What to Post on Instagram: 44 Awesome Ideas to Upgrade Your Content

Every successful brand, business, and personality needs a terrific Instagram profile. But what makes a profile exceptional?

Top-quality pages all have one thing in common – their content speaks to their audience and stimulates engagement. Successful social media is about more than blog posts with pretty pictures or funny quips.

Brands need viewers to love what they are posting, so they will talk about and share things.

Essentially, it is all about innovative and effective ideas. This list of ideas for what to post on Instagram is a marvelous guide for improving any feed.

Table of Contents

  1. Determining the Best Instagram Content for the Brand
  2. What if I Don’t Have Enough Photos?
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. The Final Word

Determining What to Post on Instagram for the Brand

Determining What to Post on Instagram for the Brand
Influencers who know what to post on IG are number one. That’s because engaging content is the easiest way to expand brand recognition and audience.

A business can gain followers, fans, and customers through superb posts like:

  • Product and service tags
  • Inspirational images, quotes, and videos
  • Personal videos behind the scenes
  • Interactive polls, questionnaires, and more

Once a user begins creating blog content that their audience engages with, the platform boosts those posts. This stimulates even more viewership.

Repost Fan and Follower Instagram Posts

The culture of Instagram in 2023 is heavily reliant on influencers and brands treating their following as equals. Fan content is some of the greatest advertising material out there. Sharing a follower’s Instagram posts is a quick way to increase reputation with fans.

Share Interesting Statistics

Graphically displayed data is a current trend online and is a good option for things to put on Instagram. People love seeing statistics and other information in an easy-to-consume manner.

Use this trend and share relative statistics that fans are sure to enjoy. Always provide credit to graphs and charts found on the internet or use a program like Excel 2023.

Post Cool Illustrations

Effective Instagram feeds engage the audience. This is where illustrations come into play.

Custom drawings can be curated to a target audience and open up the door for communication between a business and its customers.

Try opting for a thought-provoking image that is relevant to a brand’s industry. If the drawings are created by a third-party, always provide proper credit to the artist.

Demonstrate Your Favorite Places

Demonstrate Your Favorite Places
Coming across as a real, likable person is a huge aspect of being relevant on a digital blog. One way to manage this is by taking photos or videos in places that are personal to the operator of the Instagram account.

These types of displays act as self-promotion by allowing the audience to relate. They also create strong, positive relationships with the companies shown.

Implement White Space

Ignoring the aesthetics of a page can ruin the overall quality of the content. A quick way to improve the look of a post is to implement white space.

This is the area around a photo that frames the image and creates a slick, clean appearance. White space can be added in the Instagram 2023 app, but other photo editing programs also provide the service.

Properly Use Funny Posts

One of the most standard Instagram ideas is to use funny posts and videos to entertain an audience. However, it is crucial to keep the target audience in mind when choosing humorous content.

Some audiences might appreciate a small amount of dark humor while others may run for the hills. Take a proper evaluation of the followers and the general industry for the brand, and let that be a guide for curating comical subjects.

Upload Pathos Charged Videos

Pathos is one of the greatest forms of appeal that can be used in advertising. Essentially, it is a product that plays on the natural emotions of viewers. This might mean a sad commercial about missing a pet or a heartwarming advertisement that expresses true love.

Trickle in Some Lighthearted Gifs

The use of lighthearted gifs is a delicate art. These types of content focus on relatable situations that most people can enjoy. The gifs may be funny, heartwarming, or relaxing. The focus is to offer unproblematic moments for viewers to relate to one another in the comments.

Overuse of this content can create a boring feed. However, during busy times, finding fun things to post on Instagram can help calm down a fan base and keep them coming back for more.

Don’t Be Afraid to Do Giveaways

Don’t Be Afraid to Do Giveaways
There is a reason free giveaways are terrific Instagram ideas and widespread on all platforms – they work.

These promotions are the new version of free samples. They have the added benefit of being cheaper and giving a higher return rate on purchases. A good giveaway gets the audience to interact on multiple platforms and spark them to come back, looking for future contests.

Implore Followers to Share

Followers are the lifeblood of the social media world and should be treated as such. Sure, no influencer or brand should have to accept abuse at the hands of fans. Still, understanding the importance of fan shares to the overall reachability of a page’s content is essential.

There are a lot of great ideas for Instagram out there, but none of them matter without a reliable follower base.

