YouTube Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Everybody today uses YouTube to look for visual content. From watching soap operas to the news, most people know how to use this app. But, do these users truly understand the way it works?

In terms of ratings, subscribers and comments, there is a lot to know. And this data is truly valuable for both brands and individuals with a presence in this platform.


FAQ For Youtube Overall

  • Can I Have Multiple Youtube Accounts on One Email?

    Yes, it is allowed. YouTube lets its users create many channels with only one address. What is more, this is a very simple task. You just have to log in, put your personal data on the boxes. Then, with a few clicks, you will have your new channel ready. It has some advantages. For example, users can target their different accounts to the audience they would like to get to.

  • Can You Have More Than One Youtube Account?

    Yes, though it is not the best option. In the past, the ones who wanted could just set up different accounts in the platform. For that, they would need to have new email addresses (in Gmail). This is still working. But now, that’s not necessary. People can just link their email to many channels. Then, they can switch between the two, three or more they want, which is very convenient.

  • Can You Transfer a Youtube Channel to Another Account?

    Yes, those who want to move it can do so. But first, they would have to make a connection with a Google Plus profile. This would transform the video streaming account into a brand one. The next steps are as follow:

    • Choose a suitable name. It will be the new one for the future moving account.
    • Click on a category and take a look at the terms of service. And then you are done.
  • How to Change Your Youtube Account Name?

    For this, there are some points to consider. The first thing to do is to access the Google Plus site. Next, there is a section that shows the first name and surname. Those are the items you have to change. This way, the name will be different. It will be according to the persons’ wishes. What is more, if people do not want to change their name, they can choose an alias.

  • How to Combine Youtube Accounts?

    This is not possible. Google does not provide this option. So, a user cannot merge their YouTube accounts. What they can do, yet, is to link them. The procedure is easy. And after this, the videos uploaded to the profiles will show as just one. So, go to the settings and then to the managing section. Then, in the upper part, they can read “change accounts”. Finally, there will be an option to link the profiles.

  • How to Start a Youtube Account?

    The first thing is to think about the objective of such a thing. Why would you start one? To be an uploader or a viewer? Then, the other important aspect is that YouTube is not an independent app anymore. It is linked to Google. So, this has made the system very simple. When a person wants to create an account in the video platform, they just have to log in using those details.

  • How to Verify Your Youtube Account?

    This is not a very well-known perk. But it can make a site more reliable. Verified ones will show a badge on their pictures. The process is below.

    • Access the site and sign yourself in. The option is in the right corner, in the upper part.
    • There will be an icon with the letter G. Click on it.
    • Then, you will see an option called Creator studio.
    • The next thing to do is to choose the Channel, on the left side.
    • Status and features will show the button to Verify.

    There are many methods that a person can choose – smartphone, netbook, another email address and so on. There, you will get a 6 number code. After entering it, the account verifies itself. This is something a person can choose if they prefer. Yet, those who don’t will be able to access many features of the platform. They will be locked.

  • What Is a Youtube Brand Account?

    It’s a special type of profile. This is not the only one a person can have. A man or woman can hold a Brand and a personal channel as well. Then, they can use both of them for doing business or for making money. Brand ones resemble Facebook sites. They are tied to the main profile, but they are separate entities. After this, nobody can know that these two are together. Another good thing is that a user can take care of both profiles within one dashboard. This is especially nice when it is the case of an influencer.

  • What Is the Best Time of Day to Post on Youtube?

    There are many options. All of them depend on the niche and on the audience. One factor to consider is that YouTube has to index everything that is uploaded. Then, it can show the content to others when they browse their feeds. Some agencies propose to post videos during the first days of the week. And that the best timetable is after midday. During the weekend, the best time seems to be the morning.

  • Will My Youtube Account Be Deleted If I Deactivate It?

