Best Instagram Followers Software in 2024

Millions of people use Instagram. Users who have been on this social media platform for a long time and use all of the tools available are extremely informed, fluent, and have a large number of followers.
People who are new to Instagram may struggle to gain a particular amount of followers due to the high level of competition. One of the greatest solutions to this problem is to use applications to get Instagram followers. This guide will provide in-depth information about such software for the year 2024.


Table of Contents

  1. Importance of Instagram Followers Apps
  2. 5 best Instagram followers apps in 2024
  3. Comparison table of apps to grow Instagram followers:
  4. Our Method.
  5. Tips for using Instagram followers apps
  6. Conclusion.

The Importance of Instagram Followers Apps

Software Instagram Followers Metrics

Social media is the most important tool to grow your business, and Instagram has a special place in it. It provides all the marketing tools, aiming to catch people’s attention.

Of course, when everybody uses the same tactics, it is not easy to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes it seems you make all the necessary efforts, but followers are still in the same numbers. And apps to gain Instagram followers are a great boost to the account on Instagram.

Engagement will grow very fast. If it is important for your business, you can choose followers from certain countries. All the reviews are online and visible to everyone who comes to your page. Instagram followers software offers adequate pricing, so it is affordable for everybody.

Yet, there are also some downsides to this practice. Any software you need to download carries the risk of getting a virus. In some cases, support teams can be slow in resolving technical issues.

1. Gramista: The best solution to gain followers

Free Version
Free Trial
Metrics & Score:

Gramista is another reliable app for gaining Instagram followers. Users can employ them for as little as one or three days. People who just need such fans for a brief period of time may find this useful. It could also be useful for those with limited resources. These bundles are really affordable.

On this site, making an account is not too difficult. Customers simply need to pay for the plan that they choose. After that, the plan is for them to select the kind of followers they wish to get. In this sector, it might be good to use hashtags. Most of Gramista’s partners have authentic profiles.


• Strong customer service;

• Organic followers;

• Discounts for devoted Minuseumers;

• Excellent online ratings;

• Good usage of hashtags


• Limited features to work with; no plans for likes or views


  • Discounts for loyal users.
  • Organic followers
  • Great reviews online
  • Customer support is strong
  • Nice use of hashtags


  • No plans for likes or views
  • Not so many features to work with

Creating an account on this platform is fairly simple. Clients only have to pay for the plan they had chosen. Then, the idea is that they choose which type of followers they want to get. Using hashtags can be wise in this field. Gramista mostly partners with real profiles.

2. Followadder: Magic for IG users

Free Version
Free Trial
Metrics & Score:

People must download this piece of software. The hope is that it will get real people to follow the Instagram account. There are many price levels to choose from, so it will work for a wide range of funds. One example is that the simple tool is very cheap.

Their higher plans are great all around. There are many good things about them, like getting updates every day. In terms of protection, FollowAdders takes care of its clients. 

There are different deals, so everyone can find a price they can afford. Another great thing about Followadder is that they’re not just on Instagram. They work on all the big networks, so companies can also make accounts on Twitter and Facebook. This could help the business grow even more and make its online presence better. The only bad thing about it is that only one person can use it at a time.


• Quick followers and likes;

• Good customer support;

• Reliable page;

• Good return policy;

• Professional design;


• There is no free account;

• visitors must download the application.


  • Followers and likes start arriving fast
  • Nice customer care team
  • Reliable page
  • Good refund policy
  • Design is professional


  • No free account
  • Visitors have to download the software

All in all, their premium plans are excellent. They offer a lot of benefits, such as daily updates. In case the software becomes obsolete, users will not have to do anything to get real fans. In terms of privacy, FollowAdders looks after its customers. This reflects in their low use of cookies.
llowers from the website. There are several different packages available, so there’s a price to meet any budget. Another great benefit to Famoid is that they’re not just on IG. They work on the major networks so businesses can create accounts on Facebook and Twitter, too. This could lead to even greater growth and a smarter online presence.

3. Falcon Social: Instagram Targeted Audience

Free Version
Free Trial
Metrics & Score:

Falcon Social provides Instagram automation. The idea is that by using the technology, anyone who chooses to pay them will be able to obtain a specific number of followers each week. Individuals can follow their needs to target their audience. As a result, they can decide to only accept followers of a particular gender or nation.

On the downside, users must make a weekly payment for the tool. Thus, it may occasionally get a little pricy. Still, it offers a fantastic 24/7 customer service crew. The ability to obtain reports is also quite helpful. Administrators may examine which procedures are most effective for their company in this way.



• Excellent client service;

• Secure;

• Real profiles;

• Metrics on hand for download


• Facebook is not supported;

• Messy board for new customers


  • Good customer support
  • Safe
  • Liking is possible
  • Real profiles
  • Metrics available for anyone who wants to download them


  • No support for Facebook
  • Messy board for new buyers

On the grey side, persons have to pay for the tool on a weekly basis. This means it can get a bit pricey at times. Still, it has a great customer care team that works 24/7. Also, having reports to download is very useful. In this way, admins can take a look at which practices work best for their business.

4. Instavast: Quick Readers of Images

Free Version
Free Trial
Metrics & Score:

There are several advantages that Instavast provides to its clients. The fact that users won’t need to download the program is one of its greatest benefits. These clients will have the option of working exclusively online. Regarding personal information, this Instagram follower software is quite concerning. They want to safeguard their clientele because of this.

