Best Rank Tracking Software: Maximizing Your SEO Potential

Seven Benefits of Keyword Rank Tracking

Before we get into the top choices for keyword rank tracking software, let us first explore why you should consider keyword tracking for SEO.

1. Knowing and Applying Effective SEO Strategies

You’ll have a more defined understanding of which content page ranks well by tracking keyword rankings. It will also give you an idea of the content Google (or other search engines) prefers and keywords that can increase traffic.

As you may know, keyword rankings are constantly evolving. This means that you can’t be complacent that your SEO strategy will work anytime.

Once you monitor keyword positions, it will help you focus on creating content that helps your website become more visible. It will guide you on populating your site efficiently instead of merely copying the work of other successful content pages.

If your current content ranks well, it’s best to create supporting pages to increase traffic and gain more audience.

2. Better Chances of Boosting Your Revenue

If you’re following the relevant keywords, you should be able to determine which content and articles on your website generate the most traffic and conversions. While it’s exciting to see your traffic grow, it won’t be much help if you can’t entice your audience to participate in what you offer.

Once you determine which content or pages generate conversions, you can optimize them further by applying keyword rankings. This can significantly boost your revenue potential as you’re maximizing visibility and keyword use.

The click-through rates are tremendously higher if you move up a spot in organic search results. If the keyword tracking data suggests that your highest-converting pages or content is not ranked higher than they should, you’ll have to do some work. Until your content is not reaching the top position, you’ll have to make an effort to update your SEO strategy.

Overall, the higher your content is in search rankings, the more traffic and conversions you gain.

Keyword rank tracking allows you to identify the stability or volatility of rankings over time. Attribute changes to updates in search engine algorithms, content amendments in competing sites, and other factors.

You may need to improve your SEO strategy if your content has volatile keywords. If done correctly, the ranking could become more stable, and your page may fare better in search engine results.

It’s best to keep track of the volatile keywords that increase visits and conversions. You also must consider the changes your competitors made for the same keywords. This ensures the updates you’ll do align with the current trends.

4. Deeper Insight into Your Competitors

One of the most prominent advantages of keyword rank tracking is knowing your and your competitors’ position in search engine results.

Even if you’re targeting several keywords, you still have to highlight some primary keywords that rank high. As you might expect, your competitors will also have the same intent.

You’ll better understand the rankings by tracking how you and your competitors rank the keywords. When you have the data, you can generate an SEO strategy to rival or surpass your competitors.

5. Discovering New Markets

Using high-ranking keywords gives a chance for your content to have more exposure to users. You’ll be more aware of what people type on search engines if you track keyword rankings regularly. Focusing only on keywords that relate to your content may lead you to discover new markets that would otherwise be out of your sight.

Long-tail keywords and phrases won’t have a high ranking in search results. However, using them can help you gain more visibility and connect your content to other topics for a different audience. In any business, more visibility and traffic means more chances of conversion or sales.

6. Get SEO Reports

If someone else owns your website, they would likely request SEO ranking reports periodically to see how you fare in search results.

You can provide SEO reports by tracking keyword rankings. It’s best to utilize an SEO reporting tool to generate the reports faster and easier. The advantage of using this tool is to provide reports that are easy to understand.

7. Identifying Click-Through Rates Issues

We define click-through rate (CTR) as a click ratio of how frequently users see your promotional content, like ads, and interact with it. We use CTRs to measure the effectiveness of your ads and keywords.

Knowing how your pages rank for specific keywords may help determine issues related to your CTRs that affect traffic. Once you know the average click-through rate of a keyword, you can compare it with your CTR and see if it’s above or below average.

If it’s above average, you may not need to do much unless you strive for a higher CTR.

On the other hand, below average implies that your content’s title or SEO description needs some tweaking. Remember that ads and other promotional content aim to make visitors interested enough to visit your page.

Best Rank Tracking Software Choices

Suppose you want to do things manually. Using keyword rank tracking software is the most recommended way of tracking keyword rankings because of its effectiveness and efficiency. Let’s check 12 of the highly-rated options available.