    No, it will only happen if you delete it. Those who choose to deactivate the channel are able to turn them on later when they feel like it. The info that does not show is their name, the content, the followers. The only one who can see all these details will be the owner. Unfortunately, all the texts that the content got are lost forever. Details of the login do not disappear.

FAQ For Youtube Views

  • Are Real People Watching My Video If I Buy Youtube Views?

    Sometimes. It all comes down to the company buyers choose. There are some apps that offer terrible viewers. These come from bots. Of course, they are not real people. So they will not truly watch the content. Rather, they will just like the video because they receive money for that. Yet, if customers decide on a reputable company, they will get other users who will watch and like the visuals.

  • Can a Company Remove Youtube Views After Delivering Them?

    Not really. It’s not in their intention to take away the orders they have delivered already. The only issue might be the use of fake accounts. Let’s see what that means. Low-quality viewers are not good for the platform. YouTube does not welcome them. They do their best to delete them at all. So, buyers who are tricked into buying this traffic might drop views after the team cleans up.

  • Can a Video Go Viral from Buying Youtube Views?

    Yes, that’s possible. Actually, buying views can be a jumpstart for being popular. It’s hard to rise in social media when the numbers are in zero. Almost no one wants to be the first one to comment or to view. Nobody wants to waste their time watching a thing is not worth their effort. So, having some numbers at the beginning is very useful. Going viral is possible when purchasing plans.

  • Can I Get Banned for Buying Youtube Views?

    The risk is very low. But it exists. This service watches the comment section closely. This is because such a section is the only one where it can be clearly seen if the interactions are fake or not. YouTube can easily perceive if the comments are paid ones. Yet, they cannot see if the views are fake. So, it’s not very likely for the team to punish you in this respect.

  • Can You Buy Youtube Views?

    Yes, you can buy YouTube views. This is an easy process. Yet, it requires some research on the part of the buyers. First, there are a lot of companies out there that offer these services. What they have to do, is, to look for the ones that suit them better. It is good to consider their pricing, type of plans, and whether the views come from a bot account or from real users.

  • Can You Lose Bought Youtube Views?

    Yes, this can happen. But only if shoppers choose a provider that’s not very reliable. Take a look at what we mean here. Some vendors offer YouTube views from automatic accounts. It means that bots are the ones who are going to like and view the content what are uploads this is not good for YouTube, who does not welcome automatic viewings. So, if they are reviewing posts and find any bot views, they will delete them.

  • Can You See Who Views Your Youtube Videos?

    No that’s not the owner of the channel can only see that there were some people who watched the content. But they will have no idea of who did it. This means that they will not receive any names, pictures, or personal data of their viewers. Now, if Channel owners decide to take a look at Analytics, they will get some info. For example, they can get to know where these people gender, age, and so on.

  • Does Buying Youtube Views Work?

    Yes, it does. Buying YouTube views is one of the best tactics for people who are just starting in this industry. When a person is beginning, it’s very common not to have any interactions. That means the counter views will be very low. These numbers are not likely to attract new viewers. So, it’s like a never-ending circle. Purchasing views, yet, works as a kickstart for new and old channels.

  • How Does Buying Youtube Views Work?

    Well, it depends on the company. Most of them have different systems. Some of them, for example, work with points. This way, each owner has to interact with others on the same platform. By doing so, they get points. These scores can later be used to get more clicks on YouTube. Other apps, work in a different way. They just accept payment from different sources like Paypal or credit cards.

  • How Much Should Youtube Views Cost?

    Let’s say there’s not a fixed price. It all comes down to the app a buyer chooses. Each of them decides on their own pricing. And those numbers will depend on the quality of their interactions, for example. Other factors to consider are custom packages, their speed of delivery, customer support, and more. Finally, expertise in the field is also very values. Tools with great reviews can afford to charge more for their services.

  • How to Get a Lot of Views on Youtube?

