TikTok Memes: 33 of the Most Dazzling Videos From Internet Lovers

Over the decade, social media has grown beyond instant messaging alone. In 2023, people use networking sites to publicize their most creative selves. These can range from sharing an inspiring pic to clips, comedies, dramas, and more. Tiktok is among the top contenders for video entertainment.

Although the app, as we know it appeared only in 2018, it has millions of users worldwide and gets more popular by the day. This post details what it is most famous for and these are its short humorous recordings, otherwise known as TikTok memes.

Table of Contents

  1. What Are Memes?
  2. Dances
  3. Duets
  4. Challenges
  5. FAQ Section

What are Tik Tok Memes? (Brief Overview)

Tik Tok Memes (Brief Overview)
A meme is catchy and amusing content shared by persons over the internet. It can be a text, pic, and, more popular, clip. Trending app, Tiktok, is more known for its video version of these contents. Now, the more common question among many internet users is, “why are Tik Tok memes a favorite?”

This inquiry is not surprising as many platforms offer similar services in 2023 alone. Chief among them are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the recently shut down Vine. However, many features consolidate to make Tiktok a favorite, according to users. These range from rare editing tools to uniquely designed feeds and many others.

Moving on, this post looks at 33 of the most trendy and funny Tik Tok memes split into categories.

Best Tiktok Dances From Creators

Videos that show individuals and groups waltzing to popular songs are among the most common on the network. Sometimes, they are simple performances. Other times, they feature movie-like effects to intrigue viewers.

Catch 11 of the most sensational of them below:

Renegade by K Camp

It is uncertain who started this viral choreography. However, popular reports attribute it to then a 14-year-old teenager from Atlanta,  Jalaiah Harmon. Typical features include background track (Renegade by rapper K Camp) and timed hands and upper body movements.

Different versions capture individuals grooving alone, as well as with partners and teams. In some scenarios, recordings show toddlers take on the famous moves with the help of adults. Although the steps do not appear as something that people can learn instantly, their delightfulness once mastered is enough motivation to keep going.

Distance Dance

These TikTok memes allowed creators to have fun and engage in philanthropy in the wake of the Covid19. The app’s most-followed personality, Charlie D’Amelio, started it in partnership with Proctor & Gamble (P&G). However, it soon spiraled, with many people remaking different versions across the globe.

Interestingly, Distance Dance is easy to learn, unlike many of its counterparts. Its characteristics include a few fist and waist swings to the song Big Ups by Jordyn and Nic Da Kid featuring Ying Nnelg. However, its most remarkable detail is the final word-sticker by creators that encourages viewers to stay safe.

I Am Savage

There’s no more exciting experience for users who are also big fans of hip hop stars Meghan Thee Stallion and Beyonce than jumping on the “I am Savage” train. The thrilling choreography went viral after the pair dropped a remix of the “Savage” song on April 29.

The Toosie Slide

Amid the 2023 global lockdown, social media lovers worldwide came up with new activities to keep them engaged. Among these was this dance routine. It combines a bit of pop legend, Michael Jackson’s signature moves with musician Drake’s hit song, In My Feelings.

It is also among the few 2023 trends that featured people across all age categories. Some creators attribute this quality to the fact that it features content from MJ. So, for everyone who is a fan of the moonwalk, The Toosie Slide might be the perfect accomplice on TikTok.

Weeknd’s Blinding Lights

There are unique and funny pieces that make varieties of families love TikTok. Undoubtedly, the blinding lights’ videos are one of them. The TikTok memes typically capture loved ones showing off amusing steps as they groove to the musician, The Weeknd’s hit song, Blinding Lights.

How does it work? The meme starts with a group entrance of people (mostly related) into a clear space. At this point, the track is already in play in the background. Afterward, the team starts bouncing on their feet in tune with the songs, alongside some exciting wave-like drills.

Do I have Your Attention

As the name implies, these videos are some of the most amusing ones on the app. Unlike most recordings, it involves many hardcore moves and is typically reserved for professional dancers and, in some cases, gymnasts.

U Can’t Touch This

This meme marks a shift from the normal viral sensations on TikTok. Ordinarily, recordings that trend on the network are usually those that have the latest hit tracks present. However, “U Can’t Touch This” goes back into the early ’90s. For MC Hammers’ fans, it’s a pleasant awakening.

Characteristics-wise, the videos present a set of hand moves that are in line with drum sounds in the song. Before these moves, creators typically freestyle as it suits them.