Free Trial PeriodKeyword LookupsNumber of ReportsNumber of Users
SERPWatcher10 days100 to 1,200Not specified1 to 10
SEMrush7 days500 to 5,0005 to 501**
AhrefsN/A750 to 10,000From 1001**
Ranktracker7 days100 to 2,000 (daily)10 to Unlimited2 to Unlimited
SitecheckerN/A500 to 2,000Not specifiedUnlimited
ProRankTrackerN/A*0 to 20,000+Unlimited1 to Unlimited
Rank Ranger14 days500 to 25,000+ (daily)Unlimited1 to 10+
AccuRanker14 days1,000 to 1,000,000Not specifiedUnlimited
NozzleAvailable, but not specified200 to 20,000 (daily)UnlimitedUnlimited
SE Ranking14 days250 to 20,000100 to 10,0001 to 10
Advanced Web Ranking30 days2,000 to 35,500 (weekly)Not specifiedUnlimited
Moz Pro30 days300 to 4,500Unlimited1 to 5
*offers free version
**every additional user require extra fee

1. SERPWatcher

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SERPWatcher is one of the most popular keyword rank tracking software that promises to make some complicated tools appear like they came out decades ago.

Notable Features

  • Performance Index

The software developer of SERPWatcher believes that the primary purpose of daily rank tracking software is to determine the organic traffic potential of websites. SERPWatcher bases the Performance Index on the latest keyword positions and corresponding search volumes. It will show you how your website performs in SERP accurately.

  • Updates

SERPWatcher can provide you with rank updates daily and verify the data in the previews. One convenient feature of the updates is you’ll get notifications about any crucial changes to rankings via email alerts. This will help update your content in terms of keyword usage and SEO strategy.

  • Location-Based Track Rankings

Unless you’re trying to get visitors and potential customers worldwide, accurate local data is essential for rank tracking. SERPWatcher claims it has more than 50 thousand locations, including states, cities, counties, and DMA regions.

This software also supports mobile devices, so you’re not restricted to working on a desktop only.

  • Sharing

For those working on a team, SERPWatcher allows you to share interactive reports and tracking with colleagues or superiors with a link. Furthermore, event-based alerts and scheduled reports will notify you of the essential changes.

  • Display

Other rank tracking software requires you to open new tabs to access all critical data. That won’t be the case with SERPWatcher, as it showcases all the data you need on one screen via its two-column interface.

The left column displays positions, while the right is about the Dominance Index and a set of aggregated metrics.

Pricing Plans

Mangools offers three packages for SERPWatcher. You can choose from Basic ($29.90 per month), Premium ($39.90 per month), and Agency ($79.90 per month). The prices mentioned are for annual plans. You’ll have to pay more if you opt for monthly packages.

2. Semrush

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If you’re looking for a company that provides a comprehensive set of online marketing solutions, check out Semrush. From SEO to social media marketing, its website exhibits several award-winning tools used by some of the most successful global companies.

Notable Features

  • Position Tracking

Semrush tracks keywords, competitors, and domains on Google. Monitoring the progress of your campaign, optimizing targeting efforts accurately, and fixing cannibalization are all made easy with this tool.

  • Reports

It can provide a rankings distribution report that allows you to compare the rankings of your pages against your competitors. You’ll be able to see your position from Google’s organic top 3 to 100. The report will also show you the results of paid SERP from Google Ads.

Segmenting countless search terms is made easy with the Tags report. The tool lets you include a single keyword in different groups. Each keyword you add may have five tags.

  • Sensor

One of the highlights of Semrush is providing you with the means to track the volatility of SERPs based on daily rankings updates. By considering the signs that might prompt a change in the algorithm, you’ll know the industries prone to updates more than others.

  • Ranks

Like any other decent SEO rank tracking software, Semrush allows you to measure the online presence of your prospects and competitors.

This tool is programmed to research domains with high levels of organic visibility in numerous global markets. Semrush Rank provides a range of data on domains such as those with the most paid traffic, keywords, and estimated advertising budget.