    Well, there are two ways to obtain a lot of views on YouTube. The first one is what experts called organic growth. This means that owners upload great videos that attract a lot of people. These persons will then comment on the content, like it, and so on. The other way, which is faster, is to buy these services. For this, shoppers just have to find a vendor they are comfortable with.

  • How to Get More Views on Youtube?

    Views can be obtained in two manners. First, they can be grown organically. That is to say, to have people find one’s content and watch it because they are interested in it. This happens when the things uploaded are engaging, entertaining, and meaningful.

    Promoting on other social media and teaming up with other YouTubers are also good to make your content better known. Once this is done, YouTubers can pay for views. There are many companies that sell views. The buyers only have to choose a package that adapts to what they are looking for. This option is great for those who are just starting. Once one has some paid views, organic viewers will find the content more reliable. They tend to believe that if many others have watched it, then the video must be worth their time. Yet, these views do not replace organic ones. They are a means to an end.

  • Is Buying Youtube Views a Scam?

    Well, it can happen. Dishonest providers have the greatest responsibility in this. It is a reality that there are apps that can scam they are buyers. For example, these tools can offer genuine views. But, in fact, they are lying. And what clients receive are fake views. So, buyers are scammed. The only way to avoid this is to look for vendors with a good reputation. Free trials and opinions from previous Shoppers are of great help here.

  • Is Buying Youtube Views Safe?

    Yes, it is. Let’s see what we mean by safety. YouTube has some guidelines about what they consider true traffic. If owners by services, they are going against those guidelines. But only if the profiles from which the clicks come are fake. Now, it’s really hard for the team to spot those services. Especially, if users are clever enough to hire good companies. So, safety lies in the quality of the app a person buys.

  • Is It Illegal to Buy Youtube Views?

    No, it is not illegal. The buying and selling of these type of products are very popular today. Show media apps grow all the time. In particular, YouTube has become a giant in the video streaming industry. So all these companies are set up in countries that allow this practice. It’s true that bots are not a nice thing in any app. Yet, nothing of this is illegal.

  • What Should I Do After Buying Youtube Views?

    After choosing a good plan for you in a reputable company, the only thing you have to do is wait. The app will do all the work for you. As soon as they receive payment, employees will start delivering the traffic. If the clicks are too many, they will arrive throughout several days. This helps to emulate organic growth. Clients who are not happy with the product can contact customer support and see what they can do about it.

  • Where Can I Buy Youtube Views?

    The alternatives are a lot. Future shoppers only have to browse the internet to find them. Now, it might seem as if all of them have the same plans. It takes a lot of detail to realize they don’t. Some of them have an exchange system. Another company only works with money. Some of them are slower while some apps deliver the traffic very quickly. These apps usually have different customer support ways of contact.

  • Will People Find out That You Bought Youtube Views?

    Not necessarily. What’s your followers will see are the interactions you receive. This is evident, particularly in comments. Why? Because cheap ones are sometimes unrelated. And this is fishy. There is no way to know if views come from real accounts or from profiles which have been paid for that. Yet, is the profiles have no picture, no followers, no actions at all, the people might suspect that these followers are fake.

FAQ for YouTube Comments

  • Can a Company Remove Bought Comments After Delivering Them?

    No, they can’t. When you buy services from a company, are agreeing to terms of service. These terms are like a contract. So, tools cannot break them because it would be illegal. Services agree on never take out any of the interactions clients buy. Yet, YouTube itself can make some comments vanish especially if they are unrelated to the content. Or if they are too many in a short period of time.

  • Can I Get Banned for Buying Youtube Comments?

    The risk is not high. Yet, it is there. The platform is very wary of comments. Why? Because they are the only proof that people can read and truly the interactions are not real. It is very easy for YouTube to realize if a channel owner has bought comments. Maybe because they have grammar mistakes, odd word choices. In the worst-case scenario, the team can ban an account on these terms.

  • Does Buying YouTube Comments Actually Work?

