Socialbakers Review: Complete Social Media Management

Socialbakers Review: Complete Social Media Management
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Socialbakers Review: In-Depth

The professionals behind Socialbakers are experts in social media. An understanding of digital marketing is crucial to success. The group crafted a suite of AI-powered tools. Clients can identify their audience and similar influencers. Artificial intelligence helps them create content that people want to see. Organized reports make the data easy to read. The system will monitor the audience and fan community to keep brands active. It’s like having a personal assistant that never sleeps.


Supported Networks and Services

Users can get social media help on several different networks. Their content can be fresh for each site and audience. Through this resource, they will learn what people like and respond to. Analytics make it easy to track ROI and more. These free tools are available on all platforms. This guide describes them where they fit best.


As one of the most popular social networks, it takes a lot to stay on top. Socialbakers helps with some awesome tools. Clients can even try them for free.

  • Performance Report. Brands can see how effective their own Facebook marketing is. The tool will look at the numbers and offer better solutions. It looks at everything from the last 90 days.
  • Benchmarking Tool. This is the perfect way company reviews itself against rivals. The program can compare a page with any two competitors. The report generates in minutes.
  • Ads Calculator. The calculator can figure out an ads budget based on different metrics. The database can guess how much a company needs to spend on advertising. It also tracks ad objective and relevance.
  • Post Promotion. This program will tell users if they should boost their Facebook posts. Clients answer a few questions and submit their most recent organic content. The tool will determine if they should boost or not.


This site is all about images and videos. Companies can take advantage of the Stories feature, too. It’s important to have high-quality product pictures here to attract an audience.

  • Performance Report. The Socialbaker website can run a monitoring test to see how brands are doing on Instagram. Are they optimizing their content? Are they posting at the right time? This tool will let them know.
  • Analytics. The Socialbakers team will tell clients their most popular posts and hard numbers. This data will help them develop a winning marketing strategy. Discover trending hashtags and more.

Other Network

But the services are not just traditional ones. These are related to the performance of the channel, some suggestions for improving the marketing strategy, and other tools that can help owners know how much they spent on ads. And what they should spend in the future.

TwitterHashtag Search ToolHashtags are quick ways to find the desired content. Brands need to know which hashtags to use for the
best results. This search function does the hard work for them.
YouTubeContent SpotlightThis is where teams can try monitoring their industry and see what’s trending. It’s a fast way to get
content ideas. This ensures more people see the posts when they go out.
VK.comPersona MappingIt’s important for companies and entrepreneurs to know their brand. They need to know who their audience
is and what they want. And then they become it. Persona mapping helps them create their ideal image.
PinterestPlatform Marketing ReportsHere is the perfect way to see what the stars on Pinterest are doing. The program looks at celebs and
other influencers. Clients can learn what they’re doing to get higher numbers.
LinkedInGlobal Social Media StudiesThis product reviews companies with the highest performance. It’s a great way to see who’s currently at the top. Others can learn their tricks for success.
Google+Social Media ManagementThis includes things like customer care and content. The tool can help brands find out where they’re lacking. This is a way to look for solutions that work.

Plans & Prices

There are tons of features that subscribers get. The most basic plan is Essential. It is comparable to other social media management apps. The higher plans offer more freedom, as well as data and recommendations.


EssentialSmartScaleIntegrated 360
$200 Per MonthPrice on RequestPrice on RequestPrice on Request
10 Profiles10 – 30 Profiles25 – 200 Profiles100+ Profiles
5 Users20 UsersUnlimited UsersUnlimited Users
Benchmarking ToolsBenchmarking ToolsBenchmarking ToolsBenchmarking Tools
Ads CalculatorAds CalculatorAds CalculatorAds Calculator
Content SpotlighContent SpotlighContent SpotlighContent Spotligh
Hashtag Search ToolHashtag Search ToolHashtag Search ToolHashtag Search Tool
Performance ReportsPerformance ReportsPerformance ReportsPerformance Reports
Persona MappingPersona MappingPersona MappingPersona Mapping
Platform Marketing ReportsPlatform Marketing ReportsPlatform Marketing ReportsPlatform Marketing Reports
Post PromotionPost PromotionPost PromotionPost Promotion
Social Media ManagementSocial Media ManagementSocial Media ManagementSocial Media Management

Network Services in Detail

It’s easy to see that this is an integrated system. The higher subscriptions include Google Analytics connections. Businesses will want to be on several social networks to get the most of this platform. It’s a great tool for small brands and larger corporations. There is something for everyone to learn or improve.


Socialbakers does a lot for Facebook. Some of the features are free, such as performance reports and reviews. Others are part of the paid plans. This includes content publishing and scheduling. The dashboard will show clients how their posts are doing in real time. This way, they can plan their strategies efficiently.

