Best Places to Buy X Retweets in 2024

People of all ages from every corner of the globe regularly dwell on Facebook. It is one of the most effective and far-reaching marketing platforms today. However, like most technology, it can be difficult to keep up with all the trends.

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#1 Social Viral

#1 Social Viral
Rating 4.6/5

This tool was originally created for Instagram, but they had such a good reception that they decided to expand their service to Twitter....

  • High Quality Followers
  • High Retension Rate
  • Safe Gradual Delivery
1000 Followers $28.6

Table of Contents

  1. What We Did to Find the Best
  2. Top 5 Best Sites to Buy Twitter Retweets in 2024
  3. Providers Comparison Table (Price & Features)
  4. 5 Useful Tips Before You Get Started
  5. Pros & Cons
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. The Final Word

What We Did to Find the Best

Best Twitter Retweets Metrics

Writing down this review about sites to buy followers for Twitter was not simple. There are countless options when it comes the time to buy retweets. To help users’ with their work, we tried them one by one. Also, we took our time to read as many comments as we could find. These reviews came from previous clients. For obvious reasons, we left the promotional ones out of the calculation.

In the Analysis of Each Provider, We Ranked Them on These Metrics:

  • Features Score (how many networks it supports, the benefits offered) – 0-10 score
  • Ease of Use Score (for users to order) – 0-10
  • Support Score (via email, online form, phone number) – 0-10
  • Trust Score (how many people say good or bad things about them) – 0-10
  • Price Score (for plans, what type of coins they get, free trial or not) – 0-10

Some of the features that we considered are pricing. This is key for buyers, who might need a lot of things but may not be able to afford them. Then, ease when using the dashboard is also crucial. One cannot order something if he or she cannot find it. We put all of these as if it were a scale. Then, each company ranked according to that previous score.

1. Red Social: Boost Your Twitter Fast

Free Version
Free Trial
Metrics & Score:

Retweets are one of the most important features in Twitter marketing. Redsocial knows it. They offer plans that have the ability to get the owners’ tweets loved by others. They even assure that the tweets can be the ones that people share the most. For people to retweet, they have to really love what the other person has written. Their marketing plans are complete, offering favorites, likes, and retweets together. And this company claims they can change the image of a brand in just a few days.


  • Their speed of delivery is very fast
  • Pricing starts very low
  • Plans combine interactions
  • Each tweet counts
  • Help customers fast


  • Customer support can improve
  • Ordering is a bit messy sometimes

To conclude, this tool assures results in no time. They can grow mediocre businesses to successful ones really fast. In terms of plans, they are very convenient. Starting at $12, clients can tailor these products to their needs - this tool partners with real people. So the retweets are genuine. This allows them to be visible to other followers. And the ball starts to roll. This way, it attracts more and more interactions.

2. AudienceGain: Jumpstart Your Tweets

Free Version
Free Trial
Metrics & Score:

AudienceGain is a company that has been working since 2016. In terms of retweets, they have complete packages. These ones start very low (at only 8$) for 100 interactions. This might be convenient for persons who don’t know the company yet. The service is also very fast. Retweets start arriving within 10 minutes. Placing an order is simple. Those who choose automatic retweets can get them every 5 minutes because the system will check the feed every 10 minutes. So they can see if there are any updates from the buyer.


  • Safe interactions
  • Work with real people
  • Protects private information
  • Cover many social media apps
  • Followers arrive in no time


  • More expensive than other tools
  • Some accounts have no picture

To conclude, this app is very safe. It claims they are a part of a network of Twitter users and influencers. So, they assure buyers that their retweets are genuine. Then, these true accounts have many followers. So, this prompts the retweets to increase a lot of social proof. Their highest standard plan reaches $39. Yet, if buyers would like to have more, they have to send an email to support. In this manner, the team can custom their plans. The only thing the app requires is that shoppers set their account to be public. Their employees are not able to work with private profiles. So, they cannot get retweets.

3. SocialShop: Market Your Social Media

Free Version
Free Trial
Metrics & Score:

Those who use social media always have something to share. This company knows it. They offered services for many platforms. Among these is Twitter. They have high-quality retweets at a quite low price. This means that those who are just starting in this business can make use of the services. It is also a nice option for well-established brands. Steps are simple. Clients only have to enter the URL of their account. Then, buyers just have to sit back and let them do their job.


  • Very fast
  • Reputation precedes them
  • Really cheap plans
  • Always there to answer questions
  • Top-notch clicks


  • The dashboard is not very friendly
  • Customer care can improve

So, it’s clear their plans suit different needs. For example, they start as low as $12. Though they can be as high as $400, customer care, yet, could be better. They claim they are available for 24 hours. Still, we tried to reach out to them during the night. It took them a lot of hours to answer our queries. It is true that the persons they work are high-quality. So those who make money with their profiles might consider this service as a nice option.

4. Traffup: Grow Your Account Fully

Free Version
Free Trial
Metrics & Score:

This provider focuses mostly on Twitter followers. And they see these accounts as integral ones. That means that those followers will like, share and retweet the owner’s content. For this, they have a top-notch exchange system. Users have to log in and advertise their profile there. Then, persons need to assign their interactions a certain number of points. Let’s say 100 points for a new follower. That’s the number of points another user will gain when following the original owner.


  • Free trial to test their services
  • It’s possible to have Clicks with no money
  • Safe packages
  • Cheap exchange system
  • Always work with real persons


  • Need always to be active
  • Have to assign a lot of points

These scores are great. Not only because they are cheap. But also because shoppers can be sure that they are working with other genuine Twitter owners. There are two main ways to have more scores. People can buy them, or they can earn them for free. These appear when interacting with others. All in all, this is a nice option for those who do not have a lot to spend and want to be on the safe side.

