Promolta Review: How Legit Are Its Services?

Promolta Review: How Legit Are Its Services?
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Price Plans

  • 500 Subscribers ($10)

  • 500 Subscribers ($10)

  • 500 Views ($10)

  • 500 Comments ($10)

  • 500 Likes ($10)

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Starting Price per 500 YouTube Subscribers


Promolta Review: In-depth

Promolta claims to have a publisher network of 10,000+ blogs, websites, and social networks. This makes it easy for brands to share and promote their YouTube videos. The social tool comes from the city of Sunnyvale, CA. It centers its aim towards giving YouTube channel owners a chance to gain fame online.

As a matter of fact, the platform is mainly run by a team of tech experts and entrepreneurs. According to them, they claim they are passionate about helping videos get viral. The tool has been able to provide effective video advertising solutions to clients. Apart from the website not coming as a free tool, a good number of YouTube channels have enjoyed the unique features and updates it has offered. More on that below.


Supported Networks and Services

It comes as a unique social tool. Its main goal is to promote the video contents of its members towards a better level of the audience. Brand leaders can take hold of this chance and give a huge boost to their presence over the internet. This, in turn, would have a great impact on their market sales as well as their fame in the social world.

Unlike many other platforms that support networks such as Facebook and the likes, it only supports the YouTube network for the delivery of its service. It aims to improve the fame of video contents. Because of this, the whole platform chooses to render its service and features towards the videos from the largest video site in the world.


Case studies have shown that as of 2023, 400 hours of videos get an upload to YouTube every minute. YouTube offers shocking ways for brands to earn more profits. Business strategies, most times, include the use of this social network in order to promote products and services. However, unlike other platforms such as Facebook, YouTube depends on the number of likes, views, comments, and subscribers a channel has.

This is where Promolta comes into the picture. Through its usage, a brand leader can get the best out of promoting their YouTube video content in diverse numbers of ways. Here is a quick look into each service it provides to users of the YouTube network.

Subscribers. Persons, as well as brand leaders, can boost the level of attention that is sent towards their channel simply by having a large amount of this. They, in turn, can share the link and boost the visuals material on the net.

Likes & Comments. Brands can have a lot of likes and comments simply by using the likes and comments feature of the platform. This would also go a long way in bringing more viewers to access the video through its link.

Views. Views are unique features that show engagement. By having a good number of them, a person can drive more users to see what is in the video with the use of a link.


Plans & Prices

Having to afford a service is the top factor most users get to look into when dealing with a platform like Promolta. It may not provide features and plans that need users to pay money, but it sure does offer a wide range of prices for members to choose from.

Comments and Likes$10$20$50$100$200
Delivery SpeedFastFastFastSlowSlow

Users can pay for the YouTube plans they need through a credit or debit card payment system. The website claims to keep the payment info of users secured and does not include hidden charges and fees when billing users. As regards the money needed for a service, below is a detailed table for each one.

ServiceMinimum Amount Per OrderDelivery Speed / 24 HoursPrice (USD) / 1000
Comments and Likes500500010

Network Services in Detail

When it comes to using this service, users will have to rely on just one network. There is no support for every network like Facebook and others like it. This does not include YouTube, which is the only network the platform supports. However, apart from being able to support just one network, the special tool provides more than just a few services to its members, clients, or users. More on that below.


Each service offered by it towards YouTube is designed to fit any user. Members can work on what they need without a great level of technical knowledge. This is due to the tool’s easy-to-use and easy-to-understand interface. First, all they need to do is search for their video through the site’s search button. Then they select their video and begin to set their budget. The money set aside could include the purchase of views, likes, comments, and subscribers to their channel. The tool also features the targeting of category and certain demographic factors. After this, they choose from a wide range of open prices and launch their order.



These are the symbols of growth of a channel. They come in a wide range of prices along with unique plans. Here is a table showing its plans and prices.



With Promolta, thousands of views can be given to a video. This would help the channel owner engage more active viewers within a short time. Here is a detailed table on its plans and prices.


Likes & Comments

Likes and comments are used when it comes to showing interest and sharing thoughts. Having a good number of them is a great way to reach out to many. Below is a brief rundown on its plans and prices.


As mentioned before, Promolta is a unique platform. Its wide range of features is also a major cause for its fame amongst many YouTube users.