Pricing Plans

Semrush offers monthly and annual plans for all three packages. You’ll get a discounted monthly rate for the Pro Plan ($99.95), Guru ($191.62), and Business ($374.95) if you choose to pay yearly.

3. Ahrefs

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When it comes to SEO tools, Ahrefs is one of the software companies that gained widespread acclaim from marketing professionals. With over a decade of industry experience, you can expect exceptional service and high-quality results.

Notable Features

  • Rank Tracker

This tool allows you to monitor your pages’ Google rankings across 170 countries via desktop or mobile. It is user-friendly, as the software only requires you to input keywords, adding countries for each one, and your competitor’s URLs. Then, Ahrefs is going to start working on tracking data and will notify you of any updates.

  • Interactive Graphs

With this daily SEO rank tracking software, you can see how effective your SEO strategy is currently. You’ll see a history of three essential factors in keyword tracking.

Viewing your average position and traffic is easy as Ahrefs will show you a snapshot of your performance over time.

The visibility tab features the click percentage of your pages or website from organic search traffic.

Tracking your positions categorized by groups is available on the Positions tab. The groups are segmented from #1-3, 4-10, 11-50, to 51-100.

  • Keyword Sorting

Segmenting data based on your preferences is possible with Ahrefs. With the help of multiple valuable filters, you can better look at your data.

This feature lets you group the keywords by tags, which offers an extensive view of ranking progress. The software can provide performance details by automatically aggregating your data by tag.

  • Competitor Comparison

This rank tracking software can compare your performance against others and reports on three significant areas. You’ll get data on your and your competitors’ search traffic, ranking progress, and SERP features. Ahrefs lets you compare up to ten competitors.

Pricing Plans

Ahrefs offers four pricing packages. All include the Rank Tracker, SEO Dashboard, Keyword Explorer, Site Explorer, Site Audit, and Alerts.

For annual plans, you may get the Lite Plan for $83, Standard for $166, Advanced for $333, and Enterprise for $833. The prices mentioned are charged monthly.

4. Ranktracker

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Considering its name, it would be almost impossible not to mistake this tool for anything else. This UK-based software company offers an all-in-one SEO solution to help website owners and content manager to reach their goals easier and faster. Ranktracker promises to accommodate the latest industry trends with its set of features.

Notable Features

  • Ranking Progress Data

The software features graphs that indicate how your website or pages’ position changes over time, which you can share with clients and colleagues. The graphs provide instant overviews of essential areas like traffic, visibility, SERP position, and more. You can check your ranking progress via desktop or mobile.

Customization of automated reports is allowed by Ranktracker as it lets you include your company or brand logo on them.

  • SERP Features

The software can find out if SERP features such as maps, reviews, and shopping previews are showing the search engine results. If they don’t, you’ll have to work to optimize your content for the SERP features to be available. Once accomplished, you’re more likely to gain more traffic.

  • Website Page Tracking

Ranktracker provides information on each page’s average position, traffic, and search volume. Intricate details like the keyword ranking for every page are also available. By utilizing the tracking features, you can identify which pages are not performing well. This will prompt you to make some changes to improve their positions.

  • Improved Sales Potential

With Ranktracker’s Discovery tool, you can determine keywords already ranking. You can avoid unnecessary optimization efforts by knowing keywords that perform well in search results. Focusing on other aspects of website building for increased sales opportunities becomes more feasible.

Pricing Plans

Ranktracker offers four subscription packages, all priced monthly. You may pay per month or per year. The Starter Plan costs $9 a month for annual plans. You can obtain Double Data at $29.50, Quad Data at $54.50, and Hex Data at $104.50. Prepare for about twice the rates if you choose to pay per month.

5. Sitechecker

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Sitechecker has been a part of the industry since 2016. Its SEO specialists have developed its rank tracker as one of the best rank tracking tools. The software’s overall goal is to fix website errors and improve ranking positions.

