How to Unarchive Instagram: Revamp Your Feed Like a Pro

Most Instagrammers have had their account for ages. Things have changed a lot since 2015. Trends, celebrities, and even the owners themselves have transformed social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. So, it is only natural that they would like to erase some embarrassing photos or even how to unarchive Instagram. Yet, cleaning up the feed may be an issue. The person may end up losing valuable comments, shares, or likes when doing away with a visual.

So, the platform offers its clients a nice option: archiving the pictures they don’t want to see anymore. But, if they change their minds in the future, they can always recover them. And the process doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Wanna know more? Just keep reading and unarchive Instagram posts in 2023.

Table of Contents

  1. What’s Instagram’s Archive Feature?
  2. Access Instagram Archive
  3. Hide an Instagram Post
  4. Unarchive IG Stories
  5. Pros and Cons of Archiving Instagram Feature
  6. Can You Bring Back an Archived Photo on Instagram?
  7. Where Are Archived Photos Stored?

What’s Instagram’s Archive Feature?

Archive Feature

This is a function within the app that lets anyone hide their content. Maybe the owners don’t want anyone to see a photo anymore. But, at the same time, they don’t feel like losing the comments and the likes they have. The best way to do this, then, is to archive them. In case the person ends up regretting this action, he or she can always look for archived posts on Instagram. And publish it again in the future.

Visit Your Archive and See What’s Inside

See What’s Inside

This section might seem like something abstract, but it’s real. Every profile today has an archive, where people can store their photos. If they are not sure they want to delete these pictures, they can send them here. Let’s take a look at how to enter it and how to unarchive an Instagram post.

1. Access the Account

Type the page via desktop or mobile, it’s the same. The next step is to look for the profile page by tapping on one’s profile picture that is on the right corner of the screen, below.

2. Look for the Clock

Three stacked lines represent the Settings. After tapping on it, look for the Archive function among the many options on the menu.

3. Choose Section

Still, wondering how to unarchive an Instagram post? Well, there is a part called Archive. This is where all photos and videos are when the person decides to hide them. And they are all in chronological order. Plus, there are two types of archives: one for pictures and one for posts.

How to Unarchive Instagram Posts

Unarchive Instagram Posts

The function is great for those who’ve had a page here for a long time. Maybe the owner chose to hide a photo with their ex, but then they went back together. Or it might happen that a visual that seemed strange is not so anymore. In any case, it’s fairly easy to return them to one’s account. Below are the steps on how to unarchive Instagram posts.

Go to the App

Of course, the first step is to open the platform on your mobile or desktop. Then, going to one’s profile is essential. Just tap on one’s profile icon and enter the feed. People have to look for the posts’ Archive on their site.

Click on the Visuals

After entering the part of the website, a new window will appear. There, users can choose if they would like to unarchive IG materials in a fast and easy manner. Just tap on the picture to recover, and that’s it!

Touch on the Three Dots

In the right corner, on the upper side of the screen, there are three dots. This is the last step to unarchive Instagram posts. Tap on it and select the option to return the photo to the feed. In case of need, the person can just repeat this process for more visuals.

Looking at the bright side, the comments, likes, and other reactions will also come back. So, the owner just has to look for the materials they want to repost. And that’s it! Such are the steps on how to unarchive Instagram photos.

Recovering Your Instagram Stories


It’s also possible to unarchive Instagram Stories. These have become crucial elements within the platform.

So, in case people want to get them back, there is a simple process:

1. Access the App

Click on the icon and tap on the app. Then, people should look for their profile page. It’s easy to find. Just touch the icon of the photo in the right corner below.

2. Look for Highlights

Highlights is a section within the platform. It allows users to see archived posts on Instagram. And to display them for the future. This is a blank bubble below one’s profile picture.

3. Add the Recovered Story

Tap on the bubble that says “new”. There, the person will find a list of all the stories he or she has published in the past. Just select them, and that’s it! They will go back to the main page.

Pros & Cons of Archiving Instagram Feature

At times, archiving content from one’s feed is the right move. Maybe it’s for privacy reasons or to forget about the painful memories they shared. Either way, deleting the photos or posts was too extreme, and now they want them back.

So, let’s examine some of the advantages and drawbacks of this practice below.


  • Make visuals private again. In case the owner realizes they have overshared, they can always take the picture away from the public by learning how to unarchive IG posts.
  • Great organization. All the photos recovered will appear in chronological order. So, the owner does not have to waste any time.
  • Good highlights. Stories can be grouped under different categories. This makes it easier for followers to access the account.
  • No notifications. Nobody will know if people decide to unarchive Instagram posts.
  • No interactions are lost. When stories or posts are restored, the comments, views, and likes are recovered, too.


  • It’s difficult to use. The user has to know how to unarchive an Instagram post. If not, the option is hard to find.
  • It may trigger memories that people don’t want to remember when taking a look at the archive.


Can You Bring Back an Archived Photo on Instagram?

Yes, of course. And the process is fairly simple. As explained above, this social media network has a place that stores all the archived posts on Instagram. Persons only have to enter that part, look for the video or photo they want back, and restore it.

Where Are Archived Photos Stored?

They are stored in the archive. This is a private section in one’s profile. Nobody else can see that place or modify it. Only the owner may manage the photos inside it. The actions to take are two. They can either delete them for good or unarchive photos back to the feed.

What Is Move to Archive?

This is a function that people can find on Instagram and not other sites like Facebook. The idea is that users are able to hide their photos or videos instead of deleting them.

Does Instagram Notify if People Hide Posts?

No, it doesn’t. This gives them more privacy and freedom to carry out tasks. Nobody will ever know, for example, if they recovered a post of two years ago unless this follower is paying a lot of attention to the owners’ feed.

Restore Your Best Content Today

So, here are the best tips for this practice. The idea is to give owners the chance to take back the content they thought was useless at some point. Or that they did not want to display anymore. Luckily, the content is simple and easy to recover. Just follow some simple steps and recover the best visuals! What about you? Have you ever used the archive function on the app?

Published: December 28, 2020Updated: December 29, 2020

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