Ahi – Tra Tra Tra

The Ahi recordings are famous for two major attributes. The first is the enjoyable hip swivels performed by dancers, while the second is the repeated “tra” sounds that accompany them. According to a popular report, a user (@elrodcontreras) was the first to upload it. After that, it didn’t take long for millions of others to catch on.

7 Rings

These groovy videos are among the list of viral sensations that feature hit tracks from stars. This time the spotlight is on Florida native Ariana Grande with her pop single, 7 Rings. As well known with Ariana, the clips portray a routine of spirit choreographies.

The Git Up

Thanks to two Utah brothers, these clips added Blanco Brown’s country music, The Git Up, to the list of favorite TikTok meme songs.  According to a prominent magazine, the siblings made their first video for fun.

However, they soon discovered that some of the top creators on the app had made versions of it. In a few weeks, the spry footwork which mixed country and hip-hop spiraled to thousands and millions of users.

Go Go Go

Although this is predominantly a Tik Tok girl meme, more males are jumping on the trend. It is also a perfect fit for amateur choreographers looking to fill up their pages, thanks to elementary footwork and simple soundtrack.

Favorite Duet Performances and Compilations

Ordinarily, two people sharing a microphone and singing in harmony are what comes to most people’s minds when a “duet” is mentioned. However, the notion is more advanced when there’s a ‘#tiktok’ attached. Rather than one-time group performances, the app lets different users embed their performances with existing ones.

This translates to captivating recordings with split screens that contain contents in sync from separate people. Some of which are given below.

Popcorn Loop

Undoubtedly, several individuals think it is impossible to have multiple singers complete one another’s notes in perfect harmony without physical contact. However, the popcorn Tik Tok meme proves otherwise. In different versions, they are an excellent blend of stunning and savvy as they show creators alternate lyrics of their favorite songs (word by word).

Baby & Big Dancer

Media that reveal little children engaging in adorable and funny activities are some of the most sought after on the internet. However, none beats those of the Baby & Big Dancer. They commonly display kids carrying out sophisticated dance skills alongside an adult instructor.

Vintage Acting

The video app has a place for everyone. Undoubtedly, this includes old school black and white movie lovers as well. This duet passes off a nostalgic vibe as creatives exhibit their acting talents with old-themed movie depictions. They record themselves repeating lines from well-known classic movies alongside other vintage effects.

Sing With Me

Pleasant music is synonymous with Tik Tok. So, it should not come off as a surprise to most users that many of its viral content show creators featuring popular tracks. This is the same case with the ‘sing with me’ Tik Tok meme.

The Royal Plays

Royal dramas are very common among individuals worldwide. For some people, they’ve excitingly watched and acted as noble personalities right from their childhood. Once again, with the site, they have the opportunity to reignite these fantasies.

In the royal play videos, persons get to dress up and speak like rulers. In some cases, they quote classic books and plays. Other times, the acts are entirely original.

 Do Not Laugh

Ironically, the ‘do not laugh’ clips are among the best Tik Tok memes from creators. The videos appear in two dimensions. The first is to task the duo users who are captured in the media to not laugh at one another, while the second is to challenge a viewer not to show any form of amusement. These clips are a perfect fit for those who like to test themselves jokingly.

Animals In Talk

Pet lovers are in for a good time with the network’s adorable animal duets. The animals in talk recordings show dogs, cats, and other pets performing laughable activities with their human counterparts. In some cases, these animals are fully dressed up, thereby making the videos more comical.

Point-of-View (POV)

The POV duets are different from the app’s routine pics and videos. Rather than the same line of music, dance, and other types of performances, they are shot from a first-person perspective.

This allows creators to make contents that place viewers or other supporting users as the main characters. They also allow internet lovers to show off their in-depth acting skills.


Here, creators dazzle viewers with content that is frightening and, at the same time, intriguing. They dress up in costumes and perform in duos. Sometimes, the performances feature simple horrific dresses. Other times, they include full scary makeup.

The Cashier

Most people have had that awkward moment when paying for items in the grocery store. Sometimes, the cashier gives a stern look. Other moments; it is uninteresting questions or more. These TikTok videos capture different reactions from creators in similar scenarios.

On The Low

The ‘on the low’ recordings are another set of amusing clips that reveal users grooving excitingly. The duets usually include individuals grooving in turns to a track, On The Low by Burna Boy.

