How to watch Instagram live and record your own

In 2024, one way to enhance the appeal of Instagram is by learning how to watch Instagram Live. This choice is what lets Instagram users watch videos for free. People who follow them can see the live stream and interact with it at any time.

Thanks to this update, Instagram is now more dynamic than ever before, allowing users to incorporate it into their everyday lives and boost their marketing efforts. Communities of enthusiasts and followers may also be found there, watching and making comments on videos.

Table of Contents

  1. Making an Instagram live stream
  2. How to Share a Live Stream
  3. How do I know if others are live on Instagram?
  4. How to watch Instagram Live Stream on PC
  5. FAQ
  6. Enjoy Every Instagram Live Video

Making an Instagram live stream

Instgrammers are Live

Shooting a live video on Instagram or Facebook adds a personal touch. It makes your account personal, and people can see you and also interact with you live. This is one of the best ways to get Instagram followers. Remember that anyone who follows your blog and has alerts turned on will be notified when a video goes up.

Here are the steps in order to start a live video:

  1. Launch Instagram.
  2. Tap the profile avatar in the Stories dock.
  3. You’ll find the camera menu at the bottom. Press the Live button by swiping left.
  4. After that, press the shutter button to start filming.

In addition to recording, it also provides real-time feeds to the social network. There will be no second shots. Be ready before you start and think through everything you say and do. Plan ahead for all the steps, but also leave some for free flow.

How to Share a Live Stream

Locate Instagram Live

In most cases, once a live video starts, it is actively streaming. The video will vanish as soon as the host ends the broadcast. It is important to understand how to share a live stream. In this way, you give blog viewers the option to rewatch other videos. Followers can comment on it and engage with your account. Keep in mind that buying Instagram likes can help your video stream gain popularity.

Here are steps on how to share a live video.

  1. Follow standard procedures while broadcasting.
  2. Press the “Share” button when the program has ended. It ought to be down there on the screen, at the bottom.
  3. After clicking the “Share” option, it will be added to the profile’s story and will be there for 24 hours. To make it last even longer, you may apply it to highlights.
  4. The host can also choose to save it to the camera roll if they would like to preserve it for a longer period of time. You can save this video to your IGTV account. After that, navigate to the tab for that account to see it.

How do I know if others are live on Instagram?

Instagram Live Video

Differently from the Facebook strategy, Instagram makes it possible to know exactly about future streams and be in touch with your favorite people you follow. So if somebody streams video, you will know it and will not miss the live video.

  • With Instagram, you can see when someone is live streaming by looking for the “Live” indicator next to their profile picture.
  • If you are a follower of a certain account, you will be notified when new videos go live.
  • You can also see live stories on the Explore page. To see popular live videos, choose the “Top Live” option.

How to watch Instagram Live Stream on PC

You can pretty much watch IG Live on any mobile device or PC. Advertising on Instagram is a breeze, thanks to the platform’s built-in features that highlight both user-generated content and the Top Live Videos.

Here’s how to find a live video on Instagram using your computer:

Step 1: Enter your Instagram account.
Step 2: At the top of the page, look for the Stories bar.
Step 3: Fresh stories in profiles will have a colourful ring around their profile photograph.
Step 4: Inside the ring, their photo will be underlined with LIVE painted in either red or pink.
Step 5: By touching their profile picture, you will open the live video.

Alternatively, with the Explore option, you can find videos from accounts that are not followed by your account and sort them according to the type of preferred video.

In case you start watching a video, other viewers can watch your account name, and the comments are open to anybody. Remember that each video has a heart icon on the screen. Click it to leave your feedback or a comment when broadcasting live.


After Instagram Live ends, is it possible to see it again?

Only if the account streaming the video posts it to their story may followers watch or revisit it. This way, viewers will still be able to view the live video for up to 24 hours after it ends since it is included in their stories.

If they don’t, they’ll have to download the video to their IGTV app in order to watch it later.

Does Instagram Live remain visible after 24 hours?

If the account owner chooses to save the story and then uploads it again, viewers will be able to see it for more than just 24 hours. If they would like it to be part of a continuing series or be accessible to their followers, they may also add it to a highlight area.

Is It Possible to Secretly View Someone’s Instagram Live Stream?

Not unless the owner’s real name isn’t associated with the account. Logging into Instagram and tapping on a live video is the only way for anybody to see it. The moment people start watching it, their name appears on the feed.

Enjoy Every Instagram Live Video

It is beneficial to learn the skills necessary to record and watch live videos, regardless of whether your objective is to watch popular accounts for free or to launch your own channel for business marketing purposes.

Instagram’s creative toolkit expands with the addition of this new function, which allows users to interact with other people online. Using interesting content, Instagram Likes Apps, and regularity in posting is very helpful to grow visibility. And stream videos to make your account a lot more real, as people can see your professionalism live.

In the comments section, please let us know whether your videos have been successful or whether you have enjoyed seeing other people’s videos.

Published: January 15, 2024Updated: June 06, 2024

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