incognito mode if they remember the user handle. But still, they will not have the possibility of seeing the content.

What Does the Other Person See When You Block Them on Instagram?

On the account, they will not see anything. Just a message saying, “Sorry, this page isn’t available.” When checking out search results, private accounts will not pop up, but public ones will. Still, the content will not be shown.

Being Blocked is No Longer a Secret

Being blocked means not having the chance to interact with the other person anymore. Still, learning how to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram or Twitter takes some time in 2023. With the methods outlined here, though, this becomes really easy.

Have you ever been blocked? Which method did you use to find out? Let us know in the comments below!

Published: August 14, 2020Updated: October 21, 2020

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