Terms and Guarantees

The website of this company has a top-notch design. In addition, it is complete in the important sections to have. Some of them are terms of service, and the policies about refunds, private data, and fills for numbers dropped.

Terms and Conditions

For users to make use of the website in 2023, Promolta urges for them to agree to its terms. It makes it clear that the accuracy of materials and contents on the website cannot be, and is not, guaranteed. Apart from these, there are certain rules which every member of the platform must abide by in other to stay safe and use each service offered.

Here Are Some of the Rules:

  • No use of harmful, racist and hateful message contents should be posted.
  • Users should never go against third party rights.
  • Users are responsible for their postings.
  • Corrupt files should never be shared.


Privacy Policy

It reserves the right to change this at any time. Users can have access to the changes through the site. Data such as name, address, email address and phone number can be collected through the site, but are never shared. Sometimes, third-party programs will need to access certain demographic data in order to serve ads based on the user’s country.

Apart from that, cookies are also served through the platform. The use of cookies allows the tool to store stateful data or to record the user’s browsing activity on the platform.

Refund Policy

There are many reasons a user might request a refund while using the service of the platform. However, the tool does not ensure its members of a refund in any of these cases:

  • If a user forgets to cancel their plan before their renewal date.
  • If a user forgets to request cancellation from a free trial.


As a matter of fact, the social tool still offers a refund in a few cases. Such as if a user gets charges on their account which they did not authorize.

Retention Policy

When it comes to being able to retain the service offered to a YouTube channel, this tool is always up to the task. In fact, the website goes a long way in making sure users get the best out of its service simply by helping them retain what they pay for.

When a service is given to a channel, such a service is retained for the user. For instance, when views are provided, the viewer has to stay on the video for a time of up to 30 seconds before it is counted as a complete order for the user. This is what Promolta does.

Customer Support

When buying a service, most users will be on the lookout for its client support. This is due to the fact that they may at some time need to get answers to their questions as regards the service. This special tool has taken note of that and has offered a means for people to reach out to admins. This way, members can have access to the chance of getting feedback on what they need with ease.

Through email support, clients of the tool can contact the service provider by sending an email along with a few added details.

Promolta Quality of Views

It claims to get clients noticed by the right people who are most likely to enjoy their contents, follow them online and buy their products. This can only happen if these right people are real people.

Many have asked if each service offered is aided by bots or fake accounts. This special platform has taken note of this. By so doing, it claims to have come up with an answer to the trending question. In fact, it claims to promote a user’s YouTube channel to real people.

Retention Rate

A good number of brands have wondered if it helps to retain viewers. Well, it tells the public how it works when it provides views to a channel. A real person watches a minimum of 30 seconds of a user’s video to count as a view. This alone goes a long way in helping YouTube channel owners to retain viewers with ease.

Promolta`s Pros & Cons

Promolta offers a number of benefits that will attract new clients for sure. Some of its pros include a free trial, a safe website, and a great customer support. Yet, some aspects may not be so good, like its pricing. It could be more competitive. In the next section, readers can find more info on all those aspects.



  • Offers a free trial
  • Users can target countries
  • Supports a broad range of features and provides more than one service to members
  • Secured website so protect data
  • Offers client and user support through email
  • High cost when compared to other platforms alike
  • Supports only one network

Top 5 Promolta Alternatives

FamoidAudienceGainSocialEmpireMedia MisterSubPals
Price/500 Subscribers$99.95$75.00$68.49$49.00$60.00
NetworksInstagram, Youtube, FacebookInstagram, Youtube, Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Youtube, SoundcloudInstagram, Youtube, Facebook, TwitterYoutube, Soundcloud
ServicesFollowers, Views, LIkes, SubscribersFollowers, Views, LIkes, SubscribersFollowers, Views, LIkes, SubscribersFollowers, Views, LIkes, SubscribersFollowers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers

The Final Word

YouTube is a unique network that most brands today use in the increase of their market sales. Through the platform, there is a very high chance any person can get an increase in the fame of their social life. But getting the likes of viewers is sometimes seen to be a very tough job. And this is where Promolta says it works best. Its YouTube service is enough to help any brand leader move their brand to a whole new level.

Published: July 02, 2019Updated: June 04, 2024

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