    Yes, comments are key when it comes to this video streaming platform. The texts show how much people really loved what the uploader has shared with them. Most importantly, it proves that the visual has a way to spark debate among the fans. So, buying targeted, high-quality texts are great for the industry. To make organic followers desire to take part in the conversation. And to start writing comments as well.

  • How to Approve Comments on YouTube?

    YouTube allows you to approve comments, or not. This can only happen in public videos. Private videos do not allow for any texts. So, there are some steps to take for owners who want to approve some texts. First, an owner will get an alert every time somebody comments on their videos. They are in the menu icon. In that section, an uploader can choose to approve the comments or just delete them.

  • How to Comment on YouTube?

    It is not difficult to do this. The first thing is to watch a video worth commenting. Because viewers find it interesting, or because they have a question to ask. Then, they have to scroll down the screen. Below the visual, users might find a section in which they can type. There, viewers can text whatever they would like to say. Whether they are keen on it or not. Or if these people would like to spark a debate among other fans. After typing, the next step is to tap the button “comment”. And voilá. The text just appears.

  • How to Delete YouTube Comments?

    Sometimes, people are mean. Meaning that they write sayings as it can hurt others. Either the owner of the channel, because they did not like the content. Or other fans who are also watching the video and will read the comments too. At those times, then, YouTubers might decide to delete the texts. Luckily for them, it’s very simple to do it. They only have to enter the video. Then, scroll down to find the texts below it. Finally, there is a cross next to each of them. So, owners can easily eliminate undesired interactions.

    They want to do is to eliminate all the comments, then the options to different. This is called deleting bulk comments. Owners have to access they are channels. Then, check the option “I want to hide my channel”. Doing this will delete all texts regarding the videos because people will not be able to see them.

  • How to Get Comments on YouTube?

    Well, the most important thing to do is to upload quality content. This means videos people will want to talk about. This is what triggers comments. The fact that the audience wants to debate with others. The other way is to just buy those interactions from reputable companies. There are many who offer this service. But be careful. If they are of low quality, they will end up hurting the channel instead of helping it.

  • How to See All Your YouTube Comments?

    The only thing you have to do is access the video. Below the content, people are able to see everything that others have written about it. They just have to scroll down the page. Replies will be threaded so is this easier for readers to follow what fans have been saying. Unfortunately, it does not give the possibility of finding all the comment in the same place. Owners have to access all of them in a separate manner.

  • How to Tag Someone on YouTube Comment?

    Sometimes, users find content that is so good that they want to share it with others. There are several options for this. One of them is to tag a person in a YouTube comment. How to do this? Well, it’s very simple. The only thing you have to do is to click on the name of the person you want to answer. This is only possible if that man or woman has already written. If not, it is impossible to tag them.

  • Is Buying YouTube Comments Safe?

    Yes, it is safe. But it is only so as long as the company the client has chosen is a safe one. Let’s see what we mean by that. YouTube has their Terms of service. In them, the team claims they will not tolerate interactions that come from machines. They have several manners to discover is traffic is genuine or not. If it isn’t, they might ban an account. As a result, buyers should only acquire products from companies with good reviews.

  • Why Can't I See Comments on YouTube?

    One of the reasons might be because the video is private. This means that the owner does not allow others to write anything about what they have uploaded. If that’s not the case, maybe you have touched something related to settings. Or it might be a mistake. Another reason could be that YouTube is moderating comments. That means that maybe they have deleted or hidden some of the text. Because what people wrote was not appropriate.

FAQ for YouTube Subscribers

  • Can I Get Banned for Buying Youtube Subscribers?

    That is not very likely to happen. Risks are not high in this field. Subscribers are one of the most important figures for a YouTube channel. They show that many persons are keen on what the owner shows. Subscribers then get alerts every time a new one appears. Finally, followers will most likely interact in some other ways. What is key here is that purchasing such products are not in danger.

  • Can the Bought Subscribers Be Dropping?

