Famoid Review: One Platform For All

Famoid Review: One Platform For All
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4.3 / 5

Price Plans

  • 100 Instagram Likes ($2.95)

  • 250 Instagram Followers ($5.95)

  • 100 Facebook Likes ($12.95)

  • 250 Facebook Fan Page Likes ($28.95)

  • 100 YouTube Subscribers ($34.95)

  • 1000 YouTube Views ($12.95)

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Starting Price per 100 Instagram Likes


Famoid Review: The In-Depth Record so Far

Famoid meets up with all the requirements based on the usefulness of a product or service, customers’ experiences and the feedbacks given as there have been various positive reviews on the efficiency of their supports.

Another trust which Famoid has been able to establish is the users’ support that has been made available 24 hours in a day, and seven days within a week. The support handles dispute resolution and general inquiry. A great feature of this service is the refund policy. A channel towards refund has been created in cases of unresolved issues or service disruption of any kind.


Most of the users of the platform are business owners with the target of being popular on social media and for the sake of an increase in their sales. With Famoid company can quickly build a significant number of happy customers.

Supported Networks & Services

There are partnership terms between Famoid and many of these popular social networks. These include YouTube, Instagram, Facebook. The various supports are available for each of these networks at affordable plans.

famoid-network-single review


The Instagram support offers Instagram followers, likes, programmed likes and video optimization. This service also supports Instagram post Search Engine Optimization.

They ensure a high rate of viewers after buying likes or views. To a reasonable level, Instagram support is an excellent investment for a business owner and can help them in reaching out to an impressive number of followers. The visual power of Instagram can be used to build a brand quickly. Instagram plans make this very easy.


Customers with patronage experiences on Instagram have given several testimonies about how each activity of Famoid on their Instagram pages can be followed. They described it as being natural. Having real followers is very vital to the integrity of a business and its success, hence, the company ensures to take care of this.


There are two plans for Facebook. The first is the Facebook fans page likes and the second is the general Facebook likes. Any order for likes is processed between 24-48 hours, and only organic likes are delivered.


The 1 billion strong subscribers on Facebook can be used to improve one’s online presence. The Facebook plans come with the assurance of both privacy and safety. This is apart from quick and reliable delivery, which is a calculated working attitude of Famoid.


Uploading a music video, comedy video or a promotional video on YouTube and getting a few views after many days can be very disappointing. Hence, this section has been designed solely for YouTube users who are in need of high traffic on their page. Famoid also takes lots of precautions when it has to do with the safety and privacy of the user’s account.


YouTube social media services come with YouTube subscription and views. This way, customers are exposed to a greater chance of boosting their YouTube SEO content value. This is offered under two bundles: the subscribers and the views packages.

Plans & Prices

With its low volume plans at very low prices, one can rest assured of its affordability. The general trend of the service prices shows that there are huge discounts on large volume offers, guaranteeing a supportive plan for almost every need of the customers. The table below shows the price range for each network:





Instagram $5.95 - $299.95 $2.95 - $168.95 $2.95 - $99.95
Facebook - $12.95 - $58.95 -
YouTube - - $12.95 - $1899.95

Network Services in Detail

The network services offered by Famoid are available on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. These orders range from likes, views, and shares to subscribers and followers. Delivery is within 48 hours.


The Instagram services include such packages Followers, Likes, the Views and the Automatic likes. The followers’ plan can be purchased when one needs followers on one’s Instagram page. For views on videos, people can buy the Views plan. Automatic likes package delivers a constant stream of likes on every Instagram post. These plans are organized by volume. The least is 100, and the highest is 25000, there are 6 other volumes between these.


These plans can be combined to achieve the popularity one desires on one’s Instagram account. The likes, views, and followers are made in such a way that it would not arouse suspicions from people. The process is clean and precise to the extent of ensuring that customers reputation are kept intact. The table below is essential to understand the price of each offer:

Automatic Likes$129.95$249.95$399.95


For the Facebook services, there are two offers: the Fan Page likes, and the Post likes. The Fan Page Likes plan is for ordering likes on one’s fan page. It is primarily for business owners, groups or brands. The Post package was designed for almost anybody with a Facebook account. These offers have been organized in the order of volume of likes. The least is 500, and the highest is 5000 in one package unit. The price ranges from $8.95 to $84.95. These plans can be combined to achieve the desired volume.


