Best TikTok Post Schedulers You Should Start Using Now!

As a content creator, posting at specific times during the day is key to getting more views. However, you may not be in an optimal timezone where you can post at the recommended times.

The best way to push content out on your social media platforms, especially for Tiktok content, is by using the best TikTok post scheduler. It is an app that helps you plan and schedule a Tiktok post to ensure you can reach your maximum potential audience.

This app enables you to save time by preparing the content beforehand, giving you more time to focus on other areas of your day. Best of all, it ensures that your content reaches a larger audience since it is posted at the right time and day.

That said, you should look for one that is easy to use and offers a wide variety of features. It should help you schedule posts in advance while also allowing you to customize them with images, videos, memes, and captions.

Additionally, the app should be able to provide insights into how your posts are performing. If you’re a little lost, don’t worry; we’ll give a rundown of the best Tiktok post scheduler tools.

What Is a Post Scheduler?

You may be wondering, can you schedule Tiktok videos? Yes!

A post scheduler is an app that automates the process of scheduling content for social media platforms. It can be incredibly helpful if you are trying to create a consistent social media presence.

With post-schedulers, you can easily plan and schedule posts in advance without uploading them manually daily. Some post schedulers may also come with additional features like analytics and insights, which can help optimize your posts for better engagement and reach.

Ultimately, post-schedulers make your life easier by allowing you to focus on creating content rather than worrying about tedious scheduling tasks. With the right post scheduler, you can save time while increasing your reach and engagement on TikTok.

Why Should You Use a Post Scheduler?

A post scheduler can be handy for managing your TikTok presence. You can ensure consistency by scheduling posts in advance, which is key to gaining more TikTok followers and engagement.

Below, we’ll give you a breakdown of some benefits of a Tiktok post scheduler.

1. Improved Reach and Engagement

Post schedulers make it easier to target the right audience since scheduling TikTok content can be done in advance. This allows you to plan posts ahead of time, maximizing reach and engagement.

2. More Time for Creative Work

You can easily plan and schedule posts in advance with a post scheduler. Doing so eliminates the need to manually post your content daily, leaving more time for creative work.

Social media teams can also focus more on building their brand rather than wasting time with direct publishing.

3. Better Insights

Post schedulers often come with analytics and insights that help you understand how your content is performing. They allow you to make better-informed decisions about optimizing your content.

Each social media tool plays a crucial role in boosting views and ensuring you keep up with trends.

4. Easier Collaboration

Post schedulers allow you to easily collaborate with team members by assigning tasks and approving posts before they go live. In turn, this helps to ensure that your content is consistent and accurate even across different social media platforms.

A content calendar can help your team use the TikTok mobile app.

5. Cost Savings

Post schedulers are an affordable way to manage your social media presence without hiring additional staff. They help you save money while getting the most out of your social media efforts.

A social media scheduling tool can effectively reach your target audience without hiring extra staff to take care of each aspect of a TikTok posting schedule.

The 10 Best TikTok Scheduling Tools

Now that you better understand how TikTok scheduling apps can help, let’s look at some widely available apps. Each scheduling tool has its unique features that can help users customize their experience for delivering TikTok content and other social media posts.

TikTok Scheduling ToolAnalyticsTeams CompatiblePriceRating
TikTok Native SchedulerNoNo$3.2/5


1. Loomly



Loomly is a social media scheduler app to help users manage posts and social media content. It stands out among others because it features a dashboard that syncs up to 13 social media platforms.


Loomly is designed to be used by marketing teams, but individuals or small content-creator teams can also use it. Another neat feature is that Loomly suggests post ideas if you’re running low. That way, you can keep new content fresh and not worry about running out of ideas.

You’ll be able to stay on-brand while also keeping your posts creative. This feature gathers and condenses trends, popular hashtags, and events to help provide helpful suggestions.

Besides that, it can integrate with other programs such as Unsplash and Giphy, making posting easier.

If this is your first time using a scheduling tool, don’t worry. Loomly is beginner-friendly and provides a direct experience.

It also includes useful tools such as TikTok Analytics. Aside from that, the program allows you to schedule posts and notifications synced with Slack and its built-in cross-platform compatible calendar.

All finalized posts can be prepared for approval from the account owner, ensuring nothing is off-brand or inappropriate.