    Yes, they can. Every time a person buys services, he or she is at risk. Even a tiny one. Because YouTube only supports organic growth. That is more likes or subscriptions because persons love what they watch on the channel. If the customer support employees discover the subscribers are paid, they will most surely delete them from the platform. That will make the number decrease, even if the client has paid for them already.

  • Can You Buy Youtube Subscribers?

    Yes, those who desire to acquire subscribers can do it without any problems. The first thing is to search for this on the internet; there are many experts who review different sites. They show how they work in real time. This can be a great help when choosing the app that will help one with that YouTube channel. Conducting market research is key in this industry. This way, buyers will know they are getting the best they can with their money.

  • Does Buying Youtube Subscribers Work?

    Yes, it’s a great strategy to make YouTube videos grow. Subscribers are in nice indicator of how good they content works. If many people subscribe to a particular channel, that means they like it. And that they want to get more information about it. Brands, especially benefit from this. Because they receive money from Aunt according to the number of followers they have. So, this is a great way of improving one’s performance in this platform.

  • How Much Does It Cost to Buy Youtube Subscribers?

    Subscribers are one of the most expensive products when it comes to YouTube. Why? Because they are the sign that a channel works well. The most successful influencers have a load of subscriptions. So, it is only logical that companies will ask for a bit more money when delivering these services. Some prices start as low as $10. Yet, the most famous apps will ask for at least $50 per 1000 subscribers.

  • How to Buy Youtube Subscribers?

    Purchasing YouTube subscribers online today’s very easy. First Shoppers need to research on the companies they think are fit for them. Then, it’s always a good idea to compare prices. Some of them offer the same services yet, some of them cheaper than others. Another thing to consider is how kind customer support is. Because if you have a problem with an order, they are the ones who should fix the issue.

  • How to Get Fake Subscribers on Youtube?

    Unfortunately, yes. Some tools have a dubious way of working, which means that they do not collaborate with real persons, with true accounts. As a result, what the client ends up getting is a fake subscriber. Luckily, that’s not always the case. The majority of online brands team up with influencers, for example. Or with true persons from all over the world. One just has to be able to choose with care.

  • How to Get Followers on Youtube?

    Purchasing plans is always a great idea. Social media marketing grows in a gigantic manner. More and more people need to get those services every day. So, together with the clients, the companies appear. Today, there are hundreds from which to choose. Packages can be custom or standard. And all of them suit different needs in terms of money. All in all, followers start arriving fast, which is very good for the business and to attract new audiences.

  • How to Get Free Subscribers on Youtube?

    There are two main ways. The first one is by creating the best videos out there. Original content is always catchy. If they are funny as well, they will surely be successful. The other alternative is to choose a tool that has a system of rewards. Each owner who would like to get subscribers creates an account. Then, owners start giving likes and views to others for points. Uploaders can use those points later to get what they need.

  • How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube?

    Users have two main ways. The traditional one, the method that most YouTubers go for, is the organic way. Following these steps, the uploader posts videos according to their plan. This could be once a day, once every two weeks or once a month. It all depends on the audience. As a result, if those visuals are enough to catch the viewers attention, the channel will get more subscribers. The negative part is that the procedure is not very fast. Also, channel owners have to put some money upfront for promotion. Ads are the ones that ensure success.

    The other manner is to acquire subscribers from a vendor. Different from the previous method, this is very quick. Companies start delivering the subscribers as soon as the clients pay for them. Packages are suitable for anyone. Prices can start very low ($2 for 100 subscribers). Or they can go very high, depending on the other perks they have.

  • How to Get Subscribers on Youtube Fast?

    The fastest way is by working with an efficient tool. Organic growth can be slowed. Of course, their results are long-term. The followers that appear in this way are probably not dropped in the future. Yet, buyers who need subscribers fast should consider this option. They would not have to spend a lot of money. And it’s a great way of kick-starting one’s channel. The list of companies that offer this is endless.

  • How to Get Youtube Subscribers?