Notable Features

  • Reporting

This rank tracking tool can provide you with reports as KPI dashboards for you, your colleagues, clients, or your superiors. Still, you’ll be the first to be aware of your website rankings, whether it goes up or down.

Once you subscribe to the service, you’ll get a report about the top keywords that changed positions daily. The service also provides weekly emails containing high potential keywords and their positions. These data may help you plan what content to create to increase website traffic.

  • Tracking Features

You can track keyword positions for a multitude of websites. The software lets you put notes under the chart whenever you make changes.

Sitechecker is not limited to Google. You can track positions in other search engines such as Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo from your desktop, mobile, or anywhere.

  • Keyword Management

The tool is equipped with several filters for finding the right keywords more efficiently. You can narrow down your search by activating landing pages, search volume, positions, and other filters.

Finding the most successful keywords faster is doable by sorting the list by how many times the positions change. This keyword rank tracker lets you sort from up to 90 days.

  • Link Icons

SiteChecker applies icons to identify keywords with unplanned but ranked URLs. You may identify them easily by looking for the red link icon before the volume column. Once you see any of your keywords have this icon, fix the issue that triggers the cause or update their target URLs.

  • SERP Analysis

Sitechecker has a SERP analysis feature for any keyword. You have access to snapshots of the top websites on the results page. This makes comparing your pages’ performance to your competitors’ easier.

Pricing Plans

The company offers four pricing plans for Sitechecker. You may get the Basic plan at a discounted offer of $41, Startup at $83, Growing at $166, and Enterprise at $499. You’ll have to request a quote for the Enterprise as the price could be higher if you require more features.

6. ProRankTracker

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According to ProRankTracker (PRT), it has earned the trust of over 60,000 enterprises, SEO agencies, SEMs, and website owners. The company promises highly-specialized rank tracking and reporting that could do wonders for your SEO strategy.

Notable Features

  • Accuracy

PRT claims its best SEO rank tracker uses the most accurate algorithm. You can expect the tool to outperform any alternatives in providing up-to-date, precise results for your ranking. It’s capable of going deep, up to the top 100 results.

  • Updates

Tracking your keywords rankings automatically every day is one of the most prominent features of PRT. Depending on your plan, you may also receive extra updates on demand. You’ll always be in the loop of the latest changes in the rankings of your tracked terms.

  • Convenience

Since PRT is a web-based solution, there’s no need to install or download anything to get started.

You may also change the reporting and interface from English to Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, and seven other languages. PRT uses native translations to minimize or eliminate confusion or mistakes.

  • Local Tracking

ProRankTracking is designed to deliver local rank tracking on various search engines. It focuses on 187 Google sites, 32 Bing sites, 35 Yahoo sites, all Amazon local sites, and YouTube.

For Google Organic SERPS, you may track results on all sites via desktop or mobile.

  • Historical Rankings

If you want to see the details in the top rankings for a specific period, PRT should be one of your top choices. You’ll get information like who went up, competitor updates, or how your SEO strategy is performing.

Pricing Plans

PRT offers one free and three paid plans. The Starter package price starts at $13.50 per month, $89 for Pro, and $180 for Agency. If you opt to avail of the annual packages, the monthly rate is reduced by 20 percent.

7. Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger
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If you want to drive organic growth on your website with high-quality insights, in-depth competitor analysis, and progress monitoring, Rank Ranger is your best bet. The software company attests you’ll get the data required to increase performance and traffic to your site organically.

Notable Features

  • Keyword and Site Tools

Before focusing on increasing your keyword performance, finding the keywords that may bring the most potential is essential. Usually, it is challenging to identify the right keywords, topics, and content because of the number of ways to do it. That’s why this keyword tracker software includes four helpful tools.

The Keyword Finder allows you to discover new keywords based on parameters like cost-per-click (CPC), format, length, search volume, and more. Its numerous filters make it easier to pinpoint the keywords worth including in your content.

Rank Ranger features a dynamic keyword research suite that provides topics, keywords, and questions. The Keyword Explorer can analyze keyword difficulty and relevancy and build individual lists crucial for content creation.