  • Team-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Provides optimization tips


  • Unable to post multiple pictures or carousel posts

2. Pallyy



Pallyy is a TikTok scheduling management tool with an intuitive UI that works well for workflows and comment management.


One of the unique features of Pallyy is the comment moderation social inbox for TikTok. The inbox allows users to assign teams to assign threads and comments as tasks to individual members.

Aside from that, it features an intuitive system that marks messages as resolved, includes automated responses to incoming messages, and can also make custom labels and folders.

This feature can be useful for active TikTok accounts with many followers or growing rapidly.

Being one of the first TikTok scheduling tools, Pally comes with a simple yet seamless UI that supports intuitive workflows. Users can access features such as bulk TikTok video posting, calendar access, and toggling through all social media accounts.

Another stand-out feature is Pallyy’s hashtag research tool which can help TikTokers choose tags that push their content to the top. Lastly, the tool enables custom timeframes, export PDF reports, and analytics for TikTok followers and engagement.


  • Leading TikTok program
  • User-friendly UI
  • Helps curate content


  • Not good for agencies

3. SocialBee



SocialBee is a TikTok scheduling app for agencies, marketers, and entrepreneurs. It helps with content creation and optimization by providing a convenient dashboard.


This app’s dashboard is excellent for managing posts, comments, and followers. However, the TikTok analytics section sets it apart.

It provides information such as impressions, shares, likes, and comments on videos. It also makes it easy to track followers over time according to post type and hashtags.

SocialBee is also integrated with popular tools like Canva, Bitly, and Unsplash for managing comments or tasks. It also estimates when the best time to post, which provides suggested timings for posts.

Additionally, users can view their posting schedule conveniently in SocialBee’s calendar. Even better is the added browser extension that other social media scheduling tools don’t offer.

Lastly, SocialBee is excellent for agencies and content management teams. The tool allows you to create profiles for each client, which helps manage multiple clients.

Even if you’re not a team, SocialBee is still helpful for any TikToker that wants to manage multiple accounts or large quantities of posts.


  • Suitable for agencies
  • Offers best time to post feature
  • Integrated with other popular tools


  • No hashtag research tool

4. Crowdfire



Crowdfire is one of the most popular and versatile TikTok scheduling tools.

Its scheduling tool features allow users to schedule posts not only on TikTok, but also on other social media platforms. It also has post prediction times, which helps users determine the ideal time for their posts based on user engagement.


Crowdfire helps users create and manage content by suggesting edits to finalized posts. This can help with tailoring content to other social media platforms.

Suggestions include adjusting post length, hashtag optimization, and including images.

Crowdfire’s queue meter can also help track how much content you have left in your scheduled TikTok posts. Thus, you can estimate when you need to create more content.

With the calendar feature, you can also keep track of your overall monthly posting schedule.

Lastly, Crowdfire includes custom PDF reports, social networks, statistics, and analytics. Information provided in the report can help content creators see where to make changes to rank higher.

It also includes competitor analysis which can help you see how others post.


  • Detailed analytics
  • Monthly reports
  • Free and paid subscription tiers
  • Lists competitor trends


  • Posting limits with each subscription tier
  • Hard learning curve

5. TikTok Native Scheduler

TikTok Native Scheduler


If you’re looking for a simplified scheduling tool, you may want to try the TikTok Native Scheduler tool. As a built-in scheduler, you can use it directly from your TikTok account. This is likely your best option for smaller content creators, but it has many limitations.


You can use the cloud icon on TikTok to get to the upload page. From there, you can upload your video and set the schedule by changing the date you want it posted.

However, this option is only offered when using TikTok on a browser.

Overall, it’s an excellent for those looking for something simple and who don’t need any advanced analytics. Although, you won’t get any other Tiktok scheduling tools, such as a calendar, bulk scheduling, and even the ability to edit the post once you schedule it.


  • Free
  • Very easy to use
  • Best schedule release videos in bulk
  • No need to download extra tools or programs


  • Not accessible from the app
  • Doesn’t have any advanced tools

6. Hootsuite



Hootsuite is an all-in-one social media management platform compatible with TikTok. From the main dashboard, you’ll gain access to a calendar where you can create, schedule, and publish content.


Unlike other tools, you can mass schedule TikTok posts using this app’s Bulk Composer tool. Additionally, Hootsuite provides in-depth analytics that can help you understand where your content is ranking.

You may also interact with a Tiktok profile’s comments and posts from the tool.

