Learn How to Change Twitter Handle and Take Your Account to the Next Level

It might be the case that people created a social media account on Facebook or Twitter long ago. Now, the image of the profile does not suit it anymore. Luckily for them, this username is not like a birth one. Anyone who wants can transform it. Of course, there will be some consequences. But most of them are positive in the long run, especially for business. Still, wondering how to change Twitter handle? Let’s see some of its easy steps below.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Change the Username
  2. How to Do It on Desktop
  3. How to Do it on Android and iPhone
  4. Some Restrictions
  5. How to Get a Unique Name
  6. How To Avoid Losing Followers
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Why Change Your Twitter Handle?

Change Your Twitter Handle

A Twitter username is a crucial element in one’s site. And it’s important for online marketing, in particular, in social media like Facebook, too. Change Twitter handle, and any person or brand will be able to undergo a rebranding process. In case of anybody doubts, this element is not the actual display name. It consists of a string of characters after the @. This can only be letters, numbers, or underscores. And the best part is that the followers and fans won’t go away. Neither will the tweets or all the content that the person or company posted before.

How to Change Your Twitter Handle in a PC

Twitter in a PC

It might be easier to do this using a PC. The process is fairly easy and simple, so just follow the steps below on how to change your Twitter handle, and it will be ready for display.

Step 1: Access the Account

Type the URL and look for the option to log in. There are three main ways to enter the profile. The first one is using a phone, the other one is the username, and the last one, with the email.

Step 2: Enter the Settings’ Section

When clicking on one’s picture, a menu will drop. One of the options is called More, and inside it, the Privacy section appears. Finally, when entering the Account part, the owner can find the settings to edit Twitter handle on the site.

Step 3: Enter the Modification

This is the most important step: to modify the Twitter username. There’s not much to say about the process. Just make sure not to enter any of the forbidden characters into the term.

Step 4: Save, and That’s It

When the modification is over, the only thing that’s left is for the owner to hit the Save button. And that’s it. The new handle will go live in just instant without privacy policy violations.

Modify the Name in Mobile

Name in Mobile

Today, it is more common for people to use their mobile devices rather than their laptops. That is why it might be easier for owners to modify their usernames on their phones. Luckily, the process is as easy as it is when using a mobile device. And don’t worry: the settings are the same, no matter if people have an Android device or an iPhone.

Step 1: Access the App

Click on the app and log in. This is the first step to change the Twitter name. Then, tap on the left of the screen, and a sliding menu will appear.

Step 2: Enter the Settings and Privacy Section

The first thing that will appear is an option called “Account”. Click on it and wait for a new menu to slide down.

Step 3: Tap on Username to Modify It

After the new options appear, click on Username. In that new site, the owner will be able to change the Twitter name with ease. The only thing to consider is the forbidden characters and length.

Step 4: Write the Name You Want

Also, the network will suggest new ideas on how to change the Twitter username. The suggestions might be similar to the one the person or business already had. So, take them into consideration in case the person cannot come up with something original.

Step 5: Just Save

The last step is to tap on the button “Done”. With this, the process is over. If an error comes up, the user will have to come back and solve it. For example, if they entered something that was forbidden because of privacy policy issues.

Not Possible Handles

Even if the owner of the profile can transform the Twitter username as many times as wanted, this does not mean they can write whatever they want. Some restrictions apply. Let’s see them below:

  • No more than 15 characters are allowed.
  • No symbols can be used. Only underscores, letters, and numbers.
  • No emails for contacting others.
  • If using a deactivated or suspended profile, it’s not possible to choose one.
  • Forbidden words include Twitter and Admin. These official terms are reserved for them.

Come up With Something Original

Something Original

Still, with doubts on how to change your @ on Twitter? Let’s take a look at some tips about coming up with an original, selling name. It’s not the same to have a great name in a personal account than in a business one.

For One’s Own Profile

So, can one edit Twitter handle and make it attractive? Well, there are a few things account holders can do to have more fans and relevant audience.

