Mr. Insta Review: Is It Reliable or Scam?

Mr. Insta Review: Is It Reliable or Scam?
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Price Plans

  • 250 Instagram Followers ($10)

  • 250 Instagram Followers ($10)

  • 100 Instagram Likes ($6)

  • 100 Facebook Followers ($15)

  • 100 SoundCloud Followers ($15)

  • 100 Pinterest Followers ($15)

  • 100 Spotify Followers ($20)

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Starting Price per 250 Instagram Followers


Mr. Insta Review: In-Depth

Instagram is where they have their most extensive offers. The platform has three bundles. There is a free plan, and this can be upgraded by paying for a monthly subscription. Another one is the Premium services. These are small, focused packages that deal with a particular type of promotion. This is the same for their YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, Pinterest, and Soundcloud service.

They do not offer as many packages on their non-Instagram plans though. Mr. Insta does not have on-site reviews, most of the reviews are sourced elsewhere.


Supported Networks and Services

The company supports all major social media networks and more. They have services for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Pinterest, and Soundcloud. For each of these, they have compact plans.



The platform has its most elaborate plans on this network to follow. They drive post visibility by increasing user engagement. These various packages could be used singly and also combined. The offers provided for this network include Followers (USA, India, Male/Female); Automatic Followers; Likes (Male/Female); Automatic Likes; Views, Comments; Free Followers and Package Deals.



This is one of the social media with the largest number of users. On this network, the supports offered by the company are distinguished from each other. One can find offers like Comments, Fan Page Likes, Post Likes, Followers, and Video Impressions.



Uploading a video on YouTube and getting a few views after many days can be very disappointing. Hence, this section has been designed solely for YouTube users who are in need of high traffic on their page. The following bundles can be seen: Subscribers, Views, Shares, Likes, Comments.


With the advancement in technology, things have been made easier, and this music platform is not left behind. To have a better usage of Spotify, the following offers have been provided: Plays, Followers and Playlist Followers.



For musicians and music lovers on this network, various packages have been designed to make its usage more interesting (even to share). The plans provided for SoundCloud include Plays, Downloads, Followers, LikesSound, Comments, Reposts.


Plans & Prices

The packages offered by Mr. Insta are vastly varied but can be combined for the best effect. The general trend on their plans is that you save more on more massive buys. However, smaller offers can be bought to test the credibility of their services. The table below presents the plans for the major networks and their price ranges.

Instagram ServicesPrice Range
Followers$10 – $150
Automatic Followers$0 – $420
Likes$6 – $179
Automatic Likes$0 – $675
Views$3 – $199
Comments$15 – $85
Facebook ServicesPrice Range
Comments$15 – $125
Fan Page Likes$20 – $800
Post Likes$15 – $2200
Followers$15 – $550
Videos Views$10 – $1000
YouTube ServicesPrice Range
Subscribers$20 – $60
Views$15 – $3200
Shares$10 – $250

Network Services in Detail

Mr. Insta has organized their services into highly specific packages. Some plans are gender specific, and others are location specific. The platform also offers a free plan. This can be used to test-drive the delivery quality of their services. Their website is hosted on a secure encrypted SSL server. This serves as a protection for one’s information while on their site.

Mr. Insta Instagram Services

For Instagram, one can get gender-specific followers. One can also buy and use USA only or India only followers. The company also provides:

  1. Automatic Likes Package – with this, one will get daily likes for a specified amount of time. This helps one grow one’s Instagram presence slowly and naturally.
  2. Marketing Package Deals – which combines likes, followers, impressions and custom discussions. Their other services are organized into bulk packages for a quick buy.

Instagram Services10020025050010002000
India Followers$30$50$90$150
Automatic Followers$60$100$220$420
Automatic Likes$30$60$120$200$350
Male or Female Likes$20$30$40$50$70


Mr. Insta Facebook Services

The platform offers fan page likes, comments, posts likes, followers and video views. The Fan Page Likes plan is made for people with a considerable following. The other packages are well arranged and can be combined according to one’s choice. Using the price table below, it is clear that one seems to save more when buying and using plans in bulk. It is preferable to use the details of the deals in this table:

Facebook Services100200500100020005000
Post Likes$15$30$45$80$160$300
Fan Page Likes$20$35$60$120


Mr. Insta YouTube Services

Anyone with a YouTube account can make a profit from a large audience. They serve YouTube discussions, likes, shares, views, and subscribers. YouTube subscribers and views can be got free after meeting a few requirements. All the packages are offered for bulk buying. It should be noted that the link to their YouTube service redirects to This website seems to be affiliated with Mr, Insta. The tables below show the price range for each plan.