Hootsuite is also compatible with major social media platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter. This makes it easy to publish content across multiple social media networks.

Not only that, but it’s great for teams as you can manage multiple social media profiles across different platforms. Any agency dealing with multiple accounts can easily manage all posts from the main dashboard.

Hootsuite also provides many video guides on how to use their scheduler. So, there’s not much of a learning curve for those inexperienced with a social media management tool.

The only downside to the tool is that it is pricey when managing a single account. However, you have the option to customize your subscription.


  • Simple to use UI
  • Great for teams or agencies
  • Suitable for bulk schedule TikTok posts


  • Expensive

7. SocialPilot



SocialPilot is a social media management tool that can help schedule TikTok videos. Its scheduling feature allows you to create posts and set the time and day of the post. This is great for those that want a simple yet effective TikTok scheduling tool.


Social media marketing can be tricky, which is why SocialPilot includes a comprehensive calendar that allows you to control multiple accounts across many platforms.

Scheduling TikTok posts are also relatively simple because SocialPilot consists of an easy-to-use UI. Aside from that, the calendar makes it easy to see what and when posts are scheduled to go live.

Agencies, small businesses, and enterprises can all use SocialPilot due to its different tier subscriptions. While small content creators will still find their Tiktok scheduling tools helpful, more prominent companies will benefit more from their other offered social media management tools.

Publishing tools are also available that can help content creators get more views. This includes smart queues, bulk scheduling, UTM parameters, and the ability to customize fields.

Other social media marketing tools available are social inbox for each account, team and client management and collaborations, and Facebook Ad synchronization.


  • Suitable for individuals or teams
  • Useful for communicating with viewers
  • Supports Facebook Ads
  • Easy to use


  • Unreliable customer support team

8. Planable



Influencers with a brand will likely enjoy Planable‘s social media management tool. This tool helps schedule TikTok posts, TikTok videos, and other social media posts.

Unlike SocialPilot, they have excellent customer service support and can help social media managers around the clock.


Planable’s main strength is its excellent social media marketing tools, such as a powerful TikTok analytics tool.

A quick analysis will provide social media management with the most effective times to post specific content based on trends. It also has a tool that helps optimize social media content to be relevant and engaging so that users stay active and engaged.

If you’re using it specifically for TikTok, you’ll likely be pleased with only a few features. However, Planable is designed to work with multiple social media channels, including YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Lastly, this TikTok scheduler is fairly priced and features an easy-to-use and understandable UI. For teams, they can enable clients to approve the final posting schedule.

That way, there is no confusion. However, the main downside is that users have reported that the UI can lag when creating bulk TikTok scheduling.


  • East to use
  • Affordable
  • Clients can approve posts
  • Great for individuals or teams
  • Best schedule release videos for bulk posts


  • UI lags
  • Lacking analytics

9. Metricool



Metricool is a simple yet valuable analytics tool with a calendar for scheduling posts. While it’s not usually recommended for posting TikTok content, it helps boost posts and gains inside analytics.

However, Metricool shines for brands, business accounts, and individuals who advertise products.


The tool can run TikTok ad campaigns and optimize and schedule posts based on the highest user traffic. It is good for businesses since it will have the most user reach.

For social media channels, it also has excellent customizable TikTok analytics. Analytics include information about engagement, ad performance, and display competitor’s strategies.

You’ll also receive your account history, which allows companies to view their progress and see what trends are working. Some other useful analytic tools include a hashtag tracker, Google and Facebook ads support, and inbox management.

Aside from that, Metricool syncs all social media accounts across platforms, allowing you to gather analytics. This makes scheduling videos, adding posts, and planning TikTok scheduling easier.

Overall, Metricool could be better as a Tiktok scheduler. Still, it is for anyone focusing on building a brand or business.


  • Elaborate analytics
  • Best TikTok marketing strategy
  • Great for marketing efforts
  • Intuitive interface
  • Helps with consumer intelligence


  • Doesn’t support Tiktok comments
  • Extra features cost more

10. Later



Later will likely be your best TikTok scheduler tool for those just starting out. It features the ability to schedule TikTok content, such as managing posts and scheduling videos.

The TikTok app will link to your Later account and can be used to boost your performance.


TikTok content constantly changes, so Later provides essential analytic tools for a TikTok schedule post. The premium plans include demographics, audience growth patterns, and post-performance.

