Our Review Process

(Social Media Services, Tools, Software & Apps)

A lot of research goes into testing which social media services, tools, apps, and software are best. Customers should have a simple social media experience. Yet they also need results. Our criteria discover what is worth the time and money. This is a review process that is complete and accurate. It’s not easy to get on our list!

#1 Analysis

(Join the Game and Size Up the Players)

We look everywhere to find the best management tools. There are dozens of products out there, but only a few good ones. Different options will be better for individuals and businesses, so we need to do careful research. It’s important to pay attention to which are popular and with who. We search high and low for all the possibilities.

Then comes an independent review of what each resource has to offer. Some things to keep in mind include delivery time, quality, and availability.

Everything must have the customer in mind for both individuals and businesses. They don’t have time to waste money or on amateur services. We review everything and only recommend services and tools that streamline management. The result is real growth and a better social media presence.

#2 Sign Up & Pay

(Drop Some Cash and Actually Enroll)

There are review sites out there that don’t even try the product. Our team actually signs up for different services, apps, and tools, so the reviews are honest and accurate.

We experience the features ourselves in order to understand them completely. There are certain things to keep in mind while using the services. For example, our reviewers pay attention to things like:

  • User Friendliness (registration process, interface ease of use)
  • Functionality (amount of options and features)
  • Price Tricks (price plans, payment options, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc.)
  • Customer Support (friendliness, helpfulness, availability of support like chat, email, phone, etc.)
  • Trust Score (ratio of positive and negative customer reviews, plus extra features)

#3 Features

(Get to Know the All In's & Out's)

After registering, we start to explore the options and features. Beginners especially need something that is easy to use and understand. It should also be affordable. The program must complete daily tasks without any problems. Some apps might have advanced menus for people with more experience. Everything needs to work quickly and have straightforward controls. If some features require installation, the process should not take long. The best resources work well for beginners and professionals. They can use them for personal or business use. We rate them on a few things like:

  • Verification Process (simple and quick)
  • Controls and Interface (user-friendly, comprehensive)
  • Installation Method (fast, easy)
  • Features & Add-ons

#4 Cost

(Plans, Price Tricks, and Hiden Fees)

These services should promote social profiles and get real results. Clients want brand awareness, the fast growth of their target audience. They can help people through their most used channels for more meaningful interactions. A team can also streamline and simplify the process of managing their social networks.

The price should consider the work of scheduling, planning, monitoring, and analyzing. Since we sign up for these products, we know which are worth the money. Beginners do not want to spend a lot of cash on something that doesn’t do a good job. These are a few things to think about when choosing.

  • Choice of Plans and Subscriptions
  • Ways to Pay (сredit сard, PayPal, etc.)
  • Free Versions (free trial available)
  • Surprise Fees (extras charges in the fine print)
  • Available Upgrades (if they are worth the extra money)

#5 Monitoring

(Put Them to the True Test)

There are many social media services that don’t keep their promises. This can give them a bad name and poor reviews. Our job is to make sure they will provide what they offer. We have two distinct grading scales for certain products.

Some of them help customers to choose best of the SMM instruments including the software, tools, app, and services. In this case, the trust score comes from reviews on the Internet. The trust score is the average number of positive and negative reviews. For others, namely, for the services to buy followers, likes, views, or subscribers the grade is based on metrics like quality, delivery, retention, and safety.

A team of real people tests the app or software to see how fast it is and what it can do. Besides making sure the features work correctly, we ensure everything is safe. For software, tools, apps, and services, we estimate the trust score based on the average number of positive and negative reviews. For services that buy followers, likes, views, or subscribers, we estimate the grade based on metrics such as quality, delivery, retention, and safety.

To sum up, our trust scores come from a variety of metrics for a reliable review.

  • icon-star


  • icon-delivery


  • icon-customer


  • icon-shield


  • or
  • icon-likes-2

    Average of positive and negative reviews

#6 Support

(Get Chatty With the Customer Support Team)

Poor customer support is a sign of a bad company. We have a number of questions to ask the support team that reflects real inquiries. These are questions people may have as they research different resources. We try to learn about the service provider’s updates, improvements, and the full process of offering features. Employees should be friendly, helpful, and patient. A rude company can ruin a great resource. When we call or write to them, we pay attention to a few things:

  • Accurate Advice
  • Forms of Contact (social media, phone, email, live chat)
  • Friendly Voice and Attitude
  • Good Communication
  • Speed of Assistance

#7 Rating

(Stage the Ratings and Rank the Performers)

We learn all the details of a company and their products, and then we test them for ourselves. Our unique review process considers five key areas for a complete score and rating. The lowest is 0, and the highest is 10. Then we combine the scores to get the final rating. This system means we find the best choice for clients. These are the key areas we grade:

  • Ease of Use (clean website, simple controls) 0-10 score
  • Functionality (plenty of apps, features, functions) 0-10
  • Maintenance (support over live chat, email, phone) 0-10
  • Price (starting price, free trial, payment types) 0-10
  • Trust (average of positive and negative reviews) 0-10

We pay attention to every detail about a social media product. This saves people and businesses time, energy, and money. They can learn which one meets their needs and budget. No more wasted time or lost work. It’s a list of only high-quality resources!