Social Media Profiles10
Performance ReportYes
Benchmarking ToolYes
Ads CalculatorYes
Post PromotionYes
Price$200 Per Month



It’s all about posting stunning visuals. Socialbakers helps clients spot what their competition is doing. They can also track hashtags and find the best times to share posts. This is a wonderful way to keep in touch with top influencers in the industry. Some plans even provide analytics and reviews for live videos.

Social Media Profiles10
Performance ReportYes
Price$200 Per Month


This social network is all about quick snippets, so businesses can’t waste time. Thanks to the analytics tool and reports, they don’t have to do much work. The system can manage data and content, so everything goes out at the right time. A hashtag filter can help with relevance.

Social Media Profiles10
Hashtag Search ToolYes
Price$200 Per Month



YouTube changes every single week. Even the pros can’t keep up with it. The social team can make things easier by setting up a content schedule. This ensures that the content goes out when the audience is going to see it. No more guesswork with the experts helping out.

Social Media Profiles10
Content SpotlightYes
Price$200 Per Month


Terms and Guarantees

This renowned brand has its terms and policies clearly displayed on their site. Instructions on how to use their services, info on privacy, refunds, and refills are available in those sections.

Terms and Conditions

Socialbakers may have affiliates in other countries. They may work with other entities to provide the best services possible. Employees from these businesses may contact customers. Since the enterprise is always trying to evolve, the terms and conditions are subject to changes or reviews. Clients agree that the team can stop providing services if they choose. The business reserves the right to cancel a client’s account.


Privacy Policy

The site is software as a service powered by AI. The website collects personal data for different uses. This includes improving and providing resources. The company refers to itself as the data controller of these details. They analyze user profiles on the social platforms they work with. When a person signs up for the service, they enter personal info. For example, first and last name, workplace, job title, and email address. The business will hold on to this information.


Refund Policy

The company does not give refunds for canceled accounts. Anyone is welcome to cancel their plan at any time. However, if they are still within their plan timeframe, that’s their choice. They do not get their money back for unused parts of the plan. The remaining charges will still apply. This information is on the pricing page. Customers will still have access to the site and features until the end of their current billing cycle.

Retention Policy

The website states no warranties for their services and products. There doesn’t seem to be a retention policy online. What it does say is that some of the data the site uses come from customers. So, performance prediction reflects how other people have fared with the service. Most of the tools on the site are for strategy and management. In other words, they don’t provide automatic followers or likes. This makes retention less important. The team is more interested in building a good marketing strategy.

Customer Support

The bottom of the Privacy Policy lists some contact info. People can get in touch with the Data Protection Officer about privacy questions. The site provides a physical address and email. There is also an entire Contact Us page. Clients can choose to schedule a call with an employee. Alternatively, they can send an email message. There is also a support email that customers can use for any technical questions. The pricing page includes FAQs for reference.

Socialbakers Quality of Followers

This isn’t something that is applicable to this provider. This is because they don’t provide followers. They grant access to solutions that make for better marketing strategies. In turn, these tactics can help to bring more followers to an account. However, the service is not for getting followers. It is for creating better digital marketing solutions. With the right tools and tips from the team, profiles will gain more followers. The company works with thousands of businesses. In fact, they work with 100 of the Fortune 500 brands. It’s safe to say that following their advice will bring more online.

Retention Rate

Again, this isn’t a stat that pertains to the service. They do not work with fake accounts or bots. Instead, they have artificial intelligence and data technology. These tools help businesses build a better brand image. They can improve their marketing efforts so that they make more sales. This is an organic process, so results vary. No two clients will have the same results. Therefore, the enterprise does not have any warranties. They provide software as a service, but it is different from auto comments and likes. The bottom line is that better digital strategies bring more followers.

Socialbakers Pros & Cons

Overall, this is a system that has a lot of staying power. While it is expensive, it is probably worth the investment. There are no fake promises or bots involved. Instead, the team uses AI technology to bring real-time data and reports. This will make a difference in how businesses share content online. Best of all, they can work on many platforms from one service. This is ideal for digital marketers. If the price is too much, there are always the free tools.



  • Free Tools
  • Different Plans
  • Multiple Networks
  • Social Media Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Expensive
  • No Automatic Likes or Followers

The Final Word

In summary, if a business can afford this service, they should do it. This is a full suite of programs and tools that brands won’t find anywhere else. Socialbakers has a very good reputation and hundreds of clients. They are recognized all over the world, too. This is the kind of digital marketing platform that people want for their company. It might even inspire teams to delve into other networks, such as Google+,, or Pinterest.

Published: July 04, 2019Updated: March 26, 2024

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