Show Behind the Scenes

Nobody wants to put their time and viewership into an influencer or brand that seems snobby, unreachable, or fake. That’s why giving glimpses into behind the scenes events and scenarios is a recipe for good Instagram content.

Let the audience see the hard work that goes into their entertainment. They will typically return the favor by working hard to spread brand influence.

Join Forces with Other Users

If growing a following is proving difficult, consider collaborating with another creator.Collabs are incredibly popular across all industries and blog communities. Followers love to see multiple users; they enjoy creating content together.

Additionally, parts of the fan community that don’t cross over can potentially become new customers.

Try Offering Tutorials

Try Offering Tutorials
Instagram users love to learn insider info about the industries they enjoy. Tutorials help fans to feel that they are connecting closer to the industry. It doesn’t matter what genre a feed falls under.

Celebrate Holidays

While it is fun to celebrate major events of each season, niche occasions are trendy.

There are a lot of appealing things to post to celebrate fun holidays like:

  • Jan 29 – Puzzle Day
  • Apr 17 – Haiku Appreciation
  • May 31 – Macaroon Day
  • Jun 26 – Take Your Dog to Work
  • Jul 21 – Junk Food Day
  • Nov 13 – World Kindness Day
  • Dec 18 – Ugly Sweater Day

Show Your Daily Wake-Up Routine

If beauty, fashion, or lifestyle is the leading brand theme, including a wake-up, or “get ready with me,” post is a fun method to intrigue fans.

Morning routine videos are popular across all forms of social media, including Facebook and YouTube. They do particularly well on Instagram. Give followers a peek behind the scenes, but still, curate the content to only reveal what is chosen.

Fans will appreciate the intimacy and might find the details provided to be informative. This means they will refer back to the post and provide additional views down the road.

Fill Content Gaps with Floral Images

Sometimes it can be hard to fill in feed gaps. Creators get sick, have appointments, or just need time off. To keep a consistent upload schedule, consider filling spaces with lovely images of nature or flowers.

The image should be nice and bright. It needs to draw users in to read the accompanying text. The caption can be a general update, inspirational quote, or anything else.

Show Your Battle Station

Users love to see the way the influencers they follow live. One technique for giving fans a peek behind the scenes is to share a workstation image.

Fans may revel in how space is customized or ask questions about where specific décor or products were purchased. Either way, it sparks conversation, which is a vital part of spreading to new followers.

Outfit of The Day

Outfit of The Day
Like Battle Station images, outfits of the day (OOTDs) are popular on social platforms.OOTDs are fun things to post on Instagram because followers like to share their opinion about items and replicate looks. Include links to items in the accompanying text.

Share the Flavor of The Month

Not all Instagram ideas have to involve highly produced content, expensive photoshoots, or paid adverts. Revealing simple joys like the flavor of the month or new recipes is a prime way to share with fans.

Viewers love getting intimate looks into the lives of their favorite influencers, and these types of posts tend to perform very well. Just accompany the text post with a fun image of the item in question and ask followers for their opinions to spark conversation.

Talk About New Apps

Like with the “flavor of the month,” other things to post on IG include hauls of new websites and apps that users may not be aware of.

Try reaching out to the app creator to see if they are open to an affiliate post but be willing to share their product even without an affiliation. In fact, sharing opinions on non-sponsored items is an excellent way to build follower trust.

Display DIY Projects

Be proud of DIY projects and offer them a place amongst regular Instagram posts. Audiences love to be reminded of the skill and talent of their favorite influencers. Additionally, questions about the project can initiate blog engagement.

Additionally, include DIY fails. Followers usually enjoy the comedy behind such content, and they can make influencers appear humbler and more likable.

For added effect, share the DIY as a time-lapse video or gif. Also, ask viewers for images of their DIY projects.

Create and Share Custom Images

Art influencers often implement the strategy of using custom illustrations in Instagram posts. However, users don’t have to be professional artists to share hand-crafted images. There are even fantastic free programs online to let amateurs create their own graphics.

Use Equipment to Create a Flat Lay Image

One of the easiest Instagram post ideas that will make anyone look super talented is a flat lay image.

Simply put, this is when a scene is filled with items, and the photo is taken from directly above. Use equipment that gets followers to ask questions look for links and engage.

People Love “Instagrammable” Walls

Taking photos in front of fascinating, “instagrammable” walls is a hot trend in 2023.

