How to View Private Instagram Namelessly in 2024: 7 Best Practices

Maintaining privacy should be of high importance to anyone who uses social media. Gratefully, privacy has also become one of the most pressing concerns for those who run the platforms online. These include social media such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

This protection is why Instagram has created private profiles. However, if someone has this type of account, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a for how to view private Instagram accounts. This article talks about the meaning of having a private Instagram account in 2023 and how to see those accounts.

Table of Contents

  1. What Does It Mean to Have a Private Instagram Account?
  2. View Private IG Accounts
  3. What Are the Benefits of Making A Private Account?
  4. How to Make IG Private in 2023
  5. Who is an Instagram Stalker?
  6. Is Private Instagram Viewer Safe?

What Does It Mean to Have a Private Instagram Account?

What Does It Mean

The option to have a private account came into play well before 2023 by the Instagram team to protect their users. If someone has a private account, it means that anything they post, including photos or videos, does not appear on the public spectrum.

Instead, someone has to request to follow the user, at which point they get to decide if they will accept or reject them. If they accept the other user, they become one of their followers and can see all their posts.

There are multiple things to keep in mind with a profile like this. If a post gets shared on Instagram and Facebook, it becomes public through that platform.

The Way to View Private Instagram Accounts

Way to View

There are restrictions set up to protect the users of Instagram. However, if someone wants to be able to view private Instagram accounts, there are ways to do so.

1. Request to Follow

The best way, and arguably the most obvious method, is to send the person for a follow. This request gives them the chance to see who you are and send out their permission so someone can be a private Instagram viewer. It’s the way Instagram intended for it to happen.

  1. To send them a follow request, visit their account. It will display a message over the area the posts normally occupy, stating that the profile is private.
  2. Press the blue button to send a request.
  3. Hope they approve.

2. Create a Doppelganger Account

If someone absolutely must view private Instagram accounts, they can try to trick them into accepting their follow request. Do this by conducting a bit of research first, looking to find someone who is already a follower of that account and taking stock of what they have done.

Then, create another account to look almost exactly like theirs. Do this by using a similar profile photo, copying the bio, and using the same first and last name. Then send them a follow request hoping that they believe it was one of their old followers who created a new account.

3. Use a Second Profile

Another of the best ways is to make another profile. Creating a second one may sound like a similar process to the previous one. In a way, it is since both of them are tertiary. In this case, though, there is no identity theft. Here, the point is to create a page meant to look innocent enough to get accepted and see private Instagram accounts.

If this is the most favorable option, try it out by following the tips below.

  • Make the new Instagram profile a female since this is generally viewed as safe, even if the owner of the account doesn’t know who “she” is.
  • Use quality photos and videos, preferably of a real person. Maybe a friend can help by having a photoshoot. However, it is essential to make the profile look believable, or it will come across as a scammer.
  •  Don’t appear like it is an entirely new account by sending out some follow requests and gaining some followers in return.
  • Write a bio befitting of whoever it is that is supposedly running the profile.
  • Make the account private to pique their curiosity and show them that this holder also values privacy.

4. Enlist Google images

Google can be a gold mine of information on just about anyone and can be a great way for how to view someone’s private Instagram photos. Some people may not feel comfortable with using the second or third method in the list.

Instead of trying to deceive anyone, try to find the needed information by doing research.

  1. Find the profile’s username, which will still be visible even if the rest of the account is private.
  2. Copy and paste this into Google.
  3. Select the images tab. Often, this can show some of the posts or other footprint concerning that person.

5. Use Other Platforms

Using Google isn’t the only way to find more information about the specific person with a private Instagram account. Other platforms can also be used to locate someone and see what they share, perhaps one of which will be less restricted regarding the content.

Start by copying the username of the concerned account and entering it in the same way into other social media outlets. These could include Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, and more. People often use the same across platforms. This is because they generally post the same photos due to different followings on all of them.

6. View Through a Friend

An extremely convenient way to figure out how to see private Instagram accounts is if the user knows someone that already follows the profile. If they do, ask if they can check out the account through theirs.

If other followers are not known, then also check and see if they should apply to follow. Then, if they get approved, view the post through the friend’s account.

7. Download an Instagram Viewer App

Many unofficial apps are available for download in 2023 that can allow users to view private accounts. It is a hassle-free way to get a look at the photos of another user without doing all the leg work of making a deceiving profile. The tools claim to be simple to use and allow someone to view any profile, fully and instantly, all for free.

This option is done at your own risk since some of the apps themselves are privacy threats. You might be asked to:

  • Enter in personal information prior to using the app
  • Fill out a survey before using the app

Although the surveys may seem inconspicuous, they can be a way to steal personal information slyly.

How to Make Instagram Private in 2023

How to Make Instagram Private in 2023

If someone signs up to use Instagram, their account is public by default. Perhaps after reading about privacy and protection, some people would now feel more comfortable with learning how to make Instagram private. Depending on the device used, follow the sets of instructions below.

On Android and iOS

From any Android or iOS phone, an Instagram account can be made private after creating the account.

  1. Log into the profile.
  2. Tap the three horizontal bar icon to access the menu.
  3. Tap on the gear symbol to access Settings.
  4. From the Settings menu, tap privacy and then go into Account Privacy.
  5. Here, there is an option to tap Private Account.

On a Browser

Although Instagram’s settings from a browser are fewer than on a mobile device, it is still possible to change the account to private.

  1. Type in to your internet browser.
  2. Log into the account.
  3. Click the person icon and then select the gear icon for Settings.
  4. From here, click the “Privacy and Security” option.
  5. Look for “Account Privacy” and tick the box next to “Private Account.”

What Are the Benefits of Making a Private Account?


Some people might be wondering why anyone would want to make their account private in the first place? Not everyone is happy for the whole world to be able to see what they share regarding what is going on with their life.

Someone might make their account private if they:

  • Broke up with someone recently or are wary of stalkers
  • Don’t want their content stolen and used in unsuitable places by those trying to create fake accounts or claim the work as their own
  • Need to keep their identity safer, including where they might be, who they are with, and other relationships
  • Screen who can see their material and information instead of opening up part of their lives to the public since they approve whoever can view private Instagram accounts

Who Is an Instagram Stalker?

An Instagram Stalker

An Instagram stalker is someone who is abnormally concerned with one or more specific profiles. Their behavior may constitute anything including checking an account several times in one day, keeping tabs on any of the user’s actions, repeatedly checking stories every time there is an update and other related activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I See Private Followers?

Once an account is made private, the followers can only be viewed if a follow request has been approved from the owner of the account. Then, the new follower can see the posts they share, the followers list, and the following list of the private account.

Is Private Instagram Viewer Safe?

Take great care when using a private Instagram app that enables exclusive viewing. Don’t assume they are all safe. Many of these apps mean to tempt those that may want to see private profiles. However, they are often Trojans or others looking to steal personal information. They will not fulfill their process of examining the profile either.

Gaining Instagram Viewer Access

Although there are many ways to be able to view someone’s private account, it is always best to start by asking permission to see the material by sending a follow request. However, if this doesn’t work, at least you know that there are still options for you. Be careful, though, as some of these options can mean trouble.

If you have tried any of the options out, or have opinions on them, feel free to leave a comment below.

Published: June 07, 2024Updated: June 07, 2024

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