Top Viral Challenges From TikTokers

TikTok challenges are usually viral contents that involve lots of users trying to outperform one another. They typically come in two dimensions, which are organic and sponsored. Whichever way they occur, one thing is certain: they bring out the best in creators.

Old Town Road

When artist Lil Nas released his hit single, Old Town Road, it was an instant viral sensation. In a matter of weeks and months, the song accumulated millions of views and was everywhere. It didn’t take long for TikTok lovers to catch up with renditions that followed the song’s cowboy theme.

Beautiful People

At first glance, it appears that the ‘beautiful people’ videos celebrate the most good-looking individuals alone. However, they’re more than that as Ed Sheeran’s Beautiful People track inspires them.

Many creators rate them as some of the most heartening recordings on the app. They are characterized by users celebrating their loved ones, alongside other sweet performances.

Art Project

A simple description of Tik Tok is that it is an app that thrives on user’s creativity. Trends are usually generated by innovative performances, with persons trying to outdo themselves. The art project challenge extends this feeling to individual crafts as well.

How does it work? Creators who are painters, sculptors, etc., make videos that show their finest artwork. However, the challenge does not stop at that. They also reveal their entire creative process in the TikTok meme.

Flip The Switch

This challenge offers some insight to people who have always wondered what it’ll feel like to trade places with another person (preferably opposite gender). It involves two characters exchanging their looks while vibing to Drake’s ‘Non-Stop.’ The funny point where the change occurs is when the musician mentions the term “flip the switch.”

Celeb Look-Alike

According to the BBC, an individual’s chance to meet a doppelganger in a lifetime is 1 out of 135. However, this challenge helps better the odds, at least with celebrities. Users are to upload media of themselves that show them looking or dressed as their favorite figures. At one point, it had over 2 billion views.

Wipe It Down

There’s that imagination that there’s a different person in the reflection when most people look at a mirror. Interestingly, the ‘wipe it down’ videos bring them to a comical reality. The one-time TikTok’s most massive trend shows creators turn into alternate characters as they naively swipe across their mirrors. This is as they play BMW Kenny’s ‘Wipe it Down’ in the background.

Level Up (With Toilet Paper)

While most videos captured who could sing, dance, or act best, the level up Tik Tok memes filmed who could jump. The challenge which peaked amid the global lockdown saw users build a wall of toilet paper and continually raise the bar until they could no longer swing over it.

The Stand-Up

A clip from this challenge can be otherwise known as a feminine Tik Tok meme. This is because it mainly shows female creators putting their balancing skills to good use as another person lifts them.

The Flour

What better way to enjoy some quality family time than with the flour challenge? Here, family members are filmed dipping one another’s face in flour as they respond positively to questions.

I’m Shy

Anything can lead to a viral sensation on TikTok, and the pointing fingers meme proves this. These videos show creators dancing, singing, and more while maintaining a socially awkward stance. The challenge is basically about a person doing what they consider embarrassing (and humorous for viewers).

Plank Quest

If there’s an app where planking (a dreaded workout routine) can be made fun of, it is TikTok. The plank quest is a challenge where creators perform what appears to be a dance-exercise to Maggie Linderman’s ‘Pretty Girl.’ It is arguably one of the platforms most tasking viral sensations but is nonetheless delightful.

FAQ Section

How Do You Make a TikTok Meme?

Getting started on the app is very easy. All a person needs is a smartphone and a good internet connection. Then the individual can follow the steps underneath to create their first TikTok memes.

  1. Sign up to create an account
  2. Click on the plus sign
  3. Select preferred music
  4. Record video
  5. Edit clips to taste

What Does FYP Mean?

The full meaning of Fyp is “For Your Page.” It represents the media an account owner is exposed to by default on TikTok. It is synonymous with Twitter ‘timeline’ and Instagram ‘home feed.’ Previous preferences and interactions usually determine the clips that are featured here.

How can I increase TikTok followers with memes?

TikTok memes are the coolest and easiest way to increase TikTok followers easily. But, you need to be consistent in delivering in content, and resharing on multiple platforms to boost followers instantly.  It’s even easy to make money on TikTok for this method.

An App for Laughs

There’s rarely a more preferred app to social media lovers when it comes to having fun solely. These exhilarating memes are proof of this. They are not only delightful but cut across creators from different age groups, races, and more. Well, fun is universal, and so is ‘#tiktok.’

What is your favorite meme on TikTok? Share with us below in the comments!

Published: June 21, 2021Updated: January 07, 2023

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