Find a wall that:

  • Has cool graffiti
  • Shows an attention-grabbing mural
  • Has visually interesting decay
  • Is iconic of a specific town or neighborhood
  • Can spark conversation

Show Off Things You’ve Learned

Showing off newly learned skills creates an appealing topic of discussion. It also displays a willingness to stay knowledgeable and relevant.

Enquire about tips or advice from followers to spark engagement.

Teach Followers About Time Management Techniques

Providing time management techniques is a great way to educate viewers while providing an open topic of conversation.

Search through comments for questions and provide thoughtful advice. This type of interaction can boost engagement and create a more loyal following.

Let Fans Cheer on Your Goals

Don’t feel shy about sharing both short and long-term goals with the audience. Not only are digital fan bases fantastic supporters, but it allows them to be a part of the journey. This can create return users who seek to follow-up on the goals and see them through to completion.

Throw up Interactive Polls

Throw up Interactive Polls
Everyone wants to feel like their voice is heard, including fans and followers. Providing users with polls gives them a sense of control over their entertainment. They can be about something silly or actual feed content.

As a side note, don’t issue polls without the intention of sharing or using the results. This can create the appearance of being disingenuous.

Provide a Customer Feature

Pick a customer and show them off to the rest of the community. Share their achievements, thank them for their support, or find another way to give them the limelight.

This will help followers feel important and spark engagement as others vie to be chosen as a featured community member.

Demonstrate Tips and Tricks

Have great tips and tricks for a craft or service? Show them off through videos, gifs, and sharp images.

Followers respond to these because they open up communication lines. They are also wonderful for reposting and sharing. Popular tips tend to make their way to other social platforms and trend well.

Feature Someone You Admire

Across all social media platforms, especially TikTok, the appreciation tag performs very well.

Creating a post to say “thanks” to an admirable individual poses a lot of great benefits.

  • Gain views from said person’s fan base
  • Spark engagement in the comments
  • Create a humble appearance
  • Initiate an opportunity for collaboration or response from the tagged individual

Stay Culturally Relevant and Discuss Current Events

While it may feel natural to avoid current events, it is vital to show followers that the brand is staying up to date.
These things can be discussed without initiating drama and offer a great place to spark discussion with a viewer base.

Try Starting a Co-Campaign

Realistically, the best part about Instagram is how easy it makes advertising for a brand, service, or company. Still, it does take some effort to keep promotion attempts fresh and effective. This is where a co-campaign comes in handy.

A co-campaign can mean:

  • Using another influencer or business to create matching, cooperative posts, and promotions
  • Collaborating to create a product that represents both brands and is advertised by both individuals

Both options are great ways to reach out to a new audience and engage current followers at the same time.

Advertise Your Products With Videos

Don’t fall into the trap of only posting photos of products. This can become boring and doesn’t add credence to their beauty or functionality.

Creating videos and gifs of a product can give users a realistic impression of the item and allow them to see details that aren’t apparent in a photo. Like how it looks glistening in the sun. Or how easy it is to use.

Remind Users of Upcoming Events

Remind Users of Upcoming Events
Many users choose to follow brands and companies on Instagram for company news. They want real-time updates on future events, launches, releases, and more.

Even if an event has already been announced, remind users through occasional update texts. This can help improve the reception and turnout to the event.

Create Throw Back Posts

Remind users of the past with a throwback post. These are more than just cute things to post. They help illustrate the effort put into a brand, which is often rewarded with user loyalty.

Instagram post ideas for throwback images include:

  • Photos of original business locations
  • The first edition of a handmade product
  • Ribbon cutting or other early-celebration images
  • Photos from old training events
  • Memorable fail or launch from the past

Attempt a Hashtag Contest

One of the more engaging things to post on Instagram is a hashtag contest. Hashtag contests involve asking followers to post their own original content with a specific hashtag for the chance to win a prize.

These contests are great because not only do they drive free visibility to a brand’s page, but they also provide sharable items from fans. It is the ultimate way to increase follower engagement.

Talk about Pets

Talk about Pets
Of all Instagram post ideas, talking about pets is one of the easiest to implement. That’s because they make such naturally appealing content.

Even the ugliest of furry companions can garner a quick fanbase and draw in a doting crowd. Try asking users to share images of their four-legged friends as well.

A great video or photo of a pet may even find itself trending on other social media sites.