5. Follows: Make Your Twitter Look Like a Pro

Free Version
Free Trial
Metrics & Score: is an expert vendor in the social media field. Those who look to buy retweets have come to the right place. They are original for one perk. It is their guarantee that seems to be endless. That means that it doesn’t matter when clients have an issue. Customer support will give it a solution very fast. The tool understands how important it is to have a great fan base because it builds up social proof and presence.


  • Top-notch customer support
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Excellent quality of accounts
  • Very safe to buy from them
  • Retweets are fast


  • Very expensive starting plans
  • Twitter is not their focus

All in all, the team attracts new clients with their free trial for tweets. Prospective buyers only have to supply their URL to get 1,000 followers. Without paying for them, of course. Also, they have a program for writers. If these people would like to write a post about their services in their blogs, they will receive $26 to spend there. In this manner, this company becomes more well-known. While owners also buy benefits.

Top 5 Best Twitter Retweets Providers in 2024

Recommended Sites


From 0-5


Price, $


Rate, %


Rate (0-5)


Rate (0-5)


Rate (0-5)
Red Social 4.6/5 $30 92% 5/5 5/5 5/5
AudienceGain 4.5/5 $40 96% 5/5 5/5 5/5
SocialShop 4.3/5 $8 70% 4/5 4/5 4/5
Traffup 4.2/5 - 90% 5/5 5/5 5/5
Follows 3.8/5 $67 60% 3/5 4/5 4/5

5 Useful Tips Before You Get Started

If you are planning to begin soon, you will find the tips as follow very useful. In terms of overcoming the competition. This is a huge issue today when social media is growing so quickly. Also, because getting more fans is not as easy as it seems to be.

1. Objectives Matter

Getting one’s own reasons for carrying out this practice makes it all worth it.

  • Create a plan that features why you are doing this.
  • See why is it worth to spend money on this activity.
  • Enjoy the results that the business gets.
  • Never look back.

2. Make a Decision About the Best Site to Buy Retweets

Hundreds of options are out there. Social media is growing a lot in the last few years. Businesses take advantage of this. Do research to make sure nobody scams you.

  • Read reviews to see if the providers work with bots.
  • Always check numbers to see that none of them drop for no reason.

3. Budget Should be Right

There are very low prices out there. Some of them seem to be too good to be true. And that might be the case.

  • Consider always that some of them work with automation.
  • That’s not good traffic for the app.
  • Twitter tends to remove interaction from such profiles.

4. Why Are Reviews So Important?

One should be wary when money is on the table. People are capable of doing foul things to get it. For example, to sell fake interactions as if they were real.

  • Be on the alert and read as much as possible.
  • Trust in experts who spend their time writing guides like this one.

5. Free Trials Are King

For buyers who are confused, free trials can be saviors. When there are too many choices, it can be hard to choose one.

  • A free taste of their perks can be useful to know how fast the company is.
  • Even if retweets are few, they might be good examples of how whole plans work.

Pros & Cons of Buying Twitter Retweets

Retweets, as said before, are one of the most important features of a Twitter account. If the owner does not have a lot of these, it may mean they do not post good content. So, is it a good idea to acquire them? Let’s see the answer below.


  • This gives results fast. With organic growth, owners have to wait for quite some time. When getting Twitter retweets, yet, the process is much simpler. Orders start arriving in no time.
  • Someone is there to help the buyer. It’s not easy to overcome some doubts for starters. Men or women might have questions about this activity. So, customer care is there to aid them.
  • It helps to spread the message. That’s what Twitter is for, after all. Everybody wants others to read what they post. And to buy their products. Buying Twitter retweets can help with this.


  • It’s hard to choose the perfect vendor for the buyer. Alternatives seem to be too many. Also, their plans can be very similar. But automated accounts are still there. As a result, people should avoid them.
  • The leading providers might be pricey. Yes, there are many of them which are quite cheap. But they do not give remarkable results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can You Really Buy Twitter Retweets?

    Yes, and it is quite a common practice. For both individuals and brands. Doing this is very helpful when it comes to making a presence online better. In addition, it has some very simple steps to follow. Delivery tends to be very quick. Also, it makes organic growth go faster. Finally, options are usually suitable for any context and pocket. So, common persons can truly get Twitter retweets whenever they feel like it.

  • How Does Buying Twitter Retweets Work?

    To buy retweets for Twitter work because it gives the channel a better reputation. This very helpful for brands who try to sell something. Persons need to trust brands before they buy a product, like a tweet. It’s not easy to trust in somebody that has a poor online presence. That means having very few followers or interactions. Twitter retweets are the key ones in this platform. So it works very well.

  • Is it Safe to Buy Twitter Retweets?

    It is for sure. No reputable company would ever share personal data with others. And they would never ask for it in the first place. Red flags are apps that want owners’ usernames and password, for example. In terms of banning or suspension, it is not going to happen. Twitter tends to be strict with fake profiles. But the team will punish those fishy profiles and not the buyers’.

  • How Do Providers Deliver Twitter Retweets?

    They follow quite a simple process. First, clients have to create a profile on their dashboard. Then, they need to choose a suitable plan and pay for that. After that, it is the tool’s job to deliver those Twitter retweets. Usually, they partner with influencers or other owners to carry out the marketing tasks on the platform. Some others automate their products. All in all, every company tries to emulate organic likes and retweets and do so over time.

The Final Word

This guide set out to describe the key place where to buy retweets. As readers can see, there are many to choose. And all of them have a nice quality for those who look for the finest retweets. As most users know, this is one of the most important metrics when it comes to this platform. It means that persons liked the tweet so much they share it as if it were their own. It is not easy to grow those numbers in an organic way. That is why many brands and persons take the smart decision to buy Twitter retweets.

Published: July 05, 2019Updated: June 07, 2024
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