Stormlikes Review: Electric Engagement, or a Stormy Experience?

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Price Plans

  • 100 Instagram Likes ($2.99)

  • 100 Instagram Followers ($2.99)

  • 100 Instagram Likes per Post ($24.99)

  • 500 Instagram Views ($1.99 )

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Stormlikes Review: In Depth

The brand is based in Fujairah, UAE. It claims to provide genuine likes, follows, and views for clients so that they can enhance their social media accounts and drive more traffic to their products and services. At this time, the business only works for people using Instagram, but it has a tried and true method of driving results.

The service works with a community of active users so that it can provide buyers with genuine engagement. Clients can choose their preferred target country and gender, and they can also delay the views and likes if they want.

Just a Few Steps to Social Media Popularity!

Supported Networks and Services

While some providers try to work on multiple social media channels, Stormlikes sticks to what it knows best: Instagram. Here’s a look at what IG users can expect from using this service.


Even though this brand has one platform as its primary focus, it seems to pour all of its energy into providing a superb experience for buyers. The emphasis is on better IG engagement and exposure, and deliverables arrive instantly.

Besides that, the company seems to have its algorithm figured out so that it can pull targeted audiences from its network of active members. This makes for more organic-looking engagement and satisfactory results for customers.

For those who are on the fence, they can review a free trial of 50 likes at no charge. Moreover, if a client wants to slow down the delivery, they can delay the follows, views, or likes. There’s also the option to scatter the engagement so that each post gets a unique share of views and likes. This also helps things to look more natural and fluid.

IG Services

  • Likes: According to the company’s website, clients can get exclusive, and real Instagram likes for their accounts. The business promises that it supplies engagement from actual people rather than bots. Delivery is instant, and customers can choose likes based on country and gender. They can also delay delivery if the likes are coming too quickly.
  • Auto-Likes: It’s not clear why the supplier specifies between regular likes and auto-likes since everything is supposedly delivered instantly. That said, the automatic likes come from real accounts and are in line with the country and gender targets that the buyer wants. Also, these interactions can be applied to up to four posts per day.


  • Followers: Subscribers also come instantly and are selected from the business’ pool of active members. According to the website, they are “high-quality,” meaning they should belong to the target gender and/or country that the buyer specified. Clients simply need to enter their username to get started.
  • Views: These packages start as low as two dollars, although buyers can snag up to a million video views for a few hundred dollars. The watch time starts adding up as soon as the site reviews the client’s payment. The service also guarantees that the viewers will have relevant interests related to the videos.

Stormlikes Plans & Prices

The company makes pricing and packages as easy to understand as possible. Users can simply choose their preferred product from the homepage and review a list of plans and prices. They’ll also notice that none of the packages require a password, and they all come with 24/7 customer assistance.

The smallest plan is for 500 views and costs $1.99. The 100 likes or followers package is also cheap, at just $2.99. Every plan is a one-time purchase and can be delivered instantly.

The highest tier is for 10,000 auto-likes and costs $999.99. That said, the largest plans for the other products are much cheaper. It costs $164.99 for 15,000 follows, $399.99 for a million views, and $249.99 for 50,000 regular likes.

One-Time Purchases

AmountDelivery SpeedPrice

IG Likes100 – 50,000Instant$2.99 – $249.99
IG Follows100 – 15,000Instant$2.99 – $164.99
IG Views500 – 1,000,000Instant$1.99 – $399.99
IG Auto-Likes50 – 10,000Instant$15.99 – $999.99

Network Services in Detail

Again, Stormlikes is a niche provider, but it knows what it’s doing. The team has set up the service to supply automatic likes with instant delivery as well as a delayed option for regular likes, followers, and views. Customers don’t have to share their passwords, and they get access to 24/7 assistance via phone or email.


Customers can buy the products as a one-time payment, in which they’re delivered instantly. Even though there are several packages to choose from, customers can also create a customized plan by contacting the support team.

For those asking, “Is Stormlikes safe?” They don’t save or share clients’ credit card information. However, they do use tokenization through a third-party service, so the data is stored, but inaccessible.

Pricing for Follows

This is one of the more low-cost options. There are seven different plans to choose from, and prices start at just a couple of dollars. Clients can always review their package before purchasing. If they want an amount that isn’t specified on the website, they can reach out for a custom deal.


Pricing for Likes

Whether someone wants to boost their profile with a couple hundred, or they want to splash out on major engagement, there’s a package for that. These likes will ensure that a real person reviews the client’s post and drops a heart. Retention isn’t guaranteed, but most people don’t have trouble with that.