    There are two manners. The first one is by organic growth. That means that an owner uploads videos on a regular basis. Previous to that, that person has decided on a marketing strategy and a design one. So, if the videos are interesting, creative, and fun, they surely attract a lot of followers. Yet, this is a very slow process. Most of the times, it also requires some investment on the part of the uploader. They have to pay for ads, for example.

    Another way of attracting new followers is by purchasing them. This is very fast and reliable. It is also a great way to stimulate others to start subscribing to the channel. Good companies have plans for new subscriptions. They promise to start giving them within the next 24 hours. And that numbers will not drop. That’s a nice way, then, to start increasing a fan base in this streaming app.

  • Is Buying Youtube Followers Safe?

    Yes, it’s not dangerous for the owner of the channel. Buying subscribers is a good way to jumpstart videos. Why? Because most people like watching things but everybody else watches. So they make content that is already popular even more. Reputable companies will only sell traffic that comes from genuine accounts. That is great in terms of safety. Since YouTube will not identify the clicks as coming from fake profiles.

  • Is It Illegal to Buy Youtube Followers?

    No, it’s not. Those who choose to buy followers will not be breaking any law. Most countries do not even recognize this activity. Sometimes, YouTube will drop subscribers if they identify the accounts as fake. If they are too many, the team might even issue a warning for the owner of the channel. Still, as there are no regulations about this practice, it is not possible to say it is illegal.

  • What Is the Quickest Way to Increase Youtube Followers?

    The fastest manner is buying, for sure. Because if the orders are of nice quality, they will arrive really quickly. Shoppers only have to decide on which company they like the most. Then, browse through their plans. And choose one that they can afford. Finally, clicking on the payment method is the last step. Orders start arriving within 24 hours. If they are large, they will spread among several days.

  • Where to Buy Youtube Followers?

    A normal person cannot count the companies that offer this. They are too many. So, what’s important here is to rely on experts. There are many guides out there. Savvy pros have written them so as to ease the lives of common youTubers. In those reviews, owners can find data about reputable companies. In addition, there will list crucial features. Like customer support, prices, and timing. With this data, shoppers can choose where they want to acquire their followers.

  • Will Other People Know You’ve Bought Youtube Followers?

    No. This information is only available for the one who bought them. Others can only see a number. But never private info about them. What could make them suspect, though, is the presence of terrible comments. If they have grammar, vocabulary, or other mistakes, then it can be fishy. If the plan was only for followers, that’s great. Those who purchase this type of products can be at ease. Nobody will discover them.

FAQ for YouTube Likes

  • Can a Video Get Same Likes and Dislikes?

    Well, that’s possible. Although it is not very common. In YouTube, there exist 2 types of interactions. If somebody likes the video, he or she will give it a Like. If they don’t, these persons will double tap on dislikes. It could be that there are a lot of persons who do not like the content. And so the count of likes and dislikes will be exactly the same. Today, there is also a challenge regarding this topic.

  • Can You Buy Likes on Youtube?

    Yes, and it’s quite simple. Today, there are many serious apps that dedicate themselves to this business. These companies partner with YouTube users and influencers. They pay for them to interact with the content of their clients. These customers pay for these services, usually, in the form of plans and packages. So, shoppers only have to choose the one that suits their needs best. When paying for the orders, they immediately start to get them.

  • Can You Get Banned for Buying Youtube Likes?

    As stated before, acquiring likes this quite safe. YouTube tends to monitor texts quite a lot. Take a look at how much they relate to the content uploaded. In the case of likes, the only thing the team can do is to purge fake accounts. As a result, buyers who got their likes from a bot will be affected. Their numbers will probably drop. Still, that platform will not ban the profile.

  • Can You See Who Dislikes Your Youtube Videos?

    It all comes down to the privacy of the user. In YouTube, some people decide to this like something they have watched. The reasons are many. Owners of those videos can know who disliked the content. But only if the users have their profile set to public. If such settings are private, the uploader has no way of knowing their identity. They would only receive an alert regarding numbers.