Finding the websites that give you the most competition in organic rankings is made more accessible by the Site Explorer. The tool helps in identifying if your site and your competitors have content overlap. It also offers per market basis on a site’s most-performing organic and paid keywords.

You can find out your competitors’ potential upcoming topics and your next marketing strategy via the Search Gap tool. It’s easier to discover the areas for improvement in your content creation if you can utilize the information provided.

  • Rank Tracking on Specialty Search Engines

Rank is not limited to SERP organic search results. It also exists on other Google platforms like YouTube and Play Store. Rank Ranger allows you to track beyond the usual channels, which can be advantageous if you plan to target different search engines.

  • Customized Rank Analysis

This SEO rank tracking software allows you to create custom graphs that let you compare any key metric you have currently to other periods. You can determine how your organic SEO efforts impact your paid search performance. The custom-tailored analysis will also help identify the correlations between traffic and ranking in one graph.

Pricing Plans

Rank Ranger offers four SEO plans for maximizing your website potential. The Lite plan starts from $79 per month, Standard from $149, Pro from $699, and Premium from $2,700. The company also has a custom plan if you want a specific number of campaigns, search engine per campaign, and daily keyword tracking.

Two Enterprise plans are available, the most comprehensive packages Rank Ranger has to offer. The 360 provides a complete program that can help you perform SEO processes at scale.

On the other hand, Express is more about providing all the data you need to boost your chances of operating an effective SEO campaign. You’ll have to contact a consultant to inquire about pricing and other details about these two Enterprise plans.

8. AccuRanker

This keyword tracker software has serviced over 32,000 customers with features essential for SEO. AccuRanker is designed with a powerful infrastructure with in-depth analytics to deliver fast, up-to-date, and accurate data.

Notable Features

  • Updates

To yield better results in your SEO strategy, access to on-demand data and daily updates is significantly important. The tool allows you to refresh keyword rankings as often as you like to ensure you always have the latest data in your arsenal.

  • Analysis

AccuRanker lets you filter and segment your data to activate the “Organize Your Data” view, which provides an in-depth analysis. You can share insights with others to help them develop smart, data-driven SEO strategies.

  • Visibility

The tool can target numerous SERP features on Google that may help significantly improve your organic visibility. Once you better understand which features contribute to more traffic, it’s easier to determine how you will optimize your content.

  • Advanced Reporting

You can customize how your reports look by adding your company logo and including the data your colleagues and clients need. AccuRanker can then schedule them for sending automatically at any time.

  • Free Tools

There are two free tools on the software’s website, Google Grump and Live SERP Tool. You don’t need to subscribe or provide personal information to use them.

Out of the two, the Google Grump is more distinctive. AccuRanker designed it to showcase “unrest” in Google’s algorithm. If the mood is grumpy, it implies the rankings have noticeable fluctuations. You can filter the grump rating by country and device.

Pricing Plans

Compared to the above rank tracking tools we highlighted, the pricing for Accuranker is slightly different. You can still choose between a yearly on a monthly subscription. However, the rate depends on how many keywords you want.

The lowest available is a 1,000-keyword plan priced at $116 or $129. If you want a keyword limit higher than 50,000, you’ll have to reach out and schedule a meeting.

9. Nozzle

Since 2015, Nozzle has provided rank tracking solutions for SEO agencies and website owners. The company assures you’ll have access to enterprise-level SERP data without spending too much. As among the best SEO rank trackers, it has several features to help establish your online presence better.

Notable Features

  • SERP Visibility

Among the reasons why Nozzle is recommended by many is its exceptional SERP tracking features. You can track multiple search engine rank positions, unlike others that apply to Google only.

Besides domains, the tool utilizes properties, URLs, and brands to increase SERP visibility significantly. If that is not satisfactory, you can design custom rules to be as detailed as you want. Expect the tool to provide high-quality, competitive analysis across different parameters.

  • Competitor Identification

Those new to website building may not know who they compete with for traffic and conversion. You don’t have to worry about using Nozzle as it can detect competitors. By using URL, domain, and subdomain, the tool will expose them via its share-of-voice dashboard.

