Best Instagram Followers Tracker 2023

Many marketers use services to boost their social campaigns. But it is hard to find one app that users review positively way today. In 2023, many new are worth using because of their price and their functions. To know which are the top IG followers tracker, read on.


Table of Contents

  1. What We Did to Find the Best
  2. Top 5 Best Follower Trackers
  3. Providers Comparison Table (Price & Features)
  4. 5 Useful Tips Before You Get Started
  5. Pros and Cons
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. The Final Word

What We Did to Find the Best


To write this guide, our team had to try how the vendors below worked in the social media field. To choose them, we had to look for reviews and comments that other clients wrote about them online. We did not consider those who had been paid. We only took into account through opinions. Then, we decided to try the apps on our own. We did so for an amount of time to check the quality of the service they provided. To rank them, we applied some of the metrics below.

Metrics We Calculated:

  • Features Score (how many functions each plan has) – 0-10 score
  • Ease of Use Score (if the board is simple to access or not) – 0-10
  • Price Score (the cost of each package) – 0-10
  • Support Score (review of their customer support team) – 0-10
  • Trust Score (what previous buyers write about them) – 0-10

After that, we came up with the best companies in the field. We weighed all the numbers and ranked them following those scores. The first one, for example, got 5 stars.

1. HootSuite: From Zero to Hero

Free Version
Free Trial
Metrics & Score:

HootSuite is a star when it comes to IG followers tracker. This is a platform with a lot of functions, and many social media tools supported. Within their marketing section, there is the app. It is very efficient when it comes to seeing the ones who follow and unfollow. The free plan is suitable for individuals who do not have a lot of profiles. It lets persons link up to 3 social media apps.


  • Track the traffic with ease
  • Paid plans are cheap
  • Many networks supported
  • Very famous
  • Works on Android


  • Messy to access at the beginning
  • Few profiles allowed

Buyers who require bigger numbers can buy their premium plans. Those have a lot of added perks. Some of them include more control over clicks like following. They will depend on the tools and the functions that each of them has. For example, it is not possible to do so with Tweets. Still, it’s easy to identify who are the best followers and who are not. Then, an admin can choose to let go of the spammers.

2. Crowdfire: Ignite Your Account

Free Version
Free Trial
Metrics & Score:

This is a comprehensive system for many social accounts. Within those networks, it includes Instagram tracker. The idea behind such a company is to be able to manage every profile from just one place. When it comes to tracking, the analytics are powerful. It is possible to see how many posts are doing really well, and how many are not. One good idea is to schedule the great once again so many others can see them.


  • Affordable
  • Many options for plans
  • The basic package has many features
  • Safe payment
  • Simple to contact them


  • No refunds
  • Slow tech support

Crowdfire includes many functions. Because of this, the company has a number of plans that adapt to different budgets. On the good side, the basic one is very affordable. It is possible to answer every mention with a picture or a gif. In addition, it puts together all the mentions for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Finally, those who want to analyze what the competitors are doing can do so. The key metrics are there to compare them.

3. Iconosquare: Increasing Popularity Today

Free Version
Free Trial
Metrics & Score:

Iconosquare is an app with many functions. One of them has to do with the following feature of both Facebook and Twitter. Many famous agencies hire their services today. That’s a guarantee that the plans are of high-quality. Their customer support team is also top-notch. They will help clients to choose the best options for them and answer any query in a quick manner. In terms of their plans, they have no free option. Still, their trial is quite good, and the packages are affordable.


  • Great case studies
  • Nice dashboard
  • Beautiful design
  • In-depth analytics
  • Integrates with Facebook


  • No free trial
  • Few platforms supported

They have a case study section that shows stories on their success. This part is very useful for new clients to get to know the quality of their service. Their tracker seems to be very good, in particular. It allows buyers to create sheets with colors and links. One of the things that make them unique is their tools. Anyone can have access to their Facebook audit, for example, without paying for it.

4. Squarelovin: Tell a Social Story

Free Version
Free Trial
Metrics & Score:

Squarelovin is a page based on following a simple claim. To help owners build up a great audience for their social media networks. The idea is that they get inspired by the posts of other people. Then, it is also possible to track down the number of fans from the Instagram account. It has a number of tools, like one for insights, which are truly great when trying to know what the audience is doing.


  • Excellent free version
  • Guide for new users
  • Great reviews
  • Updated for 2023
  • Nice design


  • No comparison between pages
  • No premium plans

Hashtags are the other element focus of this platform. Without them, it would be really hard to group content under the same class. So, Squarelovin gives some pieces of advice on how to improve them. For example, people should seize that opportunity to brand the links. As a result, the company will become more well-known. On the grey side, there is no feature regarding other companies. So, owners will not have the chance to make a competitor’s analysis.

5. Instafollow: Good Interactions in Time

Free Version
Free Trial
Metrics & Score:

This is an Instagram followers tracker to download. The good thing is that it is available for both laptops and smartphones. One of its main perks includes knowing who unfollows a person’s account. That is not easy to get if not. In particular for influencers that have hundreds of fans. It is an app that also has a sheet that allows any person to have a register of numbers that are kept and the ones that are not.


  • Count of unfollowers
  • Some free options
  • Easy to use to follow
  • Good customer support
  • Tight privacy policy


  • People have to download it
  • No graphs or tables

New users who start following on this social network will appear in a certain color. Such a feature is great when someone wants to keep a close track of their tasks. If any of them decides to leave the site, then they would go to a column called unfollowers. Finally, it gives a lot of data about the people on their own. It is possible to know if they are active or not.