  • Does Buying Youtube likes Really Work?

    Yes, for some people it does. Buying such services is usually a good idea to kick-start and new channel. Because it is really hard to start a new brand with zero followers, it’s also a good idea for those who already have a fan base. Since increasing reach is quite a challenge nowadays. So purchasing YouTube likes is a great idea to make the ratings of certain videos better. Especially with visuals that have too many dislikes.

  • How Much Should Youtube Likes Cost?

    There is no fixed price. Every provider decides how much they want to charge for their services. Some of them are quite expensive, reaching up to $500 per a certain number of likes. Some others are very cheap. Their plans start as low as $5. They choose this money based on different items. For example, their speed of delivery, quality of accounts, number of services, and much more.

  • How to Buy Youtube Likes?

    This is not difficult. Users just have to know what they are looking for and pay for that. The hardest part is to choose the best vendor. There are many options, and all of them seem to offer the same. But that’s not true. So, to buy likes and YouTube the most important thing is to read. There is a lot of information available online. Reviews can give shoppers a grasp of how most apps work.

  • How to Disable Likes on Youtube?

    You just have to follow some simple steps. The platform considers the popularity of a video based on two scores. One of these metrics is the number of views. The second one is their likes and dislikes. Owners can choose to disable likes and dislikes if they want to. Follow these steps to do it. First, access the option on the dashboard called video manager. Second, the advanced setting tab contains an option that says “show ratings”. Uncheck that box, and that’s it.

  • How to Get Likes on Youtube?

    Getting likes and YouTube is not difficult. It all comes down to videos. So, the content needs to be interesting. Influencers who have creative ideas have success. By creative we mean showing the audience something they hadn’t seen before. If that’s the case, the content is fun, a nice to watch, it will get a lot of likes. Another way is to buy the likes of a good company.

  • How to See Who Liked Your Youtube Video?

    This is not easy. YouTube has different privacy settings. If the owner of a video would like to know who liked it, it will depend on the privacy of the other person. If those people have set their account as public, then this is possible. If their profile is private, then, unfortunately, owners cannot know who is the one that liked their content. These uploaders will only be able to see a number of likes below their visuals.

  • Is Buying Youtube Likes a Scam?

    No, it’s not a scam. Nor for you nor for your followers. It is a very common practice. Both individuals and industries do it. Especially when they are just starting on this platform it’s true there are some companies out there that are not completely honest. So they sell likes that come from boats instead of people. The only thing a person has to do to avoid this is to do research.

  • Is Buying Youtube Likes Safe?

    Yes. The risk that YouTube bans or suspends your account is very low. They will only do it if the interactions come from fake accounts. Of course, there are apps that actually sell those risky clicks. And they would never admit they are low quality. What owners have to do, then, is to rely on positive reviews. Also, free trials are great ideas to see how services go.

  • Is It Illegal to Buy Youtube Likes?

    No, it isn’t. Even though the platform and many users do not welcome this practice, the law does not forbid it. In those terms of service, states that users should interact in an organic way. That means that a person would watch a video is it truly want to. Maybe because they want to find something funny. Or they are looking for a recipe, a song, and so on. So, owners should not rely on apps that sell these products. Still, it isn’t illegal to do so.

  • What Does A Provider Need to Start a Delivery of Youtube Likes?

    First, a vendor needs to have an agreement with YouTube users. When selling likes, providers need accounts that will watch a video and then rate it. As a result, these companies need to have many accounts, even millions of them to collaborate. There are some of them, choose to work with fake profiles. And they create automatic software for this purpose. With either of those two alternatives, a provider can start their business in this field.

  • What Time to Post to Get Most Likes?