Pricing for Auto-Likes

Similar to regular likes, these are automatic and show up on the customer’s profile within minutes. It’s probably best to choose a smaller package here since prices add up. Also, receiving thousands of hearts within minutes can look spammy to persons who review the profile.


Pricing for Views

Finally, an influencer who reviews the viewer packages won’t be disappointed. The price for 500 views is just $1.99, and plans go up to one million views. They are delivered instantly, and custom deals are available for randomized distribution and delays. This is a great way for people to see their video watch time increase in very little time.


Terms and Guarantees

The brand works through Storm FZE, and buyers can check out the terms and conditions before signing up. The company is located in Fujairah, UAE, and updates its policies on a routine basis. It requires customers to be at least 18 years old. Storm FZE’s services work through third-party sites and never sell customer information.

Privacy Policy

This company collects basic info about its buyers, such as email addresses, IP addresses, and Instagram usernames (to distribute the likes). It also uses a third-party data processor and cookies for storing personal details and payments. This information is used to track buyer preferences to improve the site and product offerings. Clients can disable these cookies, but it is not advised because it could delay or alter the deliverables.

Refund Policy

According to the website, all transactions are refundable if there is an ongoing problem. This would be something like a big delay in products, an incomplete order, or a serious lack of retention. Individuals can contact the team with any questions or concerns over the phone at +35-3851-037-050. Alternatively, most buyers find it best to fill out a request ticket on the website’s ‘Contact Us’ page.

Retention Policy

The company does not have a retention policy. Looking through the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy agreement, there aren’t any guarantees or details about retaining Instagram likes. That said, it’s clear that the team works with some kind of exchange network, which enables them to send real likes to customers. Given the nature of IG likes, it’s probable that retention is high. In other words, individuals don’t usually go back and unlike an IG post.

Customer Support

The provider website is comprehensive and includes a support page for frequently asked questions. This is where customers can find answers to many common issues, such as contact information, payment methods, and discounts. The company has a contact form on the website and the support team typically responds within 24 hours. Alternatively, there is a regional phone number at +35-3851-037-050.

Some folks may wonder, “Is Stormlikes safe?” The answer is yes. The team does not ask clients to share Instagram passwords, simply a username.

Stormlikes Quality of Followers

The company’s website states that it supplies genuine likes from real individuals. It does this through a member network of active IG users and accounts. It’s unclear if these real accounts have their own following on social media. In other words, it’s always a good thing to get engagement from a popular online account. However, there’s no way to know if the likes come from high-profile accounts without purchasing a plan first.

According to customer reviews, it looks as though the provider’s network is full of actual IG accounts that are complete with photos and posts. This is a good sign and helps to make things appear more organic. Given that information, this brand’s packages can be worth the money.

Retention Rate

This is a statistic that is hard to measure. For one thing, the Instagram algorithm changes constantly. Secondly, folks will press that little heart button on all kinds of posts, sometimes regardless of whether they’re interested in it or not.

On the one hand, it’s great that this provider only works with likes. With follows and comments, individuals are much more likely to take that engagement back, either by unfollowing or deleting their comments. Rarely do they “unlike” a post. In this case, customers can expect decent retention rates.

Stormlikes Pros & Cons

Overall, Stormlikes brand does a good job of appealing to a wider audience and making its packages affordable for different budgets. Most clients will appreciate that it doesn’t make fanciful claims or promises even though other sites do. There aren’t any guarantees for retention, but refunds are possible, and reviews state that the administrative team is easily accessible.



  • Decent retention rates backed up by positive customer reviews
  • Engagement from real IG accounts with instant delivery and delayed options
  • Free trial available for 50 likes
  • Organized, easy-to-use website with clear pricing
  • Range of pricing options that appeal to all budgets
  • No retention guarantees, although refunds are possible
  • The only service is for IG but includes four separate offerings

Top 5 Stormlikes Alternatives

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ServicesFollowers, Views, LIkes, RetweetsFollowers, Views, LIkes, SubscribersFollowers, Views, LIkes, SubscribersFollowers, Views, LIkes, SubscribersFollowers, Views, LIkes, Subscribers

The Final Word

Just about everyone is seeking success on social media. The market is saturated, but there is room for everyone. The trick is knowing how to engage with an audience and make a profile look competitive. Services like this one are a great place to start, especially for those who stuck in a rut. It’s affordable, easy to use, and 100% safe. Keep in mind that this is only for IG, and prices can add up quickly, so it will take lots of additional work to maintain social media growth.

Published: June 26, 2019Updated: June 03, 2024

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