Aside from that, this TikTok scheduling tool includes a calendar with a simple UI design. You can drag and drop media into your calendar, which is more beginner-friendly than other TikTok scheduling tools.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Free plan
  • Basic TikTok scheduling tool


  • Limited live chat support
  • History only stored for 12 months

Tips for Using TikTok Post Schedulers Effectively

As a content creator, it’s crucial to understand how the best TikTok scheduling tools work.

While they can help beginners manage their social media platforms, users still need to know how to use the tools for a Tiktok schedule post. Otherwise, they may not reach their target audience or increase views on their TikTok profile.

Below, we’ve highlighted some tips for using the best TikTok scheduling tool.

Tip #1: Always Plan in Advance

While scheduling tools can help you manage your posts, you will still need to plan. Spend time mapping out your content to efficiently plan and schedule posts for the week or month ahead.

That way, it’s easier to keep up with posting regularly, and you will stay caught up on other social media channels.

TikTok post schedulers also have unique tools to help you plan and schedule content.

For example, some post schedulers allow you to bulk upload posts or set up recurring schedules. Some also include social media schedulers that sync with your calendar for easy scheduling.

So, take time to familiarize yourself with each tool’s features.

Tip #2: Optimize Your Posts Correctly

Optimize your posts for better reach and engagement by using relevant hashtags, keywords, and visuals. Not all social media tools have features to do this.

Even the best TikTik scheduling tools may need more than one or two features. For example, there may be hashtag analytics and recommendations but no image recommendations.

So, you’ll need to find the right TikTok scheduling tool and combine it with other content optimization tools.

If you’re a business, you may want to use tools that feature modern digital marketing content. If you’re a social media influencer, you may also want a TikTok scheduler tool to track and interact with TikTok conversations.

Tip #3: Monitor Performance Using Analytics

Keep an eye on how your posts perform with insights and analytics provided by your post scheduler. This will help you optimize your content accordingly.

If you don’t have analytics, then you’ll need to get content curation tools that can help with this. You can usually find a content calendar with a premium plan that includes analytics for a premium.

However, the best TikTok scheduling tools will include analytics in any subscription tier.

Tip #4: Utilize TikTok Ads

Using TikTok videos and ads can help boost your view count if you’re trying to sell a product or service.

Create content using Facebook ads or Google ads. Link other social media accounts to your TikTok account so your audience can stay in touch with the brand with just a few clicks.

Best TikTok Post Scheduler FAQs

1. How do I schedule TikTok posts?

You can use a third-party app or website to schedule TikTok posts.

Many apps and websites allow you to create an account, upload content, edit captions and tags, and choose when the post goes live. After scheduling your post, you must wait for the post to go live at the designated time.

2. How often should I post on TikTok?

How often you post on TikTok depends mainly on your goals and target audience. Generally, posting one to three times per day is best for optimal reach and engagement.

However, if you’re running a promotional campaign, you should publish more frequently.

3. How can I make sure my followers see my scheduled posts?

To ensure your scheduled posts reach your followers, it’s essential to use relevant hashtags and engaging captions or videos. Stay active on the platform and interact with other users to increase the reach of your posts.

Additionally, you can use analytics tools to track the performance of your posts and analyze which content works best for your audience.

4. How do I know if my scheduled post was successful?

You can use third-party analytics tools or TikTok’s native insights feature to measure the performance of your posts. This will allow you to track your post’s reach, engagement, and interactions.

Additionally, you can use these tools to compare the performance of different posts and adjust your content strategy accordingly.

5. How do I optimize my content for scheduling?

To optimize your content for scheduling, ensure it’s relevant to the current trends. Additionally, use relevant hashtags and captions that will create engagement with your audience.

Using the correct aspect ratios, you should also ensure that your content looks good on different devices and platforms. Lastly, check if there are any seasonal or holiday-related campaigns you can participate in to boost your content.

Using the Best TikTok Post Scheduler Is Worth It

So, if you’re still wondering “Can you schedule TikTok videos?”, the answer is “yes”!

A TikTok scheduler is the best way users can manage social accounts on TikTok. After a certain point, it can become easier to manage their social accounts with a social media tool. That is especially true when you post multiple times daily to keep an audience.

Overall, social media best practices recommend using a TikTok scheduler tool to make analytics, posting, and managing teams easier. Otherwise, you may get lost in the sea of daily TikTok posts that fade into the background.