    It depends on the field and on the audience. Users tend to browse their feeds at different times. What’s important is especially for brands not to spam their followers. That means posting many times a day can be overwhelming. It will all depend on the channel, on the persons who follow it. And on the type of content that the owner uploads. For example, there are some influencers who post just once a week. Post once a month, and they still get a lot of likes. Then, it is a matter of trial and error.

FAQ for YouTube Auto Likes

  • Can You Buy YouTube Auto Likes?

    Yes, it is possible. Still, auto likes work differently from the other services mentioned in this guide. In the case of comments or followers, clients have to acquire plans. The packages have a certain number of interactions. In the case of these products, there are no plans. Customers just choose the software that works best for them. They pay to download the app. Have to pay just once in their lives.

  • Can You Get Banned or Suspended for Buying Auto Likes?

    Not really. As stated before, the most dangerous services are comments. Because it is easy for the platform to discover if they come from real or fake accounts. In the case of auto likes, it’s not that simple. For YouTube to discover this, the service has to be very low quality. Even if they do, what the team would do is to erase all the likes that do not come from true accounts.

  • Does Buying YouTube Auto Likes Work?

    It certainly does. The only thing that is very important is for users to have knowledge about the topic. There are many apps available. Most of them offer many custom settings. This means that clients can choose how and when to send likes to their content. So, if customers are clever enough to emulate organic growth, auto likes will surely work. They will be able to attract new watchers.

  • How to Get Auto Likes on YouTube?

    Well, the first thing to do is to be aware of all the options out there. The market is growing increasingly. So, many Brands try to make money out of selling these products. Software for Auto Likes has been trendy in the last years. Oh, I am skin find a lot of alternatives today. To choose one, they have to read as many reviews as possible. Also, asking help from a friend who knows about programming is very smart.

  • Is Buying YouTube Auto Likes a Scam?

    It is not. Of course, as in any other aspect of life, there are dishonest tools. That means those products would hurt a business rather than benefit it. So eager clients who want Auto likes might receive fake ones instead. And YouTube would remove them after discovering that. So, text Tim stops from being scammed. Users can rely on experts like us. We try to answer every possible question to help managers out there.

  • Is it Illegal to Buy YouTube Auto Likes?

    No, it isn’t. Something that is illegal is an act that a law punishes mostly because it hurts a person or others. In the case of buying Auto like this does not happen. It’s true; this practice goes against the platform agreement. Yet, play most apps are very safe and use real accounts. That means they collaborate with people all over the world. They are legal and very safe.

  • What Are the Features to Look for in a Provider of Automatic YouTube Likes?

    There are many important features. The first one is their reputation. Many satisfied clients are a great clue for their success. Another thing to consider is their customer support. Ask as many questions as needed before buying anything. If they answer kindly and promptly, that’s a good sign. It will mean the team is willing to help you if you have any issue with their product. Finally, their speed of delivery is also a key factor.

  • Will Other People Know You’Re Buying YouTube Auto Likes?

    No, they can’t do that. It is not possible for anyone on YouTube to know who liked something. Only the owner of the channel can see that info. As soon as another user like the content, uploaders get an alert. In this notification, the name of the person who liked appears. So, users have no way of knowing if the likes are organic or automatic. Clients who buy likes can rest assured.

  • Will You Get Results from YouTube Auto Likes Service?

    Yes, customers will probably see results very soon. Auto likes are very fast. When they are well set, as soon as the person upload something, they get the interactions. These likes usually attract others to see the video, too. These viewers will probably double tap the video as well. Why? to show how much they were keen on it. All in all, most shoppers see results in no time after purchasing clicks for YouTube.

  • Will YouTube Ban Your Account for Buying Auto Likes?

    Yes, that platform can ban those who do not comply with their terms of service. There, the team clearly states that they would not have any fake traffic in their app. So, clients who are not careful enough to purchase good quality services are in danger. The solution is simple. There are many apps in the market. The ones that work best are the tools with an exchange system. Shoppers only have to be smart and buy from reputable ones.