Privacy Policy

HowSociable, the entity, as well as operators or owners of the entity, shall be herein referred to as “We” or “Us.” We are committed to maintaining your privacy. The document that follows known as the Privacy Policy provides details of how HowSociable may use information that identifies your person. We retain the right to modify the Privacy Policy as needed and without notice. It is recommended you review each time that you use any of HowSociable’s services or tools.

Company policy dictates that your personal information shall not be given away, released, traded, sold, or leased, except where noted below. Personal identifying information includes but is not limited to your physical address (home and business), name, telephone number (home and business), and e-mail address.

General Information

HowSociable is not accountable for maintaining the privacy of information or photos that are distributed, posted, or otherwise published on the site. Our site grants users the ability to post information on their blog, and such users should remember that the blog is public. Content will remain anonymous under the circumstances, but also may not be protected for reasons outside of our control, including subpoenas, government action, and other actions.

Clients who pay for professional services may be prompted to enter credit card information for their transaction. In cases where a credit card is accepted as payment, this information will not be shared by any third party. Personal information also will not be shared, aside from typical business usage and transaction processing purposes. Your information will not be shared with a third party for marketing.

Exceptions to the HowSociable Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy protects customer information in many circumstances, especially from marketing purposes. However, the following conditions may be excluded.

Should an attorney or government agency subpoena identifying or personal information, or should a formal request be made pertaining to any pending legal action, we would share all information we possess with the party seeking the information. However, it is unlikely that HowSociable maintains any info outside of what you have willingly provided on the site.

Additionally, should our attorney request personal identifying information for a legal reason that is either current or pending, provided you are a contributor or party in the suit, we will share information provided with our attorney.

The Use of Cookies

The HowSociable website may use cookies to improve the function of services, tools, and the website itself. Should user accounts be allowed in the future, cookies may also be used to enhance user experiences. These cookies consist of small programs used across the Internet, usually employed with the intent of increasing user functionality and experience.

Should you not want to use cookies on the website, consult the HELP menu of your selected browser and turn cookies off. However, note that eliminating the use of cookies can impair or reduce how easily you can use the Internet and HowSociable’s website and services. Furthermore, cookies do not reveal any identifying information and do not store data about users. The exception is information provided like your IP address and email, which may be used for diagnostic purposes and to find and repair issues that may exist on the server and similar programming.

When in use, cookies might provide information about recording sessions and may be used to store information on visitor preferences. By aggregating tracking data and recording visits to the website, visitors can have a more specific experience. Among the data collected includes screen resolution and type, browser type, and related information. Though cookies are used across the site where allowable, this data is never shared with third parties.

Further usage of cookies allows data to be collected so that HowSociable may contact its customers. This also allows custom content to be chosen, based on the statistics regarding our user base.

Further Information

Generally, it is against company policy to allow third parties to contact you via the email address provided for your account. We also do not send unsolicited emails. Users of the HowSociable website can visit the homepage without providing personal information. However, certain areas of the site can only be accessed by registered users. These areas require you to provide accurate and current information in the fields requested.

When the site is visited by a member or non-member, HowSociable may also collect the IP address. This is used to collect demographic information, which may be used to benefit our website in some way. It can also help us make decisions regarding potential investors, partners, or advertisers. Note that IP address information, while identifying in a sense, does not identify you personally as a user of the site.

HowSociable Doesn`t Gather Information / Personal Data of Minors

We employ reasonable rules, policies, and technical safeguards to protect and preserve identifying data that we collect and maintain access to. These rules, procedures, and technical safeguards are intended to preserve the integrity of data from improper disclosure or use, including protection from unauthorized access and modification, as well as accidental loss or unlawful destruction. Though we have safeguards in place, keep in mind that there is no rule, policy, or technical safeguard that guarantees 100% protection from improper disclosure, use, modification, access, or loss, whether unlawful or accidental.

Data processors and employees of HowSociable may access and process personal information. However, they are obligated to maintain the confidentiality of personal data from both visitors and users of the site. Though there is no 100% guarantee with any security system, it is our goal to provide industry-standard security regarding any personal content and information. If any content, data, or information is breached by an external source, HowSociable must be HELD HARMLESS. We are hereby INDEMNIFIED against any claims relating to security breaches, including fees, costs, losses, injuries, or damages.

Furthermore, the information provided in this Privacy Policy aligns with guidelines set forth in the Terms of Service. Please refer to our Terms of Service for further details.

Further Data Collection

General tracking information may be collected to help us better understand how to service clients and visitors to the site. User-specific information may also be collected as necessary. Furthermore, we retain the right to collect user-specific details when you fill out a survey, inquiry form, or contact form. This is collected temporarily, with the intent of allowing us to reach out when necessary.

HowSociable encourages visitors and users of the site to contact us, should you have any concerns, questions, or comments regarding the Policy Privacy as detailed above.

Contact Us

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