YouTube Services5010030050010002000


Mr. Insta Other Services

Their other services are on Pinterest, Soundcloud and Spotify platforms. For Soundcloud, the platform serves plays, downloads, followers, likes, comments (even to share), and reposts. For Pinterest, they serve real followers and likes. On Spotify, there are plays, playlist followers and followers. The platform offers the following a Spotify and Soundcloud package to buy and use:

  • Instant credibility for your profile and playlist.
  • You do not have to follow other profiles or playlists back.
  • Results start in 24-72 hours.
  • Results will continue daily until an order is complete.

Spotify Plans

Playlist Followers$20$35$60$100$300$500


Soundcloud Plans



Pinterest Plans



Terms & Conditions

The use of services provided by establishes an agreement to their terms. When one registers on their platform, it means one has agreed to the terms. This is regardless of whether one has read it or not. The Company requires some information when you contact them. This may be personally identifiable information. It comes in two forms:

  • Email Address
  • Social Network Profile

Your email address is collected in order to reply to your requests. It is also used for delivery order confirmation and marketing messages. One’s social network profile information is used to deliver the services requested. They ensure that your information will never be sold or distributed to a 3rd party.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information uses Google Analytics and other analytics tools. The platform uses these to understand better how people are using their website. Details of the type of browsers pages visited, and operating systems are captured. They are kept entirely separate from personally identifiable information. They are in no way connected.

Payments & Security entrusts experts in online payments and security, like PayPal. This is to ensure the safety of one’s credit card and payment information. Payment information is never seen by them, inputted or stored on their website. There are trusted third-party vendors that process all payments. These vendors then pay them once the transaction is complete.

Refund Policy

The Company offers non-tangible irrevocable goods. As a customer, one is responsible for understanding this upon buying any product.

Eligible Refund Requests

Non-delivery of the product/service: In some cases, the processing may take a little longer for your order to finish. In this case, they recommend contacting help. Claims for non-delivery must be submitted to their Customer Service Department. This should be in writing within 7 days from placing the order.

Product not-as-described: Such issues should be reported to their Customer Service Department. This should be done within 7 days from the date of the buying. Clear evidence must be provided and it must prove that the bought product/service is not as described on the website. Complaints, based merely on the customer’s false expectations, are not honored.

The client wishes to cancel the reoccurring payment of product/service. This must be within 7 days of the last payment. If a request is made for a refund after 7 days the customer is not eligible. The cancellation will be completed on all future billing. The customer may continue to receive the service until the end of their billing cycle. One may also opt for an immediate halt of the product/service.

Retention Rate

Most of the followers they deliver are of high quality according to their website. This implies that there is a chance of losing some of them over time. For the first ten days, their retention rate is good. There might be a drop within the next 30 days. They promise to replace any that drops off if contacted.

Quality of Followers

They advertise that high-quality followers are delivered every time. High quality would mean real users with real activities. Many feedbacks confirm this. Some other reviews do not. So one may test the quality with low volume packages first.

Mr. Insta`s Pros & Cons

Mr Insta is one of the most well-known platforms for Instagram services. As seen before, they offer a lot of pricing options and combinations for plans. Yet, there are some things to be improved, such as the lack of reviews from other clients. Below there are more details about it.



  • Secure payment system. They employ third-party vendors to process payments. This ensures your transactions are not compromised
  • An FAQ page is present
  • Transparent about their packages and pricing
  • Quality of followers
  • Speed of delivery
  • There is nothing visible that shows they provide real-time customer support
  • They lack onsite reviews

The Final Word

Social media engagement contribute a considerable quota to internet activities. Businesses and individuals looking for a broad audience cannot neglect this. A convenient way to achieve this is what is offered on this website.

Mr. Insta’s offers come across as legitimate. It is very open about its prices and policies. There are many good reviews of their service quality. It is safe to say that you should typically get excellent service from them. However, as is the general rule, there are exceptions. Generally, this is one of the more transparent platforms in its category. It is also a one-stop for all significant social media promotion needs.

Published: April 16, 2019Updated: June 03, 2024

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