Social-Viral Review: A Growth Tool With the Midas Touch?

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4.5 / 5

Price Plans

  • 50 Instagram Followers ($1.49)

  • 50 Instagram Likes ($1.49)

  • 500 Instagram Views ($1.99)

  • 50 Instagram Auto Likes ($9.99)

  • 50 Facebook Followers ($6)

  • 50 Twitter Followers ($2.99)

  • 50 TikTok Followers ($2.19)

  • 50 Spotify Followers ($1.49)

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Starting Price per 50 Instagram Followers


Healthy growth is synonymous with good living — likewise, the relationship between visibility and a good social media account. Unfortunately, most blogs lack this ability. So, they have just a small audience.

To this end, Social-Viral offers a fitting solution. It helps people to gain high-quality followers, comments, etc., to its customers. It does this at a flexible and affordable rate.

Therefore, this article reviews the site’s features and plans. It also provides details on its privacy and retention policies, and terms and conditions, among others.

Read on for more exciting details.

Social-Viral Review: In-Depth

Social Viral Review

The Storm FZE runs Social-Viral. This Private Limited Company was established in 2019. It is located at Creative City Creative Tower, 19th Floor, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates. Though based in the UAE, it continues to offer its services to people all over the world.

More so, the start-up shows prospects of a promising future. Already, in its first year, it has served hundreds of customers. This feat is in line with its goal to achieve rapid growth.

Supported Networks and Services

Social-Viral helps people to grow their social media profiles. It does this by providing genuine networks, comments, plays, etc. It also ensures that they get immediate results.
Furthermore, its services are available on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, and Spotify. More so, accessing the site is quite easy. Users can visit the site using any browser and on all devices (mobile phones and desktops).


Social Viral Supported Networks Instagram

Growing an Instagram blog is difficult. Hence, the provider offers exciting features that make it easier. It does this by offering users genuine followers. Coupled with this, it gives subscribers the help they need to gain more engagements.

Here is the full list of engagements people can enjoy:

  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Comments


Social Viral Supported Networks Facebook

Social-Viral works for Facebook accounts too. It helps subscribers to get the attention they seek. It does this by granting them more connections. As a result, more people want to visit the page and leave good comments.

So, the site offers the following:

  • Followers
  • Page and Post likes


Social Viral Supported Networks Twitter

The fast nature of tweet-community makes it difficult to gain people’s attention. Hence, the tool provides subscribers with an adequate solution. It helps subscribers to increase appeal and engagement by providing them with networks, retweets, and Twitter “thumbs up”.

It offers the following:

  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Retweets


Social Viral Supported Networks Spotify

This platform ensures that Spotify users get the best experience they desire. It achieves this by providing members with plays and a wider network. Thus, they get more appeal and credibility. This also increases the blog’s ability to grow independently.

The app provides the following:

  • Followers
  • Plays


Social Viral Supported Networks TikTok

Despite its popularity, many still struggle with this network. Thus, Social-Viral contains tools that alleviate such strive. These features work by bringing more people to see and admire the subscriber’s posts. They also increase the count of people that subscribe to the creator’s page.

So, these tools are namely:

  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Views

Social-Viral Plans and Prices

Social-Viral offers its services in varying plans. These packages accommodate different types of subscriber needs. Thus, the site permits a minimum of 50 new additions to networks per order (except Facebook – 100).

Furthermore, pricing varies for different networks. For example, it cost $6 to purchase 100 Facebook friends and $2.97 for the same amount on Instagram.

In general, the plans are quite flexible, and the charges are affordable.

Order ($)
Order ($)
Comments102.9917.99 (100 comments)10017.99
Auto Likes509.9984.910,000999.99
Page Likes502.995.99 (100 comments)2,50074.99
Post Likes503.9919.992,50049.99
Views500035 ( for 10,000)50,00050

Network Service in Details

As earlier stated, Social-Viral helps people to grow their online presence. It is a vendor for views, comments, plays, etc. These are available for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, and Spotify users. This section presents reviews on each service and compares them with their monetary value.


This tool offers people the help they need to enjoy their accounts better. It provides them with a larger fan base and more engagements. With this, an individual or business can gather more attention to its contents and promotions.

This table offers reviews on the value of each service.

Service501002501 0005 000
501002501 0005 000
5001 0005 00010 00015 000
501002501 0005 000
Auto Likes$9.99$19.99$29.99$84.99$499.99


The site is valuable for individuals or businesses. It helps them to get more engagement on their posts and pages. Thus, they can enjoy better returns on adverts and more. However, the services do not come in ‘one size fits all’.

Hence, the table below shows the available variants.