From the price table below, it is observable that the more the likes bought, the more one saves. It is therefore advisable to use the details of the deals in the following table:

Fan Page Likes$28.95$44.95$74.95$169.95
Post Likes$12.95$18.95$32.95$58.95


Business owners can also gain from a massive audience on YouTube. The services of Famoid for YouTube are offered under two sections. They are the YouTube views plan and the subscribers’ package. The least volume one can purchase here is 500, and the highest is 5000 in one package unit. The price ranges from $14.95 to $228.95. One can also decide to buy these plans in bulk. The table below shows the price range for each plan:

YouTube views-fan-page-single-review-famoid



Terms and Guarantees

Famoid displays parts on their website with the conditions to hire them. Also, there is info on their privacy policy and refunds. In case interactions drop, they will also refill them.

Terms and Conditions

While accessing the website, there is a noticeable “terms and conditions” box at the bottom. When one ticks the box, it shows that one has agreed to be bound by the usage rules. It also indicates that the user is responsible for complying with any local laws applied. There is also the use of License which permits one to temporarily download a copy of the information on the site for personal viewing. The downloaded material is not to be copied or modified, and else its license would be automatically terminated. Famoid technology LLC makes no warranties. Therefore, it disclaims all other warranties. Famoid and its suppliers are also not responsible for any damage. These include loss of data and business interruption as a result of the inability to use the materials found on the site. Materials found on the website may not be accurate, complete or current. Famoid may make changes to the materials contained on its website at any time and without notice. Also, Famoid has not reviewed any sites linked to its website, and so any linked website is at the user’s risk.

Privacy and Policy

This is for people who are concerned about their personally identifiable information. Famoid only asks for a person’s name, email address, mailing address or other details at the time of the transaction. Emails are required to send pieces of information related to the product. They are also expected to respond to inquiries about the products. These pieces of information may be collected after placing an order, leaving feedback or after using live chat. This also includes the type of content to deliver and as well, personalizing response to transactions. These pieces of information are well protected through the regular use of Malware Scanning to check the website for security holes. All data is contained behind secured networks. They can only be accessible by a limited number of people. These people have special access to such systems and are required to keep such sets of information strictly confidential. This service also keeps cookies on the site, which usually help remember and process the items in the shopping cart. They do not trade, sell or transfer in part or whole, personal information of contracting clients to third parties.

Refund Policy

The company does not issue refunds for digital products once the products have been sent and the order has been confirmed. The company can be reached via email concerning issues and questions.

Retention Policy

For all the networks and on all packages, the company operates a no-warranty retention policy.

Quality of Famoid Followers

Famoid has quality followers, and it is entirely safe. As all of these followers are made up from real accounts, and that means buying followers from them guarantees unique accounts. This is regardless of the social network. The followers acquired do not interfere with one’s account. Their only business is to guide the account they were purchased to follow. The accounts bought will be one’s followers. They will, however, not gain access to one’s personal information.

Famoid faqs

They advise buying followers incrementally. This is because a sudden increase in one’s follower base may compromise one’s integrity. For example, if one has about a hundred followers, buying about a thousand followers or more at a time could arouse suspicions.

Pros & Cons of Famoid

Famoid is certainly a company that tries to boost the success of its clients. Most of the users report it is reliable and takes care of private info. In terms of its customer support, it is top notch. However, there are some other traits that are not so good. Below, there is an explanation of all the pros and cons.



  • Boosts online media presence.
  • It is highly reliable and ensures fast delivery of products.
  • It provides 100% privacy and protection of all personal sets of information and account details.
  • It has a 24/7-support team that gives solutions to problems within minutes.
  • Famoid accepts PayPal and SafeCharge as its payment method.
  • It offers a no retention policy.
  • It does not provide a refund once the product is confirmed.

Top 5 Famoid Alternatives

Price/250 Likes$4.49$4.00$7.00$7.00$3.69

SocialEmpireAudienceGainMedia MisterMr. InstaSocialViral
Price/250 Followers$4.49$4.00$7.00$8.75$4.99
NetworksInstagram, Youtube, SoundcloudInstagram, Youtube, Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Youtube, Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, TwitterInstagram, Twitter
ServicesFollowers, Views, LIkes, SubscribersFollowers, Views, LIkes, SubscribersFollowers, Views, LIkes, SubscribersFollowers, Views, LIkes, SubscribersFollowers, Views, LIkes, Retweets

The Final Word

Famoid as a platform has fundamentally been committed to the building of the online presence of business owners. They provide suitable treatment for their customers, through the use of safe strategies and thereby ensuring a healthy business relationship. Outstanding amongst other things about their website is that one does not need to give one’s passcode to enter.

They offer affordable plans that are easy to understand and use. For a few hundred dollars, one can build for oneself a vibrant social media presence that promises improvement in sales and marketing.

This software is built on a significant customer base, which means that if one gets involved, one would be in good company.

Published: April 09, 2019Updated: June 04, 2024

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