You can name the unknowns and let the software rewrite your historical data for a complete view of your performance against all competitors.

  • Scheduling

Nozzle is one of the few daily rank tracking software designed to provide real-time and flexible schedules. You can split the keywords into different scheduling buckets as often as you want. There’s no need to pay extra for tracking long-tail keywords that serve as your head terms.

  • Integrations

All the data provided by your Nozzle subscription is accessible and portable through numerous providers. You’ll have an easier time exporting and sharing rank-tracking data as you won’t have to rely on third-party apps for such actions.

Pricing Plans

Nozzle offers two primary pricing plans: SMB and Enterprise. You can purchase them at monthly or annual prices.

Once you have selected your plan, choose from Basic, Advanced, Pro, or Pro Plus. Prices start at $49, $99, $249, and $499 if you opt for annual.

10. SE Ranking

SE Ranking aims to develop and provide an SEO tool that helps anyone to optimize and promote their website independently. With over 600,000 satisfied users, it gained recognition as one of the best SEO rank trackers available. Its features are proven to be helpful for aspiring entrepreneurs to large-scale enterprises.

Notable Features

  • Monitoring

SE Ranking provides monitoring for Google Ads, Maps, and SERP features. You’ll get organic rankings plus data on ad positions, map search results, videos, snippets, and more.

  • Rankings Management

For optimal management of your rankings and SEO strategy, the tool will analyze the top 100 search results. You’ll see their positions and dynamics while having a historical view of relevant search players.

You can tag SEO competitors, satellites, catalogs, reviews, and more for easier identification.

  • Competitor Monitoring

Besides keyword monitoringSE Ranking is programmed to track your competitors in detail. The tool lets you include up to 20 competitors. You’ll have the same degree of reporting between their rankings and yours.

The software also offers an SEO visibility rating that features all search competitors. They are arranged based on the visibility score measured by your keywords.

  • Labeling

Providing access to your Keyword Rank Tracker to others with your branding on your custom domain is possible. This way, you’re increasing the transparency of your data, which goes a long way in building trust with your colleagues and clients.

Pricing Plans

SE Ranking has three core pricing options: daily, every three days, and weekly. You can choose from Essential, Pro, or Business once you select the period. The weekly plan offers the most discount. If you pick this option, you’ll get the Essential package for $18.72 per month, $42.72 for Pro, and $90.72 for Business.

SE Ranking also offers a custom plan. You can use the website’s pricing plan calculator to check the fee after you have provided your preferences.

11. Advanced Web Ranking

With over 15 years of experience developing online solutions, Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) is one of the most trusted software in rank tracking. Regardless of location, device, or niche, the tool can provide fresh, accurate ranking data.

Notable Features

  • Keyword Rank Tracking

AWR uses customized search engine locations. This allows you to track local rankings, which can be helpful when targeting an audience that resides in a specific area.

It covers all kinds of results and provides rankings once they’re available in actual SERPs. You can access all of these features for your websites and your competitors, whether on desktop or mobile.

  • Customization

You can obtain relevant rankings that complement your niche via customizable reporting and tracking.

Build reports and templates based on your preferences. Combine graphs, columns, and charts into a simple, easy-to-read document.

Once you get the hang of it, you can easily build in-depth reports and insightful data that your colleagues and clients may appreciate.

  • Capacity

Whether you’re working on a small project or an extensive marketing campaign, AWR features an expanding capacity to accommodate extensive amounts of data. You have potential access to unlimited keywords, projects, and SEs.

  • API and Integrations

Advanced Web Ranking allows you to use complete SERP data in your in-house tool via its API and CSV exports. You may connect the software to third-party reporting tools like Google Data Studio.

Pricing Plans

AWR offers four packages. The Starter plan is best suited for small businesses, priced at $49 per month. If you’re managing or part of an in-house team, the Pro Plan with a monthly fee of $99 is the best option.

