Instagram Message Recovery: Get All Your Info Back on Track

Some years ago, Instagram decided to offer a new feature to its users: private direct messages or DMs. In this way, people can communicate with each other without using some other app, like Facebook or Whatsapp. Now, for different reasons, persons might want to wipe away their interactions.

But, if they repent in the future, they will also be able to get them back using Android or iOS devices. The function of Instagram message recovery will be of help in 2023.

Table of Contents

  1. Learn to Restore Deleted IG Messages Using the Same Platform
  2. How to Recover Deleted IG Messages Via Facebook Profile
  3. How to Restore Deleted IG Messages With Web Software
  4. Beware of Scam Tools for Instagram Recovery
  5. Ask the Other Person for Help to Restore Deleted IG Messages
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. The Final Word

Instagram Message Recovery: Using Info Stored by IG

Instagram Message Recovery

When people do away with a message on IG, these disappear from their phones or tablets. But they keep on existing on the platform’s servers. For those who regret their actions, there is still a solution. Instagram lets its users download their shared data to their devices. Some of these materials include images, chat, videos, gifs, and more.

Follow these steps and learn to recover deleted Instagram messages with ease.

  1. Enter the Website. Use a browser such as Chrome or Mozilla, as the app is of no use in this process.
  2. Locate the Account. Look for the profile icon that shows one’s photo. This is at the right corner of the screen.
  3. Access the Settings. Once inside, the next step is to locate “settings”. The steps are the same for the iPhone or Android in 2023.
  4. Click on Privacy & Security. Scroll down to find the option Data download.
  5. Download the File With Videos and Photos. Below this, there is a link called Request Download. As the name shows, this is just a request. So, the person will have to verify his or her identity as a safety measure. To do this, they need to sign in again using their username and password.
  6. Get Started. After entering personal details, the person will be ready to start the downloading process. They have to enter their email address where the platform can send the file.
  7. Wait for a Direct Message. After 48 hours, the person will get an email with a link. Inside that URL, they will be able to find all their deleted data regarding messages, photos, and more.
  8. Download the ZIP file to the laptop or desktop computer. Make sure it has enough space in the hard drive.
  9. Just Open the File. The messages file has that name with a .json extension. The owner can open it using a text editor such as Word.

All in all, Instagram message recovery is fairly easy using iOS or Android. Anyone can have their data back in some simple steps.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages Using Your Facebook Profile

Deleted Instagram Messages

Facebook and IG today belong to the same owner. In this case, this is a good point. Because it allows owners to get back their data using the direct details from their Facebook account.

Follow these steps and be informed of how to recover deleted Instagram messages in a short time.

  1. Accessing Facebook. Enter the FB page from a web browser. The app, again, will not work in this case.
  2. Sign in. Use the details that have linked both social media networks.
  3. Enter the Direct Messages Section. After logging in, go to the part of the private messages.
  4. Look for the Icon. On the left section of the site, people can see an icon that represents IG. Click on it.
  5. Everything is Ready. The person will be able to see all their messages right there.

How to Recover Deleted IG Messages With Third-Party Software

Third-Party Software

If none of the above methods work, don’t despair. There are still some other things you can do to restore deleted IG messages, like trying third-party apps and software. The options are free and vary depending on the type of device the person owns. Be it iOS or Android; they will be able to find something to solve their problem.

U.Fone for iPhone

U.fone will only work in Apple devices, of course. Although there are paid options (and the users need to own a credit card, in those cases), the function to recover deleted Instagram messages is free of charge. The design is neat, and the interface is simple to use, so anybody will be able to get back their info if they desire to do so.

Fonelab for Android

As the name shows, this app is good for Android phones or tablets. Plus, users can also access this software using a laptop with Windows or Mac. The best part is that this app may help recover information from other platforms and networks, too.

Imyfone D-Back for iPhone

Imyfone has a nice interface with plenty of colors and buttons that guide the person into doing the process in an easy way. The page even includes a step-by-step guide on how to restore deleted Instagram messages using the app. This is great for those who have never done it in the past.

Plus, the Smart Recovery Mode also covers other websites, such as Whatsapp, so users can get all their data on the go in just some simple steps.

Dr. Fone by Wondershare for Android

This website is similar to the ones above in helping those who need to restore deleted messages. Now, there is also a Dr. Fone version for users of iPhone who need to recover deleted Instagram DMS using an Apple phone. One thing that makes this app unique is that they protect their users’ private data.

Fucosoft iPhone Data Recovery

Fucosoft works in a different way from the other ones on the list. Instead of having to download an app, the owner will have to connect their phone or tablet to the pc with a wire. From there, they need to browse through their folders and look for the texts and files from IG that disappeared.

Beware of Scam Tools for Instagram Recovery

Beware of Scam

As in every aspect of life, there are also scammers who want to steal people’s private info in this field. That is why they make apps that resemble true, legit software. Then, when users end up downloading them, these criminals might ask for a ransom or something worse. Those sites, for example, are almost exactly like the original IG platform. But they ask for people to fill in some kind of survey or form where they have to enter their personal data.

Ask the Other Person for Help to Restore Deleted Instagram Messages

The most obvious way to recover deleted IG messages is to ask the other party to help, right? People can just tell their friends or family members to send a screenshot of the previous conversation and store it. Yet, this poses a challenge: to explain why the chat is not available to them anymore.

FAQ Section

Are Instagram Messages Deleted Forever?

No, they are not. Luckily, the platform stores this info on their servers in case they are useful in the future. Of course, the only one who can have access to this data is the owner of the account. They will have to follow some steps to recover them. And they can only do this via the web version of IG.

How Long Does Instagram Keep Deleted Accounts?

In theory, a person has only 30 days to come back to IG and recover their account if they have decided to remove it. After a month, the materials will be permanently deleted. There will be no turning back from this process. That is why this social network has given this period to users so they can repent and get back their data.

How Do You See Old Messages on Instagram?

The easiest and most traditional way is to scroll down. Enter the section where private messages are stored and then look for the message the person wants to read. In the past, the platform would do away with texts that had more than a year, but that’s not the case anymore.

How Do You Download Instagram DMS?

The process is simple. Just bear in mind that this can only be done from a website and not the mobile version.

  • 1- Access the account using the usual login details.
  • 2- Look for the settings related to the Privacy of the profile. There, people can find a clear option.
  • 3- Click on the link below and download a zip that contains all the media and text files that the owner ever sent.

Try Out the Best Method for You!

No matter why IG owners did away with their direct messages, there is always a solution from them in 2023. The best part is that it only takes some minutes and they have a lot of options.

From connecting their FB account to using a third-party app or asking for a favor, they will get their info again. What about you? Have you ever wiped away a message without intention and tried to get it back?

Published: December 06, 2021Updated: June 01, 2021

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