Teamwork is encouraged to gain new followers for the account at a reasonable cost. The fact that these owners choose to purchase followers for their accounts will remain unknown to their audience. This tool operates through an extremely effective, round-the-clock bot.


• Quick and dependable;

• Teamwork-oriented;

• Variety of strategies;

• Supports teams;

• Quick outcomes


• They disregard comments and likes;

• Expensive


  • Fast and reliable
  • Effective team
  • Many plans to choose from
  • Allows for teams
  • Fast results


  • They neglect likes and comments
  • Expensive

Instavast offers a lot of benefits to those who want to hire them. One of the best features is that users will have no need to download the tool. These clients will be able to work completely online. The pricing is affordable, and it allows for team collaboration to get new people following the account.

5. FollowingLike saves the day for social media

Free Version
Free Trial
Metrics & Score:

FollowingLike is an all-inclusive Instagram follower app. It also includes numerous additional social networking sites. It may thus be a fantastic choice for marketers who have several networks to manage. Regarding the services it provides for Instagram, they are rather extensive.

This business offers video views as well as likes. Regarding followers, people may choose to follow or unfollow other individuals. Maintaining the idea of genuine, organic traffic is excellent. Last but not least, the company looks out for its customers’ wallets. Every day, they provide exclusive discounts for their plans.



• User search;

• Search for images and videos;

• Custom comments;

• Safe and quick


• There are no free choices available.

• The cost of Likes is higher than that of other plans.


  • User search
  • Follow the desired public
  • Search for photos and videos
  • Custom comments
  • Safe and fast


  • No options free of charge
  • Likes are more expensive than other plans

This company covers from likes to views for videos. When it comes to followers, users have the option to follow or stop doing so to others. This is great to keep the notion of real, organic traffic. Finally, the brand takes care of their clients’ pockets. Special discounts for their plans come up every day.

Top 5 Best Instagram Followers Software in 2024

Recommended Sites


From 0-5

Starting Price

$ / mo


Rate, %


Rate (0-5)


Rate (0-5)


Rate (0-5)
1. Gramista 4.7/5 $39.99 94% 5/5 5/5 5/5
2. FollowAdder 4.6/5 $49.99 92% 5/5 4/5 5/5
3. Falcon Social 4.5/5 $129 92% 4/5 5/5 4/5
4. Instavast 4.5/5 $15 88% 4/5 4/5 4/5
5.FollowingLike 4.4/5 $72 84% 4/5 4/5 4/5

Our Method

Before beginning work on this guide, it was essential that we identify which vendors merited a try. To accomplish this, we examined each website to determine whether or not they were viable options. Then, we endeavoured to determine whether previous consumers had good or negative things to say about them. This item provides an accurate indication of whether the organization genuinely caters to the requirements of its clientele. Additional factors warrant consideration, including the metrics that follow.

Our Metrics:

• Features Score (the quantity of permitted benefits and services): 0 to 10

• Ease of Use Score 0–10 (indicating how user-friendly the site is)

• Price score ranging from zero to ten (the expense of each plan and package)

• Support Score (customer service etiquette) ranges from zero to ten

• Trust Score (measures of quality, delivery, customer retention, and security): 0 to 10

Taking into consideration all of these metrics, we created a ranking in descending order. The initial company mentioned in this evaluation receives five stars. It received the highest rating and the most positive feedback from its purchasers. However, each program is reliable and deserving of the customers’ investment.

7 Tips for Using Instagram Followers Apps

1. How do you get more people to follow you on Instagram?

Buying Instagram followers is easy when people use software that does it for them. For starters, it’s easy to find the right accounts for a certain area. Following them is then faster since the program will run even when people are sleeping. Also, they know how to use hashtags well. Additionally, these businesses will let owners choose when to post good material. That is a must if you want to get more business naturally. Still, this moves very slowly, and it wears me out.

2. Check authenticity.

The second step is to verify the app’s authenticity by ensuring that it abides by Instagram’s terms of service and does not engage in any unethical methods.

3. How do I gain Instagram followers?

Reputable social media marketing companies offer a safe and fast way to generate free traffic to your feeds. The process is easy, as you can create an account and choose a plan that suits your needs. Some prefer weekly or monthly payments, while others prefer no payment at all.

4. Stay up-to-date

Being informed about any changes in Instagram’s policies or algorithms is important because they can impact the app’s functioning or your account’s performance.

5. Don’t overuse

Be smart about how you use the app and don’t rely too much on following apps, because doing so could hurt the trustworthiness of your account.

6. Learn About the App’s Features

Get to know the app’s features, like how to target specific types of followers, track activity, and schedule posts.

7. Being steady is important.

Engage with your audience regularly and share high-quality material to keep and gain followers naturally, using the app’s features, including hashtags to help you along the way. Don’t forget that you can also buy Instagram comments on some of the software.


We hope that you understand the importance of Instagram followers for business growth and recommend using follower apps to overcome competition. We introduced you to the 5 top comment apps for 2024 and offered a comparison table based on key metrics.

You can choose what best suits you according to your plans for growing your account, your budget, and your general ambitions to be visible on Instagram. We advise you to look wider and focus not only on followers. Consider buying Instagram Likes as additional help to your business.

Please share your comment on what application resonates with you the most. It’s great to hear your feedback on Instagram followers apps in 2024.

Published: September 01, 2019Updated: June 03, 2024
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