Be Inspirational but Not Cheesy

Followers will appreciate wise words to inspire them and get them through their day. But when looking for what to post on Instagram, avoid condescending, cheesy, or “fake deep” posts. Instead, strive for quotes from remarkable philosophers or personal anecdotes that might speak to someone on an intimate level.

Hold an AMA

As previously mentioned, followers like to feel a personal connection with the companies they follow. That is why an AMA (or “ask me anything”) is one of the best Instagram post ideas.

Ask for questions, and stay on top of providing thoughtful answers to as many as possible. Be sure to include a time limit in the original post, so users aren’t shocked when the responses stop coming.

Flaunt Your Failures

Nobody’s perfect, but fans tend to idolize influencers and brand managers to an unrealistic level. Showing off failures helps bring humanity to an account and creates a healthier relationship with followers and fans.

Additionally, if mistakes occur in the future, it will be less of a reputation hit if open about past mistakes and failures.

Display Before and After Images

Show product or location improvements through before and after images. Followers will feel included in the journey, which initiates thorough conversations. That can lead to a viral post.
Also, using before photos adds credibility to the after image.

Highlight Employee Posts

Let the world know that employees are respected by sharing their content and accomplishments. Providing such public appreciation to team members is a great way to ensure they give their best as a representative of the brand.

Companies that appreciate their employees find that their following spreads far better than those who don’t. This is because the employees often champion and advertise the company freely. Be sure to add proper credit their page but check that the rest of their posts are appropriate for the brand’s followers.

Advertise Open Positions

Hiring employees and contract creators has changed in the last ten years. Now, the easiest way to find a dedicated individual that is already familiar with the brand is by posting job openings on social media.

Instagram is especially great for this because the messaging system and ability to link out to applications and forms are so simple.

When people apply, use their social media to vet them and save time and money on interviews.

Don’t Worry About Not Having Enough Photos

Don’t Worry About Not Having Enough Photos
There is no such thing as having too many photos published on Instagram. Anytime there is anything interesting that relates to the brand or that sparks imagination take a picture and keep it saved for another occasion.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on great photoshoots. Implement the local environment and buildings. Try searching for antique shops or décor stores for strange items. Take a picture right in the shop, and don’t spend a dime!

If there is ever a genuine shortage of images for a day, consider sharing a follower’s post and giving them praise and appropriate credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Posts Do Best on Instagram?

People love seeing others glorified by their favorite influencers. Additionally, such content helps them be connected and keeps them informed.

The posts that do best on Instagram incorporate:

  • Follower/ customer creations
  • Behind the scenes content
  • Product information or teases

What Should You Not Post on Instagram?

While users do love to see vulnerability and honesty from users, there are a few things that should never, ever be posted on Instagram.

Here are a few examples:

  • Displays disparaging a job, boss, or coworkers
  • Constant selfies or irrelevant content just to pass the time
  • “Vaguebooking” (aka posts complaining about a mysterious, unnamed person or situation)
  • TMI (too much information) shares that showcase things no stranger should know
  • Overly bragging images that make others feel bad about themselves
  • Rants and complaints that bring down the positivity of the brand
  • Posts that wreak of jealousy or other immature emotions
  • Intimate details about personal relationships
  • Contentless text about being bored
  • Extremely long captions that users don’t want to bother reading

What Should You Post First on Instagram?

The most important detail about the first Instagram post is that it should be exciting and spark interaction. Don’t opt for a simple selfie or stagnant photo with a short caption.

Instead, post a fun video that prompts conversation. Write about an exciting thing happening with the business that users will find noteworthy. Just try to give people something worth following.

How Often Should You Post on Instagram?

It is essential to avoid spamming users with constant posts that bog down their feeds. The optimal turnaround is 1-2 days. The best accounts post once a day and share only the best, most interesting stuff.

Still, if the content is great, one can quickly get away with posting every two days.

Is It Weird to Post a Selfie on Instagram?

A selfie with no other intent is not a good thing to post on Instagram. It can give users the idea that the influencer is only seeking vain praise and has no other content to share.

Selfies that also contain interesting context are perfect. Use them to show off collaborators, travel updates, and more.

Take Instagram Feed to The Next Level

The only limit to effectively representing a brand online is not researching what stuff to post on IG. With this list of ideas, it is easy to furnish content to a growing follower base.

Focus on the needs and wants of viewers and allow vulnerability, honesty, and creativity to lead the way.

Do you have any great tips for Instagram we haven’t mentioned? Share them below!

Published: July 12, 2021Updated: July 08, 2021

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