Service1002505001 0005 000
501002501 0002 500
501002501 0002 500
Page Likes$2.99$5.99$11.99$34.99$74.99
1 0002 5005 00010 00050 000


The app helps subscribers to move steps closer to having their blog verified. To achieve this, they will require consistent engagements from thousands of accounts. Thus, this tool makes this journey easier by providing adequate assistance.

Here, this table provides summarized reviews on the available prices.

Service1002505001 0005 000
1005001 0002 5005 000
1002505001 000


The tool suits upcoming music artists, lovers, and entrepreneurs best. It helps to display their work to more people. These can also help their accounts to independently attract fans. Thus, artists can consider using this tool as they prepare for 2023.

This text reviews the options available.

Service501005001 0005 000
1 0002 0003 0005 00010 000


This website also helps creators to gather more admirers for their clips and videos. Also, they can see their accounts grow rapidly and with less stress.

Details on the services and their corresponding prices are shown below:

Service501005001 0005 000
501005001 0005 000
5 00010 00015 00020 00050 000

Terms and Guarantees

SocialViral Terms and Guarantees

There are agreements and limitations on the site’s services to avoid abuse of its offerings and exploitation of members. These clauses cover typical areas of concern such as privacy, refunds, and many others. There are more details below:

Terms and Conditions

The website has rules that guide its operation. It does not allow subscribers to employ its services for commercial or any other non-personal purpose. It also prohibits the transfer of access and other details to third parties.

On liability, the platform is not responsible for any loss to a member’s accounts that is a result of factors outside its control. More details of these agreements are available on its website.

Privacy Policy

The software respects the privacy of its visitors. Hence, it ensures that subscribers’ data are safely processed and stored. Customers may delete any of this information whenever they want. The site does not require the client’s password to operate. Instead, it uses cookies to enhance the user’s experience. However, this tool is used only with the visitor’s consent. To enjoy this, the user is expected to use a cookie-friendly browser.

Refund Policy

Clients may experience some hitches while using this site. It could be late or incomplete deliveries or that their new networks have unsubscribed from their account. In any case, the website does not give refunds to customers (except in a few instances where the agreement expressly states it).

Instead, the company provides a 30-days warranty to replace the shortfalls. It also offers an email address for all complaints and questions on sales and refunds. Here is the:

Retention Policy

The data retention policy is a set of guidelines that determine how long the site can hold information. It also shows how this data is to be disposed of when they expire. Furthermore, the site may delete any information that disrupts its functioning. It may remove the data that conflicts with local and international laws.

Customer Support

SocialViral Customer Support

The site has a customer support corner. There, users can send their questions and complaints to customer service agents. Afterward, they will get a reply through their emails. Also, the site provides users with some FAQs. These offer detailed answers to likely questions that the individual may have. Alternatively, customers can get help by sending their questions to this email:

Quality of Followers

Social-Viral claims to provide real connections. Consequently, customers get a larger audience and more engagements (comments, plays, retweets e.t.c). This strategy makes the growth look natural. Therefore, subscribers can worry less about their accounts getting blocked.

Retention Rate

Retention rate is simply the percentage of customers that a company keeps over a period. It gives information relevant to both the business owners and their clients. Hence, a good score connotes excellent service, quality delivery, and vice-versa.

On this premise, Social-Viral has a rating of 3.5 out of 5. This is typical for a business that is just starting out. Even so, it is a considerable improvement when compared to its early days. Therefore, it is expected to get a better hold in the coming months.

Social-Viral Pros and Cons

Social-Viral is embellished with features to give quality service to all customers. It is colorful and easy to use. Besides these, it provides genuine services and offers fast delivery on orders. However, it is not perfect and has its share of some cons. Below, this article reviews its pros and cons.



  • The software maintains its user-friendly nature on any browser.
  • The plans and pricing are flexible
  • It provides real connections
  • It features a fast delivery rate
  • It features a 30-days warranty to refill lost additions
  • The customer service system is slow
  • Gains are not permanent (people can unfollow)

Does the Tool Work or Is It a Scam?

Social media is the best way of connecting with the world. Besides being fast and versatile, it is also densely populated. This would mean work for some, fun for others, and “work-fun” for many more. All of this requires a good level of visibility.

Users can easily push for more popularity and engagement, hassle-free rather than getting lost in the crowd. Social-Viral has shown that this is possible. More, this article gave reviews on all the plans the site offers. It also provided an insight into its privacy, refund, and retention policies. Thus, this information will guide readers on which social media growth site to use in 2023.

After everything is said and done, the question remains: Is it good or bad? The verdict is the reader’s to give. However, you can drop your thoughts or experiences in the opinion box below.

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