5 Best IG Follower Tracker Providers (Price & Features) in 2023

Recommended Sites


From 0-5

Trust Score

From 0-10

Starting Price

$ / mo

Free Version

Yes / No

Free Trial

Amount of Days
1. HootSuite 4.5/5 9/10 $19 Yes 30 Days
2. Crowdfire 4.4/5 9/10 $7.48 Yes Yes
3. Iconosquare 4.1/5 9/10 $49 No 14 Days
4. Squarelovin 4.0/5 7/10 Free Yes Yes
5. Instafollow 3.9/5 7/10 Free Yes Yes

5 Useful Tips Before You Get Started

Nobody wants to be alone in this field. That is why experts here have compiled a list of tips that are of great help when just starting with this activity. These entail some perks to consider when choosing a suitable software to use.

1. Supported Apps

This is key for any platform. Every business today owns accounts in many social media networks. Nobody will find it useful to just have one profile on Twitter, for example. This is why it is crucial that the company that gives a helping hand to the owner supports more than one network. Owners can find many of those options above. The agencies mentioned usually have functionalities for varied social apps.

2. How Fast they Are

Everything changes fast today. Especially when it comes to the online world. Some themes that are trending now are dated tomorrow. As a result, each business needs to be swift when providing services. For example, those who give organic traffic or good fans need to do it within 24 hours. The same happens if they are giving customer support. Nobody wants to wait for too long to get a solution to their issues.

3. Follow Back is Useful

The most popular figures in this field understand the importance of helping each other. For example, a common practice is to follow someone. Then, that person knows it is nice to return the favor. That is why any software that has this perk is great to take into account. As the software is going to automate the action, it will save time and effort to owners. Consider this when deciding what to do.

4. Take Numbers Into Account

One of the most powerful tools that admins have today is analytics. Those numbers will be helpful when making decisions about the future. For example, the metrics about a link will tell how many people clicked on them. If it’s about a post, it will show info on how many Instagram likes it got. Also, at what time of the day, fans access it the most. Then, choose software that has the best metrics possible.

5. Flexible Plans and Pricing

Last but not least, a business owner should never forget about their budget. Nothing is more crucial than a company that adapts to the needs of their clients. So, maybe a freelancer requires a lot of functions from an agency. But that tool charges too much for them to get there. Take a look at what each one of them offers and chooses with that info in mind.

Pros & Cons of IG Fan Trackers

As stated above, there are many perks of using this software to track the ones who follow an account. Among those, it is the pricing and the relation between cost and benefit. There are also some drawbacks discussed below.


  • They are a great source of data. Without them, it is sometimes not easy to know what is happening to the followers of an account.
  • The packs also give info on the best times to post.
  • It’s also handy for knowing who is active and who is not.
  • Influencers will be able to identify organic traffic from bots.
  • Customer support is top-notch.


  • An Instagram follower tracker is usually within other board and might be messy to find.
  • The plans include many features, and so they are pricey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an Instagram Follower Tracker App?

This is a tool that owners make use of to know what their fans are doing. The insights that these vendors give are powerful. First, it allows any person to know if the users are active or not. That is crucial when getting an idea about the clicks of the profile. In this way, people get metrics not only about their posts but about human beings as well. Finally, it is feasible to track down other items like the unfollowers.

Should a Small Business Use This Type of Tracker?

Yes, though the bigger companies will find it more fruitful. Why? Because it is really hard to monitor ones’ numbers when they are very big. First, any business should know who are the most active users. In this way, the admins will be able to make the most out of their tactics and make the posts more creative. Also, nobody wants to have bots following or making comments about the photos. The tracker will delete these in no time.

Is it Good to Use Such a Software?

It depends on the needs of the company. But any Instagram follower tracker will do wonders for the business that requires its services. Among their benefits are seeing who is active and who is not. Also, deleting accounts which are not from real people is really easy. Most of the companies give owners sheets with all the info. Grouping the traffic and taking action, then, is a thing of just one click.

Is It Better to Buy Instagram Followers or Use Free Ones?

This is dependent on the type of providers business is using. There are some that give out the same quality of followers whether the customer pays for them or not. Then, there are services where free followers are inactive or fake accounts, but paid ones are real. This varies all across the board, so research is critical. In general, getting some unpaid fans is just fine, especially for those who are just starting out and don’t have much going on with their subscriber count.

Will Free IG Followers Be Dropped With Time?

Again, this is sometimes true, but it’s different for each service. Be sure to check whether a provider makes any guarantees or promises about retention. There are some that will replace any followers that drop within a certain time period. Others will state that they can’t make any claims that fans will stay. Keep in mind that these services are primarily for appearance, and they should be used as a jumping-off point, not an end solution.

The Final Word

The verdict is in: it’s totally okay and normal to get Instagram followers. Just remember that they’re not all created equal. Plus, each company and the solo brand has its own considerations as well as strengths and weaknesses. What one business needs, another might already have figured out. That’s why there are so many providers to choose from. Be sure to carefully think about the five key metrics to make a solid choice. The Partner that with the nine tips on gaining views, and that’s a recipe for success.

Published: September 01, 2019Updated: March 26, 2024
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