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1 Given = 1 Received Like Review: In-Depth

This is a company that wants customers to have the best experience. In fact, they don’t really have patrons. Everything is free. Things work more like a network of sharing. The brand says that it includes actual followers. They also suggest that clients use their own account to share. Once a person signs up for the service, they instantly get 100 likes. The bottom line is that buyers need to act if they want to get clicks, follows, and shares.

Supported Networks and Services

Social media can seem like a game of numbers. It’s true, but not the best description. Users in 2024 need to be savvier than just clicking hearts for others. This resource tries to make things simple and easy with a network. Real people join and then start using the app.


Right now, this app only works for likes on other posts. They might add a feature for followers, but this is uncertain. Their main concern is they want buyers to have a good time. They don’t want fake profiles or spam. It’s way too easy for that to happen with auto followers.


Signing up is simple enough. A person just needs to log-in through the service’s webpage. They put in their Instagram username and password to start. When they sign into the social network, they’ll see an auto-liking feature. It will be flipped on instantly. A customer can turn this off any time they want. Of course, it will stop the exchange system.

Plans & Prices

This is quite a simple app. They focus only on likes. No comments or followers. They want clients to get the benefit of real interactions. This is why they created a group of actual accounts. Everyone in the group shares like with each other. This is how they work the exchange system. A customer can turn off the service whenever they want. They must use the app on the account they signed up with.

The network of profiles here uses an exchange system. So, when someone signs up, the company takes over for their social media. They’ll send likes out to others, and that action gets reciprocated. There isn’t any information about how many likes a person will get each day. However, the service tries to give clients likes from similar accounts to make it look organic. The customer isn’t doing any work; it’s all the company.

Network Services in Detail

The website states in several places that the activity is from true people. Many automatic apps use bots or some other technology. If this company doesn’t, then they are unique. Still, they don’t charge their clients any money. On the other hand, they need their IG username and password to log in.


The way this works is that clients log into their social media through This is how they join the group of real accounts. Then, the app will choose to follow others that match the customer’s niche. They will drop a like, then that person will give the client some love.


Auto Likes

Auto likes make this whole process even easier. Things happen automatically, so there is no guesswork at all. What makes this convenient is that it makes businesses look more active. They can pursue other tasks without worrying about their social media engagement. The ratio is shown below. Unfortunately, the service does not say how many likes a person can get per day.

IG ServiceHow Many?
Auto Likes1 Given Like = 1 Received Like

Terms and Guarantees has a history of providing services. One of their tactics to attract new clients is to give clear info on their terms of use. They also disclose the way they work with money-back and refills. Privacy also seems to be crucial for them.


Terms and Conditions

The website does not have any proper terms and conditions. Buyers may wonder if it’s a scam, but there is a support page that has some info. There are also some contact details on the homepage. Since this service is so simple, maybe they didn’t want a terms and conditions page. They lay everything out on the landing page anyway. People subscribe to this program by putting in their Instagram name and password. This logs them into the social site through Then, the company gives out auto likes. They try to match profiles with similar themes, such as fashion.

Privacy Policy

There is no privacy policy on the site. One thing that clients should look out for is that there are many similar websites. For example, there is one called This is different from It’s difficult to find information about privacy. What it does say is that their network is made of humans. It seems that there is probably a global network. That explains how they have so many matches for clients.

Refund Policy

This business can’t give out refunds because clients aren’t using the money. It is unclear how the team makes a profit. They get access to others’ Instagram accounts because clients need to log in through their app. Everyone should read the info on the site before deciding to use it. They might not like the way it works. That being said, it is a very straightforward service. Whether they have real folks or bots, they make it work.

Retention Policy

Many similar programs seem to rely on the quality, but some are scams. In other words, clients should have top-notch pictures so they can attract more attention. Auto likes are fine for getting started, but they can’t sustain a profile. This is why it’s important to build a brand image. Businesses need to focus on their content so that the auto likes generate more activity. They’re a great way to begin a pattern of engagement.

Customer Support

The homepage has a Contact Us button. Clicking it brings up a text box where people can write their message. Then, it goes to the team. They also have a support page. It has answers to many common questions. This includes how to sign up and verify an account. It’s likely that buyers will find a suitable response to their queries there. For example, there’s info about getting started and how the process works.

#3-like4like-faq-section-single-review Quality of Followers

The company claims that they use actual accounts, nothing fake. For example, they created a network for exchanging likes. This would make them different from related services. It’s uncommon not to have any manpower behind a system. Yet, they say everything is automatic, so the interaction never stops. The support page states that the brand doesn’t want to work with fake accounts. No one can sign up without an active profile. Therefore, users can’t send their likes to another IG account. Again, the team talks about having a network of real folks. This would make for higher quality responses and followers.

Retention Rate

The business says nothing about retention. Anybody who is okay with that should try this service. Getting engagement from real people is a huge benefit since there are many scams online. On another note, sometimes a client might not be seeing new likes. This is because the system isn’t finding any good matches. The team says to be patient and wait. They need to find someone in the system which will naturally like the content. One of the great parts of giving people hearts is that it’s a once and done thing. A person doesn’t usually take back a heart.`s Pros & Cons

Something interesting about this platform is that they have a sponsored site. At the top of their homepage is a link to a different resource. This one does require payment. It can be a nice segue for users who want something else. On the other hand, the service itself offers a blog and a simple method. For the right person, this app could be enough. It’s about getting some extra help, not controlling a profile.



  • Blog
  • Free
  • Partner Site
  • Real People
  • Simple Method
  • Likes Only
  • Specific to Instagram

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The Final Word

Overall, this could be a nice idea for someone who is new to Instagram. It’s really hard to get started on social media. There is a lot of competition! This program may be just what a new person needs. They should know that this won’t do any magic on their profile. Instead, they are doing a sort of trade. The app will make their account like someone. In exchange, that account will like them. For a free tool, there’s not much to argue about. It might be better if it were on Facebook or Twitter, too.

Published: November 26, 2022Updated: March 27, 2024

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