  • Pick a username that reflects the personality of the site. If it’s a page to share memes, use a suitable Twitter name. This way, subscribers will know if the content will suit their needs or not.
  • Update the word once it gets old. If the account had started as a site for recipes and cooking and evolved into language teaching, make sure the Twitter username goes with it.

For a Corporate Profile

Now, the branding for a corporate profile might be a bit different from a personal one. Keep in mind these tips for a successful Twitter name for a business.

  • The company may have bad luck, and the name is already in use. But it’s not the end of the world. Luckily, people can still use the same Twitter handle by including underscores. If the idea was to use “BigBlue” and was taken, it can be turned into “Big_blue”.
  • Another tip might be to contact the account holder if the image of the brand is theirs.
  • Try to include the words Inc. or Corp. into the name. In this way, others will know that it is a corporate account and not a personal one.

Forget About Followers Dropping

Followers Dropping

Yet, there are some disadvantages when people change their Twitter name. One of them has to do with mentions. In case any friends mentioned a person with an @, then the old Twitter handle will remain. If a new follower clicks on it, they are going to be redirected to that old site. Then, two things can happen. Either it is broken because nobody claimed the domain yet. Or it takes the person to a novel page that has nothing to do with the original. So, here are some tips not to lose followers after a change Twitter handle.

  • Create a new profile using the old username nobody has claimed yet. Then, post a tweet with a link to the new account. In this way, any followers that entered the old name will know where to go in the future for one’s content.
  • Another option is to use this new profile as a new persona. Nobody needs to know that the owner is the same. This way, they can build up powerful interactions. And even connections they had not thought about in the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Times Can You Change Your Twitter Handle?

There is no limit on how to change your @ on Twitter. People can change Twitter handle as many times as they feel like it. Plus, the process is simple and without any hassle. Yet, experts do not recommend changing it too often because the company might put the account under the radar.

What Does Changing Your Username Do?

It just displays a different term that can be used for rebranding. Or to make a profile more mature, for example. On the good side, it does not modify anything. This means that the number of followers, tweets, and retweets will remain the same. If the company is doing a re-branding, for instance, he or she is going to have to delete photos or texts one by one.

What Is a Good Name?

A good one includes the exact name or thing the audience is looking for to contact. This means that, if the idea behind the channel is to show memes, then that word should appear in the domain. If not, it’s going to be hard for fans to find them. Using the industry is also a wise option, so the search engine is able to crawl it. Finally, if the term is too long, using initials is also a great idea.

What Makes a Good Handle?

There are a few practices that make Twitter handle a great choice. Consider some of them when looking for how to change Twitter username:

  • Use keywords to optimize the channel. So, the engine will find it.
  • If this is an app, then state it clearly.
  • Don’t forget about the location. This way, the audience will be more targeted.
  • Include Inc. if it’s a business or a company.
  • If the domain is taken, including a simple variation.

Should I Use My Real Name on Twitter?

It depends. Those who plan to interact only with friends and family should have no problem using their real identities. But if that’s not the case, then take into account that the social network does not ask for true data. People might want to protect their identity. In particular, if they are going to be giving opinions about different issues. Or sharing sensitive materials.

Can You Be Anonymous on This Social Network?

Yes, it’s possible. This network will not ask anyone for their private info. And much less that they show it on the screen. So, if a person wants to create an account to share memes and put a fantasy image, that is possible. Also, they can add a photo of a cartoon, places in nature, or even famous people to still be anonymous.

Freshen up Your Account With a New Image

So, can you change your Twitter handle? Absolutely. And as many times as the person wants or likes. Of course, there are some results in making such a decision. Such as losing some followers that might be looking for the old term they knew. But this has some easy solutions. That is why owners should not think twice before changing their username if they feel they don’t represent the spirit of the account anymore.

Have you learned how to change your Twitter username yet? Are you planning to modify it? Let us know more in the comment section!

Published: August 17, 2020Updated: November 06, 2020

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