The Agency Plan is designed for agencies, and you can purchase it for $199 per month. You have to schedule a demo to see if the Enterprise plan is for you. Prices start from $499.

If you opt for yearly payments, you’ll save about 10% of the usual rates.

12. Moz Pro

Moz Pro
Image Source

For virtually any SEO task, Moz Pro is designed to provide the essentials to help you reach your goals. Thanks to its proven track record, its developer showcases case studies that detail how it drives return on investment (ROI). This software suite includes several tools, from keyword research to custom reports.

Notable Features

  • Comprehensive Track Rankings

Moz Pro tracks the ranking performance of your site’s keywords and their SERP visibility over time. This tracking feature extends to your competitors, providing insightful data for your SEO efforts. In other words, rank tracking helps identify the weak areas of your strategy and your competitors’ that can help build your website better.

  • Data Quality

With the software’s industry-leading SEO metrics, it’s possible to obtain a detailed, high-quality keyword rankings snapshot. You may choose to receive it every week, month, or custom range.

  • Site Crawl

Maintaining a website is not a walk in the park. Besides the regular updates and content optimization, some issues could impact your site’s performance. Some of these issues are not easy to find.

Thanks to Moz Pro’s crawler, you’re spared from auditing your site manually. It performs a scan that identifies the possible reasons why search engines are not fully crawling your pages. You may also learn how to fix the issue.

  • Page Optimization

Moz Pro audits the content on your website and provides recommendations on how to increase the potential of your keyword to rank better.

The Page Optimization Score has a Content Suggestions section that gives ideas on what content you need to focus on based on the keywords used.

Pricing Plans

Choose from Standard, Medium, Large, and Premium plans when you opt for Moz Pro. Prices start at $99 per month for Standard, $179 for the next plan, followed by $299. The most comprehensive plan costs $599 a month.

However, you may get a 20% on these prices if you’re willing to get billed yearly.

Final Thoughts

Rank tracking is one of the more complex tasks that content managers and website owners have to deal with. Using daily rank tracking software can significantly lessen the tasks associated with it.

The number of options for keyword tracker software listed above can be overwhelming. Still, it could make your selection easier as their summary of features and pricing are available on a single page.


1. What are the types of rank traffic software?

The installation type usually classifies this tool.

The most popular is the desktop rank traffic software. Like most programs, expect excellent features and support if you use the tool on a desktop. Since mobile devices have become more prominent nowadays, companies offer desktop and mobile apps for those who need access while away.

Other developers built their rank traffic software via web-based software as a service (SaaS). This setup eliminates the need to maintain proxy IP addresses. For users, there’s no need to install anything to run the software, which helps save hard disk space or minimize compatibility issues.

2. Why is there a difference in my position tracking results from Google?

In most cases, the difference is due to your browser settings and personal location not being applied to your position tracking campaign.

For instance, you’d likely see different results if you track a client’s website ranking in New York and use Google to search in Los Angeles.

Remember that position tracking provides organic SERP results while Google searching considers your location, historical data, and other factors in showing results.

3. What are the key metrics for keyword rank tracking?

These three metrics matter the most when it comes to rank tracking:

  • Position – Your rank in search engines.
  • Visibility – Indicates a particular page or website’s visibility based on the keyword used.
  • Volume  It usually pertains to the search volume of keywords. Those with higher search volume are often the primary focus or considered in content creation.

4. How does keyword analysis help in optimizing your content for SEO?

An analysis of keywords will help you determine which ones you should prioritize. Finding keywords is easy, even if you’re using free tools. The challenge is knowing the keywords that will help improve your content for SEO.

Keyword analysis identifies those that are ideal for your SEO efforts systematically.

5. Which is the best rank tracker?

With differences in features and pricing plans, it wouldn’t be appropriate to label one tool as the best rank tracker. It all depends on the size of your campaign, budget, SEO strategy, knowledge, and other factors.

Many of the choices we mentioned earlier offer free versions and trials. The average cost of a paid keyword tracking software is nothing to scoff at. That’s why it’s ideal for users